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ContactOut Pricing, Alternatives & Overview: Is ContactOut Worth It in 2024?

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ContactOut Pricing

ContactOut’s appeal lies in the platform’s ability to provide direct access to millions of professional contacts, making it a favorite among recruiters, sales teams, and marketers. 

Why do people love it? The answer is simple: ContactOut offers a simple way to find and connect with key decision-makers across various industries, but at what cost?

ContactOut offers a Free Plan with basic access, a Sales Plan at $79/month for advanced features, and Recruiters plan with custom pricing for extensive search capabilities. Plus, they have an API/Team Plan (custom-priced) for advanced needs and team collaboration.

If you’re pondering over how much ContactOut pricing and what value it can add to your business strategy, you’re in the right spot. Let’s explore the details and the best plan to suit your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Free Plan: Perfect if you’re just starting out or if you’re part of a small team. It offers the basic tools you need with a limit on how many searches you can do, helping you kickstart your outreach without any cost.
  • Sales Plan: If you’re a sales professional looking to ramp up your lead generation, this $79/month plan gives you broader access to essential contact details, helping you reach more potential leads.
  • Recruiters Plan: For recruiters, this custom-priced plan provides all the extensive search capabilities and integrations you need for a smoother and more efficient hiring process.
  • API/Team Plan: If you’re part of a larger organization needing custom API access for advanced searches and integrations, this custom-priced plan is designed with your needs in mind.
  • Budget-friendly Alternative: If you’re after something that’s easier on the wallet yet still flexible, Swordfish AI could be the alternative you’re looking for.

What is ContactOut? 

ContactOut is an email and phone number-finding tool used by professionals to connect with over 300 million people worldwide. It offers triple-verified data, with high accuracy and compliance with privacy laws.

The platform is great for finding emails quickly, with a 75% success rate. That’s what makes it trusted by people in sales, marketing, and recruiting, as it’s a reliable and easy-to-use platform. 

With 150 million personal emails, 200 million work emails, and 100 million direct dials, it gives you many options. Plus, it’s safe to use, sticking to GDPR and CCPA rules. 

This tool helps you reach out to important contacts without wasting time, adapting as your needs change.

Contactout Pricing Breakdown 

ContactOut’s pricing includes a Free Plan ($0), a Sales Plan ($79/month or $948/annually), and custom-priced Recruiters and API/Team Plans for tailored needs. This variety ensures you can find a plan that matches precisely what you’re looking for, whether you’re just starting or need specialized tools for your team.

Contactout Pricing Breakdown 


ContactOut Pricing Plans Comparison Table

This table provides a quick overview of the different pricing tiers available with ContactOut –


Monthly CostAnnual CostEmails/day/YearPhone Numbers/day/Year

Key Features

Free Plan

$0$04/Day2/dayAccess to standard LinkedIn profiles
Sales Plan$79$9486,000/Year600/Year

Salesforce & HubSpot integration, Zapier connectivity

Recruiters Plan

CustomCustom12,000/Year600/YearLinkedIn Recruiter, ATS integrations
API/Team PlanCustomCustomCustomCustom

API access, unlimited users, advanced integrations

How is ContactOut Cost Calculated?

ContactOut’s pricing is primarily based on the plan you choose, usage and contract time, each with its set of features and limits. 

However, several factors can affect the overall cost:

  • Plan Type: Starting from a free plan with basic access, to paid plans with more features and higher limits, your choice directly impacts the cost. The more advanced the plan, the higher the price.
  • Usage Limits: For paid plans, ContactOut sets limits on the number of emails and phone numbers you can access annually. If your needs exceed these limits, you might need to consider custom solutions, which could affect pricing.
  • Contract Length: Choosing to be billed annually instead of monthly can influence the cost. Annual billing often comes at a discounted rate compared to paying month by month.

