B2B Sales Process Improvements (Updated 2022)

Learning the best practices for carving out the sales process for what it is you are selling needs to be done to maximize sales.

Here are the 6 Best B2B Sales Process Improvements for 2022:

1. Research and Connect With Prospects

This step is easier now than ever before with the availability of business information online. Because you know your product better than anyone, you also know which businesses need your product.

Do your homework and become familiar with the industries and businesses of your potential prospects. Once you understand who you are trying to sell to, you can reach out and attempt to set up a meeting.

This business to business sales process tip came from LucidChart.com’s “5 steps to developing and refining your B2B sales process”.

2. Needs Assessment

Once a new lead is acquired, you need well-defined criteria for qualifying each lead and moving them through each stage of your sales cycle.

Often achieved during a discovery call, the objective is to determine if they are a good fit for business. 

However, it is also vital to probe deeper to assess their true needs and uncover any assumptions or doubts that may otherwise go unspoken.

This B2B sales process technique came from TheMarketingBlender.com’s “The 7 phases of the B2B sales process you must optimize to grow”.

3. Presenting the Offer 

By now, you should know enough about your prospect’s business, pain points, and budget to put together a personalized sales pitch. This is your opportunity to present an offer that matches the prospect’s wants and needs. 

While the previous stages of the sales process focused solely on your prospect, this is the moment where you get to talk about you and what you are offering.

Soleadify.com shared “A Better B2B Sales Process: How to Nail Every Stage of the Sales Cycle.”

4. Handling Objections

Once a sales rep presents a proposal/demo, the prospect often raises questions or concerns (ideally in your CRM). Keep a record of these concerns, and what are the right approaches to answer them.

Sharing this information with your sales team will ensure that your sales reps can respond to objections effectively and are ready with the most appropriate solutions to avoid any roadblocks to close the deal.

To successfully handle complaints, practice empathy, and process the situation from the client’s point of view.

This B2B sales process tip came from SalesIntel.io’s “Creating a Strong 7 Step Sales Process for Your B2B Business”.

5. Close the Deal 

The final stage where you either make a customer out of a prospect or you don’t.

Considered to be the hardest stage of a sales process and also the most glorified. But closing necessarily does not have to be a stage where you either win or lose. 

Instead, when we hit a roadblock while closing, we must keep options open and revisit the above processes.

This B2B sales process came from Paperflite.com’s “A Definitive Guide To The B2b Sales Process”.

6. Follow Up

After the sales call, send the prospect a follow-up email. Due to the number of people that are usually involved in signing a B2B purchase, it’s important that you leave a good impression!

Keep it professional and provide next steps. Include a summary, or even better, a recording of your conversation, as well as any additional useful information. 

Leaving the conversation on a positive note will leave the door open for repeat sells and upsells.

This B2B sales process strategy came from Cognism.com’s “The 8 stages of the B2B sales process”.

How Will You Use the 6 Best B2B Sales Process Improvements in 2022?

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