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ZoomInfo Reviews: The Pros and Cons of This Sales Intelligence Tool

March 19, 2024 zoominfo
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zoominfo reviews

If you’re searching for a business intelligence tool that offers valuable data and helps grow your business, you might want to consider ZoomInfo. 

This platform is more than just a data provider; it’s a driver of business expansion, trusted by over 35,000 customers. 

ZoomInfo is known for its high-quality data and insights, which are crucial for connecting with important decision-makers. Its strength lies in fostering meaningful conversations that can lead to business success.

In this comprehensive ZoomInfo review, we’ll explore why it’s popular and how it’s often used alongside other business data tools. Keep reading to know the unique benefits ZoomInfo offers to businesses and how it can be integrated into a larger market strategy.

ZoomInfo: A Quick Overview


In 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo, merging the strengths of both entities to launch “ZoomInfo, Powered by DiscoverOrg.” This strategic move was aimed at bolstering client business expansion and enhancing growth opportunities.

ZoomInfo serves as a pivotal resource for identifying and engaging with target customers. It leverages data intelligence to provide users with precise and current information on contacts and companies, along with insightful analytics and tools to facilitate outreach efforts.

The platform operates by meticulously analyzing vast amounts of data from millions of websites, social media platforms, and additional sources to ascertain the email formats and phone numbers of various companies. Subsequently, it enables users to tailor their search for potential contacts using criteria such as name, job title, location, industry, and more.

By utilizing ZoomInfo, sales and marketing professionals can significantly improve their performance, uncovering new leads, increasing the number of opportunities, and achieving higher sales closures. For organizations looking to leverage this powerful tool and gain a competitive edge in their marketing and sales initiatives, detailed information on DiscoverOrg pricing (now part of ZoomInfo) can be easily accessed by visiting their official website or contacting their customer service for more guidance.

With ZoomInfo, you can track your email campaigns, measure your performance, and optimize your strategy. You may integrate it with your CRM tools as well, for example, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

Key Features of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo has four main products that help you with different aspects of your business. They are:

Key Features of ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo SalesOS helps you find and connect with your ideal customers. Let’s find out what it does more:

  • Prospect Discovery and Engagement

SalesOS enables you to identify and connect with potential customers effectively. It offers tools for prospect searching, obtaining their contact details, and facilitating personalized outreach. This feature is important for you if you’re looking to expand your customer base and personalize your sales approach.

  • Sales Performance Tracking and Optimization

With ZoomInfo SalesOS, you can track your sales activities, analyze performance metrics, and refine your sales strategies. This aspect is particularly useful for sales teams aiming to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Basically, it makes sure that their sales efforts are aligned with business goals.

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This feature allows you to create and execute effective marketing campaigns. Let’s find out how:

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns

MarketingOS assists in creating and executing targeted marketing campaigns, utilizing account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based experience (ABX) strategies. This is useful for businesses focusing on reaching specific accounts with high precision.

  • Marketing Analytics and ROI Improvement

This feature provides analytics and attribution tools to measure and improve marketing ROI. It’s beneficial for marketers who need to assess the impact of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing spend and strategy.


OperatinOS helps you manage and enrich your customer data. You can use it for various aspects. For example:

  • Data Management and Enrichment

OperationsOS helps manage and enrich customer data. It offers capabilities for cleaning, updating, and segmenting data. This is important for businesses that require accurate and up-to-date information for effective decision-making and targeted marketing.

  • Workflow Automation and Data Synchronization

This product streamlines workflow automation and ensures data synchronization across CRM and marketing platforms. It’s particularly useful for organizations looking to increase operational efficiency and maintain consistency in their customer data across different business systems.


With TalentOS, you’ll find and hire top talent faster.

  • Talent Acquisition and Outreach

TalentOS is built to speed up the talent acquisition process. It allows you to search for candidates, get their contact details, and reach out to them with personalized messages. This is important for HR teams and recruiters who need to effectively attract and communicate with top talent.

  • Recruitment Activity Tracking and Strategy Optimization

TalentOS helps organizations monitor their hiring activities, evaluate recruitment performance, and improve their hiring strategies. This is useful for enhancing the recruitment process’s efficiency and making sure that the efforts to acquire talent match the organization’s human resource requirements.

