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UpLead Pricing, Alternatives, & Overview: Is it Worth the Investment in 2024?

April 3, 2024 UpLead
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UpLead pricing

B2B lead generation is what makes the money for a business. The more, the better. UpLead stands out as a highly regarded tool in this domain, having gained the confidence of industry giants such as Google and Salesforce. Given its popularity, you might wonder about the cost of UpLead’s subscription plans.

UpLead offers a range of pricing plans customized to different needs, starting with a free trial that provides 5 credits over 7 days. The Essentials plan offers 170 credits per month at $99, the Plus plan provides 400 credits per month at $199. Plus, the Professional plan offers a custom number of credits tailored to team requirements. 

In this review, we’ll dig into UpLead pricing plans, revealing not only the costs involved but also the distinct features and benefits each package offers. 

By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of which UpLead monthly plan aligns best with your specific business requirements. Let’s get into it! 

Key Takeaways

  • Free Trial: $0, offers 5 credits over 7 days, allowing users to test drive UpLead’s features with limited access.
  • Essentials Plan: $99, provides 170 credits per month, suitable for individual users needing access to verified emails and direct dials.
  • Plus Plan: $199, it comes with 400 credits per month, including all Essentials features plus data enrichment, email pattern intel, and more, which is ideal for more extensive prospecting needs.
  • Professional Plan: Custom credit allocation tailored for teams, offering full API access, advanced CRM integrations, and dedicated support, perfect for organizations requiring comprehensive data solutions.

What is UpLead? 

What is UpLead

UpLead is a premier B2B database and business contact data provider, prioritizing data accuracy with a 95% guarantee. It supports growth by offering real-time verified contacts, built-in email verification, and a suite of tools for effective prospecting and sales acceleration. 

It offers access to a wide database of B2B contacts and 30 million companies. Those are big numbers and make it a star resource for sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals. 

Its user-friendly interface and all out features make it an ideal choice for both startups and established companies looking to expand their reach. 

UpLead’s commitment to accurate and reliable data sets it apart in the field of lead generation. It gives businesses what they need to make the right connections. 

UpLead Pricing Breakdown 

UpLead Pricing Breakdown 

UpLead offers different pricing that includes a free trial with 5 credits and two subscription tiers: Essentials costs $99 at 170 credits/month and Plus costs $199 at 400 credits/month. For teams, a customizable Professional plan is available, with each credit equating to one contact.

UpLead Pricing Plans Comparison Table

This chart offers a concise summary of the various pricing levels UpLead has available.


Price/MonthCredits/MonthUser AccountsAdditional Credits

Key Features

Free Trial

$05 credits/7 daysSingle UserAccess to verified email and direct dial contacts, Chrome Extension, Email verification with 95% accuracy, Mobile Direct Dials
Essentials$99170 creditsSingle User$0.60/credit

All Free Trial features, CRM Integration, Company News Alerts, Data Enrichment,  Email Pattern Intel,  Technographics,  Advanced Filters,  Suppression List Uploads


$199400 creditsSingle User$0.50/creditAll Essentials features,  Enhanced data enrichment capabilities, Access to more advanced search filters,  Increased credits for more extensive outreach
ProfessionalCustomizedCustomCustom (Team account with seat management)Custom

All Plus features, Buyer Intent Data, Full API Access,  Advanced CRM Integrations, Competitor Intelligence,  Team Management, Dedicated Success Manager, Priority Phone Support,  Customizable credit package

UpLead Free Plan

UpLead’s Free Plan offers a 7-day trial with 5 credits, enabling users to unlock contacts for downloading or CRM exports. It provides access to verified emails, mobile direct dials, and use of the Chrome extension for enhanced lead generation.

Try UpLead’s Free Plan for 7 days and get 5 credits to unlock contacts for downloading or CRM exports. This plan lets you access verified emails and mobile direct dials, plus you can use the Chrome extension for better lead generation. 

It’s a simple way for you to test out how UpLead can help you find the right contacts without any commitment. Perfect for getting a feel of UpLead’s powerful tools!

