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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing, Alternative, & Overview: Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Worth in 2024?

April 3, 2024 LinkedIn Sales Navigator
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Tired of spending hours on LinkedIn looking for leads? Wish you had a clearer picture of your B2B prospects? 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be your answer. It offers valuable insights, data, and relationship-building capabilities. But before you go for it, you should understand the LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available in three different plans: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. A Core is generally $99 a month (only $79.99 annually), an Advanced is $149 a month (only $108.33 annually), and an Advanced Plus is $1,600 a month ($14,400 per year). 

However, choosing the right plan can be confusing with different pricing options. So, keep reading to find out which one you should go for and whether Sales Navigator is worth the cost for your B2B lead generation process.

LinkedIn sales navigator pricing

Key Takeaways

  • Free Plan: Great for starting out and trying LinkedIn Sales Navigator without spending a penny. It’s perfect for getting a basic understanding of what the platform offers.
  • Core Plan: At $99 a month, it’s ideal if you’re just beginning to explore sales on LinkedIn or if you’re part of a small team. This plan unlocks more features to help boost your sales efforts.
  • Advanced Plan: For $149 monthly, this plan suits seasoned sales professionals. It provides advanced tools and integrations to elevate your sales strategies.
  • Advanced Plus Plan: Priced at $1600 a month, this premium option is tailored for large teams or organizations. It offers the most InMail credits and priority support, maximizing your LinkedIn sales activities.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

What is A LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool created by LinkedIn specifically for sales professionals. You’ll get excellent features like advanced search, customized lead recommendations, and InMail credits for messaging and enhancing sales activities.

It lets you dive deep into the power of LinkedIn network, save your searches, and stay informed about new prospects that match your criteria. This way, you can plan your approach with more insight to streamline your LinkedIn prospecting process.

Plus, you can customize your messages based on what you discover about potential leads, such as their interests and recent activities. Sales Nav also keeps you updated in real-time about any changes in your prospects’ careers, like job changes or company moves, giving you a timely advantage in reaching out.

In essence, it’s all about helping you and your sales team build a stronger pipeline and secure more deals by providing a detailed and up-to-date view of your target market.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing Breakdown

LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans include a 30-day free trial, followed by the Core Plan at $99 per month or $959.88 per year. Then the Sales Navigator Advanced pricing is $149 per month or $1,300 per year, and the Advanced Plus Plan at $1,600 per month or $14,400 per year. If you pay annually, it offers a 25% discount on plans.

Comparison Table of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing and Plans


Monthly BillingAnnual Billing





  • Up to 10,000 saved leads
  • 50 InMail messages
  • CRM Integration
  • TeamLink
  • Sales Insights
  • Lead Scoring




  • All Core features
  • Up to 25,000 saved leads
  • Advanced Search
  • Buyer-Persona Segmentation
  • TeamLink Extend
  • Administrative Tools & Reporting

Advanced Plus



  • All Advanced features
  • Account IQ
  • Smart Links
  • Advanced CRM Integrations


How is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost Calculated? Factors Affecting The Pricing

The Sales Navigator price can vary based on several factors —

  • Different Plans for Different Needs: Sales Navigator comes in three plans: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. The plan you choose will depend on whether you’re an individual, part of a team, or running a large enterprise. 
  • Paying Annually vs. Monthly: How you choose to pay, either monthly or annually, affects the overall cost. If you’re planning to use Sales Navigator for years to come, an annual payment will save you approximately 25%.
  • Discounts for Buying in Bulk: If you’re buying for a larger team or an entire company, LinkedIn might reduce the price per license. This volume discount makes it easier for more of your team to access features of Sales Navigator and benefits.
  • Customized Plans for Big Teams: The Advanced Plus Plan is perfect for big teams needing extra features or CRM integration. Since it’s customized to your specific requirements, it’s the most flexible and integrated.
  • The Length of Your Commitment: The duration of your subscription can also influence the cost of sales navigator on LinkedIn. Sometimes, Sales Navigator gives away deals or discounts for commitments that extend past the standard one-year term.
  • Extra Costs for Extra InMails: Sales Navigator’s plans come with a set number of InMail credits. If you need more than your plan allows, you’ll have to pay extra.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free Plan

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free Plan includes a 1-month trial, 50 InMails per month, profile view history, unlimited browsing, and saving up to 10,000 leads. Best for individual sales professionals. After the trial period, an annual commitment is required.

