5 Best Cold Calling Scripts (Updated 2022)

When cold calling, it’s best to use scripts as a loose guideline to control the flow of the call. Do not sound like a robot reading a script though. Make sure it comes across natural and in a conversational tone.

Here are the Top 5 Cold Calling Scripts for 2022:

1. Cold Calling Template

General cold call sample script.

You: Hi, is this (prospect’s name)?

Prospect: Yes.You: (Your name) here from (Company name). Do you have a quick minute?

Assuming that the prospect replies in the positive, continue like below: 

Great! (Prospect’s name), I’m sure you are a busy person, and I want to respect your time, so I’ll be brief. The reason for my call is this. We specialize in (working with small business owners, salespeople, managers, etc.) so that you/they can (state your compelling reason – the end result of the benefit you offer).

With your permission, I was hoping to ask you a few questions and see if there is anything we are doing that you could benefit from. Would you be comfortable spending just a few moments with me?

Next, ask a few intelligent questions to establish the prospect’s pain points. Some of them are below. 

You can ask similar questions like these:
• Which aspect of your current product/service would you like to improve or change?
• If you could magically eliminate three of your most significant problems, what would they be?
• How do these challenges affect you/your business?

This cold calling script came from MarketMeGood.com’s “10 Cold Calling Script Templates That Convert Like Magic”.

2. Can I Talk to Your Boss?

In so many cases, you’ll not be connected with the decision-maker directly. 

You have to face the manager or the assistant. In such cases, you can bond with that person, and influence him to help close the sale.

For example, you’re trying to offer an HR suite to a business. The HR manager is your first face of the conversation, but he is not the decision-maker. The CEO will make the final call whether to buy your product or not. This is how the conversation can go.

You: Hello, can I talk to Mr. Wayne?

Manager: Hello, this is Ross. I’m the HR manager here at ABC. May I know what’s your business with Mr. Wayne?

You: Actually, Mr. Wayne is looking for an HR suite for the business and he has made an inquiry on our product. You must have heard about our product ACB HR platform.

Manager: Oh yes. Mr. Wayne mentioned that earlier today. I’ll also be trying out the platform with Mr. Wayne.

You: That’s great. I can arrange two individual demos for both of you, so you can understand the product better and come up with your own set of questions. Does that sound good?

Manager: That’s perfect. Let me connect you with MR. Wayne.

Now when you connect with the decision-maker, he will have a strong reason to engage as his teammate is already involved.

SalesMate.io shared “15 On Point Cold Calling Scripts For Your Sales Squad”.

3. Cold Call Appointment Script

This call script can be used for a cold call to gain an appointment when you don’t have another initiating event to prompt a call. 

The purpose of this script is to make an initial contact and schedule an in-person appointment or future phone conversation when you don’t have any personal connection to your prospect.

Hi _____________, this is Jason from Fit Small Business. I know that we haven’t had a chance to meet, but [I saw that your company recently was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the area].

I haven’t caught you at a bad time, have I?

Well, I’ll be brief and to the point. Many of our current customers are similar to [prospect business name] in that they [are experiencing growth and are looking for simple and affordable tools to manage their business processes.] 

Does that sound like your company?

Well, we’re a [software company that specializes in creating tools to help small businesses run more profitable and sustainable businesses]. I’d love to schedule 10-15 minutes next week to learn more about your business and how we might be able to save you some time and money. 

In fact, I’m free both [Tuesday and Wednesday]. Which of these works best for you?

This cold call appointment script came from FitSmallBusiness.com’s “Cold Calling Scripts and How to Write Them (+Free Templates)”.

4. The Voicemail Script

Many times, your call may go to voicemail. 

A compelling voicemail can be instrumental in converting prospects. Although there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach in this, you can use this script and alter it accordingly.

“Hello Ms/Mr (name of the prospect), this is (your name) from (the name of your company). 

A survey conducted by our company revealed that many (mention the department responsible, i.e. marketing/customer service/sales etc.) teams were struggling with different tools for (mention the relevant set of solutions you offer).

We’ve come up with an all-inclusive tool that allows (mention relevant department) teams to (mention the goals your product seeks to achieve). 

As a (mention relevant role- marketer/sales professional etc.), you’d probably want to explore the potential of (mention the specialization of your tool) for (mention the goals that your product fulfills). If this is something you want to work on, (name your product) can be of great help.

Once again, I’m (your name) from (the name of your company). You can reach out to me at (insert your business number here). “

Aarushi Anand shared this voicemail script on JustCall.io’s “Cold Calling Scripts| 10 Cold Calling Templates to Convert Prospects”.

5. When You Need to Follow Up

It’s possible that your prospect was interested when you called, but too busy to give you the time you needed to fully present your product. 

If this is the case, they might have asked if they could call you back, or vice versa. 

Here’s a good way to go about a follow-up:

“Hi [prospect’s name], this is Mary Clare from G2 following up as requested. Is now still a good time?

As I briefly mentioned in our last call, we help businesses like [prospect’s company] implement  buyer intent data and solutions to better understand their customer personas.”

This cold calling follow up script came from G2.com’s “12 Sales Call Scripts for Any Situation – Take Your Pick”.

How Will You Use These Top Cold Calling Scripts in 2022?

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