Key Features in Free Plan

  • 95% Data Accuracy Rate: Guarantees the precision of email addresses, minimizing bounce rates.
  • Direct Phone Numbers: Offers immediate connections to key decision-makers, streamlining outreach.
  • Verified Contact and Company Data: Enables access to authenticated information, both on the web and LinkedIn, for accurate targeting.

Benefits of Free Plan

  • Test drive UpLead’s features without any commitment.
  • Access to verified email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Use credits for contact downloads or CRM exports.
  • Includes mobile direct dials for reaching decision-makers.
  • Utilize the Chrome extension for easy access.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Free plan

  • Limited to only 5 credits in 7 days.
  • Single user access restricts team evaluation.
  • Limited feature access compared to paid plans.

UpLead Essentials Plan

The Essential Plan, at $99/month, provides 170 credits, CRM integration, and company news alerts. It also offers access to verified emails and mobile direct dials, catering to efficient outreach and lead management needs.

UpLead’s Essentials Plan is perfect if you’re ready to take your outreach and lead management to the next level. For $99 a month, you get 170 credits to unlock detailed contact information, including verified emails and mobile numbers. 

Plus, it integrates smoothly with your CRM and keeps you updated with company news alerts. This plan is designed to make your outreach efforts more efficient and your lead management process a breeze. Ideal for those who want to stay ahead.

Key Features in Essentials Plan

  • CRM and App Integration: Connects with major CRMs and over 1,500 apps via Zapier.
  • Company Alerts and News: Get alerts and news events for companies you’re interested in.
  • Free Plan Features: Offers Free Plan benefits plus CRM connectivity and company news.

Benefits of Essentials Plan

  • Monthly access to 170 contact credits.
  • High data accuracy rate for emails and phone numbers.
  • Direct integration with major CRMs.
  • Access to company news and events.
  • Chrome extension for easy data access.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Essentials Plan

  • Limited credits may not suffice for high-volume users.
  • Single user limit restricts team collaboration.
  • Additional credits require extra cost.

UpLead Plus Plan

The Plus Plan, at $199/month, offers 400 credits, expanding on the Essential Plan’s features. It adds data enrichment, email patterns, technographics, advanced filters, and suppression list capabilities for refined insights and targeting.

UpLead’s Plus Plan, at $199 a month, gives you a hefty 400 credits to go deeper into your lead generation efforts. 

Building on the Essentials Plan, it introduces features like data enrichment, email patterns, technographics, advanced filters, and suppression lists. These additions are designed to help businesses get more refined insights and sharper targeting options. 

If you’re looking to enhance your prospecting with detailed data and sophisticated tools, the Plus Plan is tailored for you. It’s all about getting smarter with your targeting!

Key Features in Plus Plan

  • CRM Enrichment: Keeps your CRM data up-to-date with enriched company and contact data.
  • Email Format Insights: Reveals common email formats for companies.
  • Technology Insights: Find companies using specific technologies from over 16,000 options.
  • ICP Refinement: Refine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with advanced search filters.
  • Contact Exclusion: Exclude contacts already in your CRM or previously purchased.

Benefits of Plus Plan

  • 400 monthly credits for extensive contact access.
  • Enhanced data enrichment features for CRM.
  • Insights into common email formats and technographics.
  • Advanced search filters to refine prospect lists.
  • Suppression list uploads to avoid duplicate contacts.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Plus Plan

  • Still limited to one user, hindering team use.
  • Higher cost for additional credits if needed.
  • Maybe more than needed for casual users.

UpLead Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is customized in terms of credits and pricing, specifically designed for teams. It offers buyer intent data, all search filters, full API access, advanced CRM integrations, competitor intelligence, priority phone support, and many more.

UpLead’s Professional Plan is custom-made for teams, offering flexible credits and pricing to fit your specific needs. 

It’s packed with powerful features, including buyer intent data, all search filters, complete API access, advanced CRM integrations, and many more. This plan is designed to supercharge your team’s efforts with deep insights and seamless integration. 

