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How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn [8 Easy Ways]

May 14, 2024 Social Media Marketing

how to find someone's email on LinkedIn

Having the ability to connect with others efficiently is paramount. And, a LinkedIn profile can be a great place to network professionally. However, we all know that it’s kind of hard to find an email address. If you’re struggling to find email addresses from LinkedIn, you’re not alone.

You can find someone’s email from LinkedIn using Chrome extensions like Swordfish AI or SalesQL, checking their profile directly. You can also use email finder tools like, guess based on known patterns, ask directly in a message, or exploit LinkedIn with Google and permutation tools. 

Stick with us, we’ll guide you through the process of how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn in detail. You’ll learn practical tips and ethical ways to connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Let’s turn this obstacle into an opportunity!

How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn: Top 8 Detailed Ways

You can find an email on LinkedIn account using Chrome extensions like Swordfish AI, checking their profile for contact info, and utilizing email finder tools. Plus, you can guess common formats, directly ask, export emails from connections, combine LinkedIn with Google searches and use permutations.

These are just brief; now let’s jump into the detailed process of the best ways to get different emails on LinkedIn.

How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn

1. Use a Chrome Extension

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professionals looking to network, collaborate, and grow in their respective fields. While the platform offers many ways to connect, an email address can help you make the connection more personalized.

  • Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI’s email finder extension for LinkedIn is a key feature, particularly useful for those using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It changes how you find email addresses on LinkedIn and get connected. 

More than just the Chrome Extension, it connects you to Swordfish AI’s vast database of over 3.5 billion data points. Most importantly, it includes exclusive cell phone numbers and business emails, making it one of the best LinkedIn email finder. 

The accuracy and reliability of this data are improved through partnerships with top carriers and email providers. It helps you to find their email address, making it easy to reach important contacts on LinkedIn easier and more efficient.

Here’s how it works —

  1. Go to Google and search for the Chrome Extension.

Swordfish AI Chrome Extension

2. Then, install the extension.

 install the Swordfish ai extension

3. You’ll see an icon on the navigation bar.

Extension icon on the navigation bar

4. Now, sign in to your LinkedIn profile.

Sign in to your LinkedIn  profile

5. Next, search for the person whose email you are searchingSearching Profile on LinkedIn 

6. On that profile, click on the extension icon. 


7. Finally, within a second, the extension works as an email extractor tool show you the email directly from LinkedIn profiles. 

  • SalesQL

If you’re wondering how to extract emails from LinkedIn, SalesQL is a prominent tool known for its ability to do this task. SalesQL does the email extraction via its free Chrome extension. 

In particular, it allows you to get someone’s email address directly, removing the need to find accurate email on LinkedIn manually.

SalesQL Chrome Extension

However, it’s crucial to use SalesQL responsibly. 

LinkedIn has its own terms of service when you extract emails from LinkedIn profiles, and you must respect them. And while SalesQL can be a valuable resource, it’s important to use it in a way that doesn’t violate any LinkedIn rules.

Be mindful of these guidelines to ensure your use of SalesQL is both effective and compliant.

  • UpLead

UpLead Chrome Extension

UpLead sets a high standard in thorough data extraction. It’s not only efficient but also accurate, making it a favorite among experienced professionals for its depth of information.

The platform offers an excellent Chrome extension to find detailed information about a professional. It’s extremely helpful for those who need a LinkedIn email finder. 

  • Skrapp

Skrapp is a tool specifically designed for LinkedIn, renowned for its user-friendly interface that is accessible even to beginners. Its Chrome extension stands out for its ease of use, complemented by the accuracy with which it locates reliable personal and business email addresses. 

Skrapp Chrome Extension

This combination of simplicity and precision makes Skrapp a valuable asset for those looking for an email finder for LinkedIn, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

So, if you value precision in your outreach, Skrapp is an excellent choice.

  • AeroLeads

AeroLeads stands out for its quick email-finding capability, often in less than a minute. But its appeal doesn’t stop at speed. It’s packed with features and Chrome extension that attract sales teams and marketing professionals. 

