Top 7 B2B Prospecting Strategies (Updated 2023)

There are many B2B prospecting strategies to choose from. It can be overwhelming to decide which are the best for you.

Having the best business-to-business (B2B) strategies can save you a lot of time, and make you more sales in the process.

Here are the Top 7 B2B Prospecting Strategies to Use in 2022

1. Create an Ideal Prospect Profile

There are many different types of people, industries and company sizes out there. How do you know where to start?

Take some time to find out what your ideal customer profile looks like and do some research in your own database. Who are your top five customers? Who are your worst five customers? Who are your most profitable customers? Which ones are the least profitable? 

Create profiles for each of these groups.

This B2B strategy came from’s “Prospecting: 10 Proven Strategies For Sales Professionals”.

2. Be Proactive and Consistent

It’s easy to put sales prospecting on the back burner when sales are slow. But, in order to consistently maintain a full pipeline, you must make it a daily activity.

No longer is it enough to rely on your marketing team for leads, you have to go out and find them yourself.

Consider setting yourself, or your team, daily prospecting goals.

This prospecting strategy came from’s “B2B Sales Prospecting Strategy: 6 Ways to Improve”.

3. Prioritize

Prioritizing prospects can save you time and ensure you’re dedicating your strongest efforts to prospects that are most likely to become customers.

Levels of prioritization will vary between each type of sales organization and each salesperson. 

The main idea is to create a few buckets of prospects based on their likelihood to buy and focus on one bucket at a time.

This strategy came from’s “The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed”.

4. Cold Calling

Cold calling is when you call a person you have not met to determine if they have any interest or need in your product or service.

It is effective because you have direct contact with the prospect and can get immediate feedback.

Plus, it can help create a personal connection.

This strategy came from’s “B2B Prospecting: What You Can’t Afford NOT To Know”.

5. Sales Velocity is Key

The faster your team closes deals on the average, the more deals and revenue you can deliver in a given period. 

To expedite the prospecting process, you can proactively “warm up” cold calls and cold emails through in-depth research, social networking, and referrals.

Get to know as much about a potential customer before initiating a conversation. 

Focus on prospects with higher deal-value potential and take the quick routes in connecting with an organization’s key influencers and decision makers.

This strategy came from’s “8 Updated B2B Sales Prospecting Strategies To Think About NOW Before You Start Another Quarter”.

6. Personalize Your Outreach to Resonate Messages with Prospects

Personalization is a great technique to catch the attention of prospects and get them interested in your B2B brand.

Use personalization to build trust in prospects and show them that you understand their pain points and what they’re looking for. Your outreach messages will become more meaningful and relevant to prospects.

This strategy came from’s “5 B2B Sales Prospecting Strategies to Keep Your Pipeline Moving”.

7. Regardless of the Method, Follow Up

Whichever of these methods you choose, remember that success is in the follow-up.

Make sure your sales reps have a repeatable and consistent process for following up with potential leads.

This strategy came from’s “The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting with B2B Data”.

How to Use the Top 7 B2B Prospecting Strategies in 2022?

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