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May 16, 2024 Hunter, Pricing
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With more than 600,000 users worldwide, is a popular email verification platform. In a market teeming with options, stands out as a go-to solution for businesses, from startups to industry giants. But here’s the thing – understanding its pricing is important. offers a Free plan at $0, a Starter plan at $34/month, a Growth plan at $104/month, and a Business plan at $349/month. Yearly payments save 30%. Plans include email searches, verifications, and various features customized to business needs.

In the coming sections, we’re going to break down’s pricing and compare it with the cost of its alternatives. In the end, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of which plan is your golden ticket!

Key Takeaways

  • Free Plan: $0, suitable for getting started with basic email searches and verifications.
  • Starter Plan: $34/month, includes 500 monthly searches, 1,000 verifications, and 3 connected email accounts.
  • Growth Plan: $104/month, designed for growing businesses with higher search and verification needs.
  • Business Plan: $349/month, offers extensive features for large businesses requiring significant email search and verification capabilities.
  • Yearly Payment Option: Save 30% on any plan by paying yearly.

What is

What is is the leading platform for finding and verifying professional email addresses, enabling users to connect with key business contacts. It combines proprietary technology and AI for high match rates in email finding and verification, enhancing outreach and prospecting efforts. 

With, the process of connecting with professionals is simplified by providing a suite of tools designed to find email addresses and verify quickly. 

It uses proprietary technology and AI to enrich contact details, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency. 

With features like Domain Search, Email Finder, and Email Verifier, is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their email outreach, build pipelines, and improve prospecting. 

It supports cold emailing through personalized campaigns and integrates with popular services for seamless workflow management. Thus, making it a valuable resource for companies aiming to expand their network and reach decision-makers effectively. Pricing Breakdown’s pricing ranges from a $0 Free plan to a Business at $349/month. Options include Starter ($34/mo) and Growth ($104/mo). Annual payments come with a 30% discount. This structure caters to various needs, from basic to advanced professional requirements.

Hunter-pricing Pricing Plans Comparison Table

There are 5 plans to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of and what each plan offers —


Cost (per month)Monthly CreditsFeatures

Basic access to search tool, Limited monthly credits


$341,000Advanced search options, Access to domain search, CSV exports, Campaigns

All features in Starter Plan, Priority support, Phone and email support, Access to API


$34920,000All features in Growth Plan, Dedicated account manager, Higher rate limits

All features in Business Plan, Flexible quotas, On-demand quotas, Customized solutions Free Plan’s Free Plan is designed for beginners or small teams, providing essential tools for email searches and verifications without cost. It’s a perfect starting point for those wanting to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid subscription.

The Free Plan of is the perfect starting point for you if you’re new or part of a small team looking to dip your toes into what this platform has to offer. At no cost, it gives you a limited number of searches and verifications each month, enabling you to discover and verify email addresses effortlessly. 

It’s an excellent way for you to see how can streamline your email outreach and verification tasks, showcasing the platform’s efficiency without any commitment.

Key Features in Free Plan

  • Quantity Limit: Limited monthly email searches and verifications.
  • Access Level: Access to Domain Search with partial results.
  • Integration Capability: Use of the Google Sheets add-on for streamlined workflows.

Benefits of Free Plan

  • Free access to basic email searches and verifications.
  • Utilize Domain Search with full result access.
  • Launch email campaigns with up to 2 recipients.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Free plan

  • Limited number of searches and verifications.
  • No access to priority support.
  • Restricted campaign recipients and integrations. Starter Plan

The Starter Plan, at $34 a month, is designed to give your email outreach a significant boost. If you’re finding yourself needing more email searches and verifications each month, this plan is tailored for you, especially if your business is in a growth phase.

For $34 monthly, you’ll see a notable increase in your email search and verification limits, making it perfect for small to medium-sized teams aiming to expand their outreach. 

This paid plan not only simplifies your data management with features like CSV exports but also grants you full access to search results and priority support. This ensures you have the assistance you need when you need it. 

The Starter plan is designed to help you enhance your email outreach and verification efforts. Thus, providing you with the robust tools and support necessary to succeed.

