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20 Best Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Success

April 21, 2024 Cold Call, Cold Emails

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best cold calling scripts for real estate

Getting started with real estate cold calling scripts for buyers may initially seem daunting, especially if you’re a newbie. While it’s true that only a fraction of cold calls result in a conversation, the potential benefits are truly great. 

While some believe other methods are better for getting leads, cold calling is still a strong tool for real estate agents.

Reaching out directly over the phone allows you to showcase your real estate services in a warm, personal manner. This method gives you the chance to communicate your offerings clearly and build rapport.

With a collection of 20 best cold calling scripts for real estate, you are prepared for a range of conversations. These scripts act as a versatile guide, helping you steer discussions effectively.

It’s crucial to remember that success isn’t just about the number of calls made. The true goal is creating a genuine connection, which can blossom into a fruitful partnership. 

So, let’s begin without any delay.

What is a Real Estate Cold Calling Script?

A real estate cold calling script is like a conversation blueprint that helps real estate agents communicate with potential clients over the phone. It outlines what to say, how to build rapport, and how to offer value. 

This script is designed to grab the listener’s attention, address their needs, and ultimately, encourage them to consider working with the agent for buying or selling properties. 

It’s a helpful tool for agents to confidently reach out to new prospects and start meaningful conversations about real estate opportunities.

Interesting statistics on real estate cold calling scripts:

What is a Real Estate Cold Calling Script

27% Prefer phone Calls for New Contacts (RAIN group)

Cold Calls Preferred fro Key Business Tasks Like resolving Customer Concerns (41%), finalizing Sales (29%), and Coordinating Appointments (35%). (Hiya)

43% of Salespeople Struggle With Data Quality in Cold Prospecting. (RAIN Group)

71% of sales Reps Struggle to Engage Kye Stakeholders in Cols Calling. (Revenue Enablement) 

With a Poor Cold Clling Scripts, Success Rate is Only 2% (Cognism)

  • 27% of sellers say making a phone call to a new contact is more effective. 
  • According to Hiy’as research, Businesses highly favor cold calls as their primary mode of communication for critical tasks such as resolving customer concerns (41%), finalizing sales (29%), and coordinating appointments (35%).
  • Nearly half of salespeople, accounting for 43%, cite obtaining higher quality data as their primary challenge in cold prospecting efforts.
  • 71% of sales representatives find that the most challenging part of cold calling is connecting with and engaging key stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Given you have a terrible cold calling script, the chances of failure will be high, with the success rate for cold calling stands at just 2%.

The Importance of Cold Calling in Real Estate

Cold calling is a cornerstone in real estate for customer acquisition. It’s one of the marketing best practices among experts. Agents proactively reach out to potential clients, even if they haven’t expressed an interest in buying or selling property. You might be curious about how they get these phone numbers.

Real estate agents source numbers from various places, such as online databases or through their marketing team. Some may also use lead distribution tools or third-party real estate cold calling lists for prospects. 

Similar to email marketing, While it demands time and effort, cold calling holds substantial benefits in real estate. It spreads awareness about your services and establishes an immediate connection with those who genuinely require real estate assistance.

The Importance of Cold Calling in Real Estate

In the real estate industry, cold calling is indeed effective. About 28% of cold calls receive a response, and over 57% of real estate agents rank telemarketing as their primary method for generating leads. It’s worth noting that cold calling accounts for nearly half of the lead sources for real estate agents.

Different Types of Real Estate Scripts for Sales Calls

Different types of real estate scripts for buyers are essential because they cater to the diverse situations and needs that arise in the real estate industry.

Each type of real estate call, whether it’s contacting potential buyers, following up on leads, or engaging with expired listings, requires a unique approach. Having specialized scripts ensures that you address the specific concerns and objectives of each scenario.

Also, we’ve included a few free cold calling scripts for real estate agents with each type –

Type 1: For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Script

Alright, let’s kick things off with the FSBO script. FSBO stands for “For Sale By Owner,” which means the homeowner is trying to sell their property without the help of a real estate agent. 

Now, convincing them to work with you might take some finesse. Here’s a script you can use:

You: Hey there, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Company]. I noticed your property at [Address] listed for sale. Are you the legal homeowner?

