Review: Features, Feedback, and Final Thoughts

When it comes to email finding, one name that stands out is, or as many call it, Hunter. But it’s more than just an email finding tool. dives deep into LinkedIn profiles, extracting comprehensive professional information. This unique capability has positioned as a top choice for marketers and recruiters alike.

In this in-depth Hunter review, we’ll explore its standout features, advantages, drawbacks, and alternative options and help you determine if it’s the optimal choice for your business. Let’s dive right in. A Quick Overview, established by François Grante and Antoine Finkelstein in 2015, is an innovative tool changing the game in lead generation and email outreach. With over 4 million users, it has become a go-to platform for businesses. stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all levels. Its Domain Search feature is particularly powerful, enabling users to discover email addresses associated with specific websites.

The tool’s strength lies in its daily crawl of millions of web pages, indexing over 76 million websites and providing access to 107 million verified professional email addresses. This comprehensive database allows businesses to refine their email outreach efforts effectively.

Additionally, G2 users have rated at an impressive 4.4 out of 5, showcasing high user satisfaction. You can safely say that is quite the asset for businesses looking to enhance their outreach strategies and boost lead generation.

Key Features of offers an array of tools, including Domain Search, Email Finder, and Email Verifier, ensuring accurate and verified contact information for successful outreach campaigns.

Here are the key features –

Domain Search

Hunter scours millions of web pages daily, indexing over 76 million websites, and uncovering 107 million verified professional email addresses.

This potent domain search provides accurate contact information to fuel your email outreach efforts.

Email Finder email finder is a tool that aids in finding specific email addresses associated with a known name and company website.

It’s a handy feature for tracking down elusive contact details, ensuring you’re able to connect with your intended recipients.

Email Verifier

The email verifier tool allows users to validate the legitimacy of email addresses. It not only confirms if an address is functional but also provides information on whether it is publicly accessible on the web, contributing to the overall reliability of your email database.

Bulk Tasks

Hunter supports bulk actions for emails, offering an efficient way to process and verify multiple addresses at once. This feature is particularly useful for managing extensive email lists and ensuring accuracy in your outreach campaigns.

Leads Management

Hunter’s leads management function acts as a simplified CRM system. While it may not be as intricate as a complete CRM, it provides a handy method to arrange your contacts. This makes filtering and exporting leads for integration with your email marketing tools a breeze.


The campaign tool provides a straightforward platform for managing outreach efforts. While it might not have the features of advanced email marketing platforms, it’s great for crafting and overseeing smaller campaigns. This makes it an ideal pick for targeted outreach efforts.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension complements your browsing experience by swiftly providing email addresses associated with a visited website. This time-saving feature enables you to continue prospecting with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Google Sheets Integration

This add-on seamlessly incorporates Hunter functionality into Google Sheets. It not only facilitates the search for email addresses but also aids in the verification process, enhancing the efficiency of your outreach efforts within this widely used spreadsheet tool.

API for Developers

Hunter’s API extends its capabilities to developers, allowing for seamless integration into various applications and tools.

This empowers developers to leverage Hunter’s email-finding capabilities within their own platforms, enhancing the reach and efficiency of their applications

Pros of

What you might like about Hunter io –

  • Accurate email addresses through domain search.
  • Simplified email verification process ensures reliable data.
  • Chrome extension facilitates quick email searches while browsing.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick results.
  • Bulk tasks feature for efficient email management.
  • Leads management and CRM integration to streamline outreach efforts.
  • Comprehensive campaign optimizer for effective email outreach strategies.

Cons of

Few of the drawbacks of hunter. Io

  • No social media research tool available.
  • Some may find the pricing relatively higher.
  • Cannot verify webmail addresses (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo).

Hunter io User Experience

Taking into account all the reviews and user experiences, it’s obvious that Hunter has made a significant impact on its users.