  • Annual billing: After a free 1-month trial, depending on the package 

Key Features: Sales Navigator platform, 50 InMails per month, Profile view history for the last 10 days, Open Profile feature, etc.

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: 

Best Suited For: Individual sales professionals looking to connect with more decision-makers

Features in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free Plan —

  • 1-month free trial
  • Contact anyone outside your network
  • Sales Navigator platform access
  • 50 InMails per month
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile in the past year
  • Open Profile to make yourself more approachable
  • Unlimited People Browsing for unrestricted search
  • Create custom lead and account lists
  • Use advanced lead and account search for targeting
  • Save up to 10,000 leads for future reference
  • Receive lead recommendations based on your activity

Pros of the Free Plan —

  • No cost for the first month
  • Extensive access to the Sales Navigator platform
  • Enables profile viewing history and unlimited browsing capabilities.
  • Helps targeted prospecting through advanced search filters.

Cons of the Free Plan —

  • Requires annual commitment after the trial ends

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Plan

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core pricing starts at $99.99 monthly or $959.88 when paid yearly, which breaks down to $79.99 per month. It offers powerful search capabilities, provides 50 InMails monthly, supports custom lead lists, and permits up to 10,000 lead saves. It’s a great choice for solo sales experts.

  • For Annual Billing: $959.88 per year
  • For Monthly Billing: $99 per month ($79.99 monthly at 25% discount)

Key Features: Up to 10,000 saved leads, CRM Integrations, TeamLink, Relationship Explorer, etc.

Storage Capacity: Up to 10,000 saved leads

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: 

Best for: Individuals or small teams just starting with LinkedIn networking and seeking essential tools to improve their B2B sales efforts.

All Features in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core —

  • Up to 10,000 saved leads
  • 50 InMail messages per month
  • CRM integration
  • TeamLink for extended network access
  • Relationship Explorer to delve deeper into potential connections
  • Sales Insights for improved lead prioritization
  • Lead Scoring to assess lead relevance
  • Extended network access for profile and company follow insights
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Account Hub for lead management
  • Compatibility with SNAP, Outlook, and Sales Navigator mobile app
  • Relationship Map for tracking interactions
  • Custom lists, alerts, and notes
  • Buyer Intent signals
  • Usage Reporting and Account Center for activity monitoring

Pros of the Core Plan —

  • Allows saving a substantial number of leads
  • Provides a decent number of InMail messages for outreach
  • Includes CRM integration for streamlined sales processes
  • Offers TeamLink for leveraging your team’s network
  • Improves lead understanding and prioritization

Cons of the Core Plan —

  • Limited InMail messages may restrict outreach to new prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan costs $149.99 per month or $1,799.88 annually. With a 25% discount for yearly payments, it’s $108.33 per month. It offers Smart Links, TeamLink, 50 InMails a month and saves up to 10,000 leads. It’s ideal for serious professionals and teams.

  • For Annual Billing: $1,300 per year
  • For Monthly Billing: $149 per month ($108.33 monthly at 25% discount)

Key Features: Up to 25,000 saved leads, Advanced Search, Relationship Explorer, Buyer-Persona Segmentation, TeamLink Extend, etc.

Minimum/Maximum number of users: 5 to 10 people

Storage Capacity: Up to 25,000 saved leads

Best for: Professionals and teams committed to expanding their network and making meaningful connections with improved tools for targeting and managing leads.

All Features in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan —

  • Up to 25,000 saved leads
  • 50 InMail messages per month
  • Extended Network Access
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Relationship Explorer
  • Buyer-Persona Segmentation
  • Account Hub with lead/account recommendations
  • SNAP and Outlook Web Integration
  • Sales Navigator Mobile App
  • Relationship Map
  • Custom Lists, Alerts, and Notes
  • Buyer Intent Signals
  • TeamLink Extend for broader networking
  • Administrative Tools & Reporting

Pros LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan —

  • Significantly increased limit for saved leads
  • Comprehensive tools for finding and connecting with the right people
  • Advanced organizational features for managing leads and accounts
  • Enhanced networking capabilities through TeamLink Extend
  • Insightful administrative tools and reporting for tracking usage and engagement

Cons LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plan —

  • The monthly cost might be prohibitive for individual users or small businesses

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Plan

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus pricing is $1,600 monthly or $14,400 annually. You’ll get up to 25,000 saved leads, 50 InMails per month, Advanced Search, AccountIQ, Smart Links, and CRM Integrations. It’s ideal for large teams and enterprises.