Key Features in Starter Plan

  • Enhanced Volume: 500 monthly searches and 1,000 verifications.
  • Complete Access and Data Export: Access to full Domain Search results and CSV exports.
  • Marketing Capability: Campaigns feature with up to 2,500 recipients per campaign.
  • Advanced Support and Integration: Priority support and integration with CRM systems.

Benefits of Starter Plan

  • Increased search and verification limits.
  • Access to priority support for any issues.
  • Connect multiple email accounts for campaigns.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Starter Plan

  • Additional searches and verifications at extra cost.
  • Limited recipients per campaign compared to higher plans.
  • Extra cost for additional email accounts. Growth Plan

The Growth Plan, priced at $104 a month, is ideal if you’re in a larger team or business looking to enhance your email efforts. It increases your search and verification limits and includes advanced features like team collaboration, wider integration options, and improved analytics.

If you’re planning to scale up your operations, the Growth Plan gives you a remarkable boost. You’ll get more email searches and verifications, the capacity to reach more recipients per email campaign, the option to connect more email accounts, and improved reporting capabilities.

Designed with larger teams in mind, this plan offers you with everything you need for wide-scale email campaigns and deep data analysis. Thus, helping you manage your email outreach strategies more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features in Growth Plan

  • Scalability: Increased monthly searches and verifications for larger scale operations.
  • Expanded Reach: Enhanced campaign capabilities with more recipients.
  • Insightful Data Analytics: Advanced reporting and analytics for better insight into campaigns.

Benefits of Growth Plan

  • Expanded limits for large-scale searches and verifications.
  • Enhanced campaign capabilities for targeted email marketing.
  • Greater flexibility with more connected email accounts.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Growth plan

  • Higher cost might not suit smaller businesses.
  • Additional costs for exceeding monthly limits.
  • Might include features not needed by all users. Business Plan

The Business Plan, available at $349 a month, is the ultimate package for enterprises looking for the best service and features for their extensive operations. It offers the maximum limits on searches and verifications, plus advanced tools tailored for large-scale email strategies efficiently.’s Business Plan is designed with large organizations and enterprises in mind, offering you the highest limits for email searches and verifications. It includes all the advanced features found in the Growth Plan, plus some exclusive perks. 

With this plan, you’ll get dedicated account management and the option to request additional quotas on demand. 

It’s the perfect choice for businesses with significant email verification and search requirements, providing everything you need to manage your email tasks on a large scale.

Key Features in Business Plan

  • Capacity: Maximum monthly searches and verifications for enterprise-level needs.
  • Comprehensive Access: Full access to all features, including advanced campaign tools.
  • Custom Integration: Dedicated support and integration options for large teams.
  • Personalization: Custom solutions and services tailored to enterprise requirements.

Benefits of Business Plan

  • Ideal for businesses with extensive email search and verification needs.
  • Dedicated support ensures immediate assistance.
  • Facilitates teamwork with unlimited member access.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Business plan

  • Significantly higher cost.
  • Excess features for small-scale users.
  • Potential for unused capacity in smaller operations. Pricing on Reddit

Users on Reddit have shared their thoughts and experiences regarding’s pricing, as well as alternatives. Here’s a summary of the key points from the discussions:

  • Some users find’s credit-based pricing model to be expensive, especially for high-volume needs. They are in search of more affordable alternatives that can offer similar or better value for email scraping and verification services.
  • There’s a clear interest in finding tools similar to but at a lower cost. Users are looking for recommendations for services that are not only cheaper but also maintain a high quality of results.
  • Some users expressed a preference for a flat-rate pricing model ($5/month for unlimited website scans) over credit-based pricing. This indicates a desire for more predictable and straightforward pricing structures.
  • is considered somewhat expensive, with pricing at $100/month for 2,500 searches and $200/month for 10,000 searches.
  • A user mentioned utilizing the free version of and found it to be great, indicating satisfaction with the services provided at no cost.
  • Users are inquiring about other services that can provide email address listings for specific domains. They are specifically looking for alternatives to’s pricing model, with a focus on services that include confidence scores indicating the validity of these emails.