Perfect for teams seeking a custom solution to scale their outreach and research capabilities.

Key Features in Professional Plan

  • Verified Buyer Contacts: Access verified contact details of in-market buyers actively seeking your solution.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Utilize UpLead’s comprehensive search filters for precise targeting.
  • Custom Solution Building: Prospect, enrich, and build custom solutions with UpLead’s data.
  • CRM Integration: Enhanced CRM connectivity for streamlined workflows.

Benefits of Professional Plan

  • Insights into buyers actively seeking solutions.
  • Integrates UpLead data directly with custom applications.
  • Enhanced CRM integration options for team environments.
  • Actionable competitor insights for strategic planning.
  • Customized to organizational lead generation needs.
  • Extensive API capabilities for custom solutions.

Limitations/Drawbacks of the Professional Plan

  • Requires custom pricing discussion with UpLead.
  • May represent a significant investment for some businesses.
  • Customization and advanced features demand more setup time.

UpLead Pricing on Reddit

Reddit users have been vocal about their thoughts on UpLead’s pricing and its overall value as a lead generation tool. Here’s a distilled version of their feedback:

  • Many find UpLead to be the perfect choice for getting contacts at a reasonable price, especially when stacked against competitors like Seamless, LeadIQ, and Lusha. 
  • One user, in search of a lead gen tool for their small B2B ad agency, was particularly drawn to UpLead for its balance between affordability and the number of contacts it offers.
  • UpLead doubles the number of credits, without hiking the price. This is a big plus for anyone needing a large pool of leads without breaking the bank.
  • While UpLead scores high on pricing and accuracy, some users have raised flags about its customer service. Yet, these concerns seem minor compared to the benefits UpLead provides.
  • The original poster (OP) is considering UpLead among other tools for lead generation, within a budget of $100-$200 per month per seat.

When Should I Pay for UpLead? 

Deciding when to invest in UpLead can get tricky. Use this guide to understand when to invest in which plan – 


  • If you’re an individual or a small business looking to build a consistent lead pipeline.
  • When you need verified emails and mobile phone numbers for targeted outreach.
  • If you’re using a CRM system and want seamless integration for improved workflow.


  • If you’re focused on data enrichment and need in-depth insights about your leads.
  • When you’re interested in understanding your leads’ tech stack using technographics.
  • If you require advanced filters and pattern intel to refine your lead searches.


  • For larger organizations with specific seat and credit requirements.
  • When you need comprehensive lead intelligence, including buyer intent data provider
  • If you’re looking for advanced CRM integrations, competitor intelligence, and priority support.

Key Features of UpLead 

UpLead stands out for its emphasis on accuracy, offering a 95% guarantee. Here are its key features –

Features of UpLead 

Precise B2B Contact Data

UpLead has a comprehensive database with over 46 million verified B2B contacts, making it a top contact finding tool for precisely targeting your marketing campaigns. This extensive collection ensures that you can connect with the right people in your industry, enhancing your outreach effectiveness.

Detailed Company Profiles

With access to detailed profiles for more than 30 million companies, UpLead provides critical insights that enable you to customize your pitches and communications. This wealth of information can be the key to tailoring your approach for maximum engagement and impact.

Mobile Direct Dials

UpLead simplifies the process of obtaining direct phone numbers, allowing for straightforward and immediate communication with potential leads. This feature is crucial for sales teams looking to establish a direct line to decision-makers without navigating through gatekeepers.

Real-time Email Verification

By verifying emails in real-time, UpLead significantly reduces the chances of email bounces, ensuring that your messages are delivered to the intended recipients. This immediate verification process keeps your outreach efficient and effective, preserving your sender reputation.

Advanced Search Filters

With over 50 advanced search filters, UpLead empowers you to refine your lead search with unprecedented precision. Whether you’re filtering by industry, company size, geographical location, or job title, these filters help you zero in on the ideal leads for your business needs.