  • For Annual Billing: $14,400 yearly
  • For Monthly Billing: $1,600 monthly

Key Features: Up to 25,000 saved leads, Advanced Search, Relationship Explorer, Buyer-Persona Segmentation, TeamLink and TeamLink Extend, Account IQ, etc.

Storage Capacity: Up to 25,000 saved leads

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: 10+

Best for: Large teams and enterprises ready to use the full suite of LinkedIn’s networking and sales tools for an unmatched professional networking experience.

All Features in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus —

  • Up to 25,000 saved leads
  • 50 InMail messages per month
  • Extended Network Access through TeamLink and TeamLink Extend
  • Advanced Search, Relationship Explorer, and Buyer-Persona Segmentation
  • Account Hub with lead/account recommendations
  • SNAP, Outlook Web Integration, and Sales Navigator Mobile App
  • Relationship Map for visual tracking
  • Custom Lists, Alerts, Notes, and Buyer Intent Signals
  • Account IQ for deeper insights
  • Smart Links for content sharing and engagement tracking
  • Administrative Tools like Usage Reporting and Account Center
  • Centralized Billing and a Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Enterprise Tools: SSO, SCIM, Employee Data Integration
  • Advanced CRM Integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Pros LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Plan —

  • Comprehensive search and segmentation tools for precise targeting
  • Real-time job change alerts enhance lead targeting
  • Advanced Plus features boost CRM functionality
  • Deep CRM integration for seamless data management
  • Dedicated support and administrative tools for sales efficiency

Cons LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Plan —

  • High costs may not be feasible for smaller teams or individual users

Key Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator acts as your personal guide, helping you find the ideal potential clients and increasing your chances of closing more deals! 

Here are some of the notable benefits of Sales Navigator.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pinpoint Your Ideal Leads

With Sales Navigator, you can find the right people quickly using detailed search options. With specific details, you can narrow your search and connect with the most relevant individuals. This precision makes your prospecting more efficient and effective.

Get Insider Info

It’s about getting a behind-the-scenes look at someone’s professional life. You can see their interests and recent activities, which makes your conversations more engaging and relevant.

Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for sales prospecting due to its large user base and powerful search tools. LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it even easier to find potential leads and connect with them on a more personal level. 

Stay Updated in Real-Time

It keeps you informed about any changes or updates in your prospects’ professional lives, like a job change or a new achievement. This information can be valuable for timing your sales approach.

Expand Your Professional Network

You can significantly widen your networking scope through Sales Navigator’s TeamLink. This LinkedIn data shows you who in your team knows your potential leads, making introductions easier. This advantage opens doors to more meaningful connections in your industry.

When Should I Pay for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator benefits sales professionals and businesses in terms of finding leads, sales prospects, and insight into potential clients. 

Despite its cost, if you’re in sales or managing a business, here are some situations where Sales Navigator can be especially helpful:

  • You’re Struggling to Find Good Leads: If it’s tough to find the right people who might want to buy what you’re offering, Sales Navigator’s advanced search and filters can quickly get you a list of quality leads.
  • Building Relationships is Key: Sales is all about making connections. Sales Navigator helps you reach out directly to potential clients with InMail and lets you see who’s checked out your profile, making it easier to start conversations.
  • Your Sales Team is Getting Bigger: A growing team can mean more challenges in staying organized and on the same page. Sales Navigator has features that help teams share leads and work together smoothly, which can be a game-changer as your team expands.

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a wide range of features that improve productivity and develop relationships. Here’s a detailed look at its core features —

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Advanced Lead and Company Search

This feature lets you quickly zero in on the right prospects. With over 40 filters, you can refine your search to find leads and research companies that truly align with your goals. This targeted approach helps you focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities. 

InMail Credits

This feature offers you the ability to reach out to potential leads outside your immediate network. With InMail credits, you can directly contact key decision-makers, so there’s no need for mutual connections.

Personalized Lead Recommendations

As you interact with Sales Navigator, it adapts to your preferences and the types of leads you seek. It simplifies the discovery of new prospects by suggesting leads that fit your ideal customer profile.

