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Rocketreach Review: Features, Feedback, and Final Thoughts

March 13, 2024 RocketReach
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Rocketreach Review

Imagine a tool that not only finds emails and phone numbers but also connects you with over 450 million professionals globally. That’s RocketReach for you. It’s not just a contact finder; it’s a bridge to the world’s professionals.

RocketReach stands out with its exceptional data quality and global coverage. It boasts a 90-98% deliverability rate on verified emails. So, you can be sure that with Rocketreach,  you’re reaching real and active professionals.

Professionals love RocketReach for its efficiency and accuracy. It saves time and enhances outreach strategies, making it a favorite in the business community.

In this RocketReach review, we’ll see how it converts networking and lead generation. You’ll understand its features, benefits, pricing, etc., so you can decide whether you should use Rocketreach for your business.

Rocketreach: A Quick Overview


RocketReach is an email lookup tool that helps you connect with professionals worldwide. It is made by a group of engineers and designers from different parts of North America who work closely together.

It’s great for finding emails, phone numbers, and social media details of over 450 million people.

The tool was created to make it easier for businesses to communicate and network. It’s trusted by over 16 million users and 95% of the S&P Fortune 500 companies.

RocketReach gives you access to a large database. It’s reliable, with a 90-98% success rate for finding the right emails. You can also set up lists of contacts based on location, industry, and job titles.

If you use RocketReach for lead generation, you can save a lot of your time. Businesses and individuals can both use RocketReach to make networking easier and more useful.

Key Features of Rocketreach

Key Features of Rocketreach

What is RocketReach used for? It offers a suite of features designed to enhance your professional networking and lead-generation efforts. Here’s a closer look at what RocketReach brings to the table:

Intent Data

This feature not only provides insights into interests, needs, and purchase intentions but also enables Sales and Marketing teams to better target, engage, and convert potential customers. It’s a powerful tool for understanding customer behavior and tailoring strategies accordingly.

AI-Powered Recommendations

RocketReach’s AI algorithm not only suggests profiles similar to your searches but also helps in uncovering contacts you’ve never thought of, expanding your network and potential leads significantly.

Data Quality Enhancements

With continuous updates of data quality and verification processes, RocketReach ensures that users have access to the most accurate and up-to-date contact information, enhancing the reliability of your outreach efforts.

Advanced Search

This feature is not just for finding specific professionals like Python developers or C-level executives; it’s also capable of identifying global investors and other niche profiles, making it a versatile tool for diverse search requirements.

Create Lists

Ideal for starting new campaigns or enriching your data, this tool allows you to quickly compile complete contact lists, providing a significant edge in marketing and outreach activities.


With RocketReach’s Chrome extension, you can easily access contact information or company firmographics directly from LinkedIn or other websites without switching screens.


Offering 4.5 billion records and an exceptional fill rate, the API feature of RocketReach is designed to scale your contact intelligence to new heights, offering vast data access for comprehensive outreach strategies.


RocketReach integrates seamlessly with the applications in your workflows, allowing you to use your preferred tools efficiently and effectively, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Pros of Using Rocketreach

  • Improves network efficiency. Helps you easily connect with important professionals in different industries.
  • It saves time and improves communication by quickly locating contacts.
  • Increases sales and marketing with access to a high-quality database.
  • Synchronizes contacts seamlessly into CRMs.
  • Facilitates better market research and competitor analysis.
  • Improves email campaign success rates with accurate and verified contact information.

Cons of Using Rocketreach

  • It may not cover all industries or regions equally. This might lead to gaps in the database.
  • The high volume of usage could lead to email saturation.

Rocketreach User Experience

Rocketreach User Experience

RocketReach has changed the way professionals network and reach out to others, with over 18 million people. Here’s a look at what some people have to say about RocketReach:

Ease of Use

Users often mention how straightforward and user-friendly RocketReach is. From the moment you log in, the interface is intuitive, making navigating and finding what you need easy. Even those new to such tools find it simple to start searching for contacts right away.

Effective Contact Discovery

Many have shared their positive experiences with RocketReach’s contact discovery. The AI-powered recommendations and advanced search options are particularly praised for uncovering relevant contacts that users hadn’t previously considered.

This feature has been a game-changer for many in expanding their professional network.

Time-Saving Automation

A common highlight among users is RocketReach’s automation. You can quickly make targeted lists without having to do it all by hand. This is really helpful for people who have a lot of different tasks to handle. It makes things simpler and lets you focus on more important work.

Integration Convenience

The ease of integrating RocketReach with existing CRM systems is another aspect that users appreciate. This seamless integration analyzes their workflow, making the process of managing contacts more efficient.