CRM Integration

UpLead’s seamless integration with CRM systems streamlines your sales process by automatically updating lead data, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integration keeps your sales funnel organized and ensures that your team has the latest information at their fingertips.

Email Export

The ability to quickly export verified emails into your campaigns is a significant time-saver, freeing you from the tedious task of manual data collection. This feature allows you to efficiently build your outreach lists, enabling more time to be spent on crafting personalized messages and strategies.

Is UpLead Worth The Price?

Yes, UpLead is worth the price, positioning itself as a leading choice for B2B database and contact information. It has a high data accuracy rate of 95% or more, underscoring its value to users. Its commitment to delivering verified information aids companies in generating fresh, reliable leads. 

The suite of UpLead includes tools like instant email checks, over 50 filters for prospecting, and CRM integration to make lead generation smoother.

Yet, when weighing UpLead’s value, it’s important to look at other services like Swordfish AI, known for its strong B2B data offerings. This alternative might be worth the investment, particularly if they have features or data more suited to your specific needs. 

For example, you might find Swordfish AI user interfaces, how well they work with other software, or their unique data-enhancing tools more to your liking compared to UpLead.

Therefore, while UpLead offers high-quality services that may justify its price for many, assessing it against other options is important.

Swordfish AI is the #1 UpLead Alternative 


We, at Swordfish AI, stand out as a tool for swift and accurate contact information retrieval. It is quite the ultimate contact finder and we’re not saying this.SourceCon / ERE Media is.

With our proprietary verification system ensuring the highest level of accuracy, we swiftly extract emails, phone numbers, and social profiles from a diverse array of sources including websites, directories, and databases. 

What truly distinguishes us is our ability to provide 3.5 data points per profile, ensuring a complete and detailed view of each contact. 

This feature, combined with an intuitive interface and advanced filtering options, makes contact tracking a breeze. Additionally, we offer an automation feature, allowing users to set up automated searches for contact information, saving valuable time. 

In terms of data accuracy, our proprietary verification system guarantees the highest levels of accuracy, instilling confidence in every lead. The tool also provides detailed reports summarizing searches, offering valuable insights into the contact discovery process.

UpLead vs Swordfish AI

UpLead vs Swordfish AI Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of UpLead and Swordfish AI:



Swordfish AI


Starts at $99/monthFree trial available; Pricing details on request
Data Points/Profiles135 million B2B contacts, 16 million global company profiles

Over 3.5 billion profiles

Email Verification

Real-time email verification for clean listsProprietary system for reliable data
Search Filters+50 search filters for precise lead targeting

Advanced search capabilities

CRM Integration

CRM integration for seamless lead managementSeamless integration with CRMs and tools
API AccessAPI integration for customized data retrieval

Available for custom integration

Value Proposition

Comprehensive lead generation tool with 95% data accuracy guaranteeQuick extraction of contact information from various sources
Suitable ForSales teams looking for high-quality B2B leads with data accuracy

Individuals or teams in need of rapid contact information

Why Choose Swordfish AI Over UpLead?

Opt for Swordfish AI for its unparalleled capability to provide the contact information you require, setting it apart as a superior choice compared to UpLead. Here’s what makes Swordfish AI distinct:

Unique Decision Maker Contact Data

Swordfish AI stands out by offering unique decision maker contact data that is not available through other providers like UpLead. This exclusive access to decision maker information enables users to reach people they couldn’t before, enhancing the effectiveness of sales and recruitment efforts.

Superior Cell Phone Number Accuracy and Match Rates

Swordfish AI is the leader in cell phone number accuracy and match rates, as tested by customers. It provides 33%+ more cell phone numbers and 45%+ more accurate cell phone numbers than leading providers, including UpLead. This is backed by 100% real-time line connectivity validation, ensuring that the contact information provided is current and reliable.

Comprehensive Suite of Tools

Swordfish AI offers a transformative set of tools to enhance your sales pipeline. This features a Chrome Extension, Prospector, File Upload, Reverse Search, API Integration, and Bombora® Intent Data for identifying ready buyers.

