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ZoomInfo MarketingOS: Features, Benefits, Alternatives and More

March 7, 2024 zoominfo
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ZoomInfo MarketingOS

Curious to know all about ZoomInfo MarketingOS? You’re in the right spot. Imagine having access to over 104 million company profiles and 260 million contacts – and that’s just the beginning of what MarketingOS offers.

With its smart analytics and updates on buyer behavior, MarketingOS helps you to identify and engage leads who are most likely to convert. However, there’s more to this.

Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into ZoomInfo MarketingOS, covering its features, advantages, and how it revolutionizes Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with unparalleled data access and integration capabilities. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in.

What is ZoomInfo MarketingOS?

What is ZoomInfo MarketingOS

ZoomInfo MarketingOS is a platform designed to help businesses target and convert leads into buyers through data-driven strategies and personalized engagement. It’s part of the evolution in account-based marketing (ABM), where understanding and reaching your ideal customer becomes more precise and effective. 

Born from the need to address common ABM challenges like poor data quality and misaligned targeting efforts, MarketingOS taps into that rich database to offer real-time insights into buyer intent and behavior.

MarketingOS is designed for both small businesses eager to expand and large enterprises looking to sharpen their marketing strategies. It offers a unique edge by not only revealing who’s browsing your site but also shedding light on their possible intent to purchase.

MarketingOS stands out by offering a suite of powerful features that cater to a wide range of marketing and sales needs. For one, its advanced ad targeting capabilities allow teams to pinpoint their ideal audience across various digital platforms. 

Then, there’s the sophisticated visitor identification technology that goes beyond the basics. Whether it’s a small business looking to grow its footprint or a large enterprise aiming to refine its marketing approach, MarketingOS offers diverse uses. 

Key Features of ZoomInfo MarketingOS

ZoomInfo MarketingOS is designed to supercharge your marketing and sales efforts, ensuring you hit your targets effectively. Here’s a closer look at the standout features that make MarketingOS a game-changer:

Key Features of ZoomInfo MarketingOS

  • Dynamic Real-Time Account Data

With ZoomInfo MarketingOS, you’re always informed about your potential customers. The platform’s dynamic real-time account data feature ensures you have the latest information at your fingertips. You can strategize and make decisions based on the most up-to-date data, giving you a significant advantage in planning your next move.

  • Display and Social Advertising Campaigns

With MarketingOS, your ads find their way to the right eyes. It targets your ads to individuals at companies already interested in your offerings, maximizing the impact of your advertising spend by focusing on those most likely to engage.

  • Personalized Engagement Across Multiple Channels

Add a personal touch to your interactions. With MarketingOS, you can customize your communications across various channels, ensuring your messages strike a chord with your audience. This personalization helps build meaningful connections.

  • Database Management and Cleansing

Keeping your data clean is necessary. MarketingOS helps you keep your contact lists spotless and organized. You can say goodbye to outdated info and duplicates, making your marketing efforts more targeted and effective. 

  • In-Market Predictive Scoring

Identify prospects ready to make a purchase. MarketingOS provides insights into the buying readiness of your prospects, enabling you to concentrate your efforts on those most likely to convert, thereby optimizing your outreach strategy.

  • Seamless Integration and Automation

Simplify your lead generation processes. MarketingOS integrates effortlessly with your existing tools, automating routine tasks and freeing you up to focus on strategic planning. This integration ensures your marketing and sales operations run smoothly, enhancing overall efficiency.

How ZoomInfo MarketingOS Works

ZoomInfo MarketingOS uses data and attempts to let you identify, engage, and convert their ideal customers more effectively than ever before. 

Let’s break down how it works into four key components: TARGET, EXECUTE, OPTIMIZE, and ALIGN.


At the heart of ZoomInfo MarketingOS is its ability to uncover market data that help you find and convert your next best customer. By driving your pipeline with advanced business intelligence and real-time intent based on accurate data, you’re always one step ahead. 

The platform allows you to trigger campaigns using top-ranked B2B buyer intent signals, including de-anonymized site traffic and technographic data. 

Here’s what you get – 

How ZoomInfo MarketingOS Works (TARGET)

  • Trigger Campaigns with B2B Buyer Intent Signals

ZoomInfo MarketingOS makes the most of top-ranked B2B buyer intent signals to assist in your marketing plans. It digs into anonymized site traffic, industry news, and technographic data to precisely identify when potential customers are exploring solutions similar to what you offer. 

This timely knowledge allows you to initiate targeted advertising campaigns right when prospects are most open to discovering your products or services. 

By tapping into these insights, you can significantly increase your chances of engaging sales-ready accounts, ensuring your marketing efforts are impactful and reach your audience at the optimal time.

  • Identify Sales-Ready Accounts

If you want efficiency in setting your targets, identifying accounts that are signaling an intent to buy is what you need to do. 