Factors Influencing Final Pricing

  • Volume Discounts: If your organization requires access for multiple users or needs to exceed the standard usage limits, ContactOut may offer volume discounts. This means the more you need, the less you might pay per unit.
  • Custom Features: Depending on your specific needs, you might require custom features or integrations that aren’t included in the standard plans. Customizing your plan with these features will likely affect the price.
  • API Access and Data Enrichment: For teams needing direct API access or custom data enrichment services, the cost is calculated based on the complexity and scale of the services required.
  • Enterprise Support: Large organizations or those with complex requirements need enterprise-level support. This premium support ensures your team has direct access to help when needed but can also influence the overall cost.

ContactOut Free Plan

ContactOut’s Free Plan is for a single user. It’s ideal for individuals exploring basic features. The plan includes 4 emails and 3 phone number searches in one day, at no cost. Plus, there’s no annual or monthly billing for the Free Plan.

Key Features in Free Plan 

  • One User Access: Suitable for individual users starting with contact finding.
  • 4 Email Finds/Day: Offers a taste of the platform’s email finding capabilities.
  • 2 Phone Number Searches/Day: Allows for initial testing of direct contact features.
  • Standard LinkedIn Profile Access: Enables basic LinkedIn outreach without cost.
  • No Cost: An introductory way to experience ContactOut’s core features.

Benefits of Free Plan 

  • The Free Plan is available without any charges, making it budget-friendly.
  • It’s perfect for individuals who are just beginning to explore contact finding tools.
  • This plan allows users to test how effective ContactOut can be for their needs.
  • Users get access to a significant part of ContactOut’s large database without paying.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the free plan

  • The Free Plan limits users to only 10 email finds and 3 phone number searches monthly.
  • It is designed for individual use, which means team collaboration is not possible.
  • Users cannot use advanced search and filtering options with this plan.
  • The plan does not offer integration with CRM systems for streamlined workflows.
  • There is no customer support or assistance provided to users of the Free Plan.

ContactOut Paid Plan 1: Sales Plan 

The Sales Plan costs $79/month or $948 annually, offering 6,000 work emails and 600 phone numbers per year. It includes Salesforce & HubSpot integration, works with Sales Navigator, and connects to over 5,000 apps via Zapier. 

The Sales Plan by ContactOut is designed for sales professionals who wish to expand their outreach and improve efficiency. It’s a cost-effective solution for individuals or teams needing to contact a large number of potential leads. 

This plan best suits sales professionals and teams relying heavily on email and phone outreach to generate leads, build relationships, sales pitch examples, and close deals. 

The integration capabilities make it an easy addition to existing sales processes, while the generous allotment of emails and phone numbers supports detailed prospecting activities.

Key Features Of Sales Plan 

  • 6,000 Work Emails/Year: Expand sales outreach with a high volume of email contacts.
  • 600 Phone Numbers/Year: Facilitates direct calls to potential leads and clients.
  • Sales Navigator Compatibility: Enhances targeting and prospecting on LinkedIn’s platform.
  • Salesforce & HubSpot Integration: Streamlines lead management and follow-ups.
  • Zapier Integration: Connects to 5,000+ apps for workflow automation and efficiency.

Benefits of Sales Plan 

  • Access to expansive work emails and phone numbers per year supports far outreach.
  • Easy integration with Salesforce and HubSpot enhances lead management.
  • Connects to over apps for automating workflows across various platforms without hassle 
  • Optimized for users of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, improving targeting and prospecting.
  • Concentrates on work emails, ensuring communications are professional and relevant.

Limitations  of the Sales plan

  • Limited to work-related contacts, which may not suit all outreach strategies.
  • The monthly rate is higher; the best pricing requires annual payment.
  • While generous, the cap on phone numbers might restrict extensive phone outreach.
  • It may not accommodate larger teams without multiple subscriptions.
  • Full benefits are realized only with the use of Sales Navigator, Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zapier.

ContactOut Recruiters Plan  

The Recruiters Plan is custom-priced and tailored for recruitment professionals. It offers 12,000 personal emails and 600 phone numbers per year. This plan includes integration with LinkedIn Recruiter and Salesforce, as well as connectivity to over 5,000 apps via Zapier. 

