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Is ZoomInfo Legit? [The Good, The Bad, and The Truth]

March 20, 2024 zoominfo
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is ZoomInfo legit

ZoomInfo, known as DiscoverOrg back in 2007, is a top provider of sales intelligence. It offers a huge database of over 135 million verified phone numbers and 260 million professional profiles. But, is ZoomInfo legit?

Yes, ZoomInfo is indeed legitimate. It follows legal standards for data collection and is transparent about its processes, despite data privacy concerns. The main concern about ZoomInfo because it deals with a lot of personal and business info, especially when misusing data is a big problem these days.

To address these concerns and offer clarity, we’ve looked into how ZoomInfo handles data, if it follows privacy laws, and what users think about it. And we’ll also discuss better alternatives with good ethical practices.

What is ZoomInfo?

What is ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, originally known as DiscoverOrg,  was started in 2007 by Henry Schuck and transformed into its current state in 2019. It’s a sales intelligence platform designed to support sales, marketing, and recruitment teams by offering access to an extensive database of business contacts and company information.

The platform collects data from public records and various websites, employing web scraping technology to do so. This method ensures that users get comprehensive insights, helping in lead generation and precise marketing outreach.

With a massive database containing over 135 million verified phone numbers and 260 million professional profiles, ZoomInfo provides real-time alerts and easily integrates with other sales and marketing tools. These capabilities allow businesses to connect with potential clients and refine their marketing tactics easily.

Is ZoomInfo Legitimate?

Yes, ZoomInfo is legal because it’s known for following legal rules, especially about keeping data private and safe. It works under the rules of GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, making sure it’s clear about how it collects, uses, and shares data.

Let’s find out in more detail-

  • Data Security: ZoomInfo uses powerful security measures to protect user data. That includes encryption, secure data storage, and regular security audits to make sure data integrity and confidentiality.
  • CCPA Readiness: Compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act, ZoomInfo provides users with the right to access their personal information, request deletion, and opt out of the sale of their personal information.
  • GDPR Privacy: ZoomInfo abides by the General Data Protection Regulation and makes sure user data is processed lawfully, transparently, and for specified purposes. The tool strictly upholds EU residents’ privacy rights.
  • Email Deliverability: The platform maintains high email deliverability rates by using verified email addresses and following best practices to ensure emails reach their intended recipients without being marked as spam.
  • Transparency and Choice: ZoomInfo offers transparency in how it collects, uses, and shares data. Users have choices regarding their data, including access, correction, and deletion options.

How Does ZoomInfo Collect and Process Data?

ZoomInfo focuses on gathering business-related data to help professionals connect and companies grow. Let’s talk about them-

How Does ZoomInfo Collect and Process Data

Business-Related Data Only

ZoomInfo collects data related to business activities, steering clear of personal information to maintain privacy and ensure the data is suitable for professional use.

Notification System

When adding new information to their database, ZoomInfo sends you notifications via business email. You will receive it before or shortly after you put your information in their database.

The transparency allows individuals to review and verify their data, promoting trust and accuracy in the information collected.

Enabling Data Privacy

ZoomInfo possesses the idea that people should control their own data. Through its around-the-clock Privacy Center, anyone can effortlessly manage their profile—be it to check, claim, update, or delete it.

Also, ZoomInfo ensures transparency by displaying when-

  • A notification email was sent
  • Simplifies the opt-out process
  • Allows customers to easily identify who has opted out
  • Filter Do Not Call individuals
  • remove any opted-out or unsubscribed contacts from their lists.

Easy Opt-Out

ZoomInfo provides easy options for people to opt out of their database, respecting users’ privacy and choices. Individuals feel empowered with this policy to control their presence in ZoomInfo’s database, increasing user trust.

Business Profiles Creation

By focusing on professional information, ZoomInfo’s goal is to support business networking. They avoid personal profiling, concentrating instead on establishing meaningful business connections that can lead to professional opportunities.

Compliance with Regulations

Complying with major privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, and holding ISO 27701 certification, ZoomInfo demonstrates its commitment to data protection. This compliance reassures users and clients of ZoomInfo’s dedication to maintaining high privacy standards.

Consent Not Always Required

ZoomInfo operates within legal frameworks that don’t always require individual consent for data processing. Here, this legal compliance allows ZoomInfo to utilize business information effectively while abiding by privacy regulations.

Anti-Spam Measures

Through strict contractual agreements and platform policies, ZoomInfo combats spam calls. The commitment to ethical data use not only respects the privacy of individuals but also improves the value of ZoomInfo’s services to its users.

ZoomInfo in Action: Success Stories

ZoomInfo has transformed the way businesses approach sales, marketing, and recruitment. You can learn effective B2B lead generation strategies that leverage success stories from ZoomInfo, increasing your sales pipeline.

