B2B Sales (Updated 2022)

There are tried and true sales methods for business to business sales, and there are also current trends to selling during the past year because of the COVID pandemic.

Here are 5 Trends to B2B Sales in 2021:

1. Research

Every lead that comes in or that you generate needs to be researched.

Things like company size, how many of your website pages they have visited, etc. Even if a lead calls you out of the blue, start researching them while they are on the phone.

This business to business sales technique came from SalesArtillery.com’s “6 Steps To A More Successful B2B Sales Approach”.

2. Personalization

During the last decade, personalization has gone from “Ah, they know my name!” to “How do they know I bought that!?” 

There’s even talk about Facebook and Google spying on us to predict our online behavior.

Yes, it can sometimes appear creepy but when done right, personalization is an effective way to find new customers and retain existing customers, too. Best of all, it’s exactly what your buyers want.

Add to that the fact that 69% of buyers are willing to pay more for a more personalization experience and you can see why personalization is a huge B2B growth trend this year.

This B2B sales strategy came from SuperOffice.com’s “7 B2B Growth Trends You Need To Know In 2021 (And Beyond)”.

3. Organization

With CRM, it is easier to follow up on meetings, there is minimal information loss, and prioritizing customers becomes a lot more efficient.

Everything stays organized because all the departments, such as marketing, service, shipping, and sales, remain connected.

This B2B sales tip came from HippoVideo.io’s “6 Major Trends That Will Shape B2B Sales in 2021”.

4. Social Selling

B2B sales in social media is a new approach to selling that builds relationships with targeted prospects through social networks.

It helps to achieve trust, to make the loyal client’s experience more individual and to personalize every interaction. Use social networks to give these benefits.

Small-BizSense.com’s “7 B2B sales trends in 2021 you should know” shared this B2B sales in 2021 trend.

5. Understand Your Real Sales Cycle Timeline

B2B sales cycles are typically much longer than B2C cycles, so you need to take this in to account in your marketing and sales planning

If you have 80 percent of your leads about to close, but nothing is in the middle of your pipeline, you’re going to have a prosperous month one and then go on to month three or four with almost nothing because you weren’t building your pipeline.

Make sure to strategize based on your sales cycle so that your entire sales funnel is being nurtured at all times.

This B2B sales tip came from Business2Community.com’s “10 B2B Sales Techniques for 2021 to Close More Deals Fast”.

How Will You Use the 5 Trends to B2B Sales in 2021?

Pro B2B Sales Tip for 2021: Before you start your B2B sales campaign, be sure you have the correct B2B lead generating and sales prospecting tools to find email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell or mobile phone numbers for the Decision Makers you are targeting for your outreach. 

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