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Why Swordfish

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We have exclusive cell phone data other providers don't

No one has it all, but we have a lot. Swordfish AI has over 3.5 billion individual data points including exclusive cell phone data and premium business emails.

Verified cell phone data
Partnered with unique cell phone data providers

Cell phone data you won't find on alternative platforms

Verified cell phone data
Partnered with cell phone carriers to validate data

Line connectivity and owner validation directly from the leading carriers

Fuel your SDRs
Proprietary cell phone matching algorithms

Unique algorithms accurately match cell phone data with prospects

Business Email Catch All Validation

Premium business emails and validation go beyond competitors' standard SMTP protocol. Our partnerships with leading inbox providers check for the validity of mailboxes for increased accuracy and lower bounce rates. Less failed emails mean better outreach.‌

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Live data partners

S‌wordfish use live data partners for the freshest contact data. Incorrect or stale contact data wastes valuable time, demoralizes teams, and stunts productivity and opportunity for wins. Choosing live data partners ensures our contact data is always up-to-date.

Book 10x more meetings in less time

Using accurate contact data, including cell phones, has been proven to book more meetings in less time, increasing your wins and supercharging your revenue.

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Direct access to decision-makers

Avoid the gatekeepers and get direct access to decision-makers with unique cell phone data from Swordfish. Access your prospects even when they're on the move or don't have a direct dial.

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Swordfish is THE best tool for finding cell phone numbers.

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400% more cleared candidates

1000+ hours cut in sourcing time

5x increase in connects

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