Real-Time Sales Updates

Stay informed with updates about significant events such as job changes and company news related to your network and saved accounts. You can use these timely alerts to guide your outreach efforts, providing relevant information at the right time.

Smart Links

This feature enables you to track how prospects engage with the content you share, offering insights into their interests and readiness to engage. These insights can lead to more personalized and effective follow-up conversations.

Learning Center

This feature helps you make the most of Sales Navigator and achieve your sales goals. Thus, you can improve your expertise with access to a wide array of resources and tutorials available in the Learning Center. 

CRM Integration

You can connect Sales Navigator with your CRM system so your workflow is simplified. It allows for the effortless import and management of leads and accounts, saving you time and ensuring timely data.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Worth the Money?

If you’re serious about making connections and growing your professional network, then yes, it’s totally worth it.

With a LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll enjoy an upgraded version of regular LinkedIn. It offers tools to identify the right connections, message them directly, and monitor changes in their profiles.

Sure, there’s a cost involved, but if you weigh it against the potential opportunities and time saved, it often pays off. Plus, it’s not just about reaching out – you can access in-depth insights, stay updated with real-time alerts, and cultivate stronger relationships.

So, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a turning point in your professional networking. If you’re serious about making strides in your industry and connecting with the right people, it’s definitely worth considering.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Premium: What’s the Difference?

Choosing between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Premium will greatly influence how you network and find leads professionally. Each offers more than you get with a basic LinkedIn account, but they serve different purposes. 

Let’s check out what sets them apart, especially in terms of LinkedIn Navigator cost and LinkedIn premium Sales Navigator cost along with main features. 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Premium

Pricing (Monthly)

Starts at approximately $99Around $60, including VAT
Pricing (Annual)Starts at around $1,300

Approximately $570, including VAT

Lead Generation Tools

Advanced filtering, lists for leads and accounts, personalized lead recommendationsAccess to LinkedIn Learning, see who’s viewed your profile, open profiles option, and unlimited searches, 
InMail Credits50 credits per month, totaling up to 150

15 per month, accumulable to 45

Profile Views

Detailed insights into profile viewersSimilar to Sales Navigator
Search CapabilitiesUnlimited searches with advanced filters

Unlimited searches, but with basic filters

Learning Resources

Access to LinkedIn LearningAccess to LinkedIn Learning
Company InsightsDetailed info for targeted outreach

Basic company insights

CRM Integration

Available in higher-tier plansNot available
Smart LinksAvailable for document sharing and tracking (Advanced and Plus plans)

Not available

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Pricing on Reddit?

Considering how much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Well, Reddit conversations are alive with insights on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, focusing particularly on its pricing and the perceived value it provides. 

Let’s talk about the main points.

Price Concerns and Justifications

A common discussion point is the $99 monthly fee for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Opinions vary; some users find this price a bit high, but many argue that the platform’s detailed search capabilities and direct messaging options justify the expense.

Variability in European Pricing

European users have noticed varying prices for the Sales Navigator Core plan, with figures fluctuating between €78.67 and €86.55 monthly. This variation hints that factors like the user’s location and possibly their job title could influence the pricing they’re offered.

Understanding UK Pricing and Discounts

In the UK, users are typically charged £79.99 per month for Sales Navigator, though choosing an annual subscription brings this down to £69.99 per month. 

Additionally, some have mentioned the availability of a 25% discount, indicating that promotional deals can help reduce subscription costs.

Swordfish AI is the #1 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternative

Swordfish AI

If you’re searching for an alternative to LinkedIn Sales Navigator that doesn’t come with high costs or restrict access to direct contact information, Swordfish AI could be just what you need. It’s trusted by over 50,000 professionals in sales and recruiting, who rely on it for unique contact details not found anywhere else.

With Swordfish AI, you can access a massive database of over 3.5 billion data points, including exclusive cell phone numbers. It makes reaching out to key contacts straightforward and effective.

What sets Swordfish AI apart is its commitment to accuracy and reliability. Thanks to real-time verifications and exclusive data directly from cell phone providers, you can trust the contact information you receive.

So, if you want to reach decision-makers and improve your sales efforts directly, Swordfish AI is here to transform your approach.