Real-Time Validation for Enhanced Accuracy

Swordfish AI uses exclusive partnerships with unique cell phone data providers to offer exclusive cell phone contact information with unique real-time validation. This ensures the accuracy of direct cell phone information, a feature that is not commonly found in other services like UpLead.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

What are the Other Alternatives to UpLead?

When the cost of UpLead does not cut it for you, you would want to look into a few alternatives. Here are a few options other than Swordfish Ai



Pricing Model

Free Trial: $0

Essentials: $99/month

Plus: $199/month

Professional:  Custom price

Free Trial: $0

Pro: $36/month

Premium: $59/month

Scale: Custom price

Free Trial: $0

Growth Plan: $150-$275

Business Plan: Custom price

Free Trial: $0

Starter: $34/month

Growth:  $104/month

Business: $349/month

Database SizeOver 155 million B2B contacts100+ million business profiles and 15+ million company profilesFocuses on comprehensive B2B dataset without specifying the exact size.

Uses proprietary technology and AI to find and verify contacts; size not specified.


Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM and Marketing Automation ToolsSalesforce and LinkedInSalesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Slack, and MailchimpSalesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Google Sheets
Target AudienceB2B companies looking for high-quality contact data.B2B companies in need of premium contact data on social networks and the web.B2B go-to-market teams needing comprehensive datasets.

Businesses seeking to find and connect with professional contacts.

UpLead Vs Lusha

UpLead Vs Lusha

Lusha is your go-to when it comes to finding top-notch B2B data exactly where you need it most – be it social media, online, within Salesforce, or right inside your own product. It’s designed to simplify your search for accurate B2B company and contact info, revolutionizing the way you connect with key decision-makers. 

With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, Lusha empowers your sales and marketing teams to quickly discover and reach out to their ideal contacts. Known for its high data accuracy, Lusha increases your ROI and helps you schedule more meetings with ease.

When put side by side with UpLead, Lusha stands out for its focus on a seamless user experience and pinpoint accuracy in data. This dedication to providing reliable insights makes Lusha the preferred choice for companies aiming to boost their sales and marketing strategies.

Comparison Table of UpLead vs Lusha





Starts at $99/monthStarts at $99/month
Data Points/Profiles135 million B2B contacts, 16 million global company profiles

60 million contacts, 40 million companies

Email Verification

Real-time email verification for clean listsReal-time email verification
Search Filters+50 search filters for precise lead targeting

Advanced search filters for targeted prospecting

Mobile Direct Dials

Available for prospectsAvailable for prospects
API AccessAPI integration for customized data retrieval

API integration available

Value Proposition

Comprehensive lead generation tool with 95% data accuracy guaranteeB2B lead generation with high-quality data
Suitable ForSales teams looking for high-quality B2B leads with data accuracy

Businesses needing precise contact information for lead generation

UpLead Vs Clearbit

UpLead Vs Clearbit

Clearbit stands out in the B2B data field by providing an extensive collection of data on companies, contacts, and IP intelligence. It revolutionizes how market teams operate, using both public and proprietary data enhanced by artificial intelligence. 

The aim of Clearbit is to convert complex web data into straightforward, useful insights. This means you can enhance your records, accurately pinpoint potential leads, and catch real buying signals like never before. 

With its global reach and seamless integration with various systems, Clearbit stands out as an important tool for businesses aiming to increase their sales and marketing strategies.

When put side by side with UpLead, Clearbit leads. Its superior AI technology and broader data collection put it ahead, making it the top choice for companies in search of detailed, precise, and actionable insights. With Clearbit, you’re not just staying ahead in the B2B market; you’re playing at a whole different level.

