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Cognism Pricing, Alternatives, & Overview: Is Cognism Worth in 2024?

April 4, 2024 Pricing
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Cognism pricing

Cognism stands out as a leading premium sales intelligence provider, having amazing data quality and compliance. It’s the go-to choice for over 1,800 customers globally, ensuring your outreach hits the mark every time.

Cognism offers several pricing options. For companies with 200 to 1,000 or more employees, yearly plans cost between $15,100 and $103,000. The Platinum Tier’s price ranges from $1,500 to $10,000, while the Diamond Tier, with extra features like verified phone numbers and intent data, ranges from $2,550 to $25,000.

That’s just the brief. There’s more to know. So, we’ll guide you through Cognism’s pricing, highlighting how their solutions can effectively support your sales and marketing strategies. 

Also, we’ll show you some alternatives you can consider. Let’s begin!

Key Takeaways

  • Wide Range of Pricing: Cognism offers a huge range of pricing for different business sizes, with contracts ranging from $15,100 to $103,000 per year. The flexibility makes it suitable for companies with a headcount of 200 to 1,000 and above.
  • Platinum and Diamond Tiers: The Platinum Tier has pricing from $1,500 to $10,000, focusing on essential features. Then, the Diamond Tier, priced between $2,550 to $25,000, adds verified phone numbers and intent data.
  • Negotiation and Discounts: Customers have secured discounts of up to 29% through various strategies, including firm budgeting during renewals and leveraging the end-of-quarter (EOQ) timing. 
  • Affordable Alternative: Swordfish AI is great at finding correct phone numbers and emails, making it a good and cheaper option compared to Cognism. If you need to get in touch with people directly and save some money, Swordfish AI is the way to go.

What is Cognism?

What is Cognism

Cognism is a premium sales intelligence provider trusted by over 1,800 customers globally. It sets new standards for data quality, great workflow and compliance in B2B sales. Also, the platform helps you connect with decision-makers worldwide. 

On top of that, It has a 3X connect rate using phone-verified data and ensures compliance with global Do-Not-Call lists. 

Moreover, the tool’s unique value depends on its ability to refine the crucial 20% of data that makes a difference in reaching key decision-makers, offering a clear advantage in connecting with customers first. Along with data accuracy. you get a tool that integrates with popular platforms.

Therefore, it serves the entire revenue team. It includes sales, marketing, RevOps, and GTM leaders, enhancing lead response times and customer connection rates and ultimately speeding up revenue generation.

Cognism Pricing Breakdown

Cognism’s pricing plans include a Diamond Plan at $25,000 Access Fee, $2,500/user, and a Platinum Plan at $15,000 Access Fee, $1,500/user. The plans differ mainly in the number of contacts accessible, with Platinum offering up to 25 million and Diamond up to 50 million contacts.

Cognism Pricing

Comprehensive Table of Cognism Pricing Plans

Now, let’s see how the pricing plans of Cognism are:


Access FeeCost Per User

Number of Contacts


$15,000$1,500/userUp to 25 million

Up to 50 million

How is Cognism Cost Calculated? Factors Affecting The Pricing

Cognism’s pricing is based on an annual access fee plus a user fee, considering:

  • Organization Size: Larger companies might pay more, as pricing changes with the size of the company.
  • Tier Selection: They offer Platinum and Diamond plans, each with different features and prices.
  • Feature Inclusion: Additional features like verified phone numbers and intent data influence cost.
  • Negotiation and Discounts: You might lower your costs through good negotiation.
  • Contract and Volume: Buying multiple Diamond subscriptions might get you a discount.

1. Cognism Platinum Plan

The Cognism Platinum Plan, for organizations with 200 to 1000+ employees, offers B2B marketing and sales acceleration tools, with prices ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 annually. It features tier-based pricing options for optimal business growth and strategy implementation.

The Platinum Plan by Cognism, ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 annually, is designed for businesses needing core sales and marketing acceleration features. 

Targeting organizations of various sizes, this plan includes essential tools for B2B engagement without the ultimate offerings of the Diamond Tier, such as verified phone numbers and intent data. 

So, it’s an optimal choice for you if you’re looking for a balance between cost and functionality, offering a foundational toolset for effective market success.