Swordfish vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a revised comparison with a focus on a specific feature for a clearer side-by-side comparison —


Swordfish AILinkedIn Sales Navigator
Free TrialCustomized

30-day trial 


Customized pricingCore: Monthly $99 (third-party)

Advanced: Monthly $149 (third-party)

Advanced Plus: Monthly $1,600 (third-party)


3.5 billion profiles1 billion members 
IntegrationSalesforce, Salesloft, LOXO, Lever, Outreach, Zapier, etc.

Gong, Demandbase, Outreach, HubSpot, Groove, etc.

Intent Data

Bombora® buyer intent dataBuyer intent capabilities 
Real-time ValidationReal-time line connectivity validation for cell phone numbers.

Network-based insights rather than real-time validation.

Why Should You Choose Swordfish AI Over LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Why Should You Choose Swordfish AI Over LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Here’s why you should use Swordfish AI instead of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Get Precise Contact Details

While LinkedIn Sales Navigator is excellent for exploring a wide professional network, Swordfish AI provides direct phone numbers and email addresses, allowing for clear, immediate communication. This direct approach is crucial for advanced outreach.

Trust in Verified Data

The success of your outreach greatly depends on the accuracy of your data. 

With Swordfish AI, you have the assurance that the contact details you’re using are verified and up-to-date. This significantly reduces the chance of emails bouncing back and increases your opportunities for meaningful conversations with real prospects.

In contrast, LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t offer this same level of verification, potentially impacting the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Access Unique Contact Information

Swordfish AI offers access to unique contact information unavailable through other services, including hard-to-find phone numbers and email addresses. This is particularly beneficial for reaching high-value targets who may not be easily accessible through LinkedIn.

Personalized Outreach Tools

Swordfish AI’s suite of tools, including its Chrome Extension and integration with Bombora® intent data, enables you to tailor your outreach efforts. 

These tools allow you to contact the right people at the right time with messages that resonate, providing a personalized touch that LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s broader approach may miss.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing Comparison with Other Top Alternatives

Here’s a comprehensive table comparing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with its alternatives in terms of their offerings and pricing —


LinkedIn Sales NavigatorSeamless.AIKaspr


Monthly Pricing

Core: Monthly $99

Advanced: Monthly $149

Advanced Plus: Monthly $1,600

Customized pricingStarter Plan: $65 per month

Business Plan: $99 per month

Organization Plan: $99 per month (5 users)

Platinum Plan: $15,000 annual (25 million contact access)

Diamond Data Plan: $25,00 annual (50 million contact access)

Annual Discount25% off when billed annuallyPossible discounts after reaching out25% for annual billing

Custom; contact for pricing

Free Trial

Available (1 month)50 free credits, no card requiredFree credits with signup, no card requiredDemo available
CRM IntegrationGong, Demandbase, Outreach, HubSpot, Groove, etc.Salesloft, Outreach, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.HubSpot, Salesforce, Lemlist, Zapier, Pipedrive, etc.

Pipedrive, HubSpot, Copper, Salesforce, etc.

Global Coverage

1 billion userbaseOver 1.9 billion records verified in 2023Over 500 million phone numbers and email addresses400 million B2B profiles
Ideal ForSales professionals Demanding real-time leadsIndividual contributors and SMBs 

Revenue teams requiring accurate

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Seamless.AI

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative, you might find Seamless.AI very appealing. This platform acts like a search engine for B2B sales leads, making sure you find phone numbers and emails to help you reach out more effectively. 

More than 500,000 sales professionals use it to make their sales processes quicker and close more deals, thanks to its 1.9 billion verified contacts database. Plus, it works well with CRM systems and even LinkedIn Sales Navigator itself, helping you manage your sales activities more smoothly. 

This makes Seamless.AI a powerful option for improving your corporate sales and finding new leads.

Comparison Table LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Seamless.AI

To compare LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Seamless.AI for finding contacts, you need to know their detailed pricing and how they stack up against each other.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Seamless.AI


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing Options

Core: Monthly $99


Advanced: Monthly $149

Advanced Plus: Monthly $1,600

Free Trial

1 month

14 days (up to 50 free credits)

Search Capabilities

Advanced lead and company search with detailed filtersReal-time search engine for direct contact info
IntegrationGong, Demandbase, Outreach, HubSpot, Groove, etc.

Insightly, Salesloft, Outreach, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.

