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hireEZ Pricing 2024, Alternatives, & Overview: Is hireEZ Worth It?

May 6, 2024 Hiretual, Pricing

hireEZ pricing

hireEZ (formerly hiretual) is a tool that helps companies find the right people to hire. One special thing about hireEZ is its persona-based talent search. It lets companies picture and find their perfect hires from a big group of over 800 million professionals on the Internet.

While hireEZ pricing isn’t publicly available, we found out that it offers a 15-day free trial. The Startups Plan is $169 per user per month with a boolean search and 100 contact credits. The Professional Plan is $199 per user per month. A Yearly Subscription includes all features and 4,000 monthly credits for $7,000 per year.

It’s important that you understand pricing because it can affect your budget and the overall value you’ll get. That’s why, we’ll dive into what hireEZ offers, its price points, and how it stacks up against other tools. 

Key Takeaways

  • Free Trial: Enjoy a 15-day free trial to explore hireEZ’s capabilities, great for companies interested in trying it out.
  • hireEZ Startups Plan: This plan costs $169 per user per month, suitable for up to 3 users. It includes a boolean search, 100 contact credits, and project management tools, making it ideal for small to medium businesses.
  • hireEZ Professional Plan: Priced at $199 per user per month, this plan offers advanced features for more complex recruiting needs.
  • hireEZ Yearly Subscription: Offers custom pricing, starting at $7,000 annually, which covers all features and provides 4,000 monthly credits for comprehensive recruitment efforts.

hireEZ: A Quick Overview

hireEZ: A Quick Overview

hireEZ is an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize outbound recruiting. The platform emphasizes allowing recruiters to focus on their core strength: interacting with people, while it takes care of the technical aspects. 

If you want to hire, and they’re on hireEZ’s list, you can find them easily. If not, you might need to look somewhere else.

Though hireEZ offers services to the whole world, mostly US recruiters, 79.51% use it. It’s especially good if you’re looking to hire top talent while saving time. 

Some people use it instead of LinkedIn. There are different prices for using hireEZ, depending on what you need. It’s made to help with today’s hiring challenges.

hireEZ Pricing Breakdown

hireEZ offers a Free Trial, Startups Plan at $169 monthly per user, Professional Plan at $199 monthly per user, and a Yearly Subscription with custom pricing, starting at $7,000 annually for annual billing. Monthly billing options are provided, with discounts for annual commitments.

Comprehensive Table on hireEZ Pricing Plans

Now, let’s take a look at the pricing plans offered by hireEZ.

Pricing Plan

Monthly Cost per User Annual Billing Key Features

Best Suited For

Free Trial

$0 $0 15-day test, all features Businesses exploring hireEZ tools
hireEZ Startups Plan $169 Discounted pricing Boolean search, 100 contacts, email, up to 3 users

SMBs needing basic recruitment solutions

hireEZ Professional Plan

$199 Discounted pricing All Startups Plan features plus improved capabilities  Larger teams requiring advanced features
hireEZ Yearly Subscription Custom $7,000 annually


Includes all Professional Plan features, 4,000 monthly credits, and additional premium features

Businesses seeking comprehensive solutions

How is hireEZ Cost Calculated? Factors Affecting The Pricing

Wondering how hireEZ decides on pricing? It’s not just a flat rate; several things can adjust your final cost.

  • Credits: Every plan has a set number of “contact credits” each month. Think of these credits as tokens you use to access hireEZ’s services. If you need more than what your plan offers, you might have to discuss custom pricing with hireEZ.
  • Length of Your Contract: Choosing to pay yearly instead of monthly usually means you’ll save some money. This discount is available for both the Startups Plan and the Yearly Subscription.
  • How Many People Are Using hireEZ: If you’ve got a big team and all of them need access to hireEZ, you might get a special price. This is especially true for businesses looking at the Professional Plan or Yearly Subscription.
  • Adding Special Features: The Yearly Subscription plan is pretty flexible. If you want extra features not included in the standard package, your price will adjust accordingly.

Free Trial

You can also take advantage of a free 15-day test period provided by hireEZ enterprise. This provides you with a taste of all that hireEZ has to offer and how it may help with the hiring process.

hireEZ Startups Plan

The hireEZ Startups Plan, at $169 per month per user, offers a boolean search, 100 contact credits, email, and project management for up to 3 users. Ideal for SMBs seeking a straightforward recruitment solution.