Through conversations with users and an analysis of their experiences, we’ve seen firsthand how this platform drives success.

Some of the success stories we have seen-

  • The Plunk Foundation

Around a year back, the Plunk Foundation incorporated ZoomInfo SalesOS into their technology tools. Since they were fresh in the market, it was essential for them to identify their ideal customer profile and grasp the full scope of their potential market.

“We were hopeful that SalesOS could help us figure out who would benefit the most from our services, and reach those individuals, organizations, or institutions with accurate contact data,” says John Cavanaugh (Executive director)

He also said: “ZoomInfo has been absolutely priceless. It’s been amazing to be recognized by privacy professionals, academics, and international organizations. The relationships we’ve been able to build and the traction we’ve been able to make will provide lasting impact for our organization,”.

  • Sales at ADP

“ZoomInfo is one of the first things I open up in the background at the beginning of my workday. It’s a fantastic tool that enabled my team and me to quickly identify prospects and related competitors, company insights, etc.” Says- Kristen Stringer (Vice President)

  • XPO Logistics

“ZoomInfo is solving the toughest part of sales which is finding decision makers. This creates more productivity out of me because I no longer have to search for whom to call, I just call them.”- Michael Teller (Director, Strategic Business Development at XPO Logistics)

What Do Redditors Say About ZoomInfo?

Redditors share mixed views on ZoomInfo, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses in sales and data management.

  • Data Accuracy: Users appreciate ZoomInfo for its reliable contact information, though some mention inaccuracies in company data.
  • Cost Concerns: The high cost of ZoomInfo is a common concern, with debates on its value for money.
  • Integration and Utility: Positive feedback on its integration with tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Outreach for increasing sales efforts.
  • Industry Suitability: ZoomInfo is considered more valuable for larger companies or those targeting enterprise-level clients, less so for very small businesses.
  • Comparative Performance: Compared to alternatives like, ZoomInfo is often viewed as superior in terms of data quality and functionality.
  • Ethical and Legal Concerns: If you are wondering- is ZoomInfo legal? Know that some Redditors express concerns over ZoomInfo’s business practices, including aggressive contract terms and data ownership issues.
  • Customer Experience: Experiences vary, with some praising the tool’s effectiveness in lead generation and others criticizing customer service.
  • Contractual Issues: There are warnings about potential legal challenges when attempting to end contracts with ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo’s Reviews and Ratings

Is ZoomInfo worth it? In this matter, let’s find out what users say about ZoomInfo:

Positive Reviews:

  • G2- 4.4/5 (7,889 reviews):

“SalesOS is useful for finding the correct contacts for your prospecting. Having the ability to find the right people but also get intent as to the companies that are looking for your solution can be valuable. However, the intent topic criteria are very generalized, so to truly get its value, you have to pay “extra” for customized intent topics. Customer support is super friendly. There are a lot of available webinar training and information on how to use the software.” – Michelle C.

  • Capterra- 4.1/5 (280 reviews):

“As I use it to find correct data for prospecting or simply enriching existing contacts -helps understand the organization’s hierarchy and look up targeted contacts in targeted roles. Love the buyer intent tool, that shows if any companies are researching your software, and allows focusing on targeted outreach.” – Brigita B.

Negative Reviews:

  • Reviewopedia: 1/5 (11 reviews)

“Zoom Info scrapes my websites and thinks any name that’s mentioned is the name of an employee. We list famous actors and ZoomInfo collect the data and it’s all incorrect.” – JK

“When I browse my name on the internet, it brings up a ZoomInfo profile that shows I work for a company which I have never worked for, with a job title that is not what I do. When I try to get the false information removed via the facility on their website that purports to be for doing just that, all I get is a message promising to send me an inquiry code via email, but which never comes. Their website provides no other means of contacting them. That, to me, has all the hallmarks of a scam.” – A.K

Should You Consider ZoomInfo Alternatives?

Looking at ZoomInfo alternatives can improve your lead generation strategies and improve data accuracy.

Should You Consider ZoomInfo Alternatives


Alternatives to ZoomInfo often offer more affordable pricing plans, allowing you to access powerful sales intelligence tools without the high costs. Remember that affordable options make advanced data services accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Data Accuracy and Freshness

Unlike ZoomInfo, there are platforms that prioritize updating their databases in real time, ensuring the contact information you receive is up-to-date. Accurate and fresh data reduces outreach to outdated leads, increasing the success rate of marketing campaigns.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Many alternatives feature intuitive interfaces, making it easier to navigate through complex data sets. Since simplified navigation will increase your user experience, choosing an alternative will be a good choice in this case.