The Recruiters Plan by ContactOut is specifically designed for those in HR who require a tool for their hiring processes. Recruitment teams and professionals who utilize LinkedIn Recruiter, Pro, or other versions of LinkedIn extensively in their hiring process. 

It’s also perfect for those who need to integrate their recruitment tools with Salesforce, HubSpot, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Lever, Greenhouse, and Bullhorn for a more simplified workflow.

Key Features in Recruiters Plan 

  • 12,000 Personal Emails/Year: Broadens outreach by providing a large number of candidate contact options.
  • 600 Phone Numbers/Year: Enables direct and immediate communication with potential candidates.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Integration: Streamlines candidate search and engagement on a major professional network.
  • Salesforce & HubSpot Integration: Enhances candidate pipeline management through popular CRM systems.
  • ATS Integration (Lever, Greenhouse, Bullhorn): Simplifies recruitment process management within preferred Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Zapier Connectivity: Automates workflows by linking ContactOut with over 5,000 other applications.

Benefits of Recruiters Plan 

  • Offers a large volume of personal emails and phone numbers for extensive outreach.
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn Recruiter enhances candidate sourcing.
  • CRM integrations streamline candidate engagement and follow-up processes.
  • ATS integrations support efficient candidate tracking and management.
  • Zapier connectivity automates repetitive tasks, saving time.

Limitations of the Recruiters Plan

  • Custom pricing may not fit all budgets, so a consultation is required.
  • The high volume of resources demands efficient management to avoid waste.
  • Primarily designed for larger teams or agencies, it’s possibly overkill for solo recruiters.
  • Requires familiarity with integrated platforms for maximum benefit.

ContacOut API/Team Plan

The ContactOut API/Team Plan offers custom pricing tailored to team needs, supporting unlimited users and integrating with various systems for enhanced outreach and recruitment processes. It Includes API access for custom integrations, advanced search capabilities, and priority support. 

The plan is designed for large organizations and teams that require advanced integration features with their existing systems, such as CRMs, ATSs, or custom applications. 

It’s particularly excellent for businesses looking for scalable contact-finding solutions that can be integrated directly into their software ecosystem.

The API/Team Plan is best suited for large teams and organizations that require direct integration of contact finding capabilities into their existing systems for seamless data access and management. 

It offers a scalable solution that grows with the needs of the business, supported by priority customer service.

Key Features in Recruiters Plan 

  • With API access, teams can integrate ContactOut’s extensive database directly into their internal systems, allowing for automated and streamlined workflows.
  • The plan supports an unlimited number of users, making it suitable for growing teams and organizations.
  • Teams can leverage advanced search features to find precise contact information quickly, improving efficiency in outreach or recruitment efforts.
  • Organizations benefit from priority customer support, ensuring any issues or queries are addressed promptly.

Benefits of API Plan 

  • Offers a large volume of personal emails and phone numbers for extensive outreach.
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn Recruiter enhances candidate sourcing.
  • CRM integrations streamline candidate engagement and follow-up processes.
  • ATS integrations support efficient candidate tracking and management.
  • Zapier connectivity automates repetitive tasks, saving time.

Limitations of the API Plan

  • While flexible, custom pricing can be unclear without direct inquiry, potentially leading to budgeting challenges.
  • Requires technical knowledge to integrate and maintain API connections effectively.
  • Any issues may require waiting for specialized support, impacting workflow.
  • API calls might be subject to rate limits, restricting data access during high usage periods.

ContactOut Pricing on Reddit

Reddit users recognize ContactOut’s utility in enhancing outreach efforts, particularly when combined with Sales Navigator. However, there are concerns about its pricing, prompting users to look for more cost-effective alternatives.