When Should I Pay for 

Deciding when to transition from a free plan to a paid one with depends on your specific needs and objectives. Let’s break it down

When Should I Pay for

Your business is growing

When your outreach efforts start to grow, and you find yourself needing more monthly credits, the Starter Plan is a sensible upgrade. 

It offers advanced search options, access to bulk domain search, and the ability to export data in CSV format. This plan is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking to scale their outreach efforts.

Getting more clients

As your business expands and you require even more credits (5,000 per month) along with priority support and API access, the Growth Plan is a logical choice. 

It’s ideal for businesses that have a growing sales or marketing team and need to conduct a higher volume of outreach activities.

You have a large company

These plans are tailored for larger enterprises with complex needs. The Pro and Enterprise plan  offer even higher monthly credits, dedicated account management, and flexible quotas. 

Features of offers a range of features tailored to manage the lead generation process for sales and marketing professionals. Here’s an overview of its key functionalities –

Features of 

Email Finder

The tool’s email finder allows you to enter a domain name and discover the associated email addresses. This feature is particularly useful for identifying decision-makers within a company.

Email Verification

It provides real-time email verification to ensure that the email addresses gathered are accurate and valid. This helps reduce bounce rates and improve email deliverability.

Domain Search

You can perform domain searches to find all the email addresses associated with a specific domain. This is especially handy for researching competitors or identifying potential leads within a specific industry.

Email Verification API

If you see pricing guide, it offers an API that allows you to integrate email verification directly into their own applications or workflows. This ensures that only valid emails are collected and used.

Bulk Email Verification

Users can upload a list of email addresses for batch verification, saving time and ensuring data accuracy in premium plan features. 

Lead List Building enables you to create lists of potential leads by specifying criteria such as job title, industry, and location. This targeted approach helps users focus their efforts on the most relevant prospects.

Is Worth The Price? is worth the price because it excels as a highly regarded email outreach tool. Renowned for its swift and efficient capabilities to find, verify, and connect with professional emails. It’s easy to use and integrates well with other services, thanks to its advanced technology. 

Many leading companies trust for its quality data and effective email campaign tools.

Yet, when deciding if is the right investment, it’s wise to compare it with alternatives like Swordfish AI and UpLead. These services may offer better deals for the same range of features, including larger databases and more flexible pricing, which could be more suitable for certain businesses.

In short, stands out for email outreach, but it’s important to consider other market options. Services like Swordfish AI and UpLead could provide greater value or better meet specific needs. 

Carefully comparing features, costs, and benefits against your business objectives is crucial for choosing the right tool.

Swordfish AI is the #1 Alternative 


Swordfish AI stands out as an excellent prospecting tool, offering distinct advantages in tools of data intelligence. Its proprietary verification system ensures high-quality, reliable data. 

With a database featuring 3.5 billion profiles, it outshines many competitors in terms of sheer scale. Not to forget the exclusive cell phone data  and Sales Development Representatives available at a wave. 

Swordfish AI’s is among the top intent data providers and its standout feature lies in its massive database. With customized pricing, Swordfish AI ensures businesses get tailored solutions that suit their specific needs. vs Swordfish AI Comparison Table vs Swordfish AI

Let’s get into a side-by-side comparison with


Swordfish AI

Hunter io

Database Size

Over 3.5 billion profilesOver 200 million business contacts
PricingCustom pricing for tailored solutions

Plans ranging from $34to $349 per month

Verification System

Proprietary system for reliable dataOffers real-time email verification
Search FiltersAdvanced filters for precise targeting

Provides filters for job title, company size, etc.

Email Campaigns

IntegrationsSeamless integration with CRMs and tools

Integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce

API Access

Available for custom integrationAvailable for higher-tier plans
SupportDedicated account management

Priority support for higher-tier plans

Why Choose Swordfish AI over

Choose Swordfish AI for its superior capability in providing essential contact information, positioning it as a preferable choice compared to Here are the reasons Swordfish AI excels:

Unique Decision Maker Contact Data

Swordfish AI offers unique decision-maker contact data that is not available in This makes it a valuable resource for sales and recruitment professionals looking to reach key individuals.

