BeenVerified Alternative vs. Competitors (Updated 2023)

If you are looking to search public records or VIN numbers online, or uncover names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails, BeenVerified allows you to do all of that and more. Known as “The Everyday Information Company” that allows you to do unlimited searches for people, vehicle, property and contact information.  


BeenVerified Features Overview

BeenVerified ( is a background check service that has information on people. With BeenVerified, you can search for old friends or new acquaintances. 

You can find out more about them with their platform that searches for information such as name, address, phone number, and more. Live chat is available to help you get the information that you need quickly.

Screenshot from the BeenVerified website.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


The primary goal of BeenVerified is to help you find and understand public data. The people who use BeenVerified have found it helpful in many different cases, like reconnecting with family members or staying safe. It might even change your life by helping you stay safe or help someone else stay safe.


Reconnect With Loved Ones

With BeenVerified, you can search for old friends or new acquaintances. You can find out more about them with their platform that searches for information such as name, phone number, address, and more.


Improve Customer Data With BeenVerified

BeenVerified can help you generate leads. The platform is interactive and provides information quickly with live chat to answer your questions. With BeenVerified, you can discover all of the public data that is out on any person. 

You don’t have to worry if they are a family member or just someone you’re not very familiar with- BeenVerified has all of the information for you on their website.


Search Yourself With BeenVerified

You can track your public records and online reputation within this application.  


BeenVerified Chrome Extension

There is not a BeenVerified Google Chrome extension plugin available to download.  


BeenVerified Database Coverage

There was no information found regarding database coverage.  


BeenVerified Apple Store App

There is a BeenVerified Apple Store app available to download and install from the Apple Store for your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer. Titled “BeenVerified: Vehicle Check” and listed under the “Lifestyle” category, BeenVerified has over 17 user reviews rating it 3.6 out of 5 stars on average. It also shows 60,000+ users of the ZoomInfo plugin.

BeenVerified: People Search, image screenshot from the Apple App Store.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc. /  Apple.


BeenVerified Google Play Store App

There is a BeenVerified Google Play app available to download and install from the Google Play Store for your Android.

Titled “BeenVerified: People Search” and listed under the “Tools” category, BeenVerified has over 15,266 user reviews rating it 3.9 out of 5 stars on average. It also shows 1,000,000+ users installed the BeenVerified plugin.

BeenVerified: People Search, image screenshot from the Google Play App Store.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc. / Google Play.


BeenVerified Products and Solutions

BeenVerified solutions break down into these categories:


Reverse Phone Check

With BeenVerified’s reverse phone lookup tool, you can search billions of data points to potentially find out who’s behind those unknown calls. 

You might even uncover helpful information about your callers, such as their location and address, age, email address, or social media profiles that you can use when deciding whether or not to call the number back.

Image screenshot of the BeenVerified reverse phone lookup page.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


Email Check

BeenVerified’s reverse email lookup goes beyond search engines to sift through billions of public records and help you look up who may have sent you a message. 

An email address can unlock useful information about the sender’s background and identity.


Address Check

BeenVerified’s address lookup lets you dig deep into the information of property ownership, deeds, and sales history. It will provide you with an instant report which can also be drilled down to explore you more closely about your interest.

Image screenshot of the BeenVerified address lookup page.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


Search Someone by Username 

To find someone’s social media username, enter the exact username and hit Enter. BeenVerified’s search engines comb through hundreds of sites to find information associated with a user name.


Vehicle Information Check

BeenVerified also offers tools such as VIN lookup, which may provide the necessary information to make better decisions when buying or selling cars!


Unclaimed Money Check

BeenVerified’s Unclaimed Money Search finds money that you are owed. It can be found in databases. If you are owed any unclaimed money, if you need to file a claim, BeenVerified can help. It has information about the appropriate agencies near you.

In some cases, you could obtain money in as little as two weeks, although some claims may take longer.

Image screenshot of the BeenVerified unclaimed money check page.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


BeenVerified Pricing Plans (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

You cannot buy a report on one individual. You need to sign up for a monthly  plan subscription that starts at $26.89 or get the 3 month plan for $26.89 per month, both with unlimited reports.