  • Reddit users praise ContactOut for improving outreach efforts, especially when paired with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. There’s notable worry about ContactOut’s cost, which has reportedly risen to over $2,000/year per license, deemed expensive for individual users.
  • The high price has led users to search for more wallet-friendly options that can still efficiently gather emails from LinkedIn. Despite its cost, many users recognize ContactOut’s potential to drive significant business growth when used effectively with Sales Navigator.
  • Despite its higher price, many Reddit users acknowledge the effectiveness of ContactOut when combined with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, noting significant business growth when the tools are used diligently and patiently. 
  • There’s a continuous interest in either maximizing ContactOut’s use or finding even more effective tool combinations for outreach, showing a desire for improvement and alternatives.
  • Some users express a need for tools like ContactOut but tailored for specific sectors, like crypto, highlighting a demand for specialized outreach tools in various industries.

When Should I Pay for ContactOut?

When you invest in ContactOut, you must be careful of which plan to go for. Let’s break it down by plan and when each makes sense for your business.

When Should I Pay for ContactOut

Picking Up Speed

If your business is starting to grow and you’re looking to connect with more people, the Sales Plan at $79/month is a smart move. It’s built for those who need more than just the basics, offering a broader range of contacts to help keep your momentum going.

Ready to Scale

If your business is in the growth phase and you’re looking for deeper insights and a broader contact base, the Recruiters Plan is tailored for you. With custom pricing, it’s aimed at teams eager to widen their reach, providing the necessary tools to support ambitious growth plans.

Expanding Your Operations

When your business is ready to take the next big step and integrate ContactOut more comprehensively into your operations, the API/Team Plan is the ideal choice. 

This plan comes with custom pricing to accommodate the unique needs of large teams and enterprises, offering direct API access for bespoke applications. It’s designed to ensure that your expanding operations can continue to grow seamlessly.

Features of ContactOut 

Here are ContactOut’s main features –

Features of ContactOut 

Chrome Extension

This feature is designed for ease of use and lets you quickly gather information without switching away from a LinkedIn page. It’s a time-saver for anyone who relies on LinkedIn for organizational networking and sales prospecting.

Triple-Verified Data

By triple-verifying contact details, ContactOut makes sure that you have access to reliable information. This verification level reduces the chances of reaching out to outdated or incorrect contacts, thereby improving the success rate of corporate marketing strategies hitting the mark.

Integration with CRM/ATS

ContactOut can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) software. This feature allows you to add new contacts to your existing databases, but in a hassle-free way, allowing your workflow to be organized in one place.

Search Portal

ContactOut’s Search Portal offers a fast way to find prospects beyond LinkedIn. With instant access to 300 million professionals from 30 million companies, you can reach out to more people on Linkedin. This feature provides the right contact details, making it easier to connect with potential leads quickly. 

AI Personalizer

The AI Personalizer feature drives up our email response rates by generating hyper-personalized emails with just a click. This tool saves you hours of manual research by automatically tuning emails to each recipient. Now, messages have become more relevant and engaging. 

AI Writer

Just by providing a few guiding words, the AI writer effortlessly composes replies for you, saving you hours of work. This tool is incredibly valuable for ensuring quick and considerate communication with your prospects or contacts, eliminating the need to write each message manually.

Email Campaigns

This functionality enables you to streamline and speed up your outreach initiatives. It allows for the execution of multi-stage email campaigns, easy import of prospects, large-scale email personalization, and effective performance tracking to help you meet your objectives.

Data Enrichment

ContactOut takes your CRM/ATS database to the next level by supplementing it with precise contact information, bridging any gaps in your current records. 

It enhances your prospect records with LinkedIn profile details, verified emails, and phone numbers, making sure you have all the information you need easily accessible.

Is ContactOut Worth The Price? 

ContactOut is not worth the price because the price has increased to more than $2,000 a year for one license, which is too expensive for what little it offers. Also, ContactOut requires pairing with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to get the most benefits. 

