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SignalHire Pricing 2024, Alternatives, and Overview: What You Need to Know

May 6, 2024 Alternatives, SignalHire

SignalHire Pricing

SignalHire is a powerful tool for recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers. It offers you real-time verified email and phone number searches to help you connect with top talents and leads efficiently. 

Now about the cost, It offers a free plan with 5 credits, no card needed. Paid plans cost you $49/month. It provides 350 to 100 credits for seamless workflow for email or phone data access, unlimited users, team management, CSV export, browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration.

We’re sure you want a proper breakdown of the pricing, dont you? That’s why, in this guide, we explore SignalHire’s offerings and discover if it’s the right choice for your professional needs. We’ll also talk about SignalHire competitors so you know which one to choose.

Let’s begin!

Key Takeaways

  • Free Trial: The plan is available for you at $0 per month, offering 5 credits with no credit card required for signup. Also, it allows you to start exploring SignalHire’s database of over 700M+ profiles.
  • Emails Plan: For $49/month, this plan gives you 350 credits focused on email discovery. It includes unlimited users, team features, CSV exports, a browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration.
  • Phone #s Plan: Also at $49 per month, the plan provides you with 100 credits for users needing phone numbers only. It mirrors the Email plan regarding unlimited users, team management, CSV export, browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration.
  • Emails & Phone #s Plan: At the same price of $49 per month, this plan combines the features of the Emails and Phone #s plans. It offers you 100 credits for accessing both emails and phone numbers. 

What is SignalHire?

SignalHire is a complete recruitment and contact-finding platform that offers a range of tools for talent acquisition and sales professionals. It provides a robust database with over 700 million profiles. Also, it allows users to find emails, phone numbers, and social media links. 

The platform is designed to to help lead generation and streamline the process of sourcing candidates and leads. It offers features like bulk email search, advanced search filters, and a browser extension that works across the web. 

On top of that, SignalHire’s pricing model includes a free plan with limited credits and various paid subscriptions that cater to different scales of use. This basically supports unlimited users and integration with ATS/CRM systems. 

Therefore, SignalHire is renowned for its user-friendly interface and effective customer support. Plus, it’s a favored tool among professionals looking to enhance their recruiting and sales efforts.

SignalHire’s Pricing Breakdown

SignalHire offers a free plan with 5 credits and paid plans at $49/month. It includes 350 credits for emails or 100 credits for phone numbers, with unlimited users, team management, CSV export, browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration.

SignalHire's Pricing

Comprehensive Table of SignalHire Pricing Plans

Let’s find out how the pricing plans are different:


Monthly CostCredit



Phone Numbers$49


Email and Phone Numbers

Scale (Custom)Custom


How is SignalHire Cost Calculated? Factors Affecting The Pricing

SignalHire calculates its cost mainly through a credit system, where you use credits for searches or contact information retrievals. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Credit System: You spend credits each time you search for or pull up contact info.
  • Usage-Based Charges: Your cost increases with more credit usage unless your plan has unlimited credits.
  • Contract Length: Paying yearly can save you up to 43% over monthly payments.
  • Volume Discounts: If you’re part of a big team or use a lot of credits, you might get a discount.
  • Custom Features: The Scale plan’s price varies with extra features and usage extent.

1. SignalHire Free Plan

The SignalHire Free Plan, available at a monthly cost of $0, has basic database access and includes 5 credits for limited searches. It’s designed without restrictions on the minimum or maximum number of users or storage capacity.

Key Features of the Free Plan

  • Basic database access
  • 5 credits for limited searches


  • No cost to use
  • Access to over 700M+ contacts database
  • Ideal for testing the platform


  • Very limited number of credits (5)
  • Limited search capabilities
  • No team management or CSV export features

2. SignalHire Emails Plan

The SignalHire Emails plan costs $49/month, offering 350 credits for email searches. It includes unlimited users, team management, CSV export, a browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration, suitable for diverse team needs.

