6 Best Website to Look up Numbers (Updated 2023)

There are many free Websites to Look up Numbers. The problem is you just might get what you pay for. “Free” can also mean inaccurate results often happening from these free phone number finder websites. Even some of the paid ones have the wrong information at times.

There are many reasons for wanting to look up someone’s phone number, cell, or mobile. It could be for personal reasons, business, or even both. Finding contact information on an individual does not have to be difficult if you know what the best data tools are to use for speed and accuracy.

Which website is the best for finding phone numbers?

Below is a compiled list of top phone number-finding tools and websites. All are free to do a phone number lookup. However, most will charge you something to reveal and verify the phone number data after searching.

Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

1. Swordfish AI

Image screenshot from the Swordfish.ai website homepage.


Swordfish AI (swordfish.ai) is one of the Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Site Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners to bring users the most updated and accurate contact information.  Besides cell phone numbers, a bonus is that other personal contact information is available in each phone number search, such as personal and business email addresses

Swordfish AI works on most popular social media profiles around the web through a free Swordfish AI Google Chrome extension plugin that integrates when visiting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, Stack Overflow, Dribble, Xing, Bing, Gmail or Google. The Swordfish Chrome Extension will display all the contact information found for that individual’s profile.

Finding regular phone numbers and mobile phone numbers can also be easily accessed directly through the Swordfish.ai website without the need for a Chrome plugin through their bulk upload and data list enrichment feature.

Does Swordfish AI Have a Free Trial? How Much is Swordfish AI Pricing?

Swordfish AI does have a 15-day free trial. The Swordfish AI pricing page has pricing information showing convenient monthly plans starting at $0 (free), $39, $69 and $99 USD depending on the number of credits you select. They also have Enterprise plans for high volume needs.

Another unique feature is Swordfish AI has a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with their contact finder capabilities, they give you your money back. No risk to use Swordfish AI to find email and phone number contact information.

Swordfish’s mission is to save you your most valuable asset – time, to reduce your cognitive load, to make connecting to business opportunities easier, and of course, to authenticate identity.

Swordfish AI Phone Number Search

Image of the Swordfish AI phone number lookup search page.


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2. Pipl

Image screenshot from the Pipl.com website homepage.


Pipl (pipl.com) is a unique identity resolution engine connecting the world’s personal, professional and social identity data to give analysts and investigators an unmatched global index of over 3 billion trusted identity profiles. “Speed investigations and fight fraud with the world’s leading provider of true identity verification information,” according to the Pipl.com website.

Does Pipl Have a Free Trial? How Much is Pipl Pricing?

Pipl does have a 15-day free trial. The Pipl pricing has information showing plans starting at $148, $198, or $298 USD per month per user, depending on the number of users you select with your plan. They also have per-match pricing for Enterprise applications. This ranges from $0.10, $0.20, and $0.40 depending on the information matched, and you have to contact the Pipl’s Sales Team for more details on that pricing plan.

‍Pipl’s mission is to solve the global identity crisis. ‍Modern lives need reliable identity information to let us safely conduct business and engage in society.  Pipl is working to build a future where everyone can safely participate in our global society with trusted identity information that is protected from abuse and controlled by the individual, to create a world where identities are real and trustworthy people are trusted.

Pipl Phone Number Search

Image of the Pipl phone number lookup search page.

Pipl Alternatives and Competitors

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3. Intelius

Image screenshot from the Intelius.com website homepage.


Intelius (intelius.com) provides information about people, their histories, and their connections to other people, places, and organizations. Intelius has a robust and proprietary technology platform that gathers over 20 billion public records from a large network of publicly and commercially available sources.

Intelius data services include people search, public records, background check, reverse phone lookup, reverse address, criminal records, identity protect, people directory, people lookup by state and phone directory.

Does Intelius Have a Free Trial? How Much is Intelius Pricing?

You need to do a phone search or people search to get any information about a trial offer or monthly pricing. After making an initial test purchase, it revealed there is an Intelius 7-day free trial included with a single data search purchase of $0.95 or $1.98 for individual searches. They say “included” and this is whether you want it or not.

On the Intelius purchase receipt, it said:

“Your 7-day trial of the Intelius Premier Plus membership started when you completed this purchase, and then converts to a paid membership after 7 days, unless you cancel. Your membership includes one Intelius background check voucher per month, which expires 30 days from deposit into your account. If you cancel within 7 days and have not used the background check voucher, you will be charged an additional $7.95. If you use the background check voucher during the 7-day trial, your paid membership will begin immediately upon voucher use. Once your paid membership starts, it will automatically renew for the same term each time it reaches its expiration date, unless you cancel. You will pay $29.95 for each renewal term.”

Confused reading all this from the purchase receipt? We were too.

Intelius.com is owned by PeopleConnect, Inc., their parent company. The same company also owns Classmates.com, the largest directory of high school and class lists, including high school reunions and digital yearbooks.

Building better ways to explore, find, and manage information about people because being informed matters, is what the Intelius company mission is all about.