Ethical Data Collection

Some tools follow strict privacy laws and ethical standards in data collection, offering peace of mind. Ethical practices in data sourcing protect your business from potential legal complications and improve your brand’s reputation.

Customizable Data Solutions

Alternatives offer customizable data solutions, allowing you to customize data collection to fit your business needs perfectly. This makes sure your strategies are backed by relevant, actionable insights.

Improved Integration Capabilities

Selecting platforms that integrate seamlessly with your CRM and marketing tools, will improve your workflow and operational efficiency. Taking this choice makes sure your chosen technologies work together effectively.

Focused Customer Support

Choosing an alternative means getting dedicated customer support ready to resolve any issues quickly. It makes sure your sales and marketing efforts proceed without interruption.

What are the Best ZoomInfo Alternatives?

Looking for ZoomInfo alternatives? Check out these top email finder tools for efficient and accurate email discovery so that it helps you decide which tools will serve your case the most:

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI stands out as the leading alternative to ZoomInfo, offering all the crucial functionalities of ZoomInfo and more, but without the high costs and complicated interface. 

It presents an affordable, user-friendly solution that’s perfect for small businesses, providing high-quality data at a more accessible price point along with a wide range of features.

For sales and recruitment professionals, Swordfish AI offers a massive database with over 3.5 billion contact data profiles, including verified cell phone numbers and email addresses. 

Its standout feature of real-time validation guarantees the accuracy and dependability of contact information, allowing for direct communication with key decision-makers.

Overall, Swordfish AI simplifies the often tedious process of finding and verifying contacts. Whether you’re looking to boost your lead generation or make your recruitment efforts more efficient, the platform’s Chrome Extension and Prospector tools are here to help.

Features of Swordfish AI

These features not only address some of the limitations found in ZoomInfo but also offer unique advantages that help a wide range of users. Here’s a closer look at the major features of Swordfish AI:

  • Prospector


Prospector enables you to generate leads and fuel their sales pipelines efficiently. It stands out by allowing for the creation of targeted dialing and email lists using advanced filters, providing a more refined approach to lead generation compared to ZoomInfo.

  • Chrome Extension


Swordfish AI’s Chrome Extension offers unparalleled convenience, enabling you to find contact information directly from their web browser. This feature is particularly useful for accessing unique and verified contact data on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, making it easier to reach prospects.

  • Reverse Search


The Reverse Search capability allows you to find detailed contact information using minimal input data. Whether you have a name, company, email, phone, or social profile, Swordfish AI can identify the person you’re looking for, offering a level of flexibility and efficiency that enhances user experience.

  • File Upload


You can enrich your CRM or database in seconds with the File Upload feature. By uploading a CSV file, Swordfish AI fills in missing cell phone numbers and emails, providing a quick solution to data gaps that might be more cumbersome to address with ZoomInfo.

  • API

Swordfish AI API Integration

Swordfish AI offers a custom API solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing applications, ensuring your database is always up-to-date with the latest and most accurate contact information.

  • Bombora

Swordfish AI Bombora Intent Data

In partnership with Bombora, Swordfish AI delivers buyer intent data, helping you find market-ready buyers. This integration allows for a more strategic approach to sales by focusing efforts on companies that are actively seeking your solutions.

Comparison Table of ZoomInfo vs Swordfish AI

Here are the differences between Swordfish AI and ZoomInfo across database size, Chrome extension utility, lead generation efficiency, integration ease, targeted user base, and API flexibility:

ZoomInfo vs Swordfish AI


Swordfish AI



Over 3.5 billion individual data points, including exclusive cell phone data.Over 135 million verified phone numbers, and 260 million professional profiles
Chrome ExtensionAccess unique cell numbers and premium emails on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Offers a Chrome extension for LinkedIn and company websites

Lead Generation

Real-time validation ensures accuracy, increasing lead generation efforts.Comprehensive database and advanced search features for identifying qualified leads.
IntegrationSeamless integration with Zapier, Crelate, Salesforce, Salesloft, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.

Integrates with various tools like Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, ZOHO, Salesloft, etc.

Target Audience

Customized for sales and recruitment professionals seeking direct contact info.Suited for enterprise-level companies focusing on lead generation and sales processes.
APICustom API solution for customized data integration.

Offers API and webhooks for data management, but specifics on customization were not detailed.


Swordfish AI personalizes its pricing models to align with your unique requirements, helping professionals in sales, recruitment, marketing, or those seeking API integration for customized data services.

Improve your sales performance, find potential candidates, or generate additional leads with Swordfish’s personalized plans designed to complement your operational workflow.