SingnalHire costs $49 per month and is recommended for you if you’re focusing on emails. It provides 350 credits monthly for accessing email addresses from a database of over 700 million profiles. 

Well, this plan includes unlimited users, team management features, CSV export, a browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration. These help you to enhance team collaboration and productivity, all without needing a credit card to start.

Features in the Emails Plan

  • 350 credits for email searches
  • Unlimited users
  • Team management
  • CSV export
  • Browser extension
  • ATS/CRM integration


  • Sufficient credits for small to medium teams
  • Allows for team collaboration
  • Integrates with ATS/CRM systems


  • Credits may not suffice for very large teams or heavy usage
  • Focused only on email searches, no phone numbers

3. SignalHire Phone Numbers Plan

At $49 per month, the Phone Numbers Plan is for teams seeking direct phone contacts. It offers 100 credits for phone searches, unlimited user access, team management capabilities, and CSV export features.

The Phone Numbers Plan is designed for you if you’re focusing on phone-based outreach, offering 100 credits for searching direct phone numbers. It also supports unlimited team members and encourages teamwork by allowing easy integration with other platforms. 

Moreover, the plan simplifies managing tasks and improves the efficiency of workflows. This makes it perfect for you if you rely on direct phone communication in your operations.

Features in the Phone Numbers Plan

  • 100 credits for phone number searches
  • Unlimited users
  • Team management
  • CSV export
  • Browser extension
  • ATS/CRM integration


  • Dedicated plan for phone number searches
  • Supports unlimited users and team collaboration


  • Limited credits for phone number searches
  • It may not be suitable for email-focused outreach

4. SignalHire Emails & Phone Numbers Plan

The Emails & Phone Numbers plan on SignalHire costs $49/month, offering 100 credits for accessing emails and phone numbers. The plan includes unlimited users, team management features, CSV export, a browser extension, and ATS/CRM integration.

The Emails & Phone Numbers Plan offers a balanced approach for teams requiring both email and phone contact information. With 100 credits, it supports outreach and communication strategies by providing essential tools for seamless integration and team collaboration.

Therefore, this plan suits you if you want to engage in multi-channel communication.

Features in the Emails and Phone Numbers

  • 100 credits for both email and phone number searches
  • Unlimited users
  • Team management
  • CSV export
  • Browser extension
  • ATS/CRM integration


  • Access to both email and phone contact information
  • Supports unlimited users and team collaboration
  • Flexible for multi-channel outreach strategies


  • Limited number of credits might not suffice for large-scale operations
  • The same monthly fee as individual plans but with fewer total credits

5. SignalHire Scale Plan

The SignalHire Scale plan is tailored for large-scale prospecting, featuring CSV enrichment, unlimited users, bulk prospecting displays, CRM integrations, and advanced team management. Contact sales for detailed pricing and options.

Made for large-scale prospecting, the Scale Plan is designed to meet the advanced needs of big enterprises. It offers custom pricing to accommodate comprehensive features like CRM integrations, advanced team management, and bulk prospecting capabilities.

These actually make it the ultimate choice for you if you’re looking to maximize your outreach and recruitment efforts efficiently.

Features in the Scale Plan

  • Custom credits based on needs
  • CSV enrichment
  • Unlimited users
  • Prospecting bulk show
  • CRM integrations
  • Advanced team management
  • Job changes notification


  • Customizable plan tailored to specific business needs
  • Advanced features for large-scale operations
  • Supports unlimited users and extensive team collaboration


  • Pricing might be higher due to custom features
  • Requires direct contact with sales to initiate and negotiate the plan

Benefits of Using SignalHire

SignalHire has rapidly emerged as a go-to platform in the recruitment industry and for good reasons. If you’re on the fence about whether to integrate it into your hiring process, here are compelling reasons to give it a shot:

Benefits of Using SignalHire

Comprehensive Candidate Database

SignalHire API has a big database with over 700M profiles. This means you have many potential candidates to pick from, making it easier to find the right person for your company.

