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Some Questions You Might Have
right-iconHow accurate is your data?

Quite proudly, the best there is! We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible by using a combination of multiple premium data vendors and machine learning algorithms that gather, check and cross verify publicly available contact data on a daily basis.

right-iconDoes Swordfish comply with CCPA?

Yes! Swordfish is fully compliant with CCPA is registered as a data broker with the California Attorney General’s office. If you would like to opt out or stop your information being displayed in our service, visit the opt out page below.

right-iconHow does the chrome extension work?

Once installed, the Swordfish button displays on the side of the page when browsing LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook and in the nav-bar. Click on the extension to check if data is available for the profile/website. Check Auto-Open for the extension to open whenever you visit a profile page. When Swordfish finds contact information for a profile, a preview of the details appears with "Show" button. Clicking "Show" reveals the full contact information is counted as using a credit. If Swordfish is unable to verify the details for a contact, "Show" will not display button and no credits are used.

right-iconCan I use Swordfish for free?

Yes, you can sign up to our free trial and get up to 10 credits to test out our data. If you have custom requirements, please schedule a call

right-iconWill my credits rollover?

Credits rollover according to your plan. Credits remain active for 30, 60 or 90 days from each billing cycle depending on your plan. Annual plan credits remain active for 365 days!
See pricing for the specific rollover period for each plan.

right-iconWhat does a credit give me?

One credit gives you all the information we are able to return based on the profile or data you search by.

right-iconIs uncovering the same contact several times counted each time?

Negative! The Swordfish extension keeps a tab on the profiles you enrich. Once you have "Shown" information, it is saved for your viewing when you come back to that page or go to the other social profiles we connected to that profile. This means that if you go on Bruce Wayne's LinkedIn, and we made the connection to his Facebook account, his information will be waiting for you in both places!

right-iconCan I share my credits with other users?

On plans that have Team Management enabled, you can add users, set credit limits for team members, view their usage and gauge ROI for all team members. Credits do not get used twice if 'showing' the same profile. You can also see the contact information other team members have 'shown'.

right-iconWhat if I need a larger plan?

Please schedule a quick call

right-iconCan I hide the side tab?

Yes! You can HIDE the side tab from your page by:

1) Right-clicking the icon in the *toolbar*
2) Press options
3) Unselect 'Show side tab on websites’.

To stop Swordfish from popping out automatically - unselect the “Auto-Open” button.


Phillip Lomax, Uber Uber

My team found Swordfish as superior to what's available in the market today. Swordfish has helped me directly contact C-Suite executives, get meetings, and close deals.

Mike Cohen, The New York Times new york times

One of the top contact information finding tools on the internet - excellent personal email and cell phone number finder!

Dean Da Costa, Lockheed Martin lockheed martin

Swordfish is THE best tool for finding cell phone numbers.

Ben Nader, 6 Figure Recruiter 6 Figure Recruiter

EASILY one of the best recommended tools, and I use A LOT of tools, Swordfish is at the top of my list.

Joy Fullerton, Luxus luxusjobs

Our team loves it! We cancelled all our other subscriptions for Swordfish.

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