GetProspect Review: An Honest Analysis of Features and Pricing

getprospect review

GetProspect is a tool that helps businesses find emails, but what’s special about it? It can tell the difference between personal and work emails. This means when you use it, you’re more likely to reach the right person at a company. 

A lot of different businesses use GetProspect, from small ones just starting out to big ones that have been around for a while. So, why should you learn more about GetProspect? 

Well, in a world where everyone is trying to sell something, having a tool that makes it easier to find the right people can really help. So, Keep reading, and we’ll go into more detail about it here in our GetProspect review.

GetProspect: A Quick Overview

GetProspect: A Quick Overview

GetProspect is a lead generation platform designed to streamline the process of finding and validating business emails. It lets businesses find emails from LinkedIn and other corporate websites, ensuring they have access to real contacts.

With its user-friendly interface, it integrates seamlessly with Chrome, allowing you to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles easily. The platform also comes with a strong email verifier tool that ensures the authenticity of every email found. 

Furthermore, GetProspect provides CRM tools to organize leads, an extensive B2B database and offers 100 free emails every month to its users. Its integration capabilities allow businesses to enhance their sales cycle and convert leads into customers.

Features of GetProspect

Here are some notable features worth keeping in mind —

Features of GetProspect

Email Finder Tool

GetProspect is an email extractor tool for LinkedIn that can pull emails from corporate websites. It can find multiple email addresses instantly, even based on specific website URLs or individual names.

Email Verifier

This tool email verifier tool verified the discovered emails. It uses a detailed 12-step method to confirm emails, getting rid of repeated ones and filtering out fake addresses.

Chrome Extension

The GetProspect Chrome extension simplifies the process of extracting emails from LinkedIn. You can browse LinkedIn profiles and instantly find and export email addresses, all within their Chrome browser.

Lead Enrichment

For users seeking more detailed information about their email contacts, GetProspect offers an email enrichment tool. You can retrieve missing details and get verified emails about potential clients by uploading any contact information.

CRM Tools

GetProspect provides CRM tools that help businesses and teams automate their sales workflow. It aids in organizing leads, using dynamic lists and nested folders to give sales teams better insights into their leads.

B2B Database Access

You can get access to GetProspect’s extensive B2B database, which includes over 230 million verified business emails and details of more than 26 million corporate companies.

Pros of GetProspect

  • Clear and easy to set up.
  • Integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn.
  • Real-time email verification for authenticity.
  • Access to a vast B2B database with filtering options.
  • Provides 100 free emails every month.

Cons of GetProspect

  • Limited views on LinkedIn profiles.

GetProspect User Experience

In our interactions with users, we collected important data that might help you.

User-Friendly Interface

GetProspect is designed with a clean and intuitive interface to find emails straightforward. Checkboxes make it easy to pick prospects, and the Chrome extension integrates easily with the browser, improving lead generation.

With a user-friendly interface, it’s also crucial to understand the B2B customer journey stages to focus on, making the experience smooth.

Efficient Email Verification

Users appreciate the immediate verification of emails once they’re found by GetProspect. The platform ensures that every email is authentic, reducing the need for additional tools or software to verify email addresses.

Safe LinkedIn Browsing

One of the concerns users often have is the limitation set by LinkedIn on profile views. GetProspect addresses this by allowing you to view prospects’ profiles safely, adhering to the set limits by LinkedIn.

Beyond LinkedIn browsing, explore creative ways to reach prospects to diversify your lead generation channels.

Value for Money

Many users have highlighted the platform’s cost-effectiveness. Not only does GetProspect offer 100 free emails every month, but it also ensures that users only pay for unique contacts. 

In addition to this feature, the platform’s advanced algorithms ensure users get refined and verified leads. After ensuring value for your investment, dig deeper into enterprise sales prospecting tips to maximize your outreach potential.

Collaborative Features

Teams that use GetProspect appreciate its features that boost teamwork. The platform lets sales and marketing groups join forces, share contact lists, and increase their work output. The ability to set up endless workspaces for various tasks stands out, especially for bigger teams.

GetProspect Support for Users

According to our interactions and research, GetProspect puts a big emphasis on user support. That’s because —

Responsive Customer Support

GetProspect takes pride in its customer-centric approach, ensuring users receive timely and efficient support. Whether it’s through online chat or email, the support team is always ready to assist. 

Plus, we contacted their support center and were promptly greeted by a knowledgeable team eager to help.

Support Across Time Zones

Whether users are in a European city or somewhere in the Americas, GetProspect ensures they get the required help. This worldwide support strategy has earned praise from numerous users, showcasing the platform’s dedication to serving its varied community.

User Feedback Integration

One of the standout aspects of GetProspect’s support is its openness to user feedback. Several users have mentioned how the platform actively integrates suggestions, showing commitment to improving and adapting.