AeroLeads Chrome Extension 

However, the AeroLeads extension needs a paid account, but you can find 10 email addresses for free during the trial period.

2. Get an Email from LinkedIn  Profile

If you’re wondering how to get contact info from LinkedIn without connection, a simple and direct way is to check their LinkedIn profile. Out of all the ways to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn, this method is completely free. And it doesn’t even require any external tools or software.

If the person you’re interested in has chosen to share their email, you can easily find it. This method is both simple and effective for finding personal email address on LinkedIn.

1. To start, visit their LinkedIn profile. 

Visit LinkedIn  Profile

2. Click on the “Contact Info” button. 

Click on the “Contact Info” button

3. If they’ve included an email address, you’ll be able to see it in the pop-up window. 

Find email on LinkedIn 

3. Use an Email Finder Tool

Finding email addresses online can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s where email finder tools like Swordfish AI come into play. They simplify this task. 

Another notable tool in this category is We’ll explore both of them —

Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI is a standout tool for finding email addresses, making it much easier to gather contact information. It’s particularly effective in helping you connect with important contacts by offering exclusive access to both cell phone numbers and premium business emails. 

What sets Swordfish AI apart, especially for those using LinkedIn, is its capability to confirm the accuracy of email addresses. By working with top service providers, it makes sure that the emails you find are more likely to be accurate and less likely to bounce back. 

For those looking to improve their cold email campaigns, especially through LinkedIn, Swordfish AI is a tool worth exploring.

  • Easily reach key contacts directly.
  • Data is highly accurate and validated in real-time.
  • Chrome extension simplifies LinkedIn contact finding.
  • Large database with vast contact information.
  • Seamlessly connects with other systems through API.
  • Quote based pricing may be an obstacle for smaller businesses.

Hunter simplifies the process of finding professional email addresses, making it a valuable resource for LinkedIn users. It ensures you connect with important contacts by checking the accuracy of emails, thanks to its collaboration with leading email service providers. 

Simply enter a domain name, and it provides a list of related emails. Its extensive and accurate database is noteworthy. Hunter’s commitment to regular updates keeps it a preferred choice for many.

  • Easily find professional email addresses.
  • Highly accurate in verifying emails.
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Offers a basic free plan.
  • Sources email data from the public web reliably.
  • Domain search is not available in the free plan.

4. Guessing the Contact’s Email

While it may not sound very technical, sometimes a good guess can lead you to the right email. The key is to know the typical email patterns and use them wisely.

Here are some common email formats —

  • Full Name: A common approach is to use the person’s full name. For example, for John Doe at XYZ Corp, you might try
  • First Initial and Last Name: Often, emails are created using the first letter of the first name and the full last name. So, for John Doe, it could be
  • First Name and Last Initial: Inverting the above pattern, some companies use the full first name and the first letter of the last name. John Doe’s email might be in this case.

5. Ask Your Prospect in a LinkedIn Message

When you can’t find an email address on LinkedIn, message them directly on the platform. This approach requires writing personalized LinkedIn messages, but it’s effective. 

Before sending a message, do some research on your prospect to tailor your approach. Make sure your LinkedIn message is as unique, concise, and personalized as your email outreach would be. 

Here’s a simple idea for a LinkedIn  message —

“Hello [Name],

I came across your recent article on sustainable urban planning and found it insightful. I’m working on a similar project and believe we could exchange some valuable insights. Could I please have your email to discuss this further?

Thank you for considering my request.

Warm regards, [Your Name].”

After starting a conversation, you can continue it on LinkedIn or ask for their email to move the conversation there.

In fact, personalized LinkedIn messages often get a 10-25% response rate. This strategy is particularly useful for connecting with decision-makers. 

Though it’s more time-intensive than using a B2B data provider and doesn’t promise a response, it’s effective for multi-channel outreach. Over time, you’ll develop a system for sending LinkedIn messages that get replies, complementing your email outreach efforts.

6. Extract all Emails from First-Degree Connections

LinkedIn offers a feature called ‘Export Connections’. This tool allows you to download a file containing information about your connections, including their email addresses.

  1. Access the Tool: Go to the top of LinkedIn’s homepage and click on your profile picture (labeled as ‘Me’). In the menu that appears, select “Settings & Privacy”.