  • Monthly Cost per user: $169 per month
  • For Annual Billing: Typically offer a discounted rate compared to monthly subscriptions.
  • For Monthly Billing: $169 per user.
  • Key Features: Search functionality with boolean logic, 100 contact credits per month, email management, and project management tools.

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: Up to 3 users.

Best Suited For: Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) looking for a basic yet effective solution to simplify their recruiting process.

A bullet list of features includes:

  • AI Sourcing feature with Endless Potential
  • Countless Boolean Builder
  • Chrome Add-On
  • Employing Manager Cooperation
  • Monthly 100 Contact Credits
  • Teamwork among the recruiters
  • Management of Sequences and Single Emails
  • Numerous Projects

Pros of the Startup Plan —

  • Designed for SMBs, offering a cost-effective solution.
  • Simplifies the hiring process with integrated tools.
  • Ensures better collaboration among team members.

Cons of the Startup Plan —

  • Limited to 3 users, which isn’t enough for growing businesses.

hireEZ Professional Plan

hireEZ Professional Plan costs $199 per month per user, with custom annual billing. It builds on the Startups Plan, adding advanced features. Designed for larger teams needing more features and credits.

  • Monthly Cost per user: $199 per user
  • For annual billing: Custom
  • Key Features: Includes all features from the Startups Plan with additional capabilities

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: For precise details on user limits for the Professional Plan, it would be best to consult directly with hireEZ.

Best Suited For: Larger organizations or recruitment teams that need more advanced features and higher contact credit allowances.

hireEZ Yearly Subscription

hireEZ yearly subscription offers custom monthly pricing or $7,000 annually, including all Professional Plan features, 4,000 monthly credits, and premium options. Ideal for large enterprises or agencies.

  • Monthly Cost per user: Custom
  • For annual billing: $7,000 annually
  • For monthly billing: Custom
  • Key Features: All features included in the Professional Plan, 4,000 credits every month, and potentially additional premium features.

Minimum/Maximum Number of Users: For precise details on user limits for the Professional Plan, it would be best to consult directly with hireEZ.

Best Suited For: Large enterprises or agencies that require extensive recruiting tools, higher credit needs, and custom solutions customized to their exact needs.

Key Features: 

  • All of the features are included in the monthly pricing information.
  • 4,000 credits every month.

Key Benefits of hireEZ

hireEZ is a cloud-based recruiting tool that can be a game-changer for businesses. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get out of hireEZ:

  • Smooth Sourcing: With its Chrome Extension, hireEZ lets you find candidates directly from platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed in a snap.
  • Advanced Searches: The Boolean Builder feature allows for detailed searches based on specific criteria, ensuring you find the right fit every time.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Team members can share notes and feedback in real-time, ensuring everyone is aligned during the hiring process.
  • Vast Candidate Database: Access to millions of candidate profiles from various platforms, all in one place.
  • Efficient Candidate Management: Save resumes and profiles directly into your ATS or CRM, without the need to switch between platforms.
  • Enhanced Engagement: With customizable email templates and outreach messages, communicating with candidates becomes more effective and on-brand.

When Should I Pay for hireEZ?

With so many tools, it’s important to know when and why to invest in each. In our hireEZ pricing reviews, we’ll look at the scenarios where getting hireEZ can be the right move.

When Should I Pay for hireEZ

Database Access

hireEZ is a candidate database offering 800 million professionals, making it easy to find top talent while saving and connecting with the right profiles. If you’re having trouble finding enough qualified candidates, hireEZ’s advanced search can broaden your options, improving your recruitment process.

Evaluating the Tool

Before committing, ensure hireEZ meets your recruitment needs by testing its ability to find relevant candidate profiles. If manual recruiting tasks are overwhelming your team, hireEZ’s automation tools can simplify finding and managing candidates, freeing up time for essential hiring duties.

Benefits for US-Based Recruiters

For US-based recruiters who are sourcing for unique roles and don’t want a LinkedIn Recruiter license, hireEZ can be a blessing. Moreover, HierEZ’s analytics can help you make your recruitment strategy smarter with actionable data. Using this information, you can make better decisions to improve your hiring process.

Improving Team Collaboration in Hiring

If your hiring team is growing or facing challenges in working together effectively, HierEZ offers solutions. Its collaborative tools help keep everyone aligned, ensuring better communication and decision-making in your recruitment efforts.