Superior Cell Phone Number Accuracy and Match Rates

Swordfish AI is the leader in cell phone number accuracy and match rates, as tested by their customers. This ensures users have access to reliable contact information for their outreach efforts.

More & Accurate Cell Phone Numbers

Swordfish AI provides 33%+ more and 45%+ accurate cell phone numbers than, expanding the reach for sales and recruitment efforts.

Real-Time Line Connectivity Validation

Swordfish AI offers 100% real-time line connectivity validation, ensuring that the contact information is current and active, reducing wasted efforts on disconnected or inactive lines.

Exclusive Partnerships for Cell Phone Data

Swordfish AI has exclusive partnerships with unique cell phone data providers, offering exclusive cell phone contact information that is not available in

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

What are the Other Alternatives to Hunter io? 

Looking for better pricing plans? Here are the top alternatives to Hunter io compared with their prices. 


Hunter.ioPeople Data LabsUpLeadContactOut
Pricing ModelPlans range from $34 to $349 per month.Plans start at $20/month for 1000 creditsPlans start at $99/month for Essentials

Plans start at $79/month for Starter

Database Size

Over 107 million email address3.1+ Billion person records, 62.1+ Million company records.Over 155 million B2B contacts300M professional profiles, 150M personal emails, 200M work emails, 100M direct dials.
Database AccuracyHigh accuracy with email verification tools.Not explicitly mentioned, but offers a wide range of data points for enrichment.95% data accuracy guarantee with real-time email verification.

Triple-verified data with 99% confidence.


Integrates with CRM systems, Google Sheets, and via API.Offers API access and bulk delivery. Integrates with various systems.Integrates with CRM and outreach tools. Offers API access.Offers Chrome Extension, API, and data enrichment features for integration.
Special FeaturesEmail Finder, Domain Search, Email Verifier, and Campaigns for cold emails.Person and Company Data APIs, Data License for bulk data.Prospector tool, Email Verification, Bulk Lookup, Data Enrichment, Intent Data, Friendly Credits.

Email and phone number finding, GDPR and CCPA compliant, Search Portal, Email Campaigns, Integrations. Vs People Data Labs Vs People Data Labs 

People Data Labs (PDL) is your go-to resource if you’re looking for comprehensive B2B data. With an impressive collection of over 1.5 billion unique profiles, PDL offers you the tools to refine personal profiles. It also enhances your AI and predictive modeling, and conducts thorough analyses. 

Imagine having detailed access to resumes, contacts, social media, and demographic information for billions of individuals and millions of companies around the globe. That’s what PDL brings to your doorstep.

Whether you aim to enhance candidate profiles, amplify your sales and marketing strategies, or gain investment insights, PDL’s precise, up-to-date, and extensive data is invaluable.

When compared directly with, PDL takes the lead with its broader range of data enrichment options and its much larger database. So, if you’re in need of deep data services, People Data Labs is your trusted partner.

Comparison Table of vs People Data Labs


Hunter ioPeople Data Labs
PricePlans range from $34 to $349 per month

Plans start at $20/month for 1000 credits

Database Size

Over 200 million business contactsHuge database with 1.5 billion profiles
Email VerificationOffers real-time email verification

Provides email verification services

Search Filters

Provides filters for job title, company size, etc.Offers advanced search filters for precise targeting
IntegrationsIntegrates with popular platforms like Salesforce

Integrates with various CRM and marketing automation platforms

API Access

Available for higher-tier plansAvailable for custom integration
SupportPriority support for higher-tier plans

Dedicated account management and support Vs UpLead Vs UpLead 

UpLead is a top choice for finding contacts, especially for big names like Google and Salesforce, thanks to its advanced lead generation and exceptional data accuracy. 

It’s designed to overcome common obstacles in prospecting by providing verified contact lists that are ready to go, helping you find new leads effortlessly. UpLead’s commitment to quality is evident in its rigorous email verification process, ensuring your sales team connects with real, interested leads.

With over 50 search filters, UpLead makes it easy for you to zero in on the perfect prospects. Thus, simplifying your lead generation process and increasing your chances of closing successful deals by connecting you with the right people.