Here’s a glimpse into the experiences of some users —

Agency Owner’s Perspective

According to G2 reviews, agency owners say greatly enhances their lead generation. The tool’s quick contact finding boosts outreach campaign results. In essence, it lets agencies concentrate on engaging clients and growing their business.

Ease of Use

Based on user feedback across forums and reviews, is consistently praised for its user-friendly interface.

According to reports, even users with limited technical knowledge find it easy to navigate. This accessibility ensures that teams can swiftly adopt and apply without extensive training.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Based on forums and reviews, stands out due to its thorough data collection method. It scans web pages extensively, offering current and accurate email addresses.

Users experience better response rates and more productive conversations with potential clients. Plus,’s efficiency helps teams use their time and resources more wisely.

Integration Capabilities

The feedback in various forums and reviews suggests that users commend for its seamless integration with diverse applications and platforms.

Whether syncing with CRM systems or connecting with other tools, adapts effortlessly. This adaptability empowers teams to incorporate into their existing processes, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Feedback on Challenges

As per forums and reviews indicate, while excels in sourcing contact information for a wide range of businesses, users may occasionally encounter challenges in finding highly specialized or less publicly available email addresses.

It’s important to note that these scenarios are infrequent and often pertain to niche industries or specific roles within organizations. Nevertheless, users widely consider an invaluable tool for their outreach efforts. Customer Support

At, providing top-notch customer service is a fundamental commitment. The company understands that seamless user experiences extend beyond just using the tool – it encompasses the entire journey, including any questions or issues that may arise.

Responsive and Expert Assistance’s support team is filled with skilled professionals ready to address queries quickly. Users, whether contacted through phone, email, or live chat, are met with timely and knowledgeable replies. The team’s combined expertise guarantees precise and thorough answers, boosting user satisfaction.

Proactive Problem-Solving

The support team at doesn’t merely react to user concerns; they take a proactive approach to identify and address potential issues.

By staying ahead of the curve, they help users navigate any challenges seamlessly, minimizing disruptions to their workflow.

User-Focused Tools

To simplify communication and issue resolution, employs advanced tools. The integration of platforms like Intercom facilitates direct and efficient interactions between users and the support team.

This ensures that users receive the attention they need without unnecessary delays.

Feedback-Driven Enhancements values user feedback immensely. Their support team consistently gathers and reviews user input and issues. This ongoing feedback process drives constant enhancement, shaping the tool to better align with user requirements.

Engaging Knowledge Base

In addition to direct support, maintains a comprehensive knowledge base. This resource-rich repository contains tutorials, FAQs, and helpful articles. Users can leverage this self-service hub to find quick answers and discover best practices for maximizing the tool’s capabilities.

Personalized Attention understands that each user may have unique requirements. The support team is committed to providing tailored solutions. It takes into account individual circumstances and preferences. This personalized approach contributes to a more satisfying and effective user experience.

A Partnership in Success

Ultimately, the customer service philosophy at is rooted in the belief that the success of its users is intertwined with the success of the platform. By prioritizing exceptional support, aims to empower users to achieve their goals, making it a trusted ally in their endeavors. Pricing offers a range of pricing plans designed to meet diverse needs. Let’s explore the pricing structure to understand which plan is for you.

Free Plan

The Free Plan offered by is an excellent starting point for individuals or small-scale users. It comes at no cost, making it accessible to everyone. With this plan, you get 25 monthly email searches and 50 verifications.

You can connect one campaign account and send emails to up to 500 recipients per campaign. While it doesn’t integrate with CRM or offer an API, it still provides valuable basic features.

Starter Plan

For more extensive outreach needs, the Starter Plan is a great option. Priced at $34 per month or $408 annually (saving 30%), it offers 500 monthly email searches and 1,000 verifications.

With this plan, you can connect up to three campaign accounts and reach 2,500 recipients per campaign. It includes CRM integration, an API, and provides priority support. Link tracking and custom domain use are also available.

Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is designed for users with larger outreach requirements. It is priced at $104 per month or $1,248 per year (a 30% saving). This plan provides 5,000 monthly email searches and 10,000 verifications.