Prospect: Yes, I am.

You: Fantastic! I hope I’m catching you at a good time to talk about it.

Prospect: Sure, go ahead.

You: Great! I came across your listing and wanted to confirm your asking price for the property.

Prospect: [Provides the price.]

You: I see. Can you tell me how long it’s been on the market?

Prospect: [Shares the duration.]

You: Alright. Before our call, I did some market research on houses in your area. On average, homes here have been selling at about [mention a price] over the past 5 years, and they typically take [mention the number] days to sell. With the right marketing plan, we can speed up your process and help you get the best value for your property. Would you be open to going through a marketing plan I’ve tailored specifically for your house?

This script helps you start a conversation with FSBO homeowners and show them the value you can bring to the table. Remember, confidence and a friendly approach can go a long way!

Type 2: Elevator Pitch Script

The Elevator Pitch script is a brief yet powerful introduction, designed for those moments when you have a short span of time, like an elevator ride, to explain what you do. It’s concise and engaging, aiming to captivate your listener’s interest instantly. Think of it as a quick sales pitch that leaves a lasting impression. 

Here’s an example:

Prospect: “So, what do you do?”

You: “I’m a real estate agent with [firm]. You know how the market has become even more difficult for first-time homebuyers?”

Prospect: “Yeah, it’s true.”

You: “So, I work specifically to help first-time home buyers make sure they get the home they want at a fair price, so they can enjoy being homeowners without any regret. If anyone you know is thinking about buying their first home, I’d be happy to chat with them. Does anyone come to mind?”

Prospect: “Actually, my brother and his wife are looking for their first home.”

You: “That’s great! I’d be delighted to assist them in finding their dream home. Thanks for thinking of me!”

This script helps you present yourself as a solution to a common problem and lays the foundation for future referrals. Remember to be genuine and confident in your delivery!

Type 3: Expired Listings Script

This one comes into play when a homeowner’s listing has expired, and they might be feeling a bit discouraged. Your goal is to rekindle their interest and show them a fresh perspective. Here’s an example:

You: Hi [contact’s name], I am [your name] from [your company’s name]. I am calling regarding the property on [give the exact address of the property that you are referring to]. Are you the legal property owner?

Prospect: Yes.

You: I see you listed your property for sale about a year ago, but the listing has expired now. Is this a good time to discuss your needs?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Awesome! Are you looking to put it up for sale again?

Prospect: I’m not sure. It didn’t work last time — we got barely any interest from potential buyers.

You: I understand your concern. But let me assure you that your house is a great property in a great location, which is why I am interested in helping try to find the right buyer. What was the highest offer you received last time?

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: I see. Did the buyers mention any key issues that caused them to not purchase the property?

(Prospect gives an answer.)

You: Alright. I can see major areas of improvement here. According to the recent market research I carried out on your neighborhood, I can assure you that I can get you a much better price for your property.

I actually also sold a house on your street two months back. Do you know of the [mention the property name or address] house? I got the seller a great price of [mention the selling price of the property]. Would you be interested in meeting me and discussing how we can alter our sales approach and help you get the best value out of your property?

Prospect: Yes, definitely!

This script aims to reignite the homeowner’s interest and confidence in selling their property, while also highlighting your expertise and track record in the area. Remember, it’s all about building trust and showing them the potential in their property!

Type 4: Referrals Sales Script

Alright, let’s talk about the Referrals Sales Script. This one is all about leveraging your existing satisfied clients to bring in new business. It’s like tapping into your own fan club for recommendations. 

Here’s an example of how you can go about it:

You: Hi [your client’s name]. This is [your name] from [the name of your company]. I helped you buy your home [mention the address of the property]. I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing.

Prospect: Yes, of course. I am doing great. How are you? How is business?

You: I’m great! I recently sold a house in your neighborhood, which is why I thought of you. How are things going? How’s the house?

Client: (Gives an answer.)

You: That is great. I am so glad. I wanted to get in touch with you and see how things were going. We are expanding our business and believe our past happy clients are our best brand ambassadors. Would you be willing to write a review of our company? Your good words would really help spread our business clientele.