Pros of Using ZoomInfo

  • Efficiently find accurate email addresses for outreach.
  • Use lead generation with targeted company searches.
  • Increases sales strategy with insightful conversation intelligence.
  • Automates repetitive sales and marketing tasks, saving time.
  • Provides real-time intent data for timely customer engagement.
  • Simplifies talent acquisition with comprehensive candidate intelligence.

Cons of Using ZoomInfo

  • Pricing can be prohibitive for small businesses or startups.
  • Overwhelming data volume may require a steep learning curve.

ZoomInfo User Experience

After engaging with numerous ZoomInfo users, we’ve gathered authentic insights to paint a picture of the user experience. Here’s what they shared:

ZoomInfo User Experience

Ease of Use

Many users have shared that ZoomInfo’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. They appreciate how quickly they can navigate through the platform, making their daily tasks more efficient and less time-consuming.

Data Accuracy

Users often praise ZoomInfo for the accuracy of its data. They find the contact information to be consistently current, which greatly improves their chances of success in reaching out to potential clients.

Comprehensive Information

ZoomInfo is frequently commended by users for its extensive information. The platform offers detailed profiles of companies and individual contacts, providing a rich source of data that is useful for in-depth market analysis.

Sales Automation Efficiency

Many users highlight the effectiveness of ZoomInfo’s sales automation features in organizing their workflow. The platform’s capability to handle repetitive tasks automatically enables them to concentrate more on strategic planning and less on manual work.

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Real-time Insights

The real-time insights provided by ZoomInfo have been a game-changer for many users. They value the ability to receive timely updates on various market trends. This helps in making informed decisions.

Customer Support

The responsive and helpful customer support team at ZoomInfo has been a positive aspect for users. They’ve found that any issues or queries are promptly addressed. The tool enhances their overall experience with the platform.

ZoomInfo Support for Users

ZoomInfo Support for Users

ZoomInfo isn’t just about providing data; it’s equally committed to supporting its users. Their interactions with the support center and feedback from users paint a picture of responsive and helpful service.

  • Responsive Assistance: The team excels in offering detailed, accurate solutions, reflecting their extensive understanding of ZoomInfo’s products and services.
  • Knowledgeable Team: ZoomInfo values user feedback, using it to improve their services and customer experience.
  • Training and Resources: The company provides an array of training materials, including webinars, tutorials, and a thorough knowledge base, helping users maximize the platform’s potential.
  • Personalized Support: The support is tailored, focusing on individual user needs. This bespoke approach boosts user satisfaction and fosters loyalty towards ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo has 4 plans and each plan includes different features, data, and integrations. You can choose the plan that matches your role: Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, or Operations. The ZoomInfo pricing plans are-

1. Professional Plan

Cost: $8,000+ per year


  • Bundle package: USD 8,000/year
  • Users: 3
  • Annual bulk credit: 5000
  • Total views: 2000 recurring views/user/month
  • Total credits: Annual bulk credits 10,000 + 36,000 recurring credits

Best suited for: Smaller teams or businesses needing basic sales intelligence solutions.

2. Advanced Plan

Cost: $12,000+ per year


  • Bundle package: USD 12,000/year
  • Users: 3
  • Recurring credit: 1000/month/user
  • Annual bulk credit: 10,000
  • Total views: 2000 recurring views/user/month
  • Total credits: Annual bulk credits 10,000 + 36,000 recurring credits

Best suited for: Businesses requiring more advanced features, including intent data.

3. Elite Plan

Cost: $40,000+ per year or $3,450 per month

  • Platform fee included
  • 10 Seats
  • 20,000 credits included with package
  • 10,000 monthly credits
  • 57,000 bulk data credits
  • Up to 12 topics and unlimited intent signals with streaming intent
  • Standard support
  • Supplemental emails
  • Coverage: Global data, including GDPR regions
  • Enrich essentials
  • Custom intent

Best suited for: Large enterprises or organizations needing comprehensive sales intelligence and extensive data access.

4. Elite+ Plan 

Cost: $47,500 annually or $4,000 per month)

  • Platform fee included
  • 9 Seats
  • 90,000 bulk data credits
  • 10,000 monthly credits
  • 9,000 monthly recurring credits
  • Coverage: All countries minus GDPR regions
  • Neverbounce – email verification

Best suited for: Businesses seeking the most extensive data access and features, excluding GDPR regions.