Access the Tool

2. Finding the Data Privacy Section: Once in the settings, look for
Data Privacy” on the menu to the left. Click on it, and then choose “How LinkedIn  uses your data” from the options that appear.

Finding the Data Privacy Section

3. Downloading Your Data: In the above section, you’ll find “Get a copy of your data”. Select this, then choose “Connections” from the options provided, and hit “Request Archive”.

Downloading Your Data

4. Final Steps for Download: To ensure security, you’ll be asked to enter your LinkedIn password. After this, LinkedIn will send an email to you with a link to download the data.

Final Steps for Download

Remember, this method export email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn is limited to your direct (first-degree) connections on LinkedIn. 

Additionally, not every user chooses to make their email address public on their profile, so you might not be able to get the email of every contact you’re interested in.

Although this approach is less quick than using an email finder tool, it’s a reliable way to collect B2B emails straight from LinkedIn.

7. Use LinkedIn and Google to Find the Email

Finding an email through LinkedIn can seem daunting if you’re not directly connected. However, there’s a straightforward method to uncover someone’s email using information available on their LinkedIn profile, such as their name and employer.

First, locate the company’s official website through a quick Google search. 

With this website in hand, you can begin to guess the person’s email address by combining their name with the company’s domain. 

For instance, consider searching for email formats like —


To refine your search, use the “site:” command on Google, targeting the company’s domain. An example search might look like “”. It narrows down your search to email formats found specifically within the company’s site.

8. Find Email from LinkedIn with Permutation Tools

Permutation tools are your go-to when you need to find email of LinkedIn profile using a person’s name and their company’s domain.

To kick things off, simply input the individual’s name and their employer’s details into the tool. It swiftly generates a variety of possible email formats that many companies typically use.

Keep in mind, that permutation tools have their limits. Now and then, you might stumble upon someone whose email doesn’t fit the usual patterns, making it a tad challenging for the tool to spot the right one. 

To make sure each email suggestion is accurate, running them through a validation service like Swordfish AI is important. By using this strategy, you can discover non-conventional email addresses, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach prospects directly.

How to Get Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn, the global hub for professionals, offers various tools to increase networking. Among these, the LinkedIn  Sales Navigator is the best of all. It’s especially useful if you want to get someone’s email on LinkedIn. 

Let’s see how it works — 

  • Start a Search: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to search for potential leads, similar to creating a lead generation list. This will give you a list of people matching your search criteria.
  • Select Potential Contacts: Go through the search results and identify the people you want to reach out to.
  • Examine Their LinkedIn  Profiles: When you click on someone’s name, Sales Navigator will show you their information, including a short description, the company they work for, and their role there. 

Look for Email Information —

  • Direct Connections (First-Degree): If you’re directly connected and they have chosen to share their contact details, you’ll find the email address on the side of their profile.
  • Indirect Connections (Second or Third-Degree): These connections might also share their emails, but it’s less common.

If you’re not directly connected and their email isn’t listed, Sales Navigator won’t provide the email address directly. In these cases, you might need to use alternative methods, like searching on Google, to find their valid email addresses.

Is It Legal to Get Email Addresses from LinkedIn?

Yes, it’s legal to obtain email addresses from LinkedIn, but only under certain conditions. The legality hinges on whether LinkedIn users have made their email information publicly available. On LinkedIn, the visibility of a user’s email address can vary. 

It might be accessible to first-degree connections, both first and second-degree connections, or to any LinkedIn user. Email finder tools collect these publicly available email addresses based on users’ email visibility settings. 

An example of the legality of this practice is evident in the case of LinkedIn versus HiQ Labs, an HR data science company. LinkedIn took HiQ Labs to court for scraping user data, but the court ruled in favor of HiQ Labs, stating that no laws were broken as the data was publicly accessible.

How to Reach Out Once You’ve Sourced a Prospect’s Email Address

After securing a prospect’s email, especially if you get email from LinkedIn for free, you must learn how to reach out to someone on LinkedIn. Now, initiating a cold email campaign requires authenticity and a personal touch beyond just verifying email accuracy.