Client: I’d be happy to! You guys really got me the best value for my money.

You: I am so glad to hear that. Just a quick confirmation–should I send over the link to this [email or phone number]?

Client: Yes!

You: Great. I just sent it over. Would you mind if we used your name on our website when mentioning your review?

Client: I don’t mind at all.

You: Awesome! Also, the link has a small section where you can refer any leads that you might know of who are looking to buy or sell a house. Please let me know if you know of anyone looking.

Client: My cousin is actually looking to buy a house. I’ll put her contact information in the form.

You: That’s great, [your client’s name]. It was good talking to you.

This script encourages your satisfied clients to not only provide a positive review but also refer potential leads. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved!

Type 5: Online Buyer Lead Script

The Online Buyer Lead Script is tailored for interactions with potential clients who express interest through your website. Given the digital nature of the lead, the initial interaction lacks the face-to-face element, making it even more crucial to establish rapport swiftly. Here’s how you can go about it:

You: Hi [contact’s name], this is [name] from [your company’s name] calling about the online form you filled out on our website regarding your interest in buying a house. Do you remember filling out the form?

Prospect: Yes.

You: Great! I hope this is a good time to talk about it.

Prospect: Sure.

You: Awesome! I wanted to make sure you get the information you requested since we did not receive a reply from our response email. I know how overwhelming the inbox can be sometimes! I see you want to buy property in [area]. Any reason why you chose this area in particular?

(Prospect answers.)

You: (Acknowledge the points they mentioned.) This is a great neighborhood choice. I actually sold a house in this area a few weeks ago at [mention a price]. The buyer especially liked this neighborhood because of the [benefit]. Would you want to meet tomorrow and discuss the details in person?

This script helps you build trust by showing them that you are a real estate expert with experience selling houses in the area they are interested in. Reaching out proactively also shows you are organized and stay on top of communication–an important part of successfully buying or selling a home.

Mastering Real Estate Cold Calls: 20 Proven Scripts for Success

These scripts are designed to help you connect with potential clients effectively. They’re simple, easy to use, and tailored to suit different scenarios.     

Whether you’re new to real estate cold calling or looking to sharpen your skills, these scripts will guide you through the process.

Script 1: Introducing Your Real Estate Company and Service

“Hi there! I’m [Your Name], and I represent [Your Company]. We specialize in helping buyers and sellers like you connect with their ideal properties. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth and successful experience. 

I wanted to reach out to you today to see if you’d be open to exploring potential opportunities in the real estate market. Would you be interested in setting up a meeting to discuss your goals and how we can assist you?”

This script establishes your company’s identity and emphasizes your commitment to client satisfaction. It also invites the homeowner to engage in a conversation about their real estate needs.

Script 2: Measuring Prospect Interest and Engagement Levels

Whether you are looking for a real estate script for sellers or buyers, this script helps you figure out if someone is interested in selling their property. Picture this: you’re having a conversation, just like we are now. 

You’d say something like, 

“Hi, I’m [Your Name]. 

Are you thinking about selling your home? I’ve got some buyers who might be interested.” It’s a friendly way to open the door to a potential opportunity. Remember, it’s all about starting the conversation and seeing where it goes.”

Script 3: Establishing a Human Element in Real Estate Interactions

“Hey there! I’m [Your Name], and I’ve been living in this area for over a decade now. It’s such a wonderful place to call home. As an agent who specializes in [mention the area], I’m always on the lookout for great opportunities. 

Have you ever considered finding a perfect buyer for your property? I’d love to chat more about it if you’re open to it.”

This script aims to establish a friendly connection by sharing a bit about yourself. It’s like a handshake before you start talking business.

Script 4: Using Recent Sales to Your Advantage

“Hello! I’m [Your Name], calling from [Your Company]. I recently had the pleasure of closing a deal in your neighborhood at [mention address]. 

The interest in the area has been quite high. Given this, have you ever considered selling your home? With the current market conditions, it might be an excellent time.”

This script capitalizes on your recent success to instill confidence in the homeowner. It shows that you’re actively engaged and successful in their neighborhood, making you a reliable choice.

