Increase Sales With These Prospecting Strategies (Updated 2022)

Being strategic is what it is all about to save your time, and increase sales in the process. 

Here are the Top 5 Prospecting Strategies to Increase Sales in 2022:

1. Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most widely used social networking platform for professionals, so it makes sense that B2B salespeople would pivot to prospecting there. 

LinkedIn on it’s own allows you to communicate with decision makers in your industry by sending “connection” requests, sending direct messages, and networking through relevant groups. 

This prospecting strategy to help increase sales came from’s “B2B Sales Prospecting Strategies to Grow Your Pipeline”.

2. Cold Calls

A lot of self-proclaimed sales experts say cold calling is dead.

If you don’t have a referral into a company, don’t know anyone who knows your sales prospect, and that prospect never attends events, how else are you going to get in front of them?

When done right, cold calling can be just as valuable as any other strategy.

This sales-generating prospecting method came from’s “5 Sales Prospecting Techniques Your Team Needs to Know”.

3. Make Effective Presentations

In selling, it is important to make a creative and compelling sales presentation to your customers.

One of the many ways is to create an effective presentation by using PowerPoint.’s “14 Proven Sales Strategies To Increase Sales Of Your Product” will help your prospecting prior to selling.

4. Customer Relations

One way of boosting sales is through increased customer relations and maximizing on the available customers in a genuine manner.

The staff should learn how to treat the employees in a special and appreciated way to maintain those who have come to your business.

This prospecting technique to increase sales came from’s “9 Awesome Ways to Boost Sales”.

5. Reach Out and Schedule a Meeting

Persistence is the name of the game in sales prospecting.

Whether it’s over email or on the phone, committing to ambitious activity goals for the number of qualified prospects you start conversations (and follow up) with each day, will be the backbone of a strong pipeline for the days, weeks and months to come.

Increase sales with this prospecting method from’s “5 Steps to Sales Prospecting (For Higher Quality Leads) in 2021”.

How Will You Use the Top 5 Prospecting Strategies to Increase Sales in 2022?

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