Although ContactOut provides accurate information, This price point makes people wonder if it’s worth it for everyone. Sure, ContactOut has its perks, but it’s also true that there are other tools out there that might give you more bang for your buck. 

For example, Swordfish AI or Lead411 can be alternatives as being easier on the wallet while still doing a great job of finding emails on LinkedIn! 

So, if you’re thinking about whether ContactOut is the right choice, it might be. It depends on how much you value what it offers and if you’re okay with the cost. But remember, it’s always smart to look around. 

There might be other tools that fit your needs just as well, without making such a big dent in your budget

Swordfish AI is the #1 Contactout Alternative

Swordfish AI 

Searching for accurate contact information can be a real hassle, especially when you’re trying to connect with potential leads or clients. That’s where Swordfish AI comes in – it’s one of the best contact sales intelligence tools.

What makes Swordfish AI stand out? For starters, we have an impressive 3.5 billion data profiles, giving you access to a vast pool of potential contacts. But that’s not all – the platform also offers an exclusive collection of cell phone data, complete with a proprietary verification system to ensure you’re getting reliable information.

Moreover, Using Swordfish AI is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface that makes finding contact details an easy experience. You can even perform targeted searches using specific keywords.

One of the coolest features of Swordfish AI is its advanced filtering options. With just a few clicks, you can refine your results based on factors like country and industry, making it easier than ever to zero in on the contacts that matter most to your business.

Remember, Swordfish offers a free trial, using which you can test its features before committing to the full-featured version.

ContactOut vs Swordfish AI Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table showcasing how Swordfish stands against ContactOut.

ContactOut vs Swordfish AI


Swordfish AI



Custom pricing availableStarts at $79/month
Free Version/TrialOffers a free trial

Yes, free version available

Database Size

3.5 billion profiles250 million professional profiles 
Chrome ExtensionLinkedIn, Dribble, Twitter, Facebook groups/profiles

Available with LinkedIn

Intent Data

Includes Bombora® Intent DataNot Available 
CRM IntegrationSalesloft, Salesforce, LOXO, Outreach, Zapier, Lever

Salesforce & HubSpot integration, plus Zapier connectivity

Data Accuracy

High (45% more accurate)Can vary in some cases 
IntegrationsSalesloft, Salesforce, LOXO, Outreach, Zapier, Lever, etc.

One-click campaigns with Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn 

Why Choose Swordfish AI over ContactOut?

Choose Swordfish AI for its unmatched ability to give you the contact details you need, making it a better pick over ContactOut. Here’s why Swordfish AI stands out –

Get Direct Contact Info

Swordfish AI excels in providing direct cell phone numbers and primary business email addresses, essential for quick communication with key individuals. If you’ve noticed gaps in ContactOut’s offerings, Swordfish AI bridges that gap with its extensive reach.

Vast Database

With a database of 3.5 billion data points, Swordfish AI offers a much broader scope compared to ContactOut’s 200 million profiles. This extensive database increases your chances of finding the right contacts.

Real-Time Verification

Unique to Swordfish AI, it verifies contact details instantly, giving you an 82% success rate on first calls and ensuring 95% accuracy in the information provided. This feature addresses the common need for up-to-date and reliable data, surpassing ContactOut’s capabilities.

Work More Efficiently

Swordfish AI helps you reach the people who make decisions faster with our matching algorithm. If setting up meetings and finding the right leads quickly matters to you, Swordfish AI focuses on giving you the accurate phone numbers you need for this.

Reach The People in Charge

Finding and talking to the people in charge can be tough with ContactOut. Swordfish AI solves this problem by giving you the information you need to directly contact important prospects. This makes it a great choice for anyone who has struggled to find the right contacts using ContactOut.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

What are the Other Alternatives to Contactout?

When it comes to choosing the right solution to a Contactout alternative, you should weigh the options carefully. Each platform has its strengths and unique offerings. 

Let’s take a holistic look at how Contactout per month plans and its alternatives stack up in terms of pricing, features, and overall value.