Features in the Platinum Plan

  • Lead Builder
  • Insights
  • Data Segmentation
  • Access to the Chrome Extension
  • Integration with popular sales tools


  • Cost-effective for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Access to essential B2B sales and marketing tools.
  • Suitable for companies not needing advanced features.
  • Flexibility in choosing features relevant to business needs.


  • High initial access fee
  • Annual commitment required
  • Limited by the number of contacts compared to the Diamond Plan

2. Cognism Diamond Plan

The Cognism Diamond Plan offers advanced features including verified phone numbers and intent data, priced between $2,550 and $25,000. This targets organizations with 200 to 1000+ employees for enhanced B2B marketing and sales acceleration.

The Diamond Plan helps large organizations requiring extensive global contact access and advanced features like contact and company profiles for sales and marketing teams . It offers excellent data insights with unrestricted access and segmentation capabilities.

This tier includes verified phone numbers and intent data, making it ideal for you if you’re looking for in-depth customer engagement and sales strategies. It’s suited for larger businesses or those needing detailed market data as well.

Features in the Diamond Plan:

  • Access to up to 50 million contacts
  • Advanced AI-driven segmentation
  • Comprehensive insights and analytics
  • Lead Builder, Insights, Data Segmentation
  • All available integrations
  • Option to add intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand®


  • Extensive global database access
  • Advanced segmentation and analytics for targeted marketing
  • Flexible and scalable to business needs
  • Integration with leading sales and marketing tools


  • High cost, including significant access fee
  • Requires significant investment to unlock full features
  • More than necessary for smaller businesses or startups

Key Benefits of Cognism

In B2B sales intelligence, Cognism stands out as a beacon for businesses aiming to connect with their ideal prospects. Here are some of the core advantages that users can expect from Cognism:

Key Benefits of Cognism

  • Global Reach: Cognism has information on over 400 million people working in businesses across the globe. You can find almost anyone you need to contact, no matter where they are.
  • High-Quality Data: The data Cognism provides is always current and correct, making sure you can trust the contact details you get. You won’t waste time on wrong numbers or outdated emails.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find Cognism’s system simple to navigate. It’s designed to be straightforward, so anyone can use it without needing special training.
  • Efficient Prospecting: Cognism helps you quickly find and reach out to potential business clients. This streamlines your work, helping you focus on talking to the right people.
  • Compliance Assured: All the information follows strict privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, so you know it’s legally okay to use. This peace of mind is crucial for focusing on your sales goals.
  • Integrated Solutions: It connects smoothly with other sales tools you might already use, like Outreach, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. This makes your job easier by keeping everything in one place.

Cognism Pricing Reddit: What Redditors Think about Cognism

Redditors shared mixed feelings about Cognism. Some users in Europe or Scandinavia were curious about its effectiveness, given its marketing claims.

Then,  a Cognism salesperson highlighted its strengths, including a wide dataset for B2B mobiles in EMEA and GDPR compliance. They mentioned Cognism’s service for finding strategically important numbers with high accuracy. 

However, they admitted that the tool’s suitability depends on the company’s type, ideal customer profile (ICP), and GDPR risk appetite. 

Another user appreciated Cognism’s user interface and data strength in the EU but noted its limited coverage in other regions. Overall, opinions vary based on specific needs and regions.

Key Features of Cognism

Cognism stands out as the best B2B sales intelligence platform, offering a range of features designed to optimize sales and marketing efforts. Here’s a closer look at what Cognism brings to the table —

Features of Cognism

Top-Notch Sales Intelligence

Cognism gives you access to top-quality information on business contacts, including their phone numbers and email addresses. This makes it much easier to get in touch with the people who make decisions. You can find exactly who you need to reach out quickly.

Thorough Data Compliance

It takes the worry out of using people’s data. With Cognism, you’re following all the rules for data privacy, like GDPR, so you can confidently reach out to potential customers anywhere in the world. You can focus on building connections without legal concerns.

Sophisticated Prospecting Tools

As a data provider, Cognism helps revenue teams with sales processes, sales trigger events and direct dials too. Cognism’s Prospector tool lets you make precise lists of potential clients using detailed criteria. 

This helps you find exactly the right people who might want what you’re selling. It’s like having a map that leads you to people interested in your products.