ZoomInfo MarketingOS provides access to more than 104 million company profiles and 260 million contacts, along with over 4,900 company attributes. This rich database helps your teams effectively reach and connect with key buyers.

Let’s just say with ZoomInfo Intent; you can engage buyers precisely when they start their research, turning buyer interest into tangible revenue.

  • Using Buying Signals to Find Sales Opportunities

The ZoomInfo platform connects you to potential customers who have shown signals that they may be ready to buy. It compares your target customer profile against its large database to uncover promising sales prospects.

The system tracks behavioral data from over 210 million internet devices to identify which companies they belong to. It also sees over 6 trillion new keyword searches every month, linking searches to the devices that made them. 

This data comes from more than 90% of available internet-connected devices in the United States. 

The system uses these signals about search behavior and other activities to reveal accounts with an interest or potential need for your products or services. This allows you to focus sales efforts on hot leads showing purchase intent

This comprehensive coverage ensures you never miss out on a potential lead. It only means it becomes easier for you to identify and act on buying signals in real-time.

  • Reach Decision Makers to Increase Sales

Connecting with key decision makers is crucial for an effective marketing strategy.

The ZoomInfo platform identifies entire buying teams researching topics relevant to your business. You can then contact top executives through various channels like phone, email, and digital ads.

Reaching the right people who can approve purchases makes your outreach more impactful and boosts conversion rates.

  • Automate Data-Driven Workflows Across Systems

Integrating ZoomInfo’s contact and real-time intent data into your CRM, sales, and marketing tools is easy with its ready-made integrations. You can set up automated workflows that help close more leads with less manual effort.

By populating your systems with actionable insights, your teams can focus on the hottest and most qualified leads most likely to buy. This leads to greater sales productivity.


Once you’ve identified your targets, it’s time to engage. You can use MarketingOS to connect with contacts at accounts most likely in the market for your offerings. 

By creating a consistent customer experience across integrated sales and marketing platforms, you can run efficient display and social ad campaigns targeting customers with high intent. 

The platform’s in-house DSP (Demand-Side Platform) and AI algorithms are specifically built for B2B advertising. It means that your campaigns are executed with the highest level of accuracy.

How ZoomInfo MarketingOS Works (EXECUTE)

  • AD Targeting

ZoomInfo MarketingOS transforms how you approach display and social advertising. Gone are the days of broad, hit-or-miss campaigns. 

Now, you can create ad campaigns specifically aimed at companies that are actively searching for products or services like yours. Which means your marketing efforts reach those most likely to convert.


By focusing on specific details like job titles, management levels, and departments. This precision is what makes your message reach the right people, not just any people.

  • Curate High-Value Audiences

Creating campaigns that resonate starts with knowing who you’re talking to. 

ZoomInfo MarketingOS lets you curate audiences based on more than 300 company attributes and buying signals, including the all-important buyer intent signals and technographic data. 

That means you’re not just reaching out to potential buyers; you’re reaching out to the right buyers at the right time, significantly increasing the chances of your message hitting home.

  • Distribute Across Native Syndication Network

With ZoomInfo MarketingOS, your campaigns can go further than ever before. By distributing your ads across a native syndication network, you ensure that your targeted messages reach your curated audiences wherever they are online. 

This widespread distribution amplifies your reach. That, in turn, drives your campaigns to be seen by potential buyers across a variety of platforms and touchpoints.

  • Manage Creative, Copy, and Campaign Spend

The right kind of execution takes your ads out there, along with managing them properly. 

ZoomInfo MarketingOS offers tools to manage your creative content, copy, and campaign spending all from one platform. 

This centralized management makes it easier to keep tabs on your campaigns and adjust strategies on the fly. Plus, you can have certainty that your marketing dollars are being spent wisely.

  • Demand-Side Platform

You can put your business in the spotlight with ZoomInfo’s native Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This tool syncs your demand with distribution and pushes your display ads across major networks. 

With “set it and forget it” controls, your campaigns are not just launched; they’re continuously optimized for better ROI. This means less time worrying about ad placements and more time focusing on strategy and content.

  • Campaign Management

ZoomInfo MarketingOS simplifies campaign management by providing a single source for all your needs. 

Everything can be handled within ZoomInfo’s platform: targeting dynamic audiences, extending your digital reach, or managing the nuts and bolts of your campaigns. 

This unified approach gives you assurance that your campaigns are cohesive, targeted, and effective, driving better results with less hassle.


Optimizing your marketing efforts doesn’t stop with just engaging your audience. ZoomInfo MarketingOS takes it further by transforming site visitors into loyal customers by capturing their interest from the initial interaction to the final conversion. 

The platform crafts effective campaigns by using an unmatched IP to company mapping technology, digging into more than 6 billion IP addresses globally. 

This advanced approach lets you connect with, foster, and ultimately convert website visitors into customers by tapping into immediate insights and tracking their interactions on your site.