Compared to, UpLead takes the lead with its emphasis on data accuracy and comprehensive search capabilities. Thus, making it the preferred choice for companies that prioritize high-quality leads and efficient prospecting.

Comparison Table of vs UpLead


Hunter io



Plans range from $34 to $349 per monthPlans start at $99 per month for Essentials
Database SizeOver 200 million business contacts

Over 46 million B2B contacts

Email Verification

Offers real-time email verificationProvides real-time email verification
Search FiltersProvides filters for job title, company size, etc.

Advanced search filters for precise targeting


Integrates with popular platforms like SalesforceIntegrates with various CRM and marketing automation platforms

API Access

Available for higher-tier plans

Available for custom integration

SupportPriority support for higher-tier plans

Offers priority support for all plans Vs ContactOut Vs ContactOut  

ContactOut sets itself apart by offering access to the email addresses and phone number lookup of over 300 million professionals.

It’s trusted by over 1.4 million recruiters and sales professionals from leading global companies, highlighting its reliability and efficiency. With data that’s triple-checked for accuracy, ContactOut ensures you get the most reliable information 99% of the time.

The platform has an impressive database, including 150 million personal emails, 200 million work emails, and 100 million direct phone numbers, spanning 300 million professional profiles. 

Its extensive and accurate data, which is compliant with CCPA and GDPR, makes ContactOut an indispensable tool for fast and effective prospecting.

When compared directly, ContactOut outperforms with its larger database and more rigorous data verification processes. This makes it the top pick for anyone in need of comprehensive and trustworthy contact details.

Comparison Table of vs ContactOut


Hunter ioContactOut
PricePlans range from $34 to $349 per month

Plans start at $79/month for Starter

Database Size

Over 200 million business contactsOver 300 million professional profiles
Email VerificationOffers real-time email verification

Offers real-time email verification

Search Filters

Provides filters for job title, company size, etc.Offers advanced search filters for precise targeting
IntegrationsIntegrates with popular platforms like Salesforce

Integrates with various CRM and marketing automation platforms

API Access

Available for higher-tier plansAvailable for custom integration
SupportPriority support for higher-tier plans

Offers priority support for all plans


When it comes to email outreach, having a clear understanding of’s pricing structure is crucial. Investing in is a smart move due to its array of features and the advantages it brings to your outreach strategies. 

The diverse pricing plans cater to various business sizes, making it an adaptable choice. Moreover, the availability of a free plan and the ability to scale based on your requirements add to its appeal. 

If you’re in search of a cost-effective alternative, Swordfish emerges as an excellent option. Its powerful capabilities and budget-friendly pricing model position it as a strong contender of email and contact finding tools. 

You have to remember that the key is to find a tool that perfectly aligns with your outreach goals and financial considerations. Good luck!


Can I pause my subscription temporarily if I need to take a break from using the service?

Yes, offers the flexibility to pause your subscription for a specified period. This allows you to retain your account and data without incurring additional charges during the pause period.

What happens if I exceed my monthly credits in the middle of a billing cycle with provides the option to purchase additional credits in case you surpass your allocated quota before the end of the billing cycle. This ensures uninterrupted access to the service and continued lead generation efforts.

Is it possible to customize a plan with specific features or data points that I need for my business with

Yes, offers custom plans tailored to your specific requirements. You can work with their team to create a plan that aligns perfectly with your business needs, ensuring you get the most value from the service.

Is secure?

Yes, prioritizes security by implementing industry-standard data protection measures to safeguard user information and ensure the privacy of the data it handles.

Does offer discounts?

Yes, offers discounts for annual subscriptions, providing a cost-effective option for users who commit to the service for a longer period.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, offers a free trial that allows users to make a limited number of searches and verifications without a subscription, making it accessible for initial testing.

Is good for personal use?

Yes, can be good for personal use. It’s particularly useful for individuals looking to verify email addresses or find contact information for networking, job hunting, or personal projects.

Is good for small business?

Yes, is good for small businesses, especially for those in need of building or verifying email lists, conducting outreach, or performing competitor analysis. Its tools can significantly aid in marketing and sales efforts.

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