GetProspect Pricing

GetProspect offers a variety of pricing plans designed to serve different user needs. Here’s a breakdown of GetProspect pricing structure:


Free PlanStarter PlanGrowth 5k


Cost per month

Valid emails501,000


A professional prospecting service.


Phone numbersNo5


LinkedIn extension

API AccessYesYesYes


Advanced filters

Team data sharingYesYesYes


Export files CSV & XLSX

Zapier integrationNoYesYes


CSV Enrichment

Native integrationsNoNoYes


Team credit sharing

Dedicated outreach servicesNoNoNo


A/B Testing and optimization

Person-based campaignsNoNoNo


Our Review: Is GetProspect the Right Tool for Your Business?

GetProspect enhances lead generation with its LinkedIn integration and real-time email verification, offering reliable leads. Its user-friendly interface and extensive B2B database make it a preferred tool, despite some limitations in LinkedIn profile access and filter functionality.

Ideal for businesses focusing on email marketing and LinkedIn prospecting, it’s vital to assess its limitations. For those looking to expand their LinkedIn strategy, exploring LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans could further optimize their prospecting efforts.

From our Getprospect reviews, if you need a lead generation platform that does more than LinkedIn email extraction, it might just be the right fit for your business. However, always consider other options based on your specific needs. We’ll talk about a few major players further.

Best Alternatives to GetProspect 

Best Alternatives to GetProspect

While it’s great, there are other GetProspect alternatives. Check out each tool to see which works best for you because they all have special features.

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI is one of the efficient LinkedIn email extractor tools that help businesses find contact details of potential clients. Unlike GetProspect, Swordfish has a special feature: it can give you someone’s personal cell phone number

Not only that, but we also have their own proprietary cell phone verification system. This is super handy for businesses that want to call potential clients directly. Plus, Swordfish has a big database with over 3.5 billion profiles. That’s a lot of contacts! 

You can also use our tool on Chrome to get contact details from places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Google searches. And don’t worry; we make sure to follow all the rules and laws about data privacy. 

So, if you’re looking for a tool to help you find and reach out to potential clients, Swordfish AI might be a good pick. And, we offer a custom free trial also for your convenience.


Swordfish AI



Contact finding platformLead generation platform 
Intent data solutionYes


Chrome Extension




Contact ExtractionYes


arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. SalesQL


SalesQL is a straightforward tool designed to boost your LinkedIn outreach. It’s a free LinkedIn email finder and lead generation platform, allowing you to quickly find email addresses and phone numbers directly from LinkedIn profiles. 

With SalesQL, you can connect to over 700 million professionals, making it a solid tool for salespeople and recruiters. Major brands like Accenture and Johnson & Johnson trust it.

The platform stands out with its ability to differentiate between personal and business emails and offers extensions for popular browsers like Chrome and Edge.


LinkedIn IntegrationYes


Email Finder

In-house Email VerificationYes


Browser Extension

Organization of LeadsYes



  • Starts at $39 per month 
  • Pro $119 per month
  • Starts at $49 per month 
  • Agency at $2,999 per month

3. is a powerful tool designed for email marketing enthusiasts. It specializes in finding and verifying professional email addresses, making outreach and link-building campaigns more effective. 

Besides, it’s got a user-friendly interface, Chrome extension, and accuracy in email verification. While it stands out for its powerful features, it’s also noted for being pricier than some alternatives. 

Some reviews mention its inability to search for emails on social media platforms like LinkedIn, which might be a limitation for some users.



Email Finder

LinkedIn IntegrationYes


Email Verification

Unique Selling PointProvides a clear breakdown of where the emails were sourced, with a high accuracy rate.

Offers a comprehensive lead generation process

Browser Extension

PricingOffers a free plan with limited searches and verifications. 

Premium plans available.

Free plan with 50 emails/month. 

Paid plans range from $49/month to $2,999/month.


So, we’ve looked at GetProspect, and here’s the deal: it’s a tool that helps you find emails. It’s easy to use and does its job well. But like all tools, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, whether for price, usability, or features.

If you find that GetProspect doesn’t quite meet your needs, you might want to consider alternatives like Swordfish AI. It’s got a huge database, impressive data accuracy, and a verification system.

However, for many, GetProspect will prove to be a valuable asset, simplifying the process of finding and reaching out to potential leads. That’s all for our GetProspect review. Make your choice wisely.


How accurate is GetProspect in finding valid emails?

Based on various reviews, GetProspect is known for its high accuracy rate in finding and verifying emails, ensuring that businesses connect with the right individuals.

Do I need any technical skills to use GetProspect?

No, GetProspect is designed to be user-friendly. Most reviews highlight its intuitive interface, making it accessible even for those without a technical background.

Is GetProspect safe to use with LinkedIn?

Yes, many reviews highlight that GetProspect adheres to LinkedIn’s usage limits, ensuring users’ accounts remain uncompromised.

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