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Lusha Review: Is This the Ultimate Tool for Sales Professionals?

March 24, 2024 Lusha
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 Lusha review

Picture a platform that not only uncovers contact details but also links you with millions of decision-makers worldwide. That’s Lusha for you. It’s more than just a contact discovery tool; it’s your gateway to connecting with a global network of professionals.

What sets Lusha apart is its superior data accuracy and extensive reach. It’s known for delivering highly reliable email addresses, ensuring that you’re engaging with active, legitimate professionals.

Business people appreciate Lusha for its straightforwardness and precision. It streamlines the process of reaching out and strengthens networking tactics, earning it high marks among professionals.

But remember, there’s more than meets the eye with Lusha. Hence, in this review, we’ll share how Lusha transforms networking and lead generation. You’ll discover its features, benefits, and pricing, helping you decide if Lusha is the right choice for your business needs.

What is Lusha?


Lusha is a tool that specializes in providing B2B contact and company data. It’s designed to help professionals, especially in sales, marketing, and recruiting, easily find and access important business information. 

The main purpose of Lusha is to offer high-quality data that users can rely on to reach decision-makers and key contacts in various industries. This tool is useful for those who need to connect with others in business. It happens whether for sales, networking, or recruitment purposes. 

Therefore, Lusha prides itself on its data accuracy, with an 80% accuracy rate highlighted on their website, making it a trusted source for users. It’s a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of finding and using B2B data. 

This makes it a valuable asset for professionals looking to expand their outreach and networking efforts.

Features of Lusha

Lusha is a powerful tool designed for professionals seeking efficient ways to access B2B contact and company information. Here are some of its key features:

Features of Lusha

High-Quality B2B Data

Well, Lusha has reliable B2B data, with an 80% accuracy rate. This means users can trust the information they get, which is needed for making good business decisions and connections.

User-Friendly Interface

Lusha software is amazing for its easy-to-use interface. This makes it simpler for people, even those not tech-savvy, to find and use the data they need without hassle or confusion.

Effective Networking Tool

This platform is designed to help professionals connect with decision-makers. It’s a great tool for those in sales, marketing, and recruiting who need to reach out to important contacts in their industry.

Integration with Salesforce

Lusha merges smoothly with Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management tool. This integration helps users to easily add and manage B2B data within their existing Salesforce workflows.

Positive Customer Feedback

Many users have reported returns on investment and increased meetings and demos booked through using Lusha. This positive feedback shows Lusha’s effectiveness in helping users achieve their business goals.

Pros of Lusha

  • 80 percent rate ensures reliable business information.
  • Easy navigation for all skill levels.
  • Users report substantial returns on investment.
  • Effective in increasing business engagements.
  • Ideal for connecting with key business contacts.

Cons of Lusha

  • Primarily focused on business-to-business data.
  • Results may differ across industries and users.

Lusha User Experience

Here are some insights into the user experience of Lusha:

Lusha User Experience

Ease of Use

Users often mention how easy Lusha is to use. One agency owner highlighted the straightforward interface. This makes it simple for their team to find and utilize the data they need without any complications.

Data Accuracy Satisfaction

A sales manager shared that the accuracy of Lusha’s data has been perfect for their outreach efforts. This appreciates the reliability of the information provided.

Positive Impact on Sales

From a business development executive, we learned that Lusha has remarkably helped in increasing their sales meetings and closing deals. Well, all thanks to its efficient contact-finding capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Tools

A marketing professional pointed out the seamless integration of Lusha with Salesforce. This has optimized their workflow and saved valuable time.

Customer Support Experience

Several users have expressed satisfaction with Lusha’s customer support, noting quick and helpful responses. This has expanded their overall experience with the tool.

Lusha’s Support for Users

Lusha not only excels in providing B2B contact data but also offers robust support and resources for its users. Here are some aspects of Lusha’s user support and engagement:

Lusha's Support for Users

  • Responsive Customer Service: Lusha’s customer service team is quick to respond. This prompt support helps users resolve issues efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Helpful Online Resources: It offers various online resources, including a comprehensive Help Center and API documentation. These resources provide users with easy access to information and guidance for using Lusha effectively.
  • Community Engagement: Lusha has a Community Program that fosters user engagement. This platform allows users to share experiences, tips, and best practices, creating a supportive user community.
  • Regular Updates and Improvements: This tool is committed to continually improving its platform. Feedback from users is often used to make updates and enhancements. This ensures that the tool remains relevant and effective for its users’ needs.

Lusha Pricing Breakdown

Lusha offers various pricing plans tailored to different user needs, ranging from a free version to more advanced, feature-rich packages. Below is a comparison table

Price$0 /user/month$29 /user/month$51 /user/monthCustom Pricing
FeatureDirect phone numbers, Landline phone numbers, Email addresses, Basic prospecting platform, Basic Chrome extensionEverything is Free, plus List management, List export, Basic team management, Shared credit poolEverything in Pro, plus Prospecting bulk show (25 contacts), Lusha Extension bulk show (25 contacts), Basic usage analyticsEverything in Premium, plus CSV enrichment, Prospecting bulk show CRM integrations, SSO, Advanced team management, Customer Success Manager, Intent signals (Add-On), Job changes (Add-On), Technologies (Add-On), CRM enrichment (Add-On), Lusha API

Our Review: Is Lusha the Right Tool for Your Business?