Data Enrichment Services

If your contact list is old or missing information, Cognism’s Enhance feature can update it for you. This ensures your team always has the latest and most accurate data. Having current information means fewer roadblocks in reaching out to potential clients.

Chrome Extension for Quick Access

The Cognism Chrome extension lets you quickly find sales information no matter where you are online. Whether you’re looking at LinkedIn, a company’s website, or within your CRM, this tool is right there when you need it. It’s like having a fast pass to valuable data.

Intent Data for Focused Outreach 

By using Cognism’s Intent Data, you can contact potential customers at just the right time. This feature shows you which companies are currently looking for your services, making your outreach more personalized and effective. Knowing when to talk to potential customers can make all the difference.

Is Cognism Worth The Price?

Yes, Cognism pricing structure might be worth the price because it offers phone-verified mobile numbers and B2B emails. It ensures high-quality data and compliance and significantly increases live conversation rates. 

Well, its integration with CRM and sales tools optimizes operations and increases sales efficiency. 

And no, it’s not worth the price if your focus is not on B2B sales, you need more comprehensive all-in-one platforms. Or, if the pricing doesn’t align with your budget, consider the available alternatives offering similar services.

Swordfish AI is the #1 Cognism Alternative

Swordfish AI

As a data intelligence solution, Swordfish AI stands out, especially when compared with platforms like Cognism. What truly differentiates Swordfish AI is its unique cell phone number database. It ensures that you always have the most current contact details at your fingertips. 

And it’s further amplified by a proprietary cell phone verification system, giving Swordfish AI a competitive advantage. Moreover, with access to over 3.5 billion data points, you’re not just getting quantity but quality as well. 

Besides, we offer a custom free trial along with paid plans to suit your specific requirements. For sales, marketing, or recruitment, you can search this vast repository to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Though Cognism is a great tool, it doesn’t quite match up to Swordfish AI’s robust features. Particularly in the area of cell phone numbers, the Swordfish AI focuses on real-time data.

Swordfish AI vs Cognism Comparison Table

Swordfish AI vs Cognism

Here’s a quick look at the comparison table of how Swordfish AI stands against Cognism. 


Swordfish AI


Pricing Model

Customized pricing based on usage and needsCustomized pricing; details provided after consultation
Free Trial or CreditsOffers $100 Free Data upon signing up

Demo available


3.5 billion data profiles400 million B2B profiles
Data CoverageGlobal coverage with a focus on direct contact data

Global coverage (EMEA, NAM, APAC) with comprehensive datasets


ISalesloft, Salesforce, LOXO, Outreach, Zapier, Lever, etc.HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, etc.
ComplianceGDPR and CCPA compliance highlighted

GDPR and CCPA compliance highlighted

Why is Swordfish AI Better than Cognism?

Swordfish AI stands out for its precise data and easy-to-use tools, making it the best option for finding contacts.


Swordfish AI immediately gives new users $100 worth of data for free, showing its dedication to value and cost-effectiveness. 

With Cognism, you need to talk to them to find out the prices, which might not work for everyone or those who need quick decisions.

Database Accuracy and Coverage

Swordfish AI has a huge database with over 3.5 billion records, including hard-to-find cell phone numbers, providing more accurate information. 

Despite complying with privacy laws, Cognism doesn’t focus on cell phone numbers, making Swordfish AI more useful for reaching decision-makers.

Email Verification 

Swordfish AI uses advanced methods to check emails, greatly lowering the chance of emails not being delivered and making your outreach more effective. 

Cognism checks emails, too, but doesn’t offer Swordfish AI’s advanced techniques or improvements in outreach.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

Cognism Pricing Comparison with Other Top Alternatives 

Before we introduce you to the alternatives in detail, let’s see how they compare briefly.

Free PlanAvailableAvailable


Max Number of Users in Free Plan

Not AvailableNot Available5 phone credits, 5 direct email credits, 10 export credits per month
Paid Plan Starts FromCustom PricingCustom Pricing

$65 monthly per user for Starter Plan

Cost per User

Custom PricingCustom PricingOffers plans from Free to Organization (£0-£85/month)
Best Suitable ForLarge enterprises and businesses with extensive marketing and sales teamsBusinesses looking for deep B2B insights and data enrichment

Individual contributors, SDRs, and small to medium-sized businesses


ZoomInfo is a leading platform for B2B data intelligence, aimed at helping go-to-market teams. It offers a large database with high-quality B2B data, enabling businesses to find relevant companies and contacts. 

