14 Best B2B Prospecting Tools (Updated 2023)

These top business-to-business (B2B) prospecting tools will give you quality options on finding direct contact info for filling your sales, marketing, business development, lead generation, demand generation, recruiting, account management or enterprise pipeline of prospects and decision makers to communicate with.

Here are The 14 Best B2B Prospecting Tools to Use in 2022

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI (swordfish.ai) is one of the best email finder and cell phone finder tools out there. Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners to bring users the most updated and accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses, and the prized piece of personal contact information, cell phone and mobile phone numbers.

Swordfish AI works on most popular social media profiles around the web through a free Swordfish AI Google Chrome extension plugin that integrates when visiting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, Stack Overflow, Dribble, Xing, Bing, Gmail or Google. The Swordfish Chrome Extension will display all contact information found for that individual’s profile.

Finding cell phone numbers and email addresses can also be easily accessed directly through the Swordfish.ai website without the need for a Chrome plugin through the bulk upload and data list enrichment feature.

Swordfish’s mission is to save you your most valuable asset – time, to reduce your cognitive load, to make connecting to business opportunities easier, and of course, to authenticate identity.

Check out the Swordfish AI Chrome extension and the Swordfish AI pricing here.

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Image Source: Swordfish website.

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo (zoominfo.com) allows you to find and connect with your ideal customer. Empower each phase of go-to-market with technology, integrations, and automation. Hit your lead gen, sales, and revenue goals. Their tagline is “Hit Your Number.”

ZoomInfo’s mission is to provide every company with a 360-degree view of their ideal customer, empowering each phase of their go-to-market strategy and driving their ability to hit their number.

Check out the ZoomInfo Chrome extension and the ZoomInfo pricing here.

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Image Source: ZoomInfo website.

3. Lusha

Lusha (lusha.co) allows users to enrich B2B profiles. The Lusha Google Chrome extension enriches business profiles for the purpose of verification and establishing trust. The Lusha plugin currently supports only LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Lusha’s mission is B2B data you can trust. They believe great businesses strive when built on the foundation of reliable and accessible data – and they are building a solution that empowers organizations to do just that.

Check out the Lusha Chrome extension and the Lusha pricing here.

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Image Source: Lusha website.

4. AeroLeads

AeroLeads (aeroleads.com) allows you to find email addresses of decision makers and phone numbers of businesses. AeroLeads claims to be the #1 prospect generation and b2b lead generation software on the web, according to their website.

AeroLeads’s principles are to guide the clients about how prospect generation can ease the sales process by automating the process of finding the relevant prospect details, and to innovate by embracing the developments in technology and implementing in the prospect generation process.

Check out the AeroLeads Chrome extension and the AeroLeads pricing here.

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Image Source: AeroLeads website.

5. RocketReach

RocketReach (rocketreach.co) is your first-degree connection to any professional. Connect directly with the right decision makers, using the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and direct dial phone numbers.

RocketReach’s mission is that it believes in a culture of high accountability and low oversight, where data and experimentation guide decision-making and direction. They care deeply about data, science, elegant solutions, and most of all, the needs of their users.

Check out the RocketReach Chrome extension and the RocketReach pricing here.

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Image Source: RocketReach website.

6. SalesLoft

SalesLoft (salesloft.com) helps B2B sales teams close more deals. They integrate with today’s top CRMs, turning your data into easy, actionable, multi-channel steps that help sellers get to “yes” quicker. “Yes, I’ll take your call.” “Yes, I want a demo.” “Yes, send me the contract.”

SalesLoft’s mission is to help brands deliver value and create trust by connecting authentically and meaningfully with their customers. There here to help you connect with customers on their terms. 

Check out the SalesLoft Chrome extension and the SalesLoft pricing here.

Image Source: SalesLoft website.

7. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg (discoverorg.com) website claims the best B2B data at your fingertips. Connect and close ideal customers using a B2B business contact database and buying signals you can’t get anywhere else.

DiscoverOrg’s mission is to provide every company with a 360-degree view of their ideal customer, empowering each phase of their go-to-market strategy and driving their ability to hit their number.

Check out the DiscoverOrg Chrome extension and the DiscoverOrg pricing here.

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Image Source: DiscoverOrg website.

8. ContactOut

ContactOut (contactout.com) allows you to find anyone’s personal email and phone number. Hire talent 10x faster with the most powerful sourcing platform available, according to the ContactOut website.

Check out the ContactOut Chrome extension here. 

Currently, ContactOut does not show pricing or plans. You must contact their sales team to discuss their pricing plans.

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Image Source: ContactOut website.

9. UpLead

UpLead (uplead.com) allows users to drive growth with targeted sales leads. Increase sales by quickly finding, connecting and engaging with qualified prospects. There is an Uplead Google Chrome extension plugin to use.

Check out the UpLead Chrome extension and the UpLead pricing here.

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Image Source: UpLead website.

10. Clearbit

Clearbit (clearbit.com) is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Deeply understand your customers, identify future prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.

Clearbit’s mission is to build the data backbone for modern businesses, to be the marketing data engine for customer interactions. They help businesses grow by providing tools that help them deeply understand their customers, identify future prospects, and highly personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.

Check out the Clearbit Chrome extension and the Clearbit pricing here.

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Image Source: Clearbit website.

11. VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert (voilanorbert.com) is an email finder and email verification tool that allows you to get personal with anyone, at scale. Their website touts “prospecting on steroids” and greets you with “Hello! My name is Norbert! I can find anyone’s email address.”

VoilaNorbert’s goal is to make your outreach better by finding data to enrich your cold-emailing process. Everything you need to boost the return on investment (ROI) of your next email campaign.

Check out the VoilaNorbert Chrome extension and the VoilaNorbert pricing here.

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Image Source: VoilaNorbert website.

12. Hunter

Hunter (hunter.io) allows you to find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. Along with the email addresses, you can get the names, job titles, social networks and phone numbers. All the data has public sources detailed in the search results.

Check out the Hunter Chrome extension and the Hunter pricing here.

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Image Source: Hunter website.

13. AnyMail Finder

AnyMail Finder (anymailfinder.com) allows you to find more leads and make more sales. The goal is to give marketing and sales teams a product they have always wished for, with a core set of features, fine tuning them over time to provide more value to users.

The thought was that it is better to charge for emails that are 100% verified, and then give the rest away for free. Sales and marketing are challenging enough jobs without having bounced emails lower overall lead generation results and response rates.

Check out the AnyMail Finder pricing here.

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Image Source: AnyMail Finder website.

14. Datanyze

Datanyze (datanyze.com) is a leader in technographics. Beyond technology tracking, Datanyze offers predictive analytics to score your existing pipeline and find net-new accounts that match your best customers, a simple prospecting workflow, and data enrichment for your CRM.

Datanyze uses machine learning and proprietary methodologies to capture over 9,000 technologies that are used or implemented by more than 35 million companies globally.

Check out the Datanyze Chrome extension here. 

Currently, Datanyze does not display pricing plan information on their website. You have to contact one of their sales representatives.

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Image Source: Datanyze website.

How to Use the Best 14 B2B Prospecting Tools in 2022?

Pro Tip for using these B2B prospecting tools:

Don’t forget, before you start an effective B2B sales prospecting campaign, you need to be sure you have the correct B2B prospecting tools to find email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell/mobile phone numbers for the decision makers you are targeting for your prospecting outreach.

Swordfish AI provides the most accurate B2B contact information, including cell phone numbers and email addresses. Try Swordfish AI now.

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