You can connect up to ten campaign accounts and send emails to 5,000 recipients per campaign. Like the Starter Plan, it offers CRM integration, an API, priority support, link tracking, and custom domain usage.

Business Plan

For enterprises with substantial email outreach needs, the Business Plan is the top-tier option. Priced at $349 per month or $4,188 per year (saving 30%), it offers extensive capabilities. This plan includes 50,000 monthly email searches and 100,000 verifications.

You can connect up to 20 campaign accounts and reach 10,000 recipients per campaign. It offers CRM integration, an API, priority support with an account manager, link tracking, and custom domain use.

The Enterprise Plan

This plan, offered by, is tailored for businesses with advanced needs and demands. This plan goes above and beyond, providing a comprehensive suite of features and dedicated support to ensure seamless integration into your workflow.

The plan includes a dedicated account manager. The professional is committed to understanding your specific requirements and ensuring you get the most out of

Moreover, with a higher rate limit, an enterprise plan ensures you can conduct searches and verifications at a larger scale, meeting the demands of enterprise-level operations.

Not just that, users also get On-Demand Quotas. It means you can adjust your usage limits based on your immediate needs, ensuring you have the resources necessary for any project or campaign.

Our Review: Is the Right Tool for Your Business?

For businesses relying heavily on email outreach,’s services can significantly enhance productivity and accuracy. It’s especially beneficial for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams.

Moreover, the availability of a dedicated Enterprise plan ensures that even large-scale enterprises can find a customized solution

The platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes. For that, offers plans tailored to diverse needs. The free plan gives a basic overview, whereas the paid plans grant access to more features like higher search and verification limits, campaign handling, and integration choices.

Though provides strong email search and verification tools, there are potential hurdles to note. Specifically, its dependence on external data can sometimes result in inconsistencies or old data.

Additionally, the accuracy of results may vary depending on the industry or niche, as some sectors might have less accessible contact data.

Best Alternatives to

Hunter is not the only one in this game of B2B prospecting and lead generation tools. Here are a few of the best alternatives you can get your hands on –

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI goes beyond being just a tool; it’s a game-changer for businesses in need of accurate contact information.

What sets Swordfish apart is its special cell phone number database, a feature not found in many competitors. Their unique system ensures that the contact details you receive are not only extensive but also verified.

This makes Swordfish a top choice for businesses that rely on cold calling in their outreach efforts, especially with a seamless Chrome Extension and API.

With access to over 3.5 billion data profiles, Swordfish AI can link businesses with potential clients and candidates. Whether you’re in sales, recruitment, or marketing, Swordfish AI’s robust features and extensive database can be valuable.

Don’t forget, you can enjoy a 15 day trial offered by Swordfish AI to check it out.

Swordfish vs Hunter: A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick overview of Swordfish’s and Hunter’s differences in the table below.

FeatureHunter.ioSwordfish AI
Contact ExtractionSpecializes in professional data from the web, including LinkedIn.Extracts both professional and personal details.
Data SourcesGather data from various online sources, including websites.Searches across social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Stack Overflow, and Github.
Data ProfilesAccesses a vast number of professional profiles primarily from LinkedIn.Access to over 3.5 billion data profiles.
Data AccuracyEnsures data accuracy through a unique algorithm and verification process.Utilizes machine learning algorithms for precise data extraction.
B2B IntegrationsOffers seamless integrations with CRM systems and other tools.Supports B2B integrations and enhances in-house operations control.
PricingOffers multiple pricing tiers based on features and data access.Provides multiple tiers, including Scale, Recruiter, Marketer, and API.
Data ValidationFocuses on email validation, ensuring high-quality contact information.Unique cell phone number and proprietary cell phone verification system.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. Uplead

Uplead stands out as a renowned lead generation tool with a vast database of over 46 million premium business contacts. Prioritizing accuracy, it validates data in real time, ensuring dependable contact details.

