How to Find Someone’s Email on Linkedin? (7 Working Methods) Updated 2023

Have you ever wanted to find someone’s email on LinkedIn?

It can be difficult to track down a contact’s email address. But in this article, we will show you 7 methods that make it possible. 

With the following tips, you will learn how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn and connect with any candidate or decision maker you want to reach out to. 


How to Find Someone’s Email On LinkedIn

Check Out Their LinkedIn Profile

It sounds too simple. But this works most of the time. Some people put their official contact email addresses for people who want to reach out to them. You can find them in their LinkedIn profile’s contact info section.

Checking a LinkedIn profile should be your first thing to check as that’s the easiest way to get the email address if you have good luck.

Many people put their email addresses on the banner cover picture. Make sure you check this. 


Use Email Finder Tools (Swordfish AI Chrome Extension)

There are plenty of Chrome Extensions that help you find the email addresses from the social media profile, websites, or webpages. They scrape the pages and help you get the email address.

Swordfish Chrome Extension is one of the best chrome extensions that you can use to get an email on LinkedIn. It helps you get the contact information from various sources such as GitHub, LinkedIn, Websites, Facebook, Stackoverflow, etc.

Here are the steps to use to get emails on LinkedIn:

• Step 1. Go to a chrome web browser and search for the “Swordfish Chrome Extension.”
• Step 2. Go to the extension’s page, or you can even directly go to Swordfish Chrome Extension.
• Step 3. Install chrome extension by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.
• Step 4. Go to the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to get an email.
• Step 5. Click on the Swordfish Chrome Extension.
• Step 6. DONE. Swordfish chrome extension will show you the email address and other information which is scraped.

The unique thing about Swordfish AI is that it does not violate the Linkedin terms of service because it’s not actually scrapping Linkedin. It is only using the person’s profile url as a data reference. It then uses Google to verify this is the correct person you are looking for. Finally, Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners, live in real-time, to obtain the most updated email address and contact information for that person.

Image Credit: Swordfish AI and Google Chrome Web Store.

Give it a Guess (Validate Email Addresses)

This method has worked for us. You can guess the email address of the person. One of the most common email address that we saw is {first_name} @ {} example:

There are various tools available such as Email Permutator: Email Permutator by MetricSparrow which helps you combine possible email addresses. You can get the whole list of possible email addresses and run it through the email validators, which checks if the specific email address is working or not.  


Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best tools by LinkedIn itself, which is best for those who are looking for leads and take out prospects. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you a lot of information about the prospect, including the email address and some additional information.

Here are some of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator features:

• Advanced Lead and Company Search
• Lead Recommendations
• CRM Integration
• Real-time Sales Updates
• Notes and Tags
• Who’s Viewed Your Profile
• InMail Messages
• Smart Links Presentations
• TeamLink

You can try out the free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to test it out for yourself.  


Use Google Dork Method

You can get the help of Google to find the email address of the person. Here’s how you can do it.

• Step 1. Look for the website or a company of the person.
• Step 2. Go to Google search and try out some searches which might give you results. Here are some methods which you can try:

“{firstname}” + “”
“{firstname}” + “@{companyname}.com”
Example: “mark” + “”

You can try the above combination with first name and last name as well.  


Extract All Emails From First-Degree Connections

LinkedIn lets you extract all the information of your account, including the contact information of your First-Degree Connections.

If the person is your connection on LinkedIn, you can scrape your linkedin account’s contact information. Here are the steps to extract all emails from first-degree connections of your LinkedIn:

• Step1. Go to your LinkedIn account.
• Step 2. Go to “Settings & Privacy.
• Step 3. Click on “How LinkedIn Uses Your Data” from the “Data Privacy” section on the sidebar.
• Step 4. Click on “Get a copy of your data.”
• Step 5. It will ask you which data you want. For the emails, connections are the only thing that you will need. Select the connections and hit the “Request Archive” button.
• Step 6. It will ask for the password of your profile. Enter the password and go ahead.
• Step 7. You will get the data from your email address. Please go through it and find the email address of the person you want from your connections.  


Scrape the Website

Find out the website of the person or their company LinkedIn profile. Once you get the website. Go to the “about us” page or the “contact us” page of the website.

There is a very high chance that you will get the email address if it’s a personal blog or a portfolio website. If it’s a company’s website then you might see the pattern of email addresses on their contact page or team’s page.

You could use various website scrapers to achieve this goal.

Just Google “top website scrapers” and see plenty of web scraper tools you can use.  



So, which method will you use to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn?

Hopefully, this blog post has guided you in the right direction. Now you have 7 options available and can choose the one that best fits your needs.

We recommend trying them all until you find a solution that works for you. If you know some other methods that are working for you but are not included here, let us know in the comments.  


Ready to Find Someone’s Email on Linkedin?

Before you start your Linkedin social media marketing campaign, be sure you have the correct email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and cell or mobile phone numbers for your Linkedin outreach.

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