Script 5: Crafting a Personalized Pitch for Familiar Faces

“Hey [Prospect’s Name], it’s [Your Name]! We had the chance to meet at [Event or Occasion]. How have you been?

I wanted to catch up with you because, as [Mutual Friend’s Name] might have mentioned, I work with [Your Company] in real estate. 

I’m reaching out to friends and acquaintances to see if they’ve thought about making any moves in the property market. [Prospect’s Name], have you considered a change, especially considering the current market trends?”

The Referral Script capitalizes on pre-existing relationships to foster trust right from the start. By referencing a mutual connection or previous interaction, the conversation naturally becomes more relaxed and receptive. 

Script 6: Following Up on Leads

“Hi, I’m a realtor in your area. I noticed your property listed for sale by the owner. With my experience in this neighborhood, I can help you navigate the selling process effectively. How are you managing the offers coming in?”

This text emphasizes your local expertise and offers assistance, which can be valuable to a seller trying to manage the process alone.

Script 7: Direct Approaches in Cold Calling

“Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I’m reaching out because we have buyers interested in properties in [Prospect’s Area]. Are you considering selling your home either now or in the near future?”

This script is designed to be direct and to the point, respecting the prospect’s time. If they’re interested, you can proceed with further details. If not, you can note them as a potential lead for future follow-ups. 

Remember that 4 pm to 5 pm is the best time to make a call, and a good script can see about 71% more coversion during this time compared to 11 pm. 

Script 8: Engaging Sellers Yet to Close a Property Deal

“Hi, this is [Your Name]. I noticed your property listed for sale privately. Have you had any success so far?”

Engage in a conversation about their experience. Then, segue into:

“Selling a home on your own can be challenging. How long has your property been on the market? What kind of response have you received from potential buyers?”

After gathering some information, offer your assistance:

“I understand how demanding this process can be. I specialize in connecting sellers with the right buyers. Would you be open to discussing how I can help you achieve your selling goals?”

Remember, only use this script if the seller is not already represented by another agent.

Script 9: Reaching Out to Prospects with Expired Listings

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], it’s [Your Name] from [Real Estate Agency]. I wanted to touch base about the appraisal I conducted on your home in [Month of Appraisal]. There’s been significant activity in your area. Have your thoughts about selling changed?”

This script acknowledges your past interaction and brings attention to market changes, encouraging the prospect to reconsider.

Script 10: Referrals

“Hello [Previous Client’s Name]! It’s [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a valued client. Your trust in me means a lot. 

I’ve recently had the pleasure of helping more families find their perfect homes, and it got me thinking about our journey together. If you know anyone who could benefit from my services, would you be open to connecting us? Your recommendation would mean the world to me.”

This script is designed for reconnecting with past clients and seeking referrals. It expresses gratitude and seeks their assistance in growing your client base.

Script 11: If You Don’t Want to Miss Out

“Hi, is this [Prospect’s Name]? I’m [Your Name] from [Real Estate Agency]. I noticed your property was listed about a year ago, but the listing has expired. I wanted to check if you’re open to relisting it. Are you interested in setting up a meeting to discuss this?”

This script addresses a potential pain point and offers a solution, making it a valuable approach. When a listing expires, it can be frustrating for a homeowner. However, relisting with the right agent can make a significant difference. 

We’ve had success in similar situations, and I’d be happy to share some insights. Our goal is to get your property the attention it deserves. Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss this further?

Script 12: Reconnecting with Dormant Leads

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], it’s [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I know it’s been a while since we last spoke. I just wanted to check in and see if you’d like to move forward with my assessment of your property. Has anything changed for you since we last connected?”

This script is designed to re-establish contact with leads you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s important to acknowledge the passage of time and gently re-engage their interest in selling their property.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] calling from [Your Real Estate Agency]. It’s been some time since we last talked, and I wanted to touch base. I’ve been keeping an eye on the market, and there have been some interesting developments.

Would you be open to a conversation about your property? I believe there might be some new opportunities worth exploring.”

This script takes a proactive approach by mentioning that you’ve been monitoring the market, which can pique the prospect’s curiosity about recent trends that might impact their property’s value.

Script 13: Strategic Circle Prospecting Techniques

“Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I recently spent some time in your neighborhood, and I must say, it’s a fantastic area. 

