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Sales Sales

Scale your outbound growth

Crush your quota
Accurate email, direct dial and cell phone numbers
Fill in blanks of your CRM
Integrations to fit your workflow
Recruiter Recruiter

Place more candidates in less time

Hit hiring goals
Advanced candidate search with personal contact data
Build your talent pipeline
Integrations to fit your workflow
Marketer Marketer

Accelerate demand generation

Turn leads into pipeline
Build audiences with direct contact data
Append your existing data
Integrations to fit your workflow

Contact enrichment at scale

Custom data solutions
Business & personal email addresses
Direct dial & cell phone numbers
Real-time validation
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Swordfish is THE best tool for finding cell phone numbers.

Da Costa

400% more cleared candidates

1000+ hours cut in sourcing time

5x increase in connects

Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow How accurate is your data?

There is no such thing as a platform with perfect contact data - let's start with that. You can confidently expect an average of 80% accuracy on our cell phone data worldwide and 95%+ on our email data.

We use a blend of live partners as well as our own proprietary email validation and phone line connectivity validation in real time before returning results to you. Each phone and email record is marked with green checkmarks ✅ ✅ to indicate the most likely valid data.

Don't take our word for it - grab a and see for yourself.

Arrow Does Swordfish comply with GDPR?

Swordfish does not provide contact data on known EU based individuals.

Arrow Does Swordfish comply with CCPA?

Yes! Swordfish is fully compliant with CCPA is registered as a data broker with the California Attorney General’s office. If you would like to opt out or stop your information being displayed in our service, visit the opt out page below.

Arrow How does the chrome extension work?

Once installed, the Swordfish button displays on the side of the page when browsing LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook and in the nav-bar. Click on the extension to check if data is available for the profile/website. Check Auto-Open for the extension to open whenever you visit a profile page. When Swordfish finds contact information for a profile, a preview of the details appears with "Show" button. Clicking "Show" reveals the full contact information is counted as using a credit. If Swordfish is unable to verify the details for a contact, "Show" will not display button and no credits are used.

Arrow Can I use Swordfish for free?

Unfortunately no longer. Swordfish requires a paid account. You can talk to us about a custom free trial that fits your organization’s goals and needs via the livechat below.

Arrow Will my credits rollover?

Yes! As long as you are subscribed to Swordfish, all of your credits rollover each month. On annual plans, credits rollover when renewing annually.

Should you decide to cancel your Swordfish subscription, your credits will expire. However, we will honour any past remaining credits in your account if returning within a 3 month time period, valid one time per year.

Arrow What does a credit give me?

One credit gives you all the information we are able to return based on the profile or data you search by.

Arrow Is uncovering the same contact several times counted each time?

Negative! The Swordfish extension keeps a tab on the profiles you enrich. Once you have "Shown" information, it is saved for your viewing when you come back to that page or go to the other social profiles we connected to that profile. This means that if you go on Bruce Wayne's LinkedIn, and we made the connection to his Facebook account, his information will be waiting for you in both places!

Arrow Can I share my credits with other users?

On plans that have Team Management enabled, you can add users, set credit limits for team members, view their usage and gauge ROI for all team members. Credits do not get used twice if 'showing' the same profile. You can also see the contact information other team members have 'shown'.

Arrow What if I need a larger plan?
Arrow Can I hide the side tab?

Yes! You can HIDE the side tab from your page by:

1) Right-clicking the icon in the *toolbar*
2) Press options
3) Unselect 'Show side tab on websites’.

How does Swordfish Compare?


More franchisee owners contacted


More conversations


More booked meetings

BAE Systems

More cleared candidates

Lockheed Martin

I have been using Swordfish for 3+ years. It is by far the most accurate, easy to use and affordable sales intelligence tool I have ever used. Save some time and increase your earning power instantly.

Joe Mulry Joe Mulry★★★★★

While I must confess, I was a bit doubtful from all the hyperbole from all competitors, as well as Swordfish and I have tried several of them; Swordfish is amazing! Swordfish was a pleasant, surprising, and in some instances, incredible! Again, I must confess, when I started using it, I prepared for a long road of trial and errors, move on to the next, try again, but it has been extremely accurate. The contact list are perhaps the most current, and the ease of usage is welcoming. Truly, I highly recommend it, at a minimum, try it for your industry. In my experience, it was a pleasant, positive, interaction and with usable data, numbers, and contact information. I am still wondering, where have you been all these years? Wow! Keep it up!

Heynard Chow Heynard Chow★★★★★

Ease of use. Keeping track of my credits and linking the Chrome Extension and Bulk Enrich Files have reduced my work by 95%.

I evaluated and used another search engine company for the critical human data I needed for my current projects. SWORDFISH was so easy that I used up my trial credits on the first day because it gave me so much information, and I immediately signed up.

Andrea W Andrea W★★★★★

The real value of this tool is reducing time to hire in the recruitment process and speeding up sourcing. I consider this tool to be very cost effective as well. In one placement you will earn far more than the annual cost of this tool. Comparable tools cost more and aren't nearly as accurate. Swordfish has exceeded my expectations, don't hesitate to add it to your suite of recruitment tools.

Theadora B Theadora B★★★★★

Swordfish AI has been easy to use and provided accurate data. I could not get my job done without it!

Michael Flannery Michael Flannery★★★★★

Swordfish has exceeded my expectations when it comes to finding contact information for businesses and individuals in my industry. It's instrumental to the work I do. I don't think there's a better option available today and I highly recommend it!

Walt Freese Walt Freese★★★★★

Very easy to use, whether to do individual queries or batch queries through CSV import / export

The tool is rather flexible and pricing is fair since it is only charging credits if it found what you're looking for (can be only email, or only phone number).

Charlie M Charlie M★★★★★

I'm a product developer and phone calls are still the best way for me to get someone interested in collaborating on a project, licensing an idea, and get distribution. I use Swordfish and it's amazing that cell phone numbers are readily available. HIghly effective and valuable tool!

Michael Krimsky Michael Krimsky★★★★★

Swordfish helps our firm find contact details/phone numbers for prospective client leads. The tool allows us to save precious research time. After testing numerous competitors to locate valid phone numbers, we've found Swordfish to be the most accurate of them all.

Don A Don A★★★★

Ease of use. Keeping track of my credits and linking the Chrome Extension and Bulk Enrich Files have reduced my work by 95%.

Louis Mills Louis Mills★★★★★

Swordfish has been extremely helpful in our candidate outreach efforts. We were frustrated by not having direct contact information for people on LinkedIn/Indeed/Github/etc. Swordfish has been a welcome outreach channel for our team. We are able to reach people we were not able to do before. Having direct email/phone has been extremely beneficial. We no longer have to rely on a "black hole" InMail (or similar)...we now often times also have the ability to email, call, and text.

Noel W Noel W★★★★★
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