Comparison Table of UpLead vs Clearbit





Starts at $99/monthStarts at $150
Data Points/Profiles135 million B2B contacts, 16 million global company profiles

50M Company Records and 389M Contact Records

Email Verification

Real-time email verification for clean listsReal-time email verification
Search Filters+50 search filters for precise lead targeting

Advanced search filters for targeted prospecting

Mobile Direct Dials

Available for prospectsAvailable for prospects
Intent DataFind customers actively looking to buy solutions

Identify and engage high-intent buyers

CRM Integration

CRM integration for seamless lead managementCRM integration available
API AccessAPI integration for customized data retrieval

API integration available

Value Proposition

Comprehensive lead generation tool with 95% data accuracy guaranteeData enrichment solutions with a vast database and API access
Suitable ForSales teams looking for high-quality B2B leads with data accuracy

Companies seeking data enrichment solutions for marketing efforts

UpLead Vs

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable way to find professional email addresses, might just be what you need. Think of it as your all-in-one platform for email outreach, designed to make it easy for you to connect with important contacts.

Thanks to its innovative technology and AI, can quickly locate, verify, and enrich contact details. This is a game-changer for building prospect lists and boosting your email campaigns. 

What really sets apart is its domain search, email finder, and verification features, all tailored to ensure your outreach efforts hit the mark.

When compared to UpLead, stands out for its razor-sharp focus on discovering and confirming email addresses. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for teams looking to quickly expand their contact lists with dependable emails.

Comparison Table of UpLead vs

UpLead Vs




Starts at $99/monthStarts at $34/month
Data Points/Profiles135 million B2B contacts, 16 million global company profiles

Access to 200+ million contacts, 25+ million companies

Email Verification

Real-time email verification for clean listsReal-time email verification
Search Filters+50 search filters for precise lead targeting

Advanced search filters for targeted prospecting

Mobile Direct Dials

Available for prospectsAvailable for prospects
Intent DataFind customers actively looking to buy solutions

Identify and engage high-intent buyers

CRM Integration

CRM integration for seamless lead managementCRM integration available
API AccessAPI integration for customized data retrieval

API integration available

Value Proposition

Comprehensive lead generation tool with 95% data accuracy guaranteeEfficient tool for finding and verifying email addresses
Suitable ForSales teams looking for high-quality B2B leads with data accuracy

Individuals or teams seeking an efficient email-finding tool


Considering UpLead pricing guide on plans and what they have to offer, one thing is certain.  That investing in this platform can give you the value for your money.

 If you prioritize data accuracy, need a variety of search filters, and want seamless CRM integration, UpLead is a strong choice.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option and look for the simplicity of a Chrome extension, Swordfish is your hero. 

Both tools cater to different needs but it all comes down to what you specifically require and what you want to scale your business to. In any case, investing wisely in a lead generation tool is key to boosting your business, whether it’s Swordfish AI or UpLead. 


Is there a limit on how many credits I can use in a single day with UpLead’s Essentials plan?

No, UpLead’s Essentials plan provides unlimited daily usage, allowing you to make the most of your subscription without any restrictions on the number of credits you can use in a day.

Are there any hidden fees associated with UpLead’s Plus plan?

No, UpLead’s Plus plan is transparent about its pricing. You’ll only pay the monthly fee for the plan you choose, with no unexpected or hidden charges. This ensures that you can budget effectively without any surprises.

Can I change my UpLead plan after subscribing?

Yes, UpLead understands that business needs may evolve. You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, allowing you to align your subscription with your current requirements.

Is UpLead good for personal use?

No, UpLead is primarily designed for B2B purposes and may not be ideal for personal use, as it focuses on generating leads and business contact information.

Is UpLead good for small businesses?

Yes, UpLead is excellent for small businesses looking to expand their B2B networks, offering accurate data and tools to enhance lead generation and sales strategies efficiently.

Is UpLead secure?

Yes, UpLead is secure. It implements industry-standard security measures to protect user data, including encryption and secure data handling practices, ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded.

Does UpLead offer discounts?

Yes, UpLead offers discounts, especially for annual subscription plans. Discounts may also be available for nonprofits and educational institutions, making it more accessible for a wider range of users.

Does UpLead offer a free trial?

Yes, UpLead offers a free trial, allowing you to test its features before committing to a subscription. This trial typically includes a limited number of credits to experience the platform’s capabilities.

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