The community spirit here is palpable. I’ve been helping families find their dream homes in areas just like this. I’m curious, have you ever considered making a move within this neighborhood? If so, I’d love to chat and see how we can make that happen.”

This script is tailored for circle prospecting, where you reach out to homeowners in a specific area. It emphasizes your local knowledge and appreciation for the community.

Script 14: Internet Lead Engagement

“Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I noticed you filled out a form on our website expressing interest in buying a property. I wanted to personally reach out and offer my assistance. 

I have a deep understanding of the local market and can help you find the perfect home. Are you available to chat for a few minutes about your preferences and what you’re looking for in a property?”

This script acknowledges the prospect for their interest in buying and tries to build a personal bond. It highlights your knowledge of the local market, showing them how you can help them find the right property.

Script 15: Neighborhood Involvement

“Hello, this is [Your Name] calling from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I’ve recently been involved in several successful sales in your neighborhood. Being a local resident myself, I truly understand the charm and advantages of living here. 

If you’re considering selling your property, I’d love to discuss how I can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Could we set up a meeting to explore your options?”

This script highlights your connection to the community and positions you as a trusted advisor. It taps into the pride homeowners often have for their neighborhoods, making it a powerful approach for initiating conversations

Script 16: Probate Leads 

“Hello, this is [Your Name] calling from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I hope this call finds you well. I recently came across the property at [Address], and I understand it may have come into your possession. 

If you’re considering what to do with it, I’d be happy to discuss how we can assist. We have experience in handling inherited properties, and I’d love to explore the best options for you.”

This script is designed to approach individuals who have recently inherited a property. It conveys empathy and offers expertise in dealing with such situations

Script 17: When You Get the Voicemail Script

“Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I recently listed some homes in your area and wanted to share some exciting opportunities with you. I’ll be trying to reach you again soon, but feel free to call me back at [Your Phone Number]. Looking forward to connecting with you!”

Interestingly, businesses and consumers spend 98 minutes per month on voicemails. This is 58 incoming and 59 outgoing calls a month. 

This script sends a positive and curious message, keeping details minimal. It encourages the prospect to return your call, opening the door for more conversation.

Script 18: Tailored Carrot Scripts 

“Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Your Real Estate Agency]. I hope this call finds you well. I wanted to talk to you about a unique opportunity. Currently, I have motivated buyers who are eager to find their dream home in your area. 

However, there are limited listings available. If you’ve ever considered selling your property, this could be the perfect time. Would you be open to exploring this opportunity further?”

This script encourages homeowners to think about selling by showing them there’s high demand for homes in their area. It uses the idea that homes are in short supply to make selling more attractive.

Objection Handling Scripts: Turning No into Yes 

Objection handling scripts are prepared responses or strategies that real estate agents use to address common objections or concerns raised by prospects during a cold call. 

These objections can range from questions about the agent’s approach and fees or skepticism about the current market conditions.      

The scripts provide agents with a structured way to navigate objections and provide reassurance or information that can help move the conversation forward.

Handling Objection: “How Did You Find My Number?”

You: “That’s a great question! I’ve been doing some research on properties in this area, and I believe I could help you achieve your goals. But I completely understand if you prefer not to disclose that information. Let’s focus on how I can assist you in your real estate journey.”

Handling Objection: “I Already Have a Meeting with Another Agent”

You: “That’s fantastic! It’s always good to explore your options and get multiple perspectives. I’d be more than happy to provide you with a second opinion. If you find that my approach aligns with your goals, we can discuss further steps, including reaching out to the other agent.”

Handling Objection: “I’m Going to Sell It Myself”

You: “That’s an admirable decision! Selling a property independently can be a rewarding experience. If you ever feel you need additional support, or if you’re curious about market trends and pricing strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be glad to provide guidance along the way.”

Handling Objection – “I need more time to think about it.”

You: “Of course, I completely understand that this is a big decision. Take all the time you need. In the meantime, is there any specific information or details you’d like to know more about to help you make your decision?”

Remember, it’s crucial to respect their decision-making process and provide them with any additional information they may need to feel comfortable moving forward.

Handling Objections – “I’m not interested in selling right now.”