Subscription Benefits

A hireEZ paid plan offers tools and features that can significantly improve your recruitment strategy, making the investment worthwhile. In addition, if you’re looking for more B2B prospecting tools, take a look at the list of top tools to consider.

Features of hireEZ

hireEZ is a candidate search and recruitment tool designed to simplify the hiring process for businesses. Here are its main features —

Features of hireEZ

Optimized Speed for Screening Applicants

hireEZ uses advanced AI features to screen a large number of applicants quickly. This technology allows recruiters to screen up to one million applicants in just under a minute. It also syncs candidate details to CRM or Applicant Tracking Software platforms for easy monitoring throughout the hiring process.

Improved Workflow with Analytics Tools

The platform offers tools for analytics and monitoring that help in overseeing active workflows. It also has an AI tool that reactivates stale candidate profiles for consideration.

Data-Driven Decisions

hireEZ offers data and insights that help make smarter hiring decisions. With detailed reports, recruiting teams can see what works, helping them to recruit better and faster.

Boolean Builder

This feature makes searching for right candidates faster and more precise. Recruiters can quickly create search terms to find exactly who they need. It’s great for those who like to actively search for passive talent.

Total Customization for User Needs

hireEZ is adaptable to the specific needs of its users. It offers specialized tools for various industries and allows users to personalize settings to their preferences. 

Workflow Automation

hireEZ simplifies recruitment by automating routine tasks. From finding candidates to engaging with them and organizing talent pools, everything becomes more efficient.

Persona-based Talent Search

The platform features a candidate persona builder that helps organizations visualize their ideal candidates. HireEZ searches over 800 million professional profiles across 30 public platforms using this persona.

Recruiting GPT (EZGPT)

This tool changes how we communicate with candidates by automatically creating personalized cold emails that get responses. It saves time and makes interactions with candidates more personalized.

Efficient Candidate Engagement

hireEZ integrates with Gmail and Outlook, allowing recruiters to communicate with potential employees directly within the platform’s interface. 

Is hireEZ Worth The Price?

HireEZ definitely offers good value for your money. It comes packed with tools that make hiring faster and smarter. 

For instance, you can use the platform to search for candidates, engage with them effectively, analyze your hiring process, and use analytics. Whether your team is big or small, HireEZ has something for you.

Plus, if you’re recruiting from the US or your team is working together to hire, HireEZ could be a game-changer. It can help save time and money, making it a smart investment. 

So, if you’re looking to improve how you hire, HireEZ is worth considering.

What is hireEZ’s Pricing on Reddit?

Exploring hireEZ’s pricing through Reddit’s recruiting forums reveals a wide range of experiences and insights. The AI-driven sourcing and recruitment CRM tools offered by hireEZ have attracted the attention of the talent acquisition community.

Insights on Pricing from Users

Members of Reddit’s recruiting community have shared their thoughts on the cost associated with hireEZ, frequently comparing it to other similar services. 

One discussion highlights a user being quoted $6,000 for a yearly subscription, noting the lack of a monthly payment option. 

This information surprised some users who had expected the price to be closer to $200 a month, based on earlier conversations or assumptions. A recruiter received a quote from hireEZ for $7,000 for an annual plan with 4,000 credits.

Community Perspectives on Pricing

Although many recruiters value hireEZ, its price structure presents a hurdle, according to the conversations on Reddit. This is especially true for independent recruiters or smaller agencies focused on optimizing their budgets while accessing effective recruitment tools.

Swordfish AI is the #1 hireEZ Alternative


Swordfish AI stands out in the recruitment world. What makes Swordfish different from others, like hireEZ, are its special features. 

At Swordfish, we give a unique cell phone number for each contact. But it’s not just about having a number; it’s about making sure it’s the right one. We have our own verification system to check these numbers. This is super helpful for cold calling, where first impressions matter a lot. 

Plus, Swordfish AI has the upper hand with its huge database. We have access to over 3.5 billion people. In addition, we offer free trials, although we have multi-tiered packages with varying prices

So, while many tools give contact info, Swordfish AI makes sure it’s the right, direct contact.

Swordfish vs hireEZ: A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table of how Swordfish stacks against hireEZ.


Swordfish AI



Varies based on package and usage.

