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SignalHire Review: An Analysis of Its Strengths and Flaws

May 6, 2024 Reviews, SignalHire

SignalHire Review

SignalHire isn’t just another name in the talent sourcing world. What sets it apart? A massive database of over 650 million profiles. Think of it as a vast library, but instead of books, you have professional profiles from all over the globe.

Its standout feature, the real-time email and phone number finder, has made it a top pick for many recruiters. As the business world shifts and grows, getting a grip on tools like SignalHire becomes more crucial.

Dive into our SignalHire review, and we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of it. We’ll show you why it’s worth your attention, pricing, our personal judgment, and worthy alternatives.

SignalHire: A Quick Overview

SignalHire: A Quick Overview

SignalHire is a simple online tool that helps companies find potential employees. It has a big list of over 650 million people, taken from places like social media and job websites.

With SignalHire, you can easily find and connect with professionals in many fields. You can also see what your competitors are doing in their hiring process. However, SignalHire doesn’t have ways to test how good these potential employees are.

Moreover, the cost of using SignalHire depends on how much you use it, with different price options.

Features of SignalHire

Take a look at the major features of SignalHire —

Features of SignalHire

CloudBased Platform

SignalHire operates online, meaning you can access it from anywhere. It’s designed to be easy to use without installing anything on your computer.

Free Extension for Web Browsing

SignalHire offers a free extension that can be used on any website on the web. You can extract verified emails from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms by using the SignalHire extension.

Vast Candidate Database

The tool has a list of over 650 million profiles. These profiles come from various places online, like social media, job boards, and other professional networks.

With SignalHire’s vast candidate database, if you need an email address from a LinkedIn profile, you might want to explore how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn.

Talent Sourcing

SignalHire helps you find the right professionals. It covers a wide range of industries, making it easier to find the perfect match for any job.

And it excels in talent sourcing, but for those in the B2B space, understanding the best B2B prospecting methods to use can help.

Talent Relationships

This feature is all about building and managing connections. It’s designed to help employers boost their brand and manage potential hires more efficiently.

Agile Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

This is a system to keep track of job applicants. It shows the history of interactions with each candidate, making the hiring process smoother and more organized.

Competitive Analysis Tools

You can see what your competitors are doing in terms of hiring, since understanding market research is crucial for business decision-making. This helps you understand market trends and adjust your strategies accordingly. And

CreditBased Pricing System

Instead of a fixed price, SignalHire charges based on usage. Different subscription levels offer varying amounts of credits, which can be used to access candidate information.

Pros of SignalHire

  • Extensive candidate database with over 650 million profiles.
  • Provides insights into competitors’ hiring activities.
  • Uses social media for job ads and employee referrals.
  • Offers predictive analytics for candidate retention trends.
  • Excellent applicant tracking system enhances team collaboration.
  • Careers page template integrates with social networks.

Cons of SignalHire

  • Lacks candidate assessment features like skill tests.
  • Relies heavily on past employment data, not practical expertise.

SignalHire User Experience

SignalHire has been a go-to platform for many professionals and leading companies. Here’s a glimpse into the experiences of some users —


Most newbies find it hard to go through complex interfaces. However, SignalHire has impressed a lot of users through its user friendly layout.

Misty Malonzo, a Talent Consultant at EY, shared that her sourcing team loved SignalHire. She highlighted its user-friendliness. Plus, Nicholas V. DeAgostino, owner of DeAgostino Legal Group, has been an active user and has had a positive experience.

Focus on Recruitment

Users have highlighted the platform’s ability to simplify recruitment processes. Dennis Huet, the Head of VIP Relations at The Great Minds Group, and Andrew Hairs, CEO of Select Headhunter, have also been listed as users. He suggested their reliance on the platform for their recruitment needs.

Lack of Candidate Assessment

Some users have pointed out SignalHire’s lack of candidate assessment features. While its predictive analytics are commendable, the absence of practical skill tests means there’s still room for improvement.

SignalHire Support for Users

SignalHire, as a cloud-based platform, has made significant strides in ensuring that its users receive optimal support. The platform’s dedication to user experience is evident in its features and the feedback from its community.

Personalized User Experience

Having interacted with SignalHire’s support center, it’s evident that they prioritize a personalized user experience. Their platform is designed to simplify the hiring process, making it easier for both employers and candidates.

Plus, social networks, the visual candidate tracking board, and detailed candidate profiles contribute to a seamless user experience.

Authentic User Feedback

We’ve gathered authentic reviews from users who have asked for support from SignalHire. The general consensus is positive, with users appreciating the platform’s reliable applicant tracking system, which simplifies recruitment.

The platform’s transparency in pricing and its vast database profiles further improve its reputation.

Continuous Engagement

SignalHire doesn’t just stop at providing a platform; it ensures continuous engagement with its users. The platform offers tools for competitive analysis in talent sourcing, allowing users to gain insights into labor market trends.

Additionally, SignalHire’s integration capabilities with other systems, such as Salesforce, Zoho Recruit, and Workable, provide a holistic experience for users.