You: “I appreciate your honesty. It’s important to consider your options at the right time. Can I ask, is there a particular reason you’re not looking to sell at the moment? Understanding your situation better can help me provide you with the right information for when the time is right.”

This script allows you to gain insight into their specific circumstances, which can be valuable for future follow-ups or referrals.

Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

You don’t want to run these errors with real estate prospecting scripts –

Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

  • Being Too Generic: Don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor your script to address specific situations like FSBO calls, expired listings, referrals, etc.
  • Neglecting to Identify Pain Points: Understand the pain points of your leads. Addressing these concerns can greatly increase your chances of success.
  • Not Testing Your Pitch: Practice your script with role play to see how it flows. This helps you refine it over time.
  • Ignoring Follow-Ups: Don’t just make one call and forget about it. Consistent follow-ups can turn a “no” into a “yes.”
  • Failing to Build Trust: Rushing into a sales pitch without establishing trust can be off-putting. Take the time to connect with your leads.
  • Ignoring Recent Sales Trends: Knowing the recent market trends in a neighborhood can be a powerful conversation starter. Use this information wisely.
  • Not Having an Elevator Pitch: Be prepared to quickly and effectively explain what you do and how it benefits potential clients.
  • Forgetting Referrals: Referrals are a goldmine. Don’t forget to ask your satisfied clients for them.
  • Overlooking the Power of Online Leads: Inbound leads from your website or listings can be incredibly valuable. Don’t just rely on email; follow up with a call.
  • Not Addressing Objections: Anticipate objections and have responses ready. This shows your leads that you’re prepared and knowledgeable.

Tips for Effective Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of real estate cold calling scripts–

  • Personalize Your Approach: Tailor your script to the specific situation, whether it’s an FSBO call, an expired listing, or a referral. Personalization shows that you’ve done your homework.
  • Identify Pain Points: Understand the concerns and needs of your leads. Addressing their pain points demonstrates that you’re genuinely interested in helping them.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Role-play with a colleague or record yourself to refine your delivery. Practice builds confidence and ensures you sound natural on the call.
  • Build Trust: Start the conversation by establishing trust. Listen actively, ask open-ended questions, and show empathy for their situation.
  • Follow Up Consistently: Don’t be discouraged by initial rejections. Follow up regularly to stay top-of-mind. Persistence often pays off.
  • Leverage Recent Sales Trends: Use recent market trends in their neighborhood as a conversation starter. This demonstrates your expertise and relevance.
  • Craft an Elevator Pitch: Have a concise, engaging introduction ready. It should explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help.
  • Ask for Referrals: Satisfied clients can be a fantastic source of referrals. Don’t hesitate to ask if they know anyone looking to buy or sell.
  • Nurture Online Leads: For online leads, a quick call can make a big difference. It shows you’re proactive and interested in helping them find the right property.
  • Anticipate Objections: Be prepared to handle objections gracefully. Addressing concerns confidently shows your expertise and can turn a hesitant lead into a motivated one.


Cold calling in real estate isn’t just about making calls and offers. It’s about understanding your prospects’ needs, showing empathy, and proving you’re the right realtor for their journey.

Whether you’re re-establishing connections or forging new ones, the approach remains consistent: listen, understand, and position yourself as the trusted expert who can bring their property aspirations to fruition.

With the right strategy, you’ll be armed with the best cold calling scripts for real estate, poised to unlock new opportunities and build strong connections.


How often should I follow up with leads?

The frequency of follow-ups depends on the prospect’s timeline and level of interest. In general, it’s good practice to follow up every 7-10 days, but adjust based on the prospect’s preferences. If they express a longer timeline, respect it and check in when they indicate they’d be ready.

What should I do if a prospect rejects my offer?

First, acknowledge their decision respectfully. Ask for feedback to understand their concerns. This information can be valuable for refining your approach. If appropriate, leave the door open for future contact by expressing your willingness to assist in the future.

How can I effectively personalize scripts for different prospects?

To personalize scripts, gather information about the prospect before the call. This could include details about their property, their specific needs, and any previous interactions. Tailor your script to address their individual situation and concerns, showing that you’ve taken the time to understand their unique needs.


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