Startup: $169 per user (third party)

Professional: $199 per user (third party)

Yearly: $7,000 (third party)


over 800 million diverse candidate profiles

Unique Features

Integration with various platforms


Primarily a web-based platform.
Value Proposition Offers accurate and validated contact data, making it ideal for cold calling.

Provides a vast candidate database, making it suitable for recruiters and HR professionals.

Chrome Extension

LinkedIn,Facebook Profiles, Twitter,  Facebook Groups, etc. LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter
Target Audience Sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters.

HR professionals, recruiters, and companies looking to streamline their hiring process.

Swordfish vs hireEZ

Why Choose Swordfish AI Over hireEZ?

Your outreach efforts will be more effective and precise with Swordfish AI’s exclusive contact information.

Extensive Network of Data Providers

With partnerships across over 200 unique cell phone data sources, Swordfish AI beats hireEZ by offering more contact information. Thus, you have a better chance of reaching the people you really want to talk to.

Verified Contact Information

Swordfish AI works directly with cell phone carriers to ensure that the information is correct as you receive it. By doing this, you’ll spend less time dealing with wrong numbers or outdated info, a big advantage over hireEZ.

Exclusive Matching Technology

For matching contact details with prospects, Swordfish AI uses its own algorithms. This unique approach greatly increases your chances of getting in touch with your target contacts, setting Swordfish AI apart from hireEZ.

Integrates Smoothly With Your Workflow

Swordfish AI supports a variety of integrations to make your work process smoother and more efficient. Unlike hireEZ, which specializes in recruitment CRM, Swordfish AI offers versatile tools that benefit both recruitment and sales.

If you’re impressed by its features, value, and potential, try Swordfish AI today.

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What are the Other Alternatives to hireEZ?

When it comes to recruitment and sourcing tools, hireEZ has made a notable mark in the industry. However, there are several other hireEZ alternatives apart from Swordfish that offer unique features and capabilities. Let’s check them out.

hireEZ Pricing Comparison with Alternatives

Based on the key differentiations between these tools, we have compared them below.


hireEZ SeekOut Turing Recruitee
Free Trial Customized  Offers Demo 2 week trial

18 days trial


Startup: $169 per user (third party) Quote-based Customized  Start: $249 per month

(Unlimited users with 5 job slots)

Professional: $199 per user (third party)

Grow: $311 per month

(Unlimited users and job slots)

Yearly: $7,000 (third party)

Optimize: Quote-based

(Unlimited users and job slots)

Core Function Recruitment CRM software Talent Acquisition and Management AI-powered Developer Sourcing and Team Building

Collaborative Recruitment Software and ATS

Key Differentiators

Customizable recruitment workflows, data analytics for talent acquisition AI-powered search, diversity sourcing, talent management Deeply vetted developer network, custom software engineering services Automation of manual tasks, collaborative hiring features
Database Over 800 million diverse candidate profiles 127 million

unique talent pool profiles

3 million developers

Doesn’t mention

Target Audience

Recruiters seeking customizable workflows Companies needing diverse and hard-to-find talent Businesses requiring vetted developers or engineering teams Companies looking for an ATS with collaborative tools
Integration  Wedge, Workable, Outlook, Jobvite, Lever, Salesforce, etc. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Ascendify, etc. Github, Slack, Jira, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SAP, etc.

Microsoft Azure, Zapier, SAML, G Suite, etc.

1. hireEZ vs SeekOut

SeekOut stands out as a formidable talent data cloud alternative to hireEZ, especially for organizations looking for diversity and hard-to-find talent. It provides a full-featured talent platform that allows companies to find and engage with hard-to-find talent. 

Plus, the platform offers features like AI-driven talent sourcing, diversity hiring, and extensive analytics. With over 330 million profiles available, SeekOut helps employers find candidates with specific skills, such as security clearances. As a result, firms seeking data-driven insights can benefit from it.

SeekOut’s pricing is competitive, and it offers a variety of plans tailored to different recruiting needs. 

Comparison Table hireEZ vs SeekOut

Here’s a comparison of SeekOut and hireEZ that you can find:

hireEZ vs SeekOut




Startup: $169 per user (third party)


Professional: $199 per user (third party)

Yearly: $7,000 (third party)

Database Over 800 million diverse candidate profiles

Over 330 million underrepresented candidates


Offers API capabilities. Offers powerful APIs for integration.
Data Visualization Data visualization tools available for tracking and analysis.

