6 Email Marketing Best Practices (Updated 2022)

When doing email marketing, to get more people to open your email, there are some common must-do things to make your email campaign a success.

Here are the 6 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2022:

1. Send Welcome Emails

The welcome email is the single most effective message you can send.

According to latest data, average open rates soar above 80%, and click-through rates are around 22-25%.

Welcome emails also help keep your list clean and improve your email deliverability. If someone enters the wrong email address, the welcome email will generate a hard bounce. That then notifies your email provider to remove it from your list.

They also reassure your new email recipients that the signup worked, and the information they want is on its way.

This email marketing best practice came from GetResponse.com’s “25 Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results (2022)”.

2. Send to Yourself First

This one feels like a no-brainer, but when you reflect on how few people actually proofread their own emails, you quickly realize it isn’t. 

Always send a test email to yourself first to ensure that:
• There are no typos
• The images show up
• The format looks great on both your desktop and smartphone
• All the links work
• There is nothing glaringly wrong with the email

Double-check both the HTML and plain-text versions.

Michael Quoc shared this email marketing best practice on CoSchedule.com’s “20 Email Marketing Best Practices That Will Improve Results”.

3. Include an Email Signature

Even if your newsletter is technically being sent to your contacts on behalf of the company, rather than an individual, the email should include the signature of a specific person.

People are naturally more inclined to read and listen to emails if they know it came from a human being, not just a collective marketing team. 

And your email signature is your ticket to their attention. 

HubSpot.com shared “17 Email Marketing Best Practices That Actually Drive Results”.

4. Design For Mobile or You Will Lose Email Conversions

Well, maybe not that dramatic, but in today’s on-the-go digital world people are acting and interacting with their smartphones and tablets at an explosive rate. 

You’ve got to make sure your email looks awesome on all screens which is what a top-notch, professional-grade email service provider like Campaign Monitor is designed for.

In 2016 open rates on mobile devices grew to 68%., and has not slowed down as of 2022.

This email marketing best practice came from CampaignMonitor.com’s “Email Marketing Best Practices”.

5. Segment Your Audience

Every single marketing professional who works with email marketing should know that segmentation is number one rule when it comes to email marketing best practices. 

Consider grouping your contacts based on their interests, demographics, etc.

Your contacts may also be in different stages of the buying journey. This means that you must provide them with different types of information of each of them, based on the stage they’re currently in. 

Segmentation proves to increase open rates results, click-through rates and customer retention. 39% of email marketers realize better open rates through segmentation.

50 Email Marketing Best Practices To Drive More Results” was shared by from EmailManager.com.

6. Craft the Perfect Subject Line

If you get the subject line wrong, content doesn’t matter. You’ll never get past the preview in your audience’s inbox. 

47% of readers decide whether or not to open an email based solely on the subject line.

So how do you entice your readers to open your message? 

One way is to practice the “benefit, logic or threat” method, which is simply offering an obvious benefit, a “common sense” statement or “don’t miss out” type content.

For example, Lonely Planet offers a distinct “benefit” with the headline:

“Buy one get one free on everything until Friday” in this email. Readers benefit by clicking on the email to get information about the sale.

This email marketing best practice came from Kinsta.com’s “Email Marketing Best Practices for Sending Better Emails”.

How Will You Utilize These Email Marketing Best Practices in 2022?

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