6 Enterprise Sales Prospecting Tips (Updated 2022)

Enterprise selling is a different ballgame from small business B2B sales. There are more variables to consider, including multiple decision-makers, a much longer sales cycle, and a higher dollar sale amount for a closed deal. 

It is all worth the wait. Sometimes one large price-point enterprise sale can make your sales quota for the quarter, or even whole year. Load your sales pipeline with as many enterprise deals you can in 2022. 

Here are The Best 6 Enterprise Sales Prospecting Tips to Use In 2022

1. Position Yourself to Sell

To prepare to close a large enterprise deal, a lot more prep work is needed. The last thing you want to do is lose the buyer’s attention because you didn’t engage in enough research and discovery.

Get inside their world. Set up company and industry alerts. Ask them all the right questions in order to fill in the gaps of what they need.

This enterprise sales prospecting tip came from RevenueGrid.com’s “The enterprise sales process: 5 steps to close deals with corporate giants”.

2. Attracting and Retaining Enterprise Clients

Like any client, an enterprise client has to be earned. 

They also often will have much more at stake if they choose to invest in your product, since large businesses will usually need products long-term or in bulk to accommodate wide-scale operation.

Therefore, it will take even more effort to help your portfolio and reputation enough to acquire such a client, and to ensure you have the means to deliver on the needs of this type of company.

This enterprise sales prospecting tip came from Sana-Commerce.com’s “Enterprise sales: How to sell to big companies”.

3. Get Your First Customer

Your very first paying customer will likely be a small or medium-sized business that will help you step up to the larger and enterprise-sized businesses.

Once you get your first customer, assuming they are a happy customer, you will have an advocate for your business who will be your customer testimonial for your second client and maybe even your one-hundredth client.

This enterprise sales prospecting tip came from NeilPatel.com “Sell to Large and Enterprise Businesses Using This 16 Point Checklist”.

4. Document The Setbacks and Successes of Your Customers

Create and curate cases studies not only to help with product development and improvement, but also to showcase success stories.

Connect prospects with relevant case studies that involve pain points and situations that are very similar to their own.

This enterprise sales prospecting tip came from Outreach.io’s “Breaking Into Enterprise Sales: How To Close $100K+ Deals”.

5. Prepare for a Lengthy Sales Cycle

If you’re serious about turning an enterprise lead into a client, be prepared to dedicate a greater amount of time, budget, and resources to make it happen.

Enterprise sales tend to move slower than deals with small businesses. 

Part of the problem is that more people need to sign off on purchases, there’s more paperwork involved, and, since the contracts are more valuable and higher in price point, they take longer to get approved.

This enterprise sales tip came from PropellerCRM.com’s “The Ultimate Enterprise Sales Guide: How Startups Can Close Bigger Deals”.

6. Closing

When the enterprise prospect is ready to buy, you can move towards closing. Now it’s time to finalize the deal and work out any outstanding issues.

Here’s how to close enterprise sales effectively:

1. Make sure the process of signing a contract is as simple as possible. Use a digital signature software application rather than relying on paper contracts.

2. When you feel the time is right, ask the customer outright about their timeline for completing the deal. Don’t make assumptions.

3. If the deal falls through and it might deal with the situation professionally. Thank stakeholders for their time and say you hope they keep you in mind for the future.

This enterprise sales closing tip came from CloserIQ.com’s “Elements of a Typical Enterprise Sales Process”.

How to Use These 6 Enterprise Sales Prospecting Tips In 2022?

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