Now continuous engagement is key, especially post-meetings. So, learn how to write a follow-up email after a meeting to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

SignalHire Pricing

SignalHire pricing consists of a variety of options to cater to different user needs —

FeaturesFree PlanEmails PlanPhone #s PlanEmails & Phone #s PlanScale Plan
Cost per month$0$49$49$49Custom pricing
Emails onlyNoYesNoNo
Phone numbers onlyNo-NoYesNo
Emails and/or phone numbersNoNoNoYesYes
Unlimited usersNoYesYesYesYes
CSV exportNoYesYesYesYes
Team managementNoYesYesYesYes
ATS/CRM integrationNoYesYesYesYes
Browser extensionNoYesYesYesYes
CSV enrichmentNoNoNoNoYes
Prospecting bulk showNoNoNoNoYes
Advanced team managementNoNoNoNoYes

Our Review: Is SignalHire the Right Tool for Your Business?

After chatting with several users and going through genuine reviews, we’ve gathered that SignalHire is a major player with millions of profiles. It’s clear that businesses can cast a wide net to find potential hires.

Its effortless integration with tools like Salesforce and Zoho Recruit is a bonus. However, a common thread in feedback is the absence of in-depth candidate screening features.

So, while SignalHire can introduce you to a world of talent, you might need an extra hand to examine deeper into their qualifications.

Best Alternatives to SignalHire

We’ve gone through a few players in the field of talent source and picked our favorite SignalHire alternative. Check them out —


1. Swordfish AI


Swordfish AI is a platform known for its big and unique cell phone number database. We don’t just say this; we prove it with a unique system that correctly checks these numbers. This is good for businesses that do a lot of cold calling. They have information on over 3.5 billion people.

What makes Swordfish AI different from SignalHire? We check cell phone details in realtime, thanks to the proprietary cell phone verification system. It means the contact details you get are double-checked and correct.

Plus, we offer a free trial to give you a feel for what we do! We also have varied pricing plans for your needs.

People like using Swordfish AI because it’s easy, gives correct details, and works well with Chrome. But, some users have pointed out a few mistakes in the data.

FeaturesSwordfish AISignalHire
Database SizeOver 3.5 billion data profilesOver 650 million profiles
Unique FeatureProprietary cell phone verification systemRealtime email and phone number finder
Pricing ModelCreditbased system (with various plans)Creditbased system (with various subscription levels)
ExtensionsChrome extension availableChrome extension available
Data SourceMultiple platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, MeetUp, etc.
Realtime ValidationYes, for cell phone informationEmails are found in realtime mode
Bulk SearchYes, up to 1000 people at a timeYes, up to 1000 people at a time
Key DifferentiatorRealtime cell phone number validationVerified emails

<arrowTry Swordfish Ai


Skrapp io is a notable tool designed to streamline B2B email outreach. It’s designed for those seeking to build a robust email contact list. With, you can extract verified LinkedIn email addresses directly from profiles, which makes lead generation easier.

It offers a user-friendly interface for startups or established businesses looking to expand their clientele, especially through its Chrome extension. The platform stands out with its unique features like Domain Search and Bulk Finder.

But it’s the real-time email verification that truly adds value. While it offers a free trial for up to 150 emails, you must be aware of the occasional discrepancies in data accuracy.

Platform TypeEmail Finder for B2B salesTalent sourcing and recruitment platform
Integration with LinkedInYes, Chrome extension integrates with LinkedInYes, offers LinkedIn integration
Bulk Email FindingYes, offers bulk email finderBulk search available
Additional CapabilitiesData Import/Export, Custom ReportsATS integration, CRM integration

3. Lusha


Lusha is a B2B sales intelligence and prospecting tool that stands out for its vast and accurate contact database. It mainly aims to simplify the process of finding and reaching out to potential leads.

With a user-friendly interface, it offers both a prospecting platform and a LinkedIn extension. That allows you to access verified B2B email addresses and phone numbers quickly.

Besides, the tool integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs, ensuring a smooth workflow for sales and marketing professionals. Whether you’re looking to expand your client base or target top talent, Lusha offers a convenient solution.

Primary UseB2B Contact Data PlatformApplicant Tracking System (ATS)
Unique FeatureReal-time validation of contact informationAdvanced candidate sourcing & collaborative hiring
IntegrationLinkedIn, CRMsLinkedIn, Gmail, CRMs, and other HR-management software
Pricing ModelFreemium with paid plansTiered pricing model
Free Credits5 free credits/month5 credits
Pricing (Starting From)From free trial to premium and a Scale planVaries based on number of users and features availed
Database SizeOver 36 million profilesOver 650 million profiles
Key StrengthsAccurate contact data, easy integrationEfficient candidate sourcing, job posting, collaborative hiring

Note: Have a look at some other People Finder Sites


Looking into the field of talent sourcing, SignalHire stands out with its rich database and user-friendly features. It’s a handy tool for many, simplifying the hiring process across different sectors.

But, like all tools, it might not be everyone’s favorite. If SignalHire doesn’t tick all your boxes, give Swordfish AI a shot. Known for its standout cell phone verification and a vast pool of data profiles, it could be the alternative you’ve been searching for.

At the end of the day, the best tool is the one that fits snugly with your needs and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use SignalHire to find an email address?

You should —

  1. Register on SignalHire with your official email.
  2. Add the Browser Extension.
  3. Activate the extension on any website to discover a person’s email address.

Is SignalHire compatible with all browsers?

Currently, the SignalHire extension is supported by Google Chrome and Firefox.

How can I filter by work experience duration on SignalHire?

You’ll find the “Years of Experience” filter in the Advanced Search area, right below the “Company” filter. Simply input the desired range to specify the work experience duration.


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