It can be hard to stop your BeenVerified subscription. You have to call the company or send an email to say you want to discontinue it. It is easier if you cancel before your next billing cycle, or else you could get charged again.


BeenVerified Free Trial Offer

Currently, there is no BeenVerified free trial offer listed on their website.  


BeenVerified Integrations

BeenVerified does not have listed information regarding their integrations.  


BeenVerified Special Features

Contact Information

BeenVerified has accurate data about people. It’s a quick way to find someone’s best personal and business emails, phone numbers, and addresses.


Personal Details/Information

With a BeenVerified account, anybody can find detailed information about the person and/or company of interest. This includes their full legal name, address (current or former), age, relatives, occupation, assets, associates, assets, employer(s), etc. With this data in hand, it becomes effortless to search for background information.


Past Criminal & Court Records

With BeenVerified, you can find out if someone has had problems with the law in the past by looking at their criminal record, traffic violations, and bankruptcies.


Property Records

The company can offer various services, including property details, professional values, owner information, and assessments. 

BeenVerified provides a search engine that allows users to look up deeds and find answers about the people you meet in your life.


Caller Identification

You can find out who called or texted you with BeenVerified. It tells if they are a spammer and if they are in your area or not.


BeenVerified Interface 

BeenVerified is an easy-to-use, free public records search engine, and people finder. It’s great to find someone, run background checks, or just get some peace of mind.

Image screenshot of the BeenVerified people search page.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


BeenVerified Founders and Team

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen. 

Read more about BeenVerified here.

The BeenVerified Corporate Headquarters is located in New York, NY.

If you want to contact them, visit the Contact Us page on their website.

Image screenshot of the BeenVerified contact us page.
Image Credit: BeenVerified Inc.


BeenVerified Blog

Find the BeenVerified blog here.  


BeenVerified Social Media

Social media accounts include:Twitter @BeenVerified, Facebook @BeenVerified, Linkedin @BeenVerified, Instagram @BeenVerified, and others, including BeenVerified YouTube Videos.

Hashtag #BeenVerified.  


BeenVerified YouTube Video Demo

How to use BeenVerified to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number

Video of BeenVerified from YouTube channel.


Latest Tweets from BeenVerified

Tweets from BeenVerified’s Twitter account @BeenVerified.


Latest Facebook Posts from BeenVerified

Post from BeenVerified’s Facebook account @BeenVerified.

Latest Linkedin Post from BeenVerified

Post from BeenVerified’s Linkedin account @BeenVerified

BeenVerified Customer Service, Help, and Support

Here is the BeenVerified support and help area for frequently asked questions (FAQs).  


How to Contact BeenVerified?

By phone: 1-866-885-6480 or by email: support <at>  


Top Best BeenVerified Alternatives

These are some top alternatives best background check services to BeenVerified you can use for uncovering email addresses and cell phone numbers. 

This is a partial list of background check companies and is current for 2022, and will continually be updated during the 2022 year.

Swordfish AI (
Pipl (
Intelius (
Radaris (
Spokeo (


BeenVerified Competitors

Swordfish AI, Pipl, Intelius, Radaris, Spokeo, Zoominfo, Clearbit, DiscoverOrg, Lusha, ContactOut, UpLead, AeroLeads, Voila Norbert and others.  


BeenVerified Reviews

Read other authentic and timely BeenVerified Reviews on  


BeenVerified Pros and Cons

What has been your experience with using BeenVerified?  In the comments below, please do share your success story, and your pros and cons of using BeenVerified as a productivity contact finding tool.  Here are some pros and cons shared for you:



• Access to applications on a computer and on a phone.
• Unlimited input options.
• This is a search for lost property.
• Easy to use mobile app.  



• You cannot use this to research employees.
• A paywall blocks the search results.  


Conclusion and Summary

BeenVerified is a website where you can simplify people’s search activity, but you have to pay money first, and the quality of the report may be inconsistent at times. It is still a contact finding tool worth trying.

Leave us a comment below about your experience using BeenVerified or other BeenVerified alternatives.

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