Advanced data visualization tools for better insights.

AI Capabilities

AI for engagement and sourcing AI-driven talent search and insights
Integration Wedge, Workable, Outlook, Jobvite, Lever, Salesforce, etc.

Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Ascendify, etc.


Instant notifications to keep you updated. Real-time notifications for important updates.
Application Tracking Comprehensive application tracking to ease recruitment.

Efficient application tracking system for managing candidates.

2. hireEZ vs Turing

If you’re looking beyond traditional recruitment CRM features that hireEZ provides, Turing shines as a prime choice for tech-focused companies. Turing is a unique platform that connects the top 1% of software engineers from around the world. 

It’s used by most Silicon Valley and U.S. companies to hire for remote software jobs. Plus, the platform features an AI-based vetting system that ensures only the best candidates make the cut. 

Besides, Turing’s pricing is based on the quality and expertise of the developers, ensuring companies get value for their money. Using AI, Turing target group of talent and offers custom software engineering services to create top-notch products.

Comparison Table hireEZ vs Turing

To compare hireEZ and Turing, let’s look at their pricing and features —

hireEZ vs Turing





Startup: $169 per user (third party)

Provides upon request

Professional: $199 per user (third party)

Yearly: $7,000 (third party)

Talent Sourcing

Over 800 million candidates Over 3 million engineers
Main Offering Database of candidate profiles

Connection to top software engineers globally

Additional Features

Search with Boolean logic, Projects, Email management Turing Workspace, Turing Virtual Machine
Target Audience Various, including SMBs

Top U.S. and Silicon Valley companies

3. hireEZ vs Recruitee

If you’re looking for options beyond hireEZ for your recruitment activities, consider Recruitee. It’s a modern Talent Acquisition Platform, built for hiring managers and recruiters alike. 

With features like collaborative hiring, the platform aims to simplify the recruitment process, making it faster and more efficient. Besides, it’s easy to set up, has a user-friendly interface, and provides excellent customer support. 

Plus, Recruitee helps teams work together better during the hiring process. In terms of pricing with hireEZ comparisons, Recruitee offers a transparent model with different plans to suit various business needs.

Comparison Table hireEZ vs Recruitee

Now, let’s compare hireEZ and Recruitee based on their features and pricing —

hireEZ vs Recruitee





Startup: $169 per user (third party)

Start: $249 per month

(Unlimited users with 5 job slots)

Professional: $199 per user (third party)

Grow: $311 per month

(Unlimited users and job slots)

Yearly: $7,000 (third party)

Optimize: Quote-based

(Unlimited users and job slots)

Main Offering Recruitment CRM software with a focus on talent acquisition

Collaborative ATS for sourcing, screening, and recruiting

Platform Type

Candidate Database Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Target Audience Recruiters looking for a vast database of candidate profiles

Companies looking to improve their recruitment process

User Interface

Designed for individual recruiters to access a vast database Collaborative with a focus on team-based recruitment
Additional Features Search with Boolean logic, Projects

Customizable recruiting pipeline, automation triggers, video conferencing integrations

If you haven’t found your preferred one yet, take a look at other alternatives to hireEZ. Once you’ve chosen your tool, optimize your business development strategies with these success tips.


hireEZ offers a complete suite of features dedicated to ease the recruitment process. With its competitive pricing, especially when considering the monthly and yearly subscription options, it provides value for money. 

However, while hireEZ has its strengths, there are alternatives like Swordfish AI that bring their own set of advantages to the table. It’s important for potential employers to weigh the benefits of hireEZ against their specific needs and compare them with other tools in the market. 

Now that you know all about hireEZ pricing, list down your requirements. That way, you’ll come to a better conclusion. 

arrowTry Swordfish Ai


Is there a demo available for hireEZ?

Yes, hireEZ likely offers demos for potential users to understand its features and capabilities. It’s recommended to visit the official hireEZ website or contact their sales team to schedule a demo.

Are there any hidden charges in hireEZ’s pricing?

hireEZ maintains transparency in its pricing, with no hidden fees, ensuring users know what they’re paying for.

Is hireEZ suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises?

Yes, hireEZ caters to organizations of all sizes, offering scalable solutions tailored to specific recruitment needs.

What is the payment method of hireEZ?

You’ll need a credit card to purchase the premium version because the site only takes card payments.

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