Cutting-Edge Data Retrieval

Guess what? You no longer need to search different platforms for candidate contact details. SignalHire quickly finds phone numbers and email addresses for you, saving time and hassle.

Seamless Integrations

In SignalHire integration, it easily connects with platforms like Google Workspace, Gmail, and Facebook. This means you can simplify your hiring process without switching between different tools.

Insightful Industry Perspective

Keep up with leading companies by understanding their recruitment tactics. SignalHire provides valuable insights into hiring trends, helping you improve your approach.

Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency

With features like a visual applicant tracking board and predictive analytics, SignalHire not only simplifies the recruitment process but also makes it more efficient. This means faster hires without compromising on quality.

Social Media Proficiency

Nowadays, a candidate’s online presence can reveal a lot. SignalHire’s ability to pull relevant links from social profiles gives you a comprehensive look at potential hires, not just what’s on their CVs.

Competitive Pricing

SignalHire offers a range of pricing plans, ensuring there’s something for businesses of all sizes. Plus, the option of a risk-free trial allows you to test the waters before committing.

SignalHire Pricing Reddit: What Redditors Think about SignalHire

Redditors have mixed feelings about SignalHire, focusing on privacy concerns and its utility for sourcing contact information. 

Well, users expressed discomfort finding their personal information, like job history and contact details, on SignalHire, which they hadn’t consented to share. 

This concern was voiced across various discussions, highlighting privacy violations and the challenges of removing personal information from the platform. 

Despite this, in the sales community, SignalHire was mentioned as a valuable tool for finding contact info for leads, indicating its effectiveness in professional settings. 

The conversation suggests a balance between the utility SignalHire offers to professionals. Especially in sales, and the privacy concerns it raises among individuals whose information is listed without their permission.

Read More: The ultimate guide to finding email addresses from Twitter.

When Should You Go for SignalHire?

When exploring the best tools for enhancing your recruitment, sales, or marketing strategies, SignalHire stands out as a leading solution. Here are specific scenarios where opting for SignalHire can be beneficial:

Verified Contact Information

If you’re a recruiter, sales professional, or marketer in need of verified email addresses and phone numbers in real time, SignalHire can simplify your workflow. Its verification tools ensure you only get accurate data, reducing the time and effort spent on prospecting.

Bulk Email Finding Capabilities

When you need to find email addresses for up to 1000 people at a time, SignalHire is an invaluable tool. The capability makes it incredibly efficient for large-scale outreach campaigns, where speed and volume are critical for success.

Specific Individuals

Whether you need to find someone based on their name, position, or location, SignalHire’s powerful search filters can help. It is especially useful for targeted recruitment or sales efforts, where finding the right person can make all the difference.

Solution for Different Web Platforms

SignalHire’s free extension allows you to find verified emails, phone numbers, and social profiles across various websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This makes it an all-in-one solution for gathering contact information, no matter where your prospects are online.

Sales or Recruiting and Need Advanced Insights

Last but not least, if you’re in sales, SignalHire provides data-driven insights to identify potential customers ready to buy. 

In recruiting, it offers access to a database fueled by top-tier business contact data, helping you source the ideal candidates efficiently.

Key Features of SignalHire

In this section, we’ve given you the amazing key features of SignalHire. They include:

Key Features of SignalHire

Talent Sourcing

SignalHire’s primary strength lies in its vast database of prospects. It doesn’t just serve as a database; it offers tools for competitive analysis in talent sourcing. Thus, this feature helps you to gain insights into their competitors’ hiring activities and understand labor market trends.

Talent Relationships

Building a strong rapport with potential candidates is essential. SignalHire offers a careers page template. This allows you to provide all relevant information about their company and specific vacancies. It also uses predictive analytics to show trends for each candidate, such as their likelihood to switch companies.

Agile ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

SignalHire’s ATS is designed to simplify the recruitment process. It provides a visual candidate tracking board, ensuring that no potential candidate slips through the cracks. 

The system also promotes team collaboration by showing the history of interactions with each candidate.

