Inside Sales Strategies for 2021

Here are the 5 Best Inside Sales Strategies to Learn From in 2021:

1. Understand Your Products Thoroughly

Before taking those client phone calls, you must make sure you know the product very well. 

The prospect is not going to come back to understand your product again. He’ll find a different solution. He will definitely not care if you’re new to your job. 

To save yourself from this massacre, you must take a solid training. 

Use every single feature of your system to understand how everything works. Ask questions to your superior about various scenarios and how your product can help. 

This inside sales strategy came from’s “What Is Inside Sales? Strategies, Challenges, Tips, & Tools”.

2. Build a Profile of Your Ideal Customer and Their Pain Points

How to do this?

The Director of Enterprise Sales at has a few suggestions for understanding your ideal customer and their pain points.

Two questions to ask when building a profile of your ideal customer:

  • What’s the ideal use case?
  • Have they used similar tools in the past? If so, which?

Three questions to understand their needs:

  • What’s the specific goal your ideal customer wants to achieve?
  • How will they measure these goals internally?
  • What are the needs of the individual, the team, and the company? shared the “Complete Inside Sales Strategy Guide [Updated 2021]”.

3. Consider the Impact of Phrasing

The “framing effect” is a psychological principle asserting that the same person will make two different choices depending on how information is presented.

Research from the Journal of General Internal Medicine supports this idea. 

In the study, doctors positioned a new prescription in two ways. They found more patients experienced greater motivation when doctors described the benefits in comparison to another choice over learning about the benefits without context. 

Framing is a form of positioning. Sellers can put the framing effect to use by emphasizing the value in relative terms.

This inside sales strategy came from’s “Inside Sales Strategy & Success Tips”.

4. Always Consider Marketing as a Priority

Sales and marketing were considered as two completely separate things, but that’s obviously no longer the case nowadays. 

Sellers must be ready to go out of their comfort zone and approach different dimensions in order to succeed in today’s crowded market. 

The bound between sales and marketing becomes inextricable and the most successful salespeople manage to marry the two functions as closely as possible.

Personalization is important. 

Generic advertisements, mail outs and phone calls are not nearly as impactful as personalized content. Never underestimate the impact of sending the right message at the right time to the right customer.

Harry Djanogly shared this inside sales strategy on’s “5 Inside Sales Strategies To Swiftly Accelerate Your Sales”.

5. Make Your Strategies Work for Your Company

Creating and motivating a successful sales team isn’t easy, but when you are using the right strategies you will see sales growth.

Establish and use the strategies that work for your company by testing different approaches, loading up your pipeline with worthwhile leads, encouraging department collaboration, and modifying strategies when needed. Using a sales CRM tool like Salesmate, can help your company take control and streamline your business!

Do that, and your sales successes will undoubtedly accelerate.

This inside sales strategy came from “Successful Inside Sales Strategies To Swiftly Accelerate Your Sales”.

How Will You Use These Inside Sales Strategies in 2021?

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