Rocketreach Support for Users

Rocketreach Support for Users

At RocketReach, customer support isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to user success and satisfaction. After contacting Rocketreach’s customer support center, we’ve found some interesting details that can benefit you:

  • Responsive Support Team: You’ll receive quick and helpful responses from the RocketReach support team. And it makes sure that issues are resolved promptly.
  • Comprehensive Help Center: RocketReach offers an extensive online help center. It is filled with guides and FAQs, which makes it easy for you to find answers independently.
  • Personalized Assistance: RocketReach takes a personalized approach to support. They understand that your questions and needs may be unique, and they strive to provide tailored assistance that directly addresses your specific concerns.
  • Regular Updates and Communication: RocketReach keeps you informed with regular updates. It makes sure they are aware of new features and improvements.
  • User-friendly interface for Easy Troubleshooting: The platform’s intuitive design minimizes the need for support. But when needed, you’ll find it easy to navigate and resolve issues.
  • Community Feedback Integration: RocketReach values your feedback, often integrating suggestions into their service improvements. That’s how they improve their overall user experience.

Rocketreach Pricing

You should understand that RocketReach’s pricing is important to choosing the right plan for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of their packages:

Individual Plans




Essentials1500 annual lookups / user$39/month or $468/year
Pro3600 annual lookups / user$99/month or $1,188/year
Ultimate10,000 annual lookups / user$249/month or $2,988/year


Team Plans




Team Pro3,600 annual lookups per user$996/year
Team Ultimate10,000 annual lookups per user$2,480/year
CustomUnlimited annual lookups per userContact for customized pricing

Each tier is designed to provide the right balance of features and cos. It makes sure that users get the most value for their needs.

Our Review: Is Rocketreach the Right Tool for Your Business?

As we checked out RocketReach, we noticed its large database, which includes over 450 million professionals. It also has a strong track record for finding the right emails. These features can help businesses grow their networks and find new leads.

Yet, we’ve seen that RocketReach’s higher pricing tiers might be too expensive for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs. This high cost could make it hard for those on a budget to use the service.

Also, the amount of data and options available can be a bit much for people who are new to such tools or who have simpler needs.

So, we can say that RocketReach has great tools for networking and finding leads. But, its price and the complexity of its features might not work for every business.

Best Alternatives to Rocketreach

Looking into alternatives to RocketReach can help you find ones with different features and prices that fit your business’s needs. Let’s look at some options:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish is a strong alternative to RocketReach, and in many instances, it surpasses the competition. What sets Swordfish apart?

What’s truly impressive is Swordfish’s expansive database, boasting over 3.5 billion data profiles. In today’s competitive landscape, this vast resource opens doors for networking and lead generation.

But that’s not all. Swordfish goes the extra mile by including Bombora, a feature that excels in targeted marketing. It keeps tabs on organizational research trends, empowering you to customize your outreach to align with your audience’s current interests.

And let’s not forget the amazing Chrome Extension offered by Swordfish. It simplifies the process of collecting contact data from various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, and Dribbble. This streamlined approach saves you time and effort.

Lastly, Swordfish’s Reverse search feature allows precise contact details retrieval using known information, invaluable for expanding your contact list with limited initial data.

Swordfish vs RocketReach: A Quick Comparison Table

Swordfish vs RocketReach

Let’s take a quick look at how Swordfish AI outspaces RocketReach.



Swordfish AI

Key FeatureEmail and phone lookupsUnique cell phone number and verification system
Data ProfilesAccess to over 450 million professionals.Over 3.5 billion data profiles are available.
Target AudienceSuitable for individuals with small to large businesses needing email and phone lookups.Ideal for sales teams, recruiters, and marketers focusing on cold calling and extensive data access.
User ExperienceUser-friendly interface for users at all levels.User-friendly interface for all users.
IntegrationWorks with many CRM and marketing automation platforms.Extensive Integration capabilities and works with many popular CRM platforms. For example- Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, etc.
Unique Selling PointHigh deliverability rate for verified emails, extensive database.The proprietary cell phone verification system provides access to massive data profiles.

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2. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is a sales prospecting software that is designed to boost productivity and revenue potential. It’s known for its large B2B contact database. This includes over 70 million direct dial phone numbers and 174 million verified email addresses.

The software offers features like buyer intent and website visitor tracking. They help sales teams identify and engage with ready-to-buy companies. ZoomInfo also provides conversation intelligence to analyze customer interactions.

ZoomInfo vs RocketReach: A Quick Comparison Table

ZoomInfo vs RocketReach

Before making any decision, learn the comparisons between RocketReach vs Zoominfo.




PricingIndividual PlansPricing starts at around $8,000/year. Offers Professional, Advanced, and Elite plans.
Essentials: $39/month or $468/ year
Pro: $99/month or $1,188/year
Ultimate: $249/month or $2,988/year
Email and Phone LookupsVast global database with 90-98% email deliverabilityComprehensive database of 150 million contacts
Browser ExtensionIncludes browser extension for finding connectionsChrome extension (ReachOut) for quick lead information
Data ProfilesAccess to over 450 million professionals.1.5B+ data points, 600 million active professionals, and 1.3B+ company profiles
Target AudienceIndividuals, small to large businessesSales and marketing professionals, larger teams
IntegrationWorks with various CRM and marketing automation platforms.Offers a wide range of integration for different business functions.

