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DiscoverOrg Pricing: Making an Informed Decision for B2B Sales

May 6, 2024 Pricing

A study from HBR involving 75 executives showed that only 3% believed their data was accurate, with 97 or more correct records out of 100. There’s a lot of B2B sales lead databases out there, but DiscoverOrg stands out for precision.

With a promise of data that’s 95% accurate, it’s not just about quantity but the quality that truly stands out. This commitment to precision is why many businesses prefer DiscoverOrg when aiming to reach the right buyer at the ideal moment.

But why is pricing so crucial? Because value matters! Every business seeks a balance between cost and benefit. As we go deeper into DiscoverOrg pricing, you’ll gain insights into how this platform offers value, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

DiscoverOrg: A Quick Overview

DiscoverOrg is a leading B2B sales intelligence platform, designed to offer businesses accurate and updated contact data. It stands out for its rigorous data verification, ensuring genuine and timely information.

Beyond just data, DiscoverOrg provides unique sales forecasting tools, helping businesses predict demand and optimize pricing. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular CRM applications, enhancing sales and marketing processes.

Its organization charts offer a deep dive into target companies, revealing actual reporting structures. In essence, DiscoverOrg is a great tool for businesses aiming to improve their sales efforts with reliable data and actionable insights.

Features of DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a B2B sales intelligence platform designed to empower businesses with precise and actionable insights. Here are its standout features —

Human-Verified Data

DiscoverOrg prides itself on offering data that is verified by an in-house team. This ensures that you receive genuine and up-to-date information, get rid of outdated or fake data. You can also learn to find someone’s email on LinkedIn to ensure authenticity additionally you can find email from Twitter.

Sales Forecasting Tool

This feature helps businesses in forecasting demand, optimizing pricing, and planning capacity. DiscoverOrg lets you forecast sales by comparing catalog data with historical sales data.

Speaking of sells, we also have an overview of the latest B2B prospecting tools to ensure an efficient lead generation process.

Seamless CRM Integrations

DiscoverOrg integrates with popular CRM applications, streamlining sales and marketing processes. Notably, it offers DiscoverOrg for Salesforce, a top-rated sales intelligence tool on the AppExchange.

Organization Charts

These charts not only display job titles in a hierarchy but also reveal the actual reporting structure of the companies. This gives businesses a deeper understanding of their target companies.

Key Benefits of DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a premier B2B sales intelligence platform that offers a plethora of advantages to its users. Here are some of the key benefits —

  • Trusted B2B Contact Data: Connect confidently with genuine business contacts, thanks to DiscoverOrg’s advanced and verified data accuracy.
  • Real-time Buying Signals: Stay ahead of the competition by tapping into live B2B insights and seizing opportunities as they emerge.
  • Targeted Sales Lead Lists: Enhance your outreach success with precision-targeted lead lists curated on DiscoverOrg’s cutting-edge platform.
  • Ideal Customer Profiling: Streamline your sales and marketing strategies by crafting perfect buyer and account profiles for impactful ABM.
  • Decision-Maker Identification: Zero in on influential decision-makers that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile, saving time and effort.
  • Opportunity Prioritization: Focus your energy on the most promising leads by ranking opportunities based on their likelihood to convert.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: Boost your ABM and outreach success with seamless collaboration between your sales and marketing teams, facilitated by DiscoverOrg.
  • Detailed Market Definition: Gain a clear vision of your potential market, empowering you to strategize with clarity and purpose.

DiscoverOrg Pricing Breakdown

DiscoverOrg offers a range of plans at different price points. The exact cost and features of each plan are determined based on individual business requirements.

To get a DiscoverOrg pricing per month detailed breakdown, you’re encouraged to provide your details. And team of DiscoverOrg assists in selecting a plan that aligns with your needs.

When Should I Pay for DiscoverOrg?

If you’re diving into B2B sales intelligence, you might be wondering when it’s the right time to invest in a tool like DiscoverOrg. Let’s break it down —

Scaling Up

When you have a solid understanding of your sales and marketing approaches and aim to expand, that’s when the value of the paid versions comes into play.

Seeking Precision

If you’re in a position where accuracy is paramount, investing in DiscoverOrg’s paid version is a no-brainer. Their data is 95% accurate and is verified every 90 days, ensuring you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.

Integration Needs

As your business grows, so does the number of tools you use. With DiscoverOrg’s paid versions, you can integrate seamlessly with your CRM and other marketing tools.

Advanced Forecasting

If you’re in a position where sales forecasting is crucial, the value of DiscoverOrg’s forecasting tools can’t be overstated. They not only provide forecasts but also insights into how much each customer might spend in the future.

Swordfish AI is the #1 DiscoverOrg Alternative

When it comes to data intelligence, Swordfish AI stands out, especially when compared to DiscoverOrg. With Swordfish AI, you get unmatched precision for both personal and business contact details. Its distinction lies in its data sourcing and verification methods.

Swordfish uses a unique cell phone number and proprietary verification system to make sure the contact info is accurate. With access to over 3.5 billion data profiles, Swordfish AI’s database depth is unparalleled. Beyond mere data collection, it uses machine learning and premium data vendors for cross-checking and validation.