Compose your emails with care, ensuring they resonate personally with each recipient. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here.

Son, personalize your introduction in the email to grab their attention. For example —

  • Your thoughts on [podcast] about scaling {{}} were enlightening.
  • Fascinated by your case study on [customer]. Your strategy to increase their conversions by 53% was brilliant.
  • [Mutual connection] recommended I connect, given our shared industry.

Such personalized intros signal to your prospects that you’re genuinely interested in them, distinguishing your email from the masses.

Message Automation

To simplify this, incorporate these personalized lines into your prospect list

Using tools like QuickMail allows you to embed the {{prospect.custom.Opening_Line}} directly into your email templates, ensuring each message is tailored.

Follow Up

Don’t stop after the initial email. Follow-up is key if you don’t get a response right away. Set up follow-up steps in QuickMail to keep the conversation going. Remember, persistence often leads to success in cold outreach.

Broaden your outreach strategy by using QuickMail for LinkedIn engagements, like sending connection requests or visiting profiles before an email. Even when operating at scale, this multi-channel approach can significantly boost your response rate.

The Issues with Finding Emails Manually on LinkedIn

When you want to uncover emails from LinkedIn manually, it might look easy and free of cost, promising quick finds. Yet, challenges arise —

  • It becomes slow if you’re searching for more than a couple of contacts, which isn’t ideal for big outreach plans.
  • Important people often don’t share their emails openly, making them difficult to find.
  • Organizing every email from the LinkedIn by hand into your CRM can lead to errors.

Though you might manage to find addresses on the LinkedIn platform for one or two individuals, you can’t use this approach to reach out to more people.

What to Do If the Email Address Doesn’t Work?

Encountering non-responsive emails is a hurdle many face. If you hit this roadblock, here are alternative routes to consider —

  • Explore a variety of email finders, Chrome extensions, and validators, all of which can provide a working email where your first attempt failed.
  • Should these avenues come up short, sending a LinkedIn connection request could be your next best step. Once connected, their contact information often becomes visible on their profile.
  • Scout for the individual across various social media or their company’s webpage. You’ll likely find a work email there. A simple Google search for their name might also direct you to their website, revealing their email.

Wrapping Up: How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn

At first glance, how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn might feel like you’re lost in confusion. Hopefully. Our tried-and-true methods help you to find what you’re looking for, showing how important networking is. 

Take a look at the techniques we shared. Each one brings a different flavor to achieving the same goal. Whether it’s making the most of LinkedIn’s features or using external tools, we’ve got something for everyone. While keeping everyone’s privacy intact, we aim to connect you with others respectfully and effectively.

Remember how simple and efficient the Swordfish AI Chrome extension makes finding contact information. It excels by providing accurate details effortlessly. If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn and improve your outreach, try Swordfish AI today.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do all LinkedIn users display their email addresses on their profiles?

No, the display of email addresses is a choice made by individual users. Some prefer to keep their email private due to privacy concerns or to avoid unsolicited messages.

Can I use third-party tools to find emails on LinkedIn?

Several third-party tools can assist in finding emails. However, it’s crucial to ensure that these tools comply with LinkedIn’s terms of service and that the extraction respects user privacy.

Why don’t some users display their email addresses on LinkedIn?

Various reasons can influence this decision. Some users might have privacy concerns, while others might want to avoid receiving unsolicited emails. It’s a personal choice that varies from user to user.

Is guessing an email address based on a LinkedIn profile effective?

Guessing can sometimes yield results, especially if you’re familiar with common corporate email formats. However, verifying the guessed email before reaching out is always a good practice.

How can I ensure the email address I found on LinkedIn is valid?

There are several email verification tools available online. These tools can help you check the authenticity and validity of an email address, ensuring you don’t end up sending emails to non-existent addresses.

How do you scrape an email on LinkedIn?

Extracting an email from LinkedIn can be done in two ways: manually or by using a LinkedIn email finder tool. If you choose to do it manually, remember that it only works for your first-degree connections. For manual export, go to your Data privacy settings, create a report, and then download your LinkedIn profile data from the email you receive.

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