Contact us to learn how Swordfish can assist in achieving your objectives through dependable email and telephone contacts, along with seamless CRM integration.

swordfish ai pricing

arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. UpLead


UpLead stands out as a smart choice for those looking for a more accessible and straightforward alternative to ZoomInfo, particularly due to its clear pricing and ease of use. It was launched in 2017 by Will Cannon and provides a reliable B2B database with a 95% accuracy guarantee.

Remember that the tool offers cost-effective sales intelligence without ZoomInfo’s complexity or expense. It simplifies finding and connecting with potential leads through real-time email verification and extensive search filters.

Also, UpLead’s user-friendly approach and seamless CRM integrations make it a practical tool for small to medium businesses focused on efficient lead generation. 

Its commitment to data accuracy and affordability makes UpLead a preferred option for companies wanting to increase their sales processes effectively.

Comparison Table of ZoomInfo vs UpLead

Here, we’ve compared ZoomInfo and UpLead by examining their databases, Chrome extensions, lead generation capabilities, integrations, target audiences, and API offerings.

ZoomInfo vs UpLead


DatabaseOver 135 million verified phone numbers and 260 million professional profiles, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Over 155 million B2B contacts with email addresses.

Lead Generation

Offer tools for email finding, verification, and campaigns.Prospector tool with +50 search filters for finding qualified leads in real-time.
IntegrationIntegrates with various CRM and marketing platforms like- Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, ZOHO, Salesloft, etc.

Integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outreach, etc.

Target Audience

Focuses on enterprise-level companies with comprehensive data needs.Serves a broad range of customers, emphasizing data accuracy and affordability.
APIOffers API for data management and automation solutions.

Provides a powerful API for scaling prospecting efforts.

3. Lusha


Lusha stands out for those looking for clear pricing and easy use, unlike ZoomInfo’s complex setup. Lusha was founded in 2016 and since then it has been focusing on simplifying finding business contacts with its easy-to-use tools. It’s designed for sales teams of all sizes, offering a straightforward way to get accurate data quickly.

The platform, along with its browser extension and API, makes it simple for users to find and connect with potential leads. Lusha’s community includes over 670,000 professionals and 223,000 organizations, highlighting its wide acceptance and reliability.

With a focus on accuracy and user experience, Lusha offers a practical alternative for efficient lead generation and prospecting without the complications often associated with other data providers.

Comparison Table of ZoomInfo vs Lusha

We’ve compared ZoomInfo and Lusha by evaluating their databases, Chrome extensions, lead generation capabilities, integrations, target audiences, and APIs. Let’s find out more in detail:

ZoomInfo vs Lusha


Database135 million verified phone numbers, 260 million professional profiles.

50 million enterprises, 44 million SMB profiles, crowdsourced.

Chrome Extension

Yes, used for data collection and enhancing lead data.Yes, available for capturing leads directly from LinkedIn and other B2B websites.
Lead GenerationUtilizes “Scoop” and “Intent Signals” for advanced lead targeting based on buying intent and engagement.

Uses “Contact Discovery” and “Direct Dial Finder” for straightforward business contact identification.

Target Audience

Enterprise-level companies.Sales teams of all sizes, focus on simplicity.
APIFor data management/automation.

For integrating data into applications.


So, what do you think about ZoomInfo’s data accuracy? Is ZoomInfo legit?

Many people praise ZoomInfo for being accurate and especially useful for finding business-to-business information. Its commitment to providing exact contact details makes it stand out.

Now, if your business needs trustworthy data to improve sales and marketing, ZoomInfo is a strong choice. But the choice really depends on what your business needs from a data provider.

So, what if you need an option with even more accurate and relevant contacts? In that case, consider Swordfish AI. At Swordfish AI, we offer high-quality, confirmed data for sales and marketing efforts, making your lead generation easier.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai


Is ZoomInfo reliable?

Yes, ZoomInfo is considered reliable for finding business-related data. It uses a comprehensive system to collect and process data, ensuring that the information provided is up-to-date and accurate for business needs.

Is ZoomInfo safe?

ZoomInfo prioritizes user safety by complying with regulations and offering an easy opt-out for individuals who do not wish to have their information listed. It uses anti-spam measures to protect users’ data and privacy.

What should I know about ZoomInfo scams?

While ZoomInfo itself is a legitimate platform, users should be cautious of how they use any business data platform. Always verify information through multiple sources. Be wary of any requests for sensitive personal information or payments based on data obtained from ZoomInfo or similar platforms.

Why did I receive a ZoomInfo privacy email?

A ZoomInfo privacy email is a message from ZoomInfo telling you they have your info. You got this email because ZoomInfo has collected some of your personal information for their database. This is used to help businesses find contacts.

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