With its Chrome extension, you can search across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles easily. A company’s contact information is crucial these days in a data-driven world. And compared to DiscoverOrg, Swordfish AI offers a range of unique features and an extensive database.

Swordfish vs DiscoverOrg: A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table showcasing how Swordfish measures up against DiscoverOrg.

FeaturesDiscoverOrgSwordfish AI
Contact InformationDepartment-Level Org Charts, Roles, Direct DialsEmail, Direct Dial, Cell Phone Numbers
Data AccessUnlimited Prospect Data AccessReal-time line connectivity validation
ExtensionsNot availableChrome Extension for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Advanced ToolsIntent Data and Prioritization ToolsProspector, File Upload, Reverse Search, API
Unique Selling PropositionReal-time buying signals for pinpointing prospectsUnique cell phone data with real-time validation
Pricing InformationCustomizable plans based on customer needsMultiple plans, specific pricing upon request

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Best Alternatives to DiscoverOrg

Other than DiscoverOrg, there are a lot of tools out there. There are a few noteworthy competitors, like Lusha, UpLead, and Clearbit.

Let’s see what they have to offer, especially their pricing.


Lusha is a platform designed to simplify the process of B2B engagement. It offers tools to accurately locate business contact details, aiding professionals in reaching out to their potential leads.

It focuses on its ability to provide direct phone numbers and email addresses, ensuring that businesses can connect with decision-makers. It also integrates easily with various CRM systems, making it a versatile tool for sales and marketing teams.

Also, the platform offers a Chrome extension for easy access to data while browsing.

Integration with CRMsSupports integration with various CRMsIntegrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outreach, and others
Contact InformationOffers B2B contact dataProvides phone numbers and email addresses
ComplianceThey haven’t mentionedCompliant with GDPR & CCPA requirements
Unique Selling PropositionReal-time buying signals for pinpointing prospectsHigh accuracy in contact data with easy and straightforward usage
Pricing InformationCustomizable plans based on customer needs
  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $39
  • Premium: $69
  • Scale: Customized


UpLead stands out as a user-friendly B2B lead generation platform. It’s designed to help businesses identify prospective clients and specific contacts within those entities.

One of its notable features is the smart company search, which is complemented by over 16,000 data points related to technology. UpLead also offers a Chrome extension, live email verification, and a free trial option.

With its ease of use and accuracy, the platform is a valuable business development tool.

Verified EmailsOffers verified email dataProvides verified email data
CRM IntegrationSupports integration with CRMsIntegrates seamlessly with CRMs
Advanced Search FiltersNo search filtersFeatures advanced search filters
Chrome ExtensionNo Chrome extensionOffers a Chrome extension for easy access
Buyer Intent DataFind, connect, and convert buyer profilesProvides data on potential buyer’s intent
PricingCustomizable plans based on customer needsFree Trial: $0

Essentials: $99

Plus: $199

Professional: Custom


Clearbit presents itself as the standard in B2B data, now enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. It’s the first AI Native Data Provider, aiming to enrich records, reveal buying intent, and facilitate connections with ideal customers.

It gathers data from various public sources, proprietary data, and uses AI to convert unstructured information into precise datasets. The platform offers features like real-time email verification, a Chrome extension for instant company insights, and integrations with various CRM systems.

As well as providing clean, precise, and reliable data, it focuses on B2B go-to-market strategies.

Data Accuracy & VerificationConnects with actionable B2B intelligenceUses AI to provide precise and standardized data sets
Integration with CRMsSupports integration with various CRMsIntegrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Pipedrive, and others
Contact InformationOffers B2B contact dataProvides company & contact data, IP de-anonymization
Unique Selling PropositionReal-time buying signals for pinpointing prospectsAI Native Data Provider with real-time data
Pricing InformationCustomizable plans based on customer needsPlan and pricing specific to you


You’ve journeyed through the nuances of DiscoverOrg, a tool that’s made a mark in the realm of sales and data. The spotlight on DiscoverOrg pricing reveals its value proposition, but it’s essential to look beyond just the price tag.

Remember, the best choice isn’t always about the most popular or the most expensive; it’s about what aligns with your needs and aspirations. While DiscoverOrg offers a range of features, there’s an alternative that deserves your attention: Swordfish AI.

It stands tall as a top contender and a worthy alternative to DiscoverOrg. As you weigh your options, consider the benefits and potential of Swordfish AI. So, take a moment, reflect on what you’ve learned, and make an informed decision that propels your business forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does DiscoverOrg ensure the quality of its data?

DiscoverOrg has an in-house team that verifies data regularly, ensuring businesses receive genuine and up-to-date information.

Can DiscoverOrg help with sales forecasting?

Yes, DiscoverOrg offers sales forecasting tools that help businesses predict demand, optimize pricing, and plan capacity.

What kind of support does DiscoverOrg offer to its users?

DiscoverOrg provides a range of resources, including white papers, blog posts, and webinars, to ensure users maximize the platform’s benefits.

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3 thoughts on “DiscoverOrg Pricing: Making an Informed Decision for B2B Sales”

  1. I’m trying to add more B2B tools for my next projects and this one seems a good one to try. Does anyone know how many days you can use it with the free trial?

  2. This tool it’s not worth trying. I used it for a while and honestly I did not see benefits. But who knows sometimes for some it works better than for others.

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