Business Intelligence

Lastly, SignalHire’s business intelligence tools offer insights into business performance, helping improve ROI. It allows you to track of all team efficiency metrics on a single platform.

Is SignalHire Worth The Price?

Yes, SignalHire is worth the price if you’re in recruitment, sales, or marketing because it offers real-time verified emails and phone numbers. This makes it easier to reach up to 1,000 people at once. 

Also, its search tools let you quickly find people by name, job, or location, saving you a lot of research time. The free extension that works on different websites also adds great value, helping you better your outreach or recruitment processes too. Plus, many users have said it’s easy to use and very accurate. 

However, if your job involves a limited number of people searching or you’re tight on budget, the cost might not seem justified to you. It’s best for those who want to make their work process faster and more effective.

Swordfish AI: The Best Alternative to SignalHire

Swordfish AI

Swordfish is the best alternative to SignalHire because it offers the most accurate and massive database of contact info, including hard-to-find phone numbers and emails. It’s trusted by over 50,000 users for its high accuracy in providing direct contact information. 

Moreover, Swordfish offers a Chrome extension that works on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find verified contact data. It also has features like bulk prospecting, CRM data enrichment, and reverse search capabilities. 

With partnerships providing unique cell phone data and real-time accuracy validation, Swordfish helps increase your efficiency in connecting with decision-makers and filling your sales pipeline. 

Plus, if you’re a new user, you can claim $100 of free data to get started.

Swordfish AI Vs SignalHire: A Quick Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick look at how Swordfish stands high against SignalHire.    

Swordfish AI Vs SignalHire


Swordfish AI


Primary Function

Contact data collection with a focus on accuracyTalent acquisition and contact finding
Database AccessOver 3.5 billion data profiles

Over 700 million profiles

Unique Selling Point

Proprietary cell phone verification systemReal-time email and phone number finder
Browser ExtensionChrome extension for LinkedIn and other platforms

Browser extension available for multiple web platforms


Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier, Loxo, Crelate, Salesloft and more.Salesforce, Zoho, Loxo, Jooble, and more.
Pricing StructureCustom pricing based on features and scale

Free plan available, paid plans start at $49/month

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

What are the Other Alternatives to SignalHire?

While SignalHire is an amazing choice, there are other alternatives worth considering:


SignalHireSwordfish AILushaHunter.ioZoominfo
IntegrationLOXO, Recruit, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etcHubSpot, Zapier, Crelate, Pipedrive, etc.Salesloft, Zoho, Bullhorn, HubSpot, etc.Carva, Salesloft, Salesforce, Adobe, etc

Salesforce, HubSpot and Outreach.

Free Plan

Yes, with limited featuresYes, credits with limitationsAvailable with limited accessAvailable with limited searchesLimited features and credits
Data AccuracyHIgh accuracy of mobile numbers45%+ more accurate cell phone numbers80% data accuracy claimClaims about 85% accuracy

Stated to be over 90%

User Interface

User-friendlyPraised for ease of useIntuitive user experienceInvolve a learning opportunityComplex setup
DatabaseOver 700 million profilesOver 3.5 billion data profiles100 million business profilesOver 700 million domains and 40 million email patterns

235M+ Business Contacts

1. Lusha


Lusha is a tool that helps you find quality B2B (business-to-business) data, including company info and contact details for business leads. It’s designed to be very user-friendly and helps sales teams find the right people to talk to. 

With Lusha, you can easily get accurate data right where you need it, like on social networks, the web, or even in your own product tools. Users have shared that Lusha has improved their sales results, with one project reporting an 800% return on investment. 

Thus, it’s praised for making meetings and demo bookings easier by providing reliable contact information. This makes it a go-to resource for reaching decision-makers directly.

Lusha vs SingalHire: A Comparison Chart

Now let’s find out the difference between these two tools:


Database SizeCurated database, smaller in size

Extensive database with over 700 million profiles

Data Accuracy

High accuracy with quality dataReal-time verification for accuracy
User InterfaceSimple and intuitive

User-friendly with more features

Free Plan Offering

Limited free searchesMore generous free credits
IntegrationSalesforce, HubSpot and Outreach.