Through its API, you can enrich their CRM, Marketing Automation, and other systems with detailed information like technologies used, company details, funding, news alerts, and more. 

Also, this data assists in creating targeted prospect segments, enhancing list building, prospecting, and lead routing. The API also supports large-scale data retrieval and compliance with data privacy regulations.

These make it a great tool for businesses looking to optimize their go-to-market strategies with rich data insights.

Comparison Table of Cognism vs ZoomInfo

Cognism vs ZoomInfo


Database SizeOver 120 million company profiles.

400 million B2B profiles


Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Microsoft Dyanamics 365, etc.Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn.
Lead GenerationAdvanced search for targeted leads.

Identifies ideal customers, real-time B2B data.


User-friendly platform.Intuitive, easy to use.
PricingCustomized pricing

Pricing is based upon the plan


Clearbit provides B2B marketing intelligence by offering the most complete dataset for go-to-market teams. It combines public web data, proprietary content, and artificial intelligence to transform unstructured information into accurate, standardized data sets. 

Moroever, Clearbit’s services include enriching records for better lead scoring and routing, and revealing buying intent from website visitors. It covers you every country globally, ensuring data precision and reliability. 

Plus, its platform helps identify high-potential leads in real-time, categorizes industries in more detail, and maps corporate matches.

Comparison Table of Cognism vs Clearbit

Cognism vs Clearbit


Database50 million company records, and 389 million contact records.

400 million B2B profiles


Salesforce, HubSpot, Drift, Facebook, Chili Piper, etc.HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, etc.
Lead Generation and EnrichmentEnriches domains and emails, de-anonymizes site traffic and calculates TAM.

Identifies ideal customers, provides real-time B2B data, and has a lead generation feature.

Data Coverage

Global coverage with precise and standardized data sets.Strong in Europe, weaker in the US.
Pricing and PlansOffers a free account with limited features and customized business plans.

Given upon contact

Kaspr is a tool that helps you quickly find B2B contact data. This includes phone numbers and email addresses, directly from LinkedIn through its Chrome Extension and web app. 

It’s ideal for SDRs, founders, and recruiters, Kaspr has a database of over 500 million contacts. Also, it’s designed for ease of use with no long onboarding process, allowing you to start immediately. 

Therefore, Kaspr promises to save you over 5 hours a week by managing leads, automating outreach, and syncing data to apps, providing reliable, real-time verified data. 

Comparison Table of Cognism vs ZoomInfo

Cognism vs


DatabaseOver 500 million phone numbers and email addresses

400 million B2B profiles

Real-time Verification

Emphasizes real-time data verification.Target account identification using intent data.
API IntegrationData enrichment using LinkedIn profile URL

View and enrich Contacts and Accounts


Free Plan: $0Given upon contact

Starter: $65 per user per month

Business $99 per user per month

Organization: $99 5 users

IntegrationHubSpot, Lemlist, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, etc.

HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, etc.


In conclusion Cognism pricing, we can say it provides a complete sales intelligence platform that emphasizes high-quality, compliant data. At its cost, you can have enhanced connectivity with prospects through verified B2B emails and mobile numbers. This leads to increased live conversations and market reach. 

Despite its strengths, if you’re looking for alternatives, you can consider Swordfish Ai. Swordfish Ai stands out for its quality and compliance in a better pricing. This makes it an excellent alternative if you want different options to find correct contact data.

However, the choice always depends on what best fits your business requirements.

Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cognism good for personal use?

Cognism is primarily designed for B2B sales intelligence and marketing acceleration. The tool focuses on providing GDPR-compliant lead prospecting and data enrichment for businesses. It’s not designed for personal use but rather aimed at organizations and sales teams.

Is Cognism good for small business?

Absolutely. Cognism supports businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, with scalable solutions. Its ability to provide verified contact information and sales intelligence tools can enhance a small business’s lead generation and sales strategies.

Is Cognism secure?

Yes, Cognism prioritizes security by adhering to GDPR, SOC2, and ISO27001 standards, ensuring data protection and compliance. It implements Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) for secure access, protecting your business information effectively.

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