Intelius Phone Number Search

Image of the Intelius phone number lookup search page.

Intelius Alternatives and Competitors

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4. BeenVerified

Image screenshot from the BeenVerified.com website homepage.


BeenVerified (beenverified.com) allows you to search compelling data, such as social profiles and photos, properties and assets, bankruptcy information and more. They also have a library of information to help consumers learn more about public records to stay informed about the important ways your life may be impacted by public data.

Other tools available on BeenVerified.com include people search, reverse phone lookup, email lookup, reverse address lookup, property owner search, public records, criminal records, arrest records, and white pages lookup.

Does BeenVerified Have a Free Trial? How Much is BeenVerified Pricing?

BeenVerified does not have a free trial, however, they do have a satisfaction guarantee, “If you’re dissatisfied with the results of your search, we will gladly help you out or offer a refund.” The BeenVerified pricing page has pricing plans of $26.89 USD per month for a 1-month unlimited membership, and that reduces to $17.48 per month with a 3-month membership.

BeenVerified’s mission is to help people discover, understand, and use public data in their everyday lives. BeenVerified’s overriding goal is a simple one: they want to provide you with access to public information that was formerly only available to big companies and people with deep pockets in a way that is easy, affordable, and fast.

BeenVerified Phone Number Search

Image of the BeenVerified phone number lookup search page.

BeenVerified Alternatives and Competitors

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5. Radaris

Image screenshot from the Radaris.com website homepage.


Radaris (radaris.com) allows you to do a Public Records Deep Search for Background checks, contact information, social media mentions, monitoring and more. It offers data access to free online profiles and premium paid reports to help consumers and businesses conduct basic background checks on people you see every day (but need to know better), find an old classmate or long lost friend, learn your online date’s personal history, monitor your own web presence, and more.

Radaris data records include phone numbers, address history, patent filings, property records, professional histories, social media account profiles, profiles photos and related images.

Reverse phone number lookup reports on Radaris include the owner’s name and current address, additional previous addresses, phone type – cellular or landline, phone line connection status verification, phone line carrier’s name, first reported activation date and most recent report date.

Does Radaris Have a Free Trial? How Much is Radaris Pricing?

Radaris does not have a free trial, however, you can do a free lookup and search. The Radaris pricing page couldn’t be found. You must do an actual search to redirect to a pricing page. The research found Radaris offers a discounted 3-day trial for only $1.95 USD and a single report for $4.95 USD.

When doing a test phone number search, Radaris pricing was revealed. It said:

“If you are looking to get multiple phone reports or would like to know the identities of your callers on an ongoing basis then save money by using our monthly membership! Try our membership for 3 days at this discount price of $1.95. After the trial, you will be billed $19.95 every 30 days until you cancel your membership. Cancellation is a very simple process and you can do it in My Account settings or by contacting Customer Service.”

Radaris Phone Number Search

Image of the Radaris phone number lookup search page.

Radaris Alternatives and Competitors

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6. Spokeo

Image screenshot from the Spokeo.com website homepage.


Spokeo (spokeo.com) is a people intelligence service that helps you search, connect, and know who you are dealing with. You can use Spokeo to find old friends, identify unknown callers, or research your date. Business professionals use Spokeo to find new customers or to prevent fraud.

While searching on Spokeo, informative reports include the following data: contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, social profiles), personal details, location history, wealth data, family and associates, criminal records, and social media accounts.

Spokeo boasts looking up results from a wide range of industry-leading data sources that include 130 Million Property Records, 6 Billion Consumer Records, 3.9 Billion Historical Records, 600 Million Court Records, 89 Million Business Records, and 120+ Social Networks.

Does Spokeo Have a Free Trial? How Much is Spokeo Pricing?

Spokeo does not have a free trial, however, does have a 7-day trial included when purchasing a report. The Spokeo pricing page has several options. While individual data reports start at $0.95 USD, monthly options vary from $14.95 USD per month, up to $24.95 per month, depending on the monthly plan you select.  Monthly Enterprise plans are available ranging from $35.95 (200 reports), $69.95 (500 reports), and $119.95 (1000 reports).

Spokeo’s mission and core values are all about advancing transparency to achieve data and cultural transparency and to make the world transparent. People increasingly mistrust companies, technologies, and each other. Spokeo wants to leverage data to make the world around us more transparent and make trust a little easier.

Spokeo Phone Number Search

Image of the Spokeo phone number lookup search page.

Spokeo Alternatives and Competitors

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Summary of What is the Best Website to Find Phone Numbers?

Are you using, or have you used Pipl, Intelius, BeenVerified, Radaris, or Spokeo before?

Is there another top tool you personally use for finding phone numbers, cell phone numbers, mobile phones, or direct-dial office numbers?

Please leave us a comment below about your experience using these or other top websites to find phone numbers. Other readers just like you will greatly benefit from learning more.

And, if you haven’t already, please compare Swordfish AI and see for yourself with a 15-day 13 free trial risk-free.

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