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Hunt Heads, Not Data

Swordfish helps you fill 400% more job orders in half the time

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Manually finding old data?

Recruiters are spending over 30 hours per month hunting for contact data. Lost time = lost placements


Swordfish finds all the data you need

Swordfish's vast data network & identity resolution systems reclaim your Recruiters' lost time. Reclaimed time = reclaimed revenue

How does Swordfish reclaim lost time?

Optimise workflow by enriching your Saved Candidates

Save your candidates to a project, then Swordfish in bulk to find your missing data. Save yourself hours of visiting profiles one by one.


Candidate has no social profile? No problem!

Our investigative search engine finds anyone based on Name, Company Name, US Address and more

Old data in your ATS? Fill the blanks with File Upload

Upload any combination of data and get cell phone numbers & personal emails filled in seconds


What makes Swordfish data unique?

Most providers will tell you they have 100% accurate data - and we both know that simply isn't the case. You can confidently expect 80% accuracy on cell phone data and 95% accuracy on email data. Swordfish verifies all US phone numbers for line connectivity & tests all emails for deliverability in real time before returning results to you.


Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen

The New York Times

One of the top contact information finding tools on the internet - excellent personal email and cell phone number finder!

Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa

The New York Times

Swordfish is THE best tool for finding cell phone numbers.

How does Swordfish Compare?

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