Business Development Rep Success Tips (Updated 2022)

Business development, or “bus dev” for short, is an ongoing must for any business. Business Development Reps have a constant job of generating new leads and inquiries for their respective companies.

Here are the Best 6 Business Development Rep Success Tips for 2022:

1. Structure Your Day

Figure out what works and stick to it. 

Box off specific time in your calendar for different tasks and prioritize your day. Always keep adjusting and don’t be afraid to try new things.

This Business Development Rep tip came from’s “9 Tips to be a Successful Business Development Rep”.

2. Always Be Helpful 

It’s easy to think of cold calling and knocking on doors when you think of sales. For a lot of people, that’s still how they see sales.

Understanding some of the leads and prospects you are reaching out to have this perception will help you be a better salesperson. You can prove that perception wrong by immediately adding value for the person you are reaching out too.

This BDR strategy came from’s “10 Sales Tips From A Business Development Representative (BDR)”.

3. Know Your Audience Inside and Out

In order to be successful at gaining new business, BDR’s need to have a deep understanding of your organization’s market, audience and product. 

The challenge is that people’s needs constantly change, so BDR’s need to be flexible and quick to adapt. In order to stay current, you should never stop researching and always look for more data on your target market.’s “4 Keys to Being a Successful Business Development Representative” shared this BDR tip.

4. Embrace Failure 

As a Business Development professional you will definitely encounter failure. 

Your job is to find creative ways to generate leads. That means you’ll try lots of new approaches to figure out what works, and not everything will bring the results you expect.

When this happens, you have two choices: 
• Become a victim and complain about everything.
• Learn to deal with failure and move on to your next idea.

This BDR tip came from’s “7 Tips for Business Development Success”.

5. Listen to Your Prospects

If you want to be a good BDR, you need great listening skills. 

And by “listen” we don’t mean “zone out and say yes a lot!” One of the best ways to connect with a prospect is to make them feel not only heard, but also understood.

This means asking clarifying questions, quickly summarizing what they’ve said, and making intelligent suggestions devoted to solving their pain points.

Spiro.AI’s “How To Succeed As A New Bdr” article, shared this BDR tip.

6. Be Accountable to Yourself and Others

As sales people, it’s part of our job to make sure prospects show up to demos and introduce us to procurement to get the deal done. It’s our job to make requests and to keep people accountable once they’ve given answers.

It’s also important to keep yourself accountable for your own goals. If the metrics tell you it takes 120 calls to set a single demo, you’d better make sure you make each one of those calls count.

This BDR strategy came from’s “How to Become a Great Business Development Representative”.

How to Use the Best 6 Business Development Rep Success Tips For 2022?

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