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Cold Emails for B2B Sales (Updated 2024)

March 25, 2024 Cold Emails, Prospect, Sales

Here are the 5 Best Cold Emails for B2B Sales to Use in 2022:

1. The AIDA Formula Email

Attention – Hook the lead’s attention. 

Interest – Relate to their interests to keep them engaged. 

Desire – Show how they benefit from your offer to arouse desire. 

Action – Ask them to click, reply, or purchase. 

The end goal is to secure a response. AIDA is a century-old copywriting framework that dates back to the 1900s.

Almost every cold email, landing page, or ad you view follows the AIDA formula (in some shape or form).

Email Template:
“Hi [First Name],

If you’re like most [lead’s role], you know how hard it can be to [deal with the problem your company solves].

Our [product/service] eliminates the stress and improves this by [one-sentence pitch]. Here’s what [customer ] has said about us:

[customer testimonial about the problem]

Would you like to also have [the benefit of your product]? If yes, will you email me the best time to give you a call next week?”

This B2B cold email template came from’s “14 Powerful B2B Cold Email Templates to Generate Leads.” check the Leadfeeder pricing plans.

2. B2B Email Template For Finding the Decision Maker in the Company

“Hi [Prospect Name],

I am writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who handles [DEPARTMENT I.E. MEDIA]? I also wrote to [PERSON X, PERSON Y, AND PERSON Z] in that pursuit. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.

VoodooVox helps increase the revenues of Fortune 500 companies by marketing to Spanish-speakers. Each month we reach 25 million Spanish speakers with an audio message they must hear. We insert 30-second audio and SMS advertisements into phone calls made on calling cards. The benefit to users is they make their call free. The benefit for our clients is they can increase store revenue by providing text message coupons. Typical redemption is 3%. You can measure results online and with store sales. Advertisements can target specific ethnic groups and geographies. Some clients include Burger King, P&G and Chili’s.

If you are the appropriate person to speak with, what does your calendar look like? If not, who do you recommend I talk to?


[Your Name]”

This template is used by Bryan Kreuzberger, founder of Breakthrough Email, as a first touch email. 

He clearly states the purpose of the email and includes information about previous clients to demonstrate his credibility. 

The email is wrapped up with a call-to-action that outlines the next steps. shared “The Sales Email Template That Won 16 New B2B Customers.”

3. Flattery and Compliments B2B Intro Template

“[Contact First Name],

I love [Company Name] (been a customer for several months) and I’m also a big fan of your blog.

I work with companies like [Company Name] and [Value Prop]. Here’s an example of [Results]

Just wanted to email you and see if [Company Name] might be interested in a similar [Type Of Solution].

I made a demo for you based on [What You Based It On] to show you what it might look like: [Link/Attachment]

Is this something you guys would be interested in?


This B2B cold email template came from’s “Cold Email Templates for B2B Sales.”

4. The Problem-Focused Approach

If you’re selling something, you’re obviously trying to solve a problem. 

The problem-focused approach to cold email strives to catch a recipient’s attention by revealing their problem and then asserting that you can solve it. 

Example Email:
“Subject: Managing payroll is rough. Let us help.

Hey [First Name] – As an entrepreneur, managing payroll is probably at the bottom of your list of things you want to be spending your time on, especially when your company is growing as much as I read in [article/software/etc].

You should be spending more time on [priority task] and less time dealing with 401ks, benefits and payroll management.

[Your Company] helps organizations like yours focus on what you do best while we manage the payroll. We’ve helped companies save money on accounting fees, free up time and find budget inefficiencies that were being overlooked.

If you’re tired of handling payroll and need some help, let’s schedule a time to chat. What’s your calendar like next week?”

The email template above focuses heavily on the pain points of payroll and how the sender’s company could take those burdens off the recipient’s plate.

Steli Efti shared this B2B cold email template on’s “5 B2B email templates and formulas that win business in 2021.”

5. Follow Up Email Template

It’s very important to follow up with your customers. 

In fact, it’s become so important that poor follow up is now cited as the biggest consumer complaint.

A study by Harvard Business Review found that 56% of customers complain about poor follow-up. So don’t be afraid or anxious to send out that follow up email. Because chances are that it would lead to sales.

“Hi {{First Name}},

It’s {{Your name}} again. Just touching base from few weeks ago.

Would love to have a quick conversation to see if I could help you with your {{give a solution to their problem}}.

Are you available {{timing options}} for a quick 10 minute call?



Follow up emails have the power to convert leads, bring in new business, build strong relationships, and close deals. 

Most people are busy and lose track of the things they have to do. That’s why they create to-do lists and reminders. So why shouldn’t you remind them about your email?

“Cold Email Templates for B2B Sales” came from

How Will You Use These B2B Cold Email Templates in 2022?

Pro Cold Email Tip: Before you start your cold email outreach campaign, be sure you have the correct B2B lead generating and sales prospecting tool to find email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell or mobile phone numbers for the decision makers you are targeting for your outreach.

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