Jooble, Salesforce, Loxo, Recruit and more.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a powerful tool that helps you quickly find and check professional email addresses. It’s easy to use for anyone wanting to connect with business contacts. 

Furthermore, uses smart technology to search for, confirm, and improve email details. You can find the right person’s email from a company name or website, and even verify emails to keep your sending reputation clean. 

Well, it’s especially useful for you if you’re in sales or marketing, saving time and making it easier to build contact lists. 

Therefore, it’s trusted by big companies and is known for making email outreach simple and effective. Whether you’re starting campaigns or looking for accurate emails, simplifies the process, making your work more efficient. vs SignalHire: A Comparison Chart

Here are the varieties between and SignalHire:


Primary FunctionEmail finding and verification

Contact finding including emails, phone, social

Database Access

Email addresses focusedLarger profile database
Verification ToolsEmail verification

Real-time verification of various contact types


Competitive for email-centric needsFree and paid plans start at $49/month with 100-350 credits
Browser ExtensionEmail-focused Chrome extension

Multi-purpose extension for various platforms

3. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo has been helping companies grow profitably for over a decade by providing access to the world’s most complete B2B database. This platform is designed for sales and marketing professionals to find, connect with, and engage qualified prospects easily. 

Whether you’re looking to identify decision-makers, enrich your leads, or understand buyer intent, ZoomInfo offers the tools and data you need. Its strength lies in the quality of its database, which supports sales solutions, marketing solutions, and much more. 

By making it simpler to reach the right people, ZoomInfo helps in business growth and improves the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. 

ZoomInfo vs SignalHire: A Comparison Chart

Let’s find out what are the differences between these two platforms:


PricingStarts at $8,000/year.

Free plan with 5 credits; paid plans at $49/month offer 100-350 credits.

Data Enrichment

CRM contacts and leads dataFinds verified emails and phone numbers
Market IntelligenceIn-depth market intelligence features

Primarily contact finding and recruiting

Target Market

B2B enterprisesSmall to medium-sized businesses and enterprises
IntegrationHubSpot, Pipedrive, Marketo, Zoho, Outreach and more

Salesforce, Jooble, Loxo, Recruit and more

The Bottom Line

To wrap things up, SignalHire offers everything a business needs to step up its recruitment game. It’s packed with a vast database and user-friendly tools, making it a favorite among HR teams and recruiting agencies.

If you’re looking for something different, Swordfish AI could be worth checking out. It offers competitive pricing for email and contact number searches, plus useful tools like a Chrome extension for easy contact finding.

Before you decide on SignalHire pricing, think about whether it matches your needs and budget. While it’s packed with value, making sure it fits your company’s specific requirements is key.

Best of luck with your choice!

Note: You can read more here pricing of Clearbit.


How does SignalHire differ from other email finders?

SignalHire stands out in the crowded space of email finders because of its commitment to accuracy and user experience. It has an intuitive interface, the accuracy rate of contact details, and responsive customer service. It’s not just about finding an email; it’s about ensuring that the entire process is.

Is SignalHire legit and secure?

SignalHire ensures the security of its users by verifying contact info in real time using third-party tools. This indicates a commitment to maintaining accuracy and reliability in its services, which can be seen as a measure of security for user data.

Is SignalHire good for personal use?

SignalHire seems primarily designed for professional use by recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers to find valid emails and phone numbers. While it can be used for personal purposes, its features are optimized for business and professional contexts.

Is SignalHire good for small businesses?

Yes, SignalHire appears to be very beneficial for small businesses. Its ability to find email addresses and phone numbers in bulk and its powerful search filters can help in recruitment, sales, and marketing efforts for small business owners.

How does SignalHire get my information?

SignalHire finds your information in real-time, verifying it through third-party tools before display. It searches for emails and phone numbers by names, positions, or locations, using a database and a free browser extension on any website.

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