3. is a platform made for people like you who work in sales. It’s great because it has a huge database with 275 million contacts. This means it can help you at every step of your sales journey, from finding potential customers to sealing the deal.

When you use, you get access to lots of helpful tools. Some of the interesting ones are lead scoring, smart messaging, and conversation analysis. These tools make it easier for you to make smart decisions, talk to potential customers effectively, and understand how your interactions are going. is all about its big contact database and tools that help you do your job better. It’s like having a treasure chest of information about potential buyers. 

Plus, it gives you the analytics you need to make good decisions and connect with customers in a way that works. If you’re in sales, can really help you succeed.

Apollo vs RocketReach: A Quick Comparison Table

Apollo vs RocketReach

Let’s check out how RocketReach and differ from each other.       



PricingEssentials: $39/month or $468/ yearBasic: $49/user/month
Pro: $99/month or $1,188/yearProfessional: $79/user/month,
Ultimate: $249/month or $2,988/yearOrganization: $99/user/month
Email and Phone LookupsOffers a large database with global coverage for email and phone numbers.Provides access to a database of over 275 million contacts for email and phone lookups.
Browser ExtensionIncludes a browser extension for locating connections on various websites and social media.Features a Chrome extension for gathering verified email addresses and phone numbers directly from LinkedIn.
CRM IntegrationsIntegrates seamlessly with CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.Offers CRM enrichment to maintain up-to-date and accurate CRM data, along with API enrichment.
Data ProfilesAccess to over 450 million professionals.Database of 275 million contacts and companies.
Target AudienceSuitable for individuals and small to large businesses needing email and phone lookups.Geared towards sales teams of all sizes, from one-person startups to Fortune 500 companies.
Unique Selling PointHigh deliverability rate for verified emails and extensive database.Comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform with a wide range of automation and AI features.

4. Uplead


UpLead strives to help businesses reach more qualified leads. It verifies contact data in real-time, achieving 95% accuracy. This clears out outdated and incorrect info. The tool can also confirm email validity which makes sure that you access valid contacts.

The platform’s dedication pays off in easy list-building and effective outreach. You can quickly filter our millions of businesses and contacts to target ideal prospects.

UpLead’s goal is to make sales and marketing easier by providing trustworthy business information. It’s hard work shows how well teams can work together in today’s constantly changing world.

RocketReach vs Uplead: A Quick Comparison Table

RocketReach vs Uplead

Let’s take a look at this insightful comparison table between RocketReach and Uplead:




PricingEssentials: $39/month or $468/ yearFree Trial- $0/7 days
Pro: $99/month or $1,188/yearEssentials- $99/ month
Ultimate: $249/month or $2,988/yearPlus- $199/ month
Global Email and Phone CoverageExtensive global coverage with high deliverability rates for emails and phone numbers.Real-time verified B2B database with global coverage.
Automated Prospect ListsIt allows you to make personalized lists of contacts and businesses.Offers tools to build clean prospecting lists free from inaccurate data.
BenefitsHigh deliverability, seamless CRM integration, extensive data enrichment capabilitiesHigh data accuracy (95% accuracy guarantee), clean prospecting lists, extensive coverage for finding contacts
Target AudienceBroad range of professionals including sales, marketing, and recruitment sectorsPrimarily aimed at sales and marketing professionals seeking accurate B2B data
Data Accuracy90-98% deliverability on verified emails95% or higher accuracy guarantee on data
User ExperienceUser-friendly interface, effective for large-scale data enrichment, and prospectingSimplified user experience with a focus on data accuracy and ease of building prospect lists


To sum it up, RocketReach is excellent at helping you find phone numbers and email addresses. It has a massive database with over 450 million professionals, which is great for networking and finding potential leads.

In our RocketReach review, we’ve shown how versatile it is and how it can benefit both businesses and individuals. However, it’s important to carefully consider the pricing, especially if you have a small budget.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to RocketReach, consider Swordfish AI. Swordfish sets itself apart with its outstanding data accuracy and direct phone numbers and cell numbers, all verified in real-time. This ensures you have the most up-to-date and reliable data for your outreach.

We hope this thorough review of RocketReach helps you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

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Can RocketReach integrate with CRM systems?

Yes, RocketReach can connect with different CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and marketing tools. This makes your work easier and faster because it fits well into your existing work process.

Is RocketReach legit?

RocketReach is very legit and reliable. Most of the time, about 90-98% of the email addresses it finds are right. This means you can trust the email addresses you get from it to usually be accurate and work well.

Does RocketReach offer global data?

Yes, RocketReach has contact details from many countries. This is great if you need to reach out to people or companies in different parts of the world, making it a handy tool for international business and networking.

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