B2B Customer Journey Stages (Updated 2022)

Put yourself into the mindset of your potential customers / clients. What does each stage of the journey look like?

Here are the Top 5 B2B Customer Journey Stages to Focus in 2022:

1. Connection

This is the first stage of the customer journey, also known as the “awareness” stage. 

Prospects in this group find your business through a variety of sources. Social media, ads, or word-of-mouth are a few examples.

These prospective buyers don’t know anything about you. It’s your responsibility to educate them on what you do and how you do it. The goal is to build more interest in your brand and show prospects how you can help them.

This customer journey stage tip came from GoldenVineyardBranding.com’s “How to Master All 5 Stages of the Customer Journey”.

2. Consideration (pre-sale)

Debating options, perhaps yours vs another product, considering pricing, which is the best solution, weighing features and benefits.

Brand awareness can play an important part here, brand familiarity, known history, and perceived quality and service can sway a sale to the more familiar or more favored brand. 

Look to increase brand awareness in this product space.

This customer journey phase came from Commbox.io’s “The 5 Phases of the Customer Journey When Onboarding, a Guide”.

3. Evaluate

After people have discovered you and determined you are worth consideration, they will start to evaluate how well you can solve their problem. 

The customer goal here is to make a preliminary assessment whether or not you have a viable solution. 

Will it solve the problem? Considerations here explore alignment with the problem itself.

Gus Svendsen shared the “8 Universal Stages of the Customer Journey” on Medium.com.

4. Purchase

Payment methods have become more diverse. 

However, you might not need to offer every method from cash to card to mobile payment. Better to consider your customers and discover which they prefer so that you can offer a targeted range of useful options.

Email / offline / social media surveys could help here. Or, if you have the budget, a focus group.

This customer journey stage came from CIM.co.uk’s “Five Stages of Your Customers’ Buying Journey”.

5. Loyalty

Just because someone buys your product, that doesn’t mean their customer journey is over. 

You want them to be loyal customers who consider your products again when they encounter new problems, or your product expires.

This stage isn’t necessarily relevant for all product categories, but if you care about repeat customers, you’ll want your customer journey to include a stage that considers why customers come back, and what tools you can use to reach them.

This customer journey stage tip came from PriceSpider.com’s “What Are the Customer Journey Stages?”.

How Will You Use the Top 5 B2B Customer Journey Stages in 2022?

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