Ideal Users

Sales professionals seeking in-depth LinkedIn insightsTeams needing quick, verified contact info and efficient tool integration
Unique FeaturesDeep LinkedIn network integration, insight into lead activities

Real-time verification of contact info for fresh, accurate data

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Kaspr

Kaspr is as a sales intelligence tool if you’re searching for better ways to find B2B sales leads beyond using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It works directly with LinkedIn through a simple Chrome Extension, allowing you to access more than 500 million business contact details. 

Plus, its design focuses on ease of use, meaning you can get started right away without any complicated setup. Kaspr can save you over 5 hours each week by helping manage leads, LinkedIn automation outreach, and keep your CRM data in sync. 

Whether you’re in sales, starting a business, or recruiting, you can count on Kaspr for up-to-date and reliable information to reach potential leads.

Comparison Table LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Kaspr

You must recognize both the unique and shared features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Kaspr when exploring options for contact discovery.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Kaspr


LinkedIn Sales NavigatorKaspr
Trial30-day trial

14days with free credits


Core: Monthly $99

Starter Plan: $65 per month
Advanced: Monthly $149

Business Plan: $99 per month

Advanced Plus: Monthly $1,600

Organization Plan: $99 per month (5 users)
Real-time UpdatesDelivers real-time notifications about sales opportunities.

Focuses on real-time verification.

Direct Messaging (InMails)

Allows sending of InMails to LinkedIn users.Does not have a feature for direct messaging.
LinkedIn ExtensionNot applicable.

Offers a Chrome Extension for easy capture of B2B contact.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Cognism

If you’re seeking alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, particularly for richer sales data, Cognism ranks as a strong contender. It provides prospects with mobile numbers and B2B emails, allowing direct, real-time communication.

You’ll get full access to detailed data, including phone numbers that have been checked to ensure they’re correct. You’re likely to successfully connect with most of your targeted contacts. 

Cognism’s global coverage and integration with CRM systems make it perfect for reaching out locally and globally. You’ll get a powerful resource for your sales activities that’s designed for sales professionals and teams.

Comparison Table LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Cognism

When deciding whether to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Cognism for finding contacts, it’s important to understand their differences and similarities.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Cognism


LinkedIn Sales Navigator



Core: Monthly $99

Advanced: Monthly $149

Advanced Plus: Monthly $1,600

Platinum Plan: $15,000 annual (25 million contact access)

Diamond Data Plan: $25,00 annual (50 million contact access)

Free Trial

Yes, a 1-month free trial available.Offers a Demo
Data AccessUnlimited searches within LinkedIn’s network.

Unrestricted access to person and company-level data without credit limits.

International Coverage

Global LinkedIn network access.Comprehensive international coverage, including EMEA, NAM, and APAC.
CRM IntegrationDemandbase, Gong, HubSpot, Groove, Outreach, etc.

HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, etc.

Direct Outreach

InMail credits for direct messaging.Phone-verified mobile numbers for direct calls.
Unique OfferingAdvanced search filters and LinkedIn insights.

Phone-verified numbers for higher connection rates.

Final Words

To sum up, LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing offers three distinct plans: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. 

The Core plan is the entry-level option, ideal for those just starting with professional networking. The Advanced plan steps up the game with more features, tailored for individuals looking to enhance their networking strategies. 

And the top-tier Advanced Plus plan is designed for the most serious professionals, offering the most extensive set of tools for networking and deal-making.

If you’re serious about networking and closing deals, the investment is worth it. 

However, as you now know the pricing, if it’s challenging for you to pay, Swordfish AI can be a strong alternative. 

Unlike LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it can be a better value for those needing quick, direct contact access. It’s ideal for sales and recruitment professionals needing to connect directly with decision-makers.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sales Navigator on LinkedIn free?

No, LinkedIn Sales Navigator isn’t free. There are three paid plans available: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. Each plan offers different features and benefits at different price points.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free With Premium?

No, LinkedIn Sales Navigator isn’t free with Premium. They are separate subscriptions with different features and price points.

How effective is LinkedIn Sales Navigator in terms of ROI, considering its pricing structures?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s ROI depends on how well you use its features. With targeted use of its search and InMail options, it can greatly enhance lead generation and sales, making the cost worthwhile. It’s important to integrate it into your sales strategy and review its impact regularly. Properly used, Sales Navigator can significantly boost your business’s growth.

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