Note: If you want to know more, please head over to ZoomInfo Pricing to get more details and make a better decision. 

Our Review: Is ZoomInfo the Right Tool for Your Business?

ZoomInfo is a popular platform for B2B sales and marketing professionals who need accurate and timely data, insights, and technology to grow their business.

We’ve explored some of the key features that ZoomInfo offers, for example, data-driven insights, automation, enrichment, and website chat.

ZoomInfo can help businesses improve their market reach and customer growth, increase their business efficiency, align their sales and marketing teams, and evaluate their technology stacks.

However, ZoomInfo is not without its drawbacks. Among ZoomInfo’s complaints, it’s quite expensive compared to its competitors. And it requires a long-term contract. 

Therefore, ZoomInfo is a powerful tool for B2B sales and marketing, but it may not be the best fit for every business. Before you decide to use the tool, you should consider your budget, your data needs, and your customer expectations. 

Make sure to try the free trial and compare it with other alternatives. 

Best Alternatives to ZoomInfo

With better ZoomInfo alternatives, you may get better features and data and boost your sales. These are some of the best alternatives to ZoomInfo that are worth your every penny:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish stands out as a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking reliable contact information. It caters primarily to sales and recruitment professionals, offering a platform to discover and verify contact details such as cell phone numbers and email addresses.

The heart of its service lies in its ability to provide direct access to decision-makers, significantly enhancing the efficiency of outreach efforts.

Swordfish has some great features that make finding contacts easy. For example, its Chrome Extension helps you find people’s contact details on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

This makes it much simpler for professionals to get in touch with potential clients or job applicants. It offers a unique cell phone number with proprietary verifitaion system. Also, Swordfish has a tool called Prospector. It lets you make lists of people you want to contact. This is really useful for sales and hiring.

Swordfish stands out because it provides very accurate and verified contact information. They are known for being more accurate at finding phone numbers compared to other services.

Also, Swordfish offers an API feature. This lets you integrate Swordfish data into your existing systems, ensuring that it works smoothly with your current workflow.

The tool is trusted by 50,000 sales and recruitment professionals. To sum up, Swordfish is not just a contact discovery tool; it’s an enabler of meaningful professional connections.

Swordfish vs ZoomInfo: A Quick Comparison Table

Swordfish and ZoomInfo are two popular tools that help you find contact data online. Here’s a quick comparison table of their features:

Swordfish vs ZoomInfo

DatabaseOver 3.5 billion contact data profilesProvides access to over 209 million professional profiles and 13 million business profiles
Lead Generation ToolsProspector, Reverse Search, Chrome Extention, etc.Sales funnel, Sales Input,  Marketing Input, etc.
CRM IntegrationSeemless integrations with Zapier, Salesforce, Salesloft, Pipedrive, HubSpot, etc. Offers seamless CRM integration
Real-Time Data ValidationProvides real-time validation for accuracyNot explicitly mentioned
Unique FeaturesExclusive partnerships for cell phone dataAutomated workflows, personalized email sequences, etc.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. Lusha


Lusha is a highly regarded B2B database and sales intelligence platform, known for its top-rated services. It has earned the trust of over a million users, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability.

The platform is uniquely designed to encourage collaboration within its vast community. It offers the cleanest and most up-to-date data, allowing users to both contribute to and benefit from this dynamic data exchange.

Lusha’s commitment to serving businesses of all sizes, coupled with its large community involvement, highlights a flexible and user-focused approach. This makes it especially appealing if you’re seeking a community-driven and collaborative data intelligence platform.

Lusha vs ZoomInfo: A Quick Comparison Table

Lusha vs ZoomInfo

Lusha and ZoomInfo are two popular tools with different features and prices that you can compare. Let’s look at the quick comparison table of Lusha and ZoomInfo:

B2B Contact and Company DataProvides accurate B2B contact and company dataOffers extensive B2B contact and company data
Lead GenerationIncludes features for generating leadsEquipped with advanced lead generation tools
CRM IntegrationSupports integration with CRM systemsOffers seamless CRM integration
Unique AspectsReal-time updatesAPI, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, etc.

3. is a platform designed to revolutionize the sales process for professionals like you. With its impressive database of 275 million contacts, stands as a powerful ally in your sales journey, aiding in everything from identifying prospects to closing deals.