The platform uses AI and human checks to uphold data quality and easily integrates with leading CRM systems, enhancing business workflows. Its versatile pricing includes pay-as-you-go and subscription choices to suit diverse requirements.

Contact ExtractionSpecializes in professional data from the web, including LinkedIn.Focuses on B2B data extraction, emphasizing lead generation.
Data SourcesGather data from various online sources, including websites.Provides access to a database of over 46 million business contacts.
Data ProfilesAccesses a vast number of professional profiles, primarily from LinkedIn.Offers a wide range of B2B data profiles, including decision-makers and influencers.
Data AccuracyEnsures data accuracy through a unique algorithm and verification process.Employs a combination of AI, machine learning, and human verification for accurate data.
B2B IntegrationsOffers seamless integrations with CRM systems and other tools.Supports B2B integrations, enabling smooth workflows within existing business processes.
PricingOffers multiple pricing tiers based on features and data access.Provides flexible pricing plans with options for pay-as-you-go or subscription models.
Data ValidationFocuses on email validation, ensuring high-quality contact information.Ensures data quality through real-time verification, including email, phone, and social media profiles.

3. is more than just an email extractor for LinkedIn. It’s a multifaceted email marketing platform that enhances campaigns. Users can easily discover leads via domain searches and LinkedIn profiles, offering a holistic approach to email outreach.

The platform ensures email validity before sending, enhancing deliverability. It also offers features like automated email campaigns and a practical CRM for effective sales management.

With convenient browser extensions, lead generation becomes a seamless process. seamlessly integrates with a vast array of tools, streamlining workflows. Its user-friendly interface and various pricing options, including a free tier, make it a top choice for marketers across industries.

Note: Explore more about pricing and features.
Contact ExtractionProfessional details from LinkedInDiscover leads through domain searches and LinkedIn
Data SourcesLinkedIn profilesLinkedIn, domain searches, and real-time data validation
Data ProfilesMillions of LinkedIn profilesLeads from domain searches and LinkedIn
Data AccuracyProprietary algorithm for data accuracyEmail validity verification before sending
B2B IntegrationsIntegrations with CRM and other toolsIntegrates with over 5,000 tools for a streamlined workflow
PricingMultiple tiers based on features and data accessDiverse pricing options, including a complimentary tier
Data ValidationEmail validation, no specific mention of cell phone validationVerification of email validity before sending
User-Friendly DesignEasy to navigateIntuitive design and browser extensions for streamlined lead generation


Digging deep into the complete Hunter review, you can already tell that it’s evident this tool is a standout performer in email discovery and contact sourcing. Its unique ability to scour the web for verified email addresses, coupled with an extensive database, sets it apart in the email-finding arena.

The in-depth analysis of its features and user experiences emphasized in our review reaffirm its effectiveness and value. However, it’s important to acknowledge that each tool has its strengths and considerations.

If doesn’t perfectly align with your requirements, Swordfish AI presents itself as a worthy alternative.

Nonetheless, the spotlight remains on for its dynamic approach and wide-ranging capabilities. As you mull over this review, bear in mind that the right tool can be a game-changer, and has certainly proved its mettle in this domain.


What Makes a Competitor of UpLead as an Email Finder Tool?

When it comes to finding potential leads and prospects, many businesses turn to email finder tools like and Substitutes for Uplead. These tools offer comprehensive databases and advanced search filters, making them strong competitors in the market. With their similar features and reliable data, proves to be a formidable rival for UpLead.

Can retrieve personal email addresses? primarily focuses on professional email addresses. While it can sometimes find personal emails associated with professional profiles, it’s not its main function.

Does offer phone number lookup?

No, is specialized in email lookup. For phone numbers, you might want to explore dedicated phone lookup services.

How often is the email database updated? updates its database regularly, but it’s crucial to note that the frequency of updates can vary. It’s recommended to verify email addresses for critical outreach.

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  1. After reading this, Hunter is going on my list of tools I need to try. Although I think there are better options it’s always good to try new tools.


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