It’s not the only thing you are doing. At the same time, MarketingOS simplifies processes like meeting scheduling to save time and improve conversion rates.

How ZoomInfo MarketingOS Works (OPTIMIZE)

  • Identify Website Visitors

Turning page views into a solid pipeline starts with knowing who’s browsing your site. ZoomInfo MarketingOS’s visitor identification software focuses on the companies exploring your business online. 

It does the work of greeting visitors and telling you exactly who they are. This tool can be more useful for businesses looking to connect directly with potential buyers, even if those visitors haven’t filled out a single form on your site.

  • Advanced Visitor Identification & Insights

Distinguishing between casual browsers and potential buyers isn’t talked about as much. But it’s indispensable. ZoomInfo MarketingOS does this with finesse by pairing traditional website analytics with cutting-edge visitor tracking technology. 

This approach identifies visitors from companies that match your ideal customer profile, making you focus your efforts on the leads that matter most. Making smarter, data-driven decisions that align with your sales goals is what they aim for you.

  • Actionable Prospecting Intelligence

Ever wonder who’s behind the clicks on your website? 

ZoomInfo MarketingOS goes beyond the surface, identifying the decision-makers from visiting businesses. This offers immediate access to essential information like names, job titles, email addresses, and direct phone numbers of key contacts. 

This level of detail offers insights on significantly empowering your sales team, enabling them to initiate confident, informed outreach that leads to impactful conversations.

  • Plug-And-Play Integrations

Acting quickly on website interest can set you apart from the competition. ZoomInfo MarketingOS makes this easy with integrations that push visitor data directly into your CRM, sales, and marketing platforms. 

This automation extends from contact creation to the launch of targeted outreach and advertising campaigns, allowing you to quickly use interest and turn website visits into substantial sales opportunities.


Finally, MarketingOS makes sure that your business growth is accelerated and your ROI maximized. How do they do this? By integrating and automating your go-to-market (GTM) activities based on your target market’s buying signals. 

Plus, they build automated workflows and simplify your sales and marketing stack. So you can automate strategies and grow your customer base rapidly. 

This alignment between sales and marketing tactics opens doors for your team to always work towards the same goals, with the right tools at their disposal. 

Here’s what you get – 

How ZoomInfo MarketingOS Works (ALIGN)

  • Set Your Go-to-Market Strategy in Motion

ZoomInfo’s sales workflow software is designed to put your GTM strategy into action without the guesswork. By automating activities based on the buying signals from your target market, you can act swiftly and effectively. 

This automation increases productivity, guarantees consistency across your campaigns, and scales your efforts to meet the demands of your growing customer base. Plus, it integrates frictionlessly with the tools you already rely on. 

  • Act Fast on Key Market Signals

The ability to quickly respond to changes in your target market can set you apart from competitors. ZoomInfo MarketingOS allows you to launch personalized outreach efforts aimed at capturing new leads and targeted accounts. 

This is based on a variety of buying signals, such as company funding updates, hiring surges, technology installations, and even competitor non-renewals. Acting on these signals promptly means you’re always one step ahead in the race to capture and convert leads.

  • Capture Accounts That Best Fit Your Business

Identifying and targeting accounts that align with your ideal customer profile (ICP) is made simpler with ZoomInfo MarketingOS. 

By cross-referencing buying signals with firmographics, technographics, and advanced company attributes, you can pinpoint the contacts and companies most likely to convert. 

This targeted approach ensures your marketing and sales efforts are focused on leads that offer the best fit for your business, optimizing your resources and maximizing ROI.

Benefits of Using ZoomInfo MarketingOS

It’s packed with features that help you get to know your audience better, reach out in the right way, and keep your operations humming. 

Let’s go through the perks of using MarketingOS for businesses seeking to better their approach.

Benefits of Using ZoomInfo MarketingOS

Enhanced Lead Generation and Conversion

MarketingOS turns the chore of finding and converting leads into something more like hitting the bullseye. It equips you to spot people already peeking at what you have to offer. 

It ensures that your efforts are more likely to chat with people eager to hear what you’ve got to say, leading to more meaningful conversations and, ultimately, conversions.

Improved Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sometimes, it feels like sales and marketing are on different pages. MarketingOS helps get them on the same page. 

By syncing up goals and strategies, your marketing actions directly support your sales team, and in turn, sales insights help refine your marketing game. 

To put it out simply, you can get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Increased Efficiency and ROI from Marketing Campaigns

It can be a disappointment to spend on marketing without seeing results. MarketingOS makes sure your investment works harder for you. 

By honing in on your target and cutting down on manual tasks, you’re not just saving time; you’re also seeing a better return on what you spend. 

The motto behind this is smart spending that leads to tangible outcomes.

Access to Comprehensive and Accurate B2B Data

Good decisions need good data, and MarketingOS has your back. With a wealth of