Intelius Alternative vs. Competitors (Updated 2023)

Intelius Alternative vs. Competitors

If you find direct contact information on individuals, such as search for past love interests or want to find long-lost relatives, a background check service like Intelius is of great assistance.

Intelius is the leading provider of public record information, criminal records, background checks, and more. Intelius provides efficient and accurate background check services to minimize risk.

Intelius Features Overview

Intelius is a public records company based in Seattle that provides information services to help people find others by name, address, phone number, and other contact information.

Intelius is part of a larger company called People Connect Inc. which owns other companies such as

People use Intelius to find information on the people that they are researching. Intelius is like other background check companies. It can be used to find contact information for friends and relatives or to research a blind date. 

As a background check service, it is unable to screen for compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It serves as an asset search instead of tenant screening or employee research. Address LookupScreenshot from the Intelius website.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Intelius was created with the goal of assisting individuals in finding and understanding public records all over the world. Many people have found it to be useful in a variety of situations. This could include, for instance, finding a missing family member or protecting oneself against identity fraud.


Reconnect With Old Friends

Intelius has several helpful features that let you search for old friends. These include an email finder, an address friend finder, and looking up a phone number.

For instance, if you have lost track of a grandparent or want to contact someone from your past, Intelius can help with this task.


Find Out Who Is Calling You

Intelius can also help you find out who is calling you. If you receive threatening or harassing calls from someone, Intelius can tell you if the number that’s calling belongs to a registered sex offender or other potential threat.


Look Up Potential Relationships

Another helpful feature of Intelius is that you can use it to look for your potential partners. If you’re interested in someone but want to be sure he or she isn’t married or otherwise attached, Intelius can help with this task by allowing you to do a reverse address lookup.

You’ll also be able to see if a person has any criminal records or background checks.

Intelius Chrome Extension

There is not an Intelius Google Chrome extension plugin available to download.


Intelius Database Coverage

Intelius is a search engine that contains over 20 billion public records. These include criminal histories, marriage licenses, and divorces, background checks – anything you need to know about anyone online.


Intelius Apple Store App

There is an Intelius app available to download and install from the Apple Store for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer.

Titled “Reverse Phone Lookup Intelius” and listed under the “Lifestyle” category, Intelius has over 9.1K user reviews, rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars on average. Apple Store AppIntelius: People Search, image screenshot from the Apple App Store.
Image Credit: Intelius Inc. / Apple.


Intelius Google Play Store App

There is also an Intelius app available to download and install from the Google Play Store for your Android. Titled “Intelius: People Search” and listed under the “Tools” category. Intelius has over 345 user reviews rating it 4.2 out of 5 stars on average. It also shows 50,000+ users installed the Intelius plugin. Google Play Store AppIntelius: People Search, image screenshot from the Google Play App Store.
Image Credit: Intelius Inc. / Google Play. 


Intelius Products and Solutions

Intelius solutions break down into these categories:

Check Criminal Record

This can be challenging when people surround us, and we know little about them. If you are working with new people or your children want to be at a friend’s house, it is always smart to perform a criminal check first. A criminal records check from Intelius ensures you can have peace of mind. Criminal RecordImage screenshot of the Intelius Check criminal record page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


People Search

Intelius is a service that helps you quickly find people and get information on them. Intelius is one of the sites with access to 20+ billion public records, providing an easy-to-use platform for surfacing data from all those searches in one place. Whether it’s finding somebody’s phone number or verifying their address accurate – Intelius can help. People SearchImage screenshot of the Intelius People Search page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Reverse Address Lookup

Intelius is an innovative service that specializes in providing people with instant information about addresses

Whether you’re trying to find contact details of someone, verify their address for a new purchase or take the next steps towards purchasing property, Intelius will quickly provide all the necessary data so there are no delays. Your life becomes much more convenient than it was before.

You can now find out all the information you need about your address with just one simple search. Enter an address, and Intelius could tell you who lived there before it was yours, whether or not they are still owed money on their mortgage, if anyone in this area is a sex offender (and what crimes have been committed), plus give satellite images of the home as well as street views from where people who live nearby actually saw things happen. Address LookupImage screenshot of the Intelius Reverse Address Lookup page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Reverse Phone Lookup

When you want to know who is calling, look up the number with an Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup. This report will show when someone has called your phone and what other information Intelius has on them, including their name, address history, age, potential relatives they might be associated with, if available from a comprehensive database.

Intelius can provide you information associated with unknown phone numbers like landlines, etc., to help identify the caller. Reverse Phone LookupImage screenshot of the Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Background check

When you need to know more about someone, a Background Check is a way to go. Intelius will work with one of their billions of records sources and provide results that could include criminal record history, marriage/divorce status, lawsuits they’ve been involved in, as well as bankruptcies and liens against them.