Lusha is a notable tool for finding B2B contact information. It’s great for quickly getting emails and phone numbers and helping with business outreach. Moreover, Lusha is user-friendly and integrates well with tools like Salesforce, making it easy to use. 

However, some users have noted that the data accuracy can vary. Also, it’s mainly for B2B use, which might not suit everyone. 

Overall, Lusha can be a useful tool for businesses looking to connect with other professionals. But it’s important to consider its limitations and best fit for your specific needs.

Best Alternatives to Lusha

There are actually several competitors for Lusha. 3 of them are given below:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI is a contact-finding tool that stands out for its focus on providing accurate cell phone numbers and emails. It’s highly regarded for having more cell phone numbers and more accurate numbers than many leading providers. 

Plus, Swordfish AI offers a range of tools, including a Chrome Extension, Prospector for bulk lead generation, File Upload for CRM data enhancement, Reverse Search, and API integration

Additionally, it provides unique real-time validation for phone line connectivity, ensuring the data’s accuracy. Over 50,000 sales and recruitment professionals trust this tool. Hence, it makes it a strong alternative to Lusha, especially for those prioritizing direct phone contact.

Quick Comparison Table of Lusha and Swordfish AI

Comparison Table of Lusha and Swordfish AI

Let’s see how Lusha and Swordfish are different:



Swordfish AI

Data FocusB2B email and phone dataCell phone and email data
User BaseSales, marketing, and recruiting professionalsSales and recruitment professionals
Data AccuracyHigh, with an 80% accuracy rateExtremely high, with real-time validation
Tools and IntegrationsSalesforce integration, user-friendly interfaceChrome Extension, Prospector, File Upload, Reverse Search, API
Unique Selling PointSeamless integration with popular CRMsMore and highly accurate cell phone numbers

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B database platform that enhances sales and marketing efficiency. It evaluates 1.5 billion fields of information daily, ensuring fresh and accurate data. 

Furthermore, ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS dynamically creates target prospect lists using real-time website visitor, account, and contact data. It also incorporates real-time intent data. So, it identifies accounts actively researching topics related to your business. 

This feature enables businesses to reach potential buyers ahead of competitors. ZoomInfo’s ability to turn accurate account and contact data into precision targeting is a key strength.

A Quick Comparison Table: Lusha VS ZoomInfo

Lusha VS ZoomInfo

Here are the variations between Lusha vs ZoomInfo:




Data FocusB2B email and phone dataComprehensive B2B database
Data EvaluationHigh accuracy rateEvaluate 1.5 billion fields daily
TargetingEffective for B2B outreachDynamic target prospect lists
Real-Time DataStandard data collectionReal-time website visitor and intent data
Unique Selling PointUser-friendly interface and CRM integrationPrecision targeting with real-time intent data

3. Hunter


Hunter is a leading solution for finding and verifying professional email addresses. It’s designed to connect businesses with the right people efficiently. It uses a mix of proprietary technology and artificial intelligence to find, verify, and enrich contact details. 

Moreover, there are different features. Such as Domain Search to find contacts from a company name or website, Email Finder for getting verified email addresses, and Email Verifier to avoid bounces and protect the sender’s reputation. 

Hunter is praised for its time-saving capabilities in building pipelines and prospecting. It’s also known for its cold emailing tool, Hunter Campaigns, which personalizes and schedules emails for better engagement.

Read More: Check out the best hunter io pricing plans.

A Quick Comparison Table: Lusha vs Hunter

Lusha vs Hunter

Let’s see the difference between Lusha and Hunter:




Primary FunctionB2B contact data collectionProfessional email finding and verification
TechnologyData accuracy with CRM integrationProprietary technology and AI for data accuracy
Key ToolsEmail and phone data extractionDomain Search, Email Finder, Email Verifier
User ExperienceUser-friendly interfaceTime-saving and efficient for email outreach
Unique OfferingSeamless CRM integrationCold emailing with personalized campaign management

Final Verdict

In conclusion, our Lusha review reveals that it’s a strong player in the B2B contact information field. Its ability to provide accurate email and phone data quickly makes it a valuable tool for professionals in sales, marketing, and recruiting. 

The user-friendly interface and integration with tools like Salesforce enhance its appeal. While Lusha excels in many areas, it’s primarily suited for B2B uses, which may not fit all business needs. 

You don’t need to worry about that, as Swordfish will help you in those aspects. But yes, the limelight is on Lusha as it holds its ground with its focused approach and reliability for those in the B2B sector seeking contact discovery. Truly a noteworthy option!


Can Lusha be used for non-B2B purposes?

While Lusha is optimized for B2B use, its effectiveness for non-B2B purposes may be limited. Its core functionality is best suited for those seeking to connect with professionals and decision-makers in the business world.

How does Lusha ensure data privacy and compliance?

Lusha is committed to data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR. It employs measures to ensure that the data collection and usage are transparent and adhere to legal standards. It provides users with a trustworthy tool.

Is Lusha Legal?

Yes, Lusha operates legally. It complies with data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA, ensuring that its data collection and usage comply with legal standards. It’s committed to maintaining transparency and ethical practices in its operations as well.

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