7 Cold Calling Tips to Get a Meeting (Updated 2023)

Leading sales professionals use cold calling to uncover new sales pipeline opportunities. 

Here are 10 leading cold call tips to book your next meeting or demo with potential clients in 2022.

Here are the 7 Cold Calling Tips to Get a Meeting in 2022

1. Have the Right Contact Information

Before you pick up the phone to make your first cold call, you need to know who you are calling, and if you have the correct contact information, such as a direct dial phone number or even better, a cell phone number, of your targeted prospect.

Swordfish AI provides accurate B2B contact info, including phone numbers and email addresses.

2. Cold Calling? You Lost Me at Hello!

This tip comes from Close.com’s “36 B2B cold calling tips for sales success in 2022“.

According to Close, if you’re cold calling the way most sales reps do it, you’re already losing out with the very first words coming out of your mouth. 

Be sure you’re not prematurely dooming your cold call to failure by jumping in too fast, not speaking clearly enough, or by not giving your prospect enough time to process what’s happening.

3. Narrow Your Focus

How to Convert Cold Calls Into Sales Meetings Like a Pro” is from Hubspot.com.

Hubspot says instead of applying a scatter-gun approach to your sales strategy, target prospects that fit within your ideal buyer persona and suit your product.

As a successful sales professional, your time and energy is better spent focusing on businesses and clients that will be interested in what you have to offer.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Yesware.com has “25 Cold Calling Tips You Can Use to Get Meetings With Anyone“.

Yesware’s pro tip is to never go into a cold call completely, well, cold.

Simply rehearsing what you’re going to say builds confidence which leads to better performance. The more confident you become, the easier cold calling will be.

5. Learn to Leave Effective Voicemails

Why Everybody Hates Cold Calling… And Why That’s Good News For You” from SalesHacker.com.

Sales Hacker says that on average, cold-calls result in a voicemail over 90% of the time.

You are not average. But it’s still a rare event when a prospect actually picks up the phone, right? So, master the art of leaving an effective voicemail.

First, decide what strategy you’ll use to capture the prospect’s interest in the voicemail. Remember, the goal isn’t to start selling in your message, but to pique their curiosity enough to call you back.

6. Find the Gap

On MailShake.com, there is “How to Cold Call: 5-Step Cold-Calling Technique to Get the Sales Conversation“.

One of Mailshake’s tips says that if you can answer “why”, you will still need to get the prospect to tell you that they want to solve it. The best salespeople look at this as a disqualifying game.

How quickly can I get this person out of this step of my pipeline? They’re either not a prospect and they’re out, or they are, and I move them forward.

7. Take Charge of the Call

15 Cold Calling Tips and Techniques to Help you Close More Deals” on the Klenty.com blog.

Klenty power tip is when it comes to interacting with your prospect, the common practice is to talk less and listen more, as that is how you get to know more about your prospect. 

While this may be true, research shows that it is actually the other way around for cold calls!

How to Maximize Your Cold Calling to Get a Meeting?

To have an effective cold calling campaign, you need to be sure you have the correct phone numbers for the decision makers you are targeting for your call list.

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