Basic people’s information is often included in background checks, such as a person’s name, address, date of birth, etc. Background MoneyImage screenshot of the Intelius Background money check page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Intelius Pricing Plans (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

Intelius offers seven different plans for background searches. The more information you need, the more expensive your membership will be.

If you want to use services such as phone directory lookups and full-scale background checks, you will need a long-term membership.

Intelius has two options for you. They are both ways to search for people, but one is better than the other. Intelius Premier lets you search as many people as you want, and it costs $19.95 per month.

Intelius Premier Plus also lets you search unlimited times with an option to save profiles, Reports, and one monthly Background check. But it costs $29.95 per month. Both are billed monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

• Reverse Phone Lookup – $0.95
• Reverse Address Lookup – $4.95 to $14.95
• Criminal Record – $29.95 
• Background Check – $39.95

Intelius Free Trial Offer

Intelius offers a free people search. It is basic, and you’ll get some information when a person’s name is searched. This includes their age, location history, relatives, the first six digits of any phone numbers, and employment and education history.

This preview is not very thorough and only shows a small amount of information. You must pay for the whole thing to get more information.


Intelius Integrations

Intelius does not have listed information regarding their integrations.


Intelius Special Features

Phone Directory

The Intelius phone directory allows you to search for people in your area. Intelius phone directory has billions of available entries to help find owners and other details about any person or business based on their phone number. Phone DirectoryImage screenshot of the Intelius Phone Directory page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.

People Directory

The Intelius people directory allows you to search for specific people. The data is used with permission from the source and is collected and maintained by a third-party service provider. People DirectoryImage screenshot of the Intelius People Directory page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Identity Protect

One way to protect your identity is through Intelius. You can get a glimpse of how public search engines show profiles with just your first and last names by entering your information into the database. Identity ProtectImage screenshot of the Intelius Identity Protect page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Intelius Interface 

Intelius is an easy-to-use, free public records search engine, and people finder. It’s great to find someone, run background checks, or get some peace of mind. People SearchImage screenshot of the Intelius people search page.
Image Credit: / Intelius Inc.


Intelius Founders and Team

Intelius was founded in 2003 by Naveen Jain, Kevin Marcus, Niraj Shah, Ed Petersen, Chandan Chauhan, and John Arnold.

Read more about Intelius here.

The Intelius Corporate Headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington, United States. If you want to contact them, call them at (888) 245-1655 or email at support <at>


Intelius Blog has no blog or RSS feed listed on their website.


Intelius Social Media

Social media accounts include: Twitter @Intelius, Facebook @Intelius, Linkedin @Intelius, and others, including Intelius YouTube Videos.

Hashtag #Intelius.


Intelius YouTube Video Demo

Intelius Mobile App Introduction

Video of Intelius from YouTube channel.


Latest Tweets from Intelius

Tweets from Intelius’s Twitter account @Intelius.


Latest Facebook Posts from Intelius 

 Post from Intelius’s Facebook account @Intelius.


Latest Linkedin Post from Intelius

Post from Intelius’s Linkedin account @Intelius.


Intelius Customer Service, Help, and Support

Here is the Intelius support and help area for frequently asked questions (FAQs).


How to Contact Intelius?

By phone: (888) 245-1655 or by email: support <at>

Top Best Intelius Alternatives

These are some top alternative best background check services to Intelius you can use to uncover email addresses and cell phone numbers.

This is a partial list of background check companies and is current for 2022 and will continually be updated during the 2022 year.

Swordfish AI (
Pipl (
BeenVerified (
Radaris (
Spokeo (


Intelius Competitors

Swordfish AI, BeenVerified, Radaris, Pipl, Zoominfo, Spokeo, Clearbit, ContactOut, DiscoverOrg, AeroLeads, Lusha, UpLead, Voila Norbert, and others.


Intelius Reviews

Read other authentic and timely Intelius Reviews on


Intelius Pros and Cons

Have you had any experience using Intelius?

Share your thoughts on Intelius as a helpful tool to find productivity contacts. What were the pros and cons?

Here are some pros and cons shared for you:



  • Subscriptions are affordable.
  • If you are an employer, a Pro BulletReport might help. It will show what your interviewee has done in the past.



  • Complex pricing structure
  • Bad customer reviews


Conclusion and Summary

Intelius is a service that assists people in performing background checks, but it costs money first and may not always produce the desired results. Leave your feedback in a comment about Intelius and any other similar service you have used.


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