How to Do Virtual Sales Prospecting (Updated 2023)

Since COVID, many sales and business development reps have found the best and almost only way (during COVID) is to reach out virtually to prospects.

Here are the Best 6 Virtual Sales Prospecting Tips to Use in 2022:

1. Focus on Finding the Right Prospects

Prospects must come before prospecting. Some salespeople spend a lot of time chasing would-be prospects who have no interest in what they’re selling. 

The key is spending time determining exactly who fits the profile of what you want to sell and then building a prospect profile. 

Analyze your top customers, develop appropriate profiles and search for prospects that fit those profiles. The profiles will help you focus your prospecting activities on profitable, potential customers.

This virtual sales prospecting tip came from’s “Top 7 Best Sales Prospecting Techniques to Use in 2022”.

2. Build Strong Social Networks With Your Ideal Target Market

It doesn’t do you any good to have networks with just your friends, unless those friends are your ideal target market. 

LinkedIn is a great place to build your professional network. You can also do this on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Making LinkedIn connections with your target customers is a very good place to introduce yourself.

This virtual sales prospecting strategy came from’s “Prospecting in a Virtual World: 5 Tactics to Master Now”.

3. Use Sales Prospecting Tools

The best thing about going digital with your sales prospecting is the ability to use software to keep track of where leads are in the pipeline, stay organized, and measure effectiveness.

The foundation of any sales software stack is always going to be a good CRM. 

The right CRM (like Salesforce or Hubspot) keeps you organized and gives you a place to keep track of crucial information about prospects.

This virtual sales prospecting technique came from’s “11 Tactics For Sales Prospecting in a Digital World”.

4. Prepare For Meetings and Do Your Research

Nothing is worse than a sales rep who isn’t prepared. No one appreciates their time being wasted. To prepare for a virtual B2B sales meeting, make sure you do the following:

Practice and perfect your pitch. 

Make sure you know the product or service you’re selling front and back. You should practice going through your pitch deck several times before you’re on meetings conducting virtual pitches. 

It’s also important that you really believe in what you’re selling to instill confidence in the prospect.

This virtual sales prospecting tip came from’s “10 Tips for Conducting a Virtual B2B Sales Pitch”.

5. Use Video Intelligently

Video is a high-value medium. It’s also a high-cost medium for the viewer. 

Use video to sell your story and bring more power to your insights. Use video to make it easy to share or socialize your insights.

Here’s an excellent rule for using video in sales. 

Before recording (or sending) a video to someone, ask yourself if what you’re sending will be compelling enough that they would want to share with one of their peers? If the answer isn’t “yes,” don’t send it.

This virtual sales prospecting strategy came from’s “5 Tips for Successful New Business Prospecting In A Virtual Selling World”.

6. Evaluation

Whether you’re working from home and remote selling or not, a sales cycle doesn’t end until you evaluate what went right and what went wrong. 

Like prospecting, evaluation should be part of your routine, so you can iterate and improve.

Commit to track and measure every customer interaction you have, and write everything on your CRM or a spreadsheet.

This virtual sales prospecting technique came from’s “Practical Tips to Master Remote Selling While Working From Home”.

How to Use the Best 6 Virtual Sales Prospecting Tips In 2022?

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