What sets apart are its innovative tools. Lead scoring, smart messaging, and conversation analysis are just a few features that streamline your sales strategy. These tools empower you to engage effectively with potential customers and gain insightful feedback.

At its core, is a goldmine of information, offering extensive data on potential buyers and analytical tools to refine your strategies. If you’re in the sales industry, could be a game-changer in achieving your goals.

Apollo vs ZoomInfo: A Quick Comparison Table

Apollo vs ZoomInfo

We have created this table below to let you understand the significance of and ZoomInfo.

Lead DatabaseOver 275 million contactsOver 209 million professional profiles and 13 million business profiles
Sales IntelligenceAccess to accurate and rich buyer dataComprehensive sales intelligence tools
Lead Generation ToolsAdvanced tools for finding and verifying leadsEquipped with advanced lead generation tools
CRM IntegrationOffers CRM enrichment and data health centerProvides seamless CRM integration
AI-Powered EngagementAI-driven sales engagement and messagingAutomated workflows and personalized email sequences

Note: You may read here Compare Pricing Tiers

4. UpLead


UpLead is committed to real-time data verification, boasting a remarkable 95% accuracy. This means you’re less likely to encounter outdated or incorrect information.

UpLead simplifies list-building. With the ability to filter through millions of businesses and contacts, you can effortlessly target the right prospects.

UpLead’s commitment to providing reliable business information makes sales and marketing more efficient. It reflects the collaborative spirit needed in your ever-evolving business landscape.

UpLead vs ZoomInfo: A Quick Comparison Table

UpLead vs ZoomInfo

When it comes to B2B data providers, UpLead and ZoomInfo both play important roles. But they have some significant differences and we’ll look into them:




Data Accuracy95% data accuracy guaranteeKnown for high accuracy and data reliability, but the number varies
Lead Generation ToolsIt is one of the best lead generation tools on the market with 50+ search filtersComprehensive tools for lead generation
CRM IntegrationOffers CRM enrichmentProvides seamless CRM integration
Real-Time Email VerificationVerifies emails in real-timeNot explicitly mentioned
Unique AspectsBulk Lookup, Email finder, Technographics, Chrome Extention, etc.API, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, etc.


In conclusion, ZoomInfo emerges as a powerful platform for market strategies, playing a key role for businesses looking to grow their customer base. Its extensive database and analytical tools simplify the process of identifying and engaging with potential clients.

So, the question arises: Is ZoomInfo worth it? Based on our ZoomInfo review, it’s clear that its ongoing improvements in data quality and integration capabilities position it as a leading solution in business intelligence.

However, if you are considering an alternative, then try Swordfish AI. It offers direct access to decision-makers, a vast data profile, and unique tools like Bombora for targeted marketing.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

Is ZoomInfo a Better Option Than UpLead and Its Alternatives for Sales Intelligence?

When comparing sales intelligence tools, ZoomInfo is often considered a better option than UpLead and its Similar Tools as Uplead. ZoomInfo offers a comprehensive database and advanced search capabilities, making it a top choice for sales professionals. Its accuracy and quality of information set it apart from its competitors.

What is ZoomInfo and how can it benefit my business?

ZoomInfo is a go-to-market platform that helps businesses find, acquire, and grow their customer base. It benefits your business by offering extensive B2B data, helping in lead generation. This also evaluates sales and marketing efforts.

How often does ZoomInfo update its database to maintain data accuracy?

ZoomInfo is committed to maintaining the accuracy of its data and regularly updates its database. This makes sure that the contact and company information provided is up-to-date, supporting effective lead generation and customer outreach strategies.

Does ZoomInfo integrate with other sales and marketing tools?

Yes, ZoomInfo offers integration with a range of sales and marketing tools. It improves its functionality and enabling seamless data utilization across different platforms.

Is ZoomInfo suitable for small businesses or startups?

ZoomInfo benefits the businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and startups. Its diverse range of tools and data can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to establish and grow their market presence.

What differentiates ZoomInfo from other similar platforms?

ZoomInfo stands out due to its vast and detailed database, high data accuracy, and comprehensive suite of features. These aspects make it a more comprehensive solution compared to many of its competitors.

Is ZoomInfo legit?

Yes, ZoomInfo is a legitimate company. It is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ZI and has established a reputation as a reliable provider of B2B data and sales intelligence solutions.

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