Free TrialYes4 to 14 days trial7 days, 5 free basic credits

7-day free trial with 50 exports

Pricing Model

Free Plan: No cost, basic access.

Sales Plan: $79/month, enhanced features.

Recruiters Plan: Custom pricing, extensive access.

API/Team Plan: Custom pricing, unlimited access.

Professional: $14,995 (Per year 5,000 credits)

Advanced: $24,995 (Per year 10,000 credits)

Elite: $34,995 (Unlimited)

Essential: $99 (170 credits)

Plus: $199 (400 credits)

Professional: Custom

Basic Plus Unlimited: $99 monthly per user

Enterprise Limited: Custom

Database SizeNot specified; extensive LinkedIn integration321 million professional contacts at 104 million companiesOver 155 million B2B contacts

50 million B2B email addresses

Data Accuracy

Can vary; triple-verified data for high confidenceHigh accuracy with regular updatesGuarantees ≥95% email accuracy rateOffers double-verified direct dials
IntegrationSalesforce & HubSpot integration, Zapier connectivityExtensive CRM integrations including Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpotOutreach, Zapier, Salesforce, ZOHO, Copper, etc.

Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper, Zoho, Capsule, Pipedrive, etc.

Unique Feature

Email campaigns, LinkedIn integrationBuyer intent data, technographic data, company scoopsBulk lookup, friendly credits systemSales engagement platform, Lead scoring, real-time data updates
Target AudienceSales professionals, recruitersLarge Sales/Marketing TeamsTeams Seeking Accurate Leads

B2B Companies

1. ContactOut Vs ZoomInfo

ContactOut Vs ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a B2B platform that enriches your sales and marketing strategies with detailed company and professional information. 

With access to over 321 million profiles, it provides essential data like contact details, company backgrounds, and customer interest indicators. This database is sourced from public records, business websites, and proprietary methods, ensuring a mix of accuracy and breadth.

The platform includes ZoomInfo SalesOS and MarketingOS, which enhance team productivity by offering tools for faster sales processes and targeted marketing campaigns. 

Moreover, ZoomInfo offers real-time email verification, buyer intent data, and website visitor tracking to help identify and engage prospects effectively.

In comparison to ContactOut, ZoomInfo covers a wider array of data points and integrates with numerous CRM systems. Thus, it can be said to be the more comprehensive choice for you if you are looking to scale you outreach with data-driven insights

Comparison Table of ContactOut vs ZoomInfo


Free TrialYes, details vary

4 to 14 days trial


Free Plan: Limited access

Professional: $14,995 (Annually 5,000 credits) 

Sales Plan: $79/month

Recruiters Plan: Custom pricing

Advanced: $24,995 (Annually 10,000 credits)
API/Team Plan: Custom pricing

Elite: $34,995 (Unlimited)

Chrome Extension

Available with LinkedIn


Database Size

Professional Profiles: 250M, Company Profiles: 30M321 million professional contacts at 104 million companies
Data VerificationCan vary; triple-verified data for high confidence

Uses AI and machine learning to continually update and verify data.


Salesforce & HubSpot integration, Zapier connectivitySalesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.
UsabilityUser-friendly, straightforward

Easy to use, minimal learning curve

2. ContactOut Vs Uplead

ContactOut Vs Uplead

UpLead has a database filled with contacts verified for accuracy — they even promise a 95% accuracy rate. 

This means you can trust the leads you’re reaching out to. Finding the right leads is straightforward with UpLead and you can use more than 50 filters to zero in on who you’re really after, quickly and efficiently.

Every time you grab leads, UpLead checks their emails on the spot, so you know they’re correct. Need to look up a lot of leads at once? No problem. UpLead lets you pull detailed info for thousands of leads and then easily add them to your CRM. 

Plus, you can add loads of useful info to your current lists with their Data Enrichment feature. With clear pricing and powerful tools, UpLead helps your business reach out more effectively.

Comparison Table of ContactOut vs UpLead

Here’s the comparison table for ContactOut and UpLead –




Free Trial

Yes, Limited access

7 days, 5 free credits
PricingSales Plan: $79/month

Essential: $99/month (170 credits)

Recruiters Plan: Custom pricing

Plus: $199/month (400 credits)
API/Team Plan: Custom pricing

Professional: Custom

Chrome Extension

Available with LinkedIn


Database Size

Professional Profiles: 250M; Company Profiles: 30M140 million B2B contacts with email addresses
Data VerificationCan vary; triple-verified data for high confidence

Employs a detailed verification process at the point of download or export


Salesforce & HubSpot integration, Zapier connectivityOutreach, Zapier, Salesforce, ZOHO, Copper, etc.
UsabilityUser-friendly, straightforward

User-friendly for beginners and experts

3. ContactOut Vs Lead411 

ContactOut Vs Lead411 

Lead411 gives access to over 450 million contacts. Its unique features, like Growth Intent Triggers and Bambora Intent Data, help you understand what your prospects are interested in, making your outreach more effective. 

With a promise of a low email bounce rate due to its triple verification process, Lead411 ensures you’re reaching out to the right people. 

While ContactOut is great for getting direct contact info, Lead411 goes a step further by providing detailed company insights and intent data, making it easier to connect with potential customers at the right time. 

It’s a tool that fits well whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise looking to expand your reach.

Comparison Table of ContactOut vs Lead411 





Free Plan: Limited access

Basic Plus Unlimited: $99 monthly per user

Sales Plan: $79/month

Recruiters Plan: Custom pricing

Enterprise Limited: Custom

API/Team Plan: Custom pricing

Data Enrichment

Lead Enrichment: Verified emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn dataOffers contact enrichment to update and clean CRM data effectively.
Email VerificationSolid verification tools ensure email deliverability.

Provides verified emails for reliable communication.

Intent Data

Not specified directly but offers comprehensive data for prospecting.Bombora B2B intent data for targeted outreach.
Market IntelligenceUseful company information for prospecting

Provides insights on ideal customers and sales triggers.

Data Accuracy

Auto-refreshed with accurate B2B data every 15 daysNot specified directly but offers verified emails for communication.
User InterfaceUser-friendly and intuitive, designed for efficient prospecting.

Simple and straightforward for easy data management.


Looking into ContactOut pricing review can significantly improve your prospecting process. With a user-friendly interface, accurate data, and a range of pricing plans, ContactOut caters to a wide audience. 

The ability to find quality prospects, supercharge LinkedIn prospecting, and automate outbound messaging sets it apart. 

However, if you’re looking for a close alternative, Swordfish AI is worth considering. It offers comparable features and value, making it a strong alternative. You’d want to make sure to weigh the options based on your specific needs and preferences.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai


Does ContactOut offer a free trial?

Yes, they offer a free trial. Trial duration is Specific duration details vary; ContactOut occasionally updates its trial offers. ContactOut provides a version of its service that can be accessed for free, which could be considered a form of a trial to test its basic features.

Is ContactOut secure?

Yes. ContactOut emphasizes the security and privacy of its users’ data. It complies with relevant data protection regulations to ensure that user information is handled securely. However, specific security measures and certifications should be verified directly with ContactOut for the most current information.

Does ContactOut offer discounts? 

While there isn’t a discount for annual contracts, opting for an annual billing plan grants you immediate access to all your search credits upfront.

Is ContactOut good for personal use?

Yes, with Considerations. ContactOut can be useful for individuals, especially for those in roles that require networking, such as recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers. However, its full suite of features and pricing models are primarily designed to meet the needs of professionals and businesses rather than for casual or personal use.

Is ContactOut good for small business?

Yes. ContactOut is well-suited for small businesses looking to enhance their lead generation, sales, and recruitment efforts. Its database and tools can help small businesses find and connect with potential clients or candidates efficiently. The platform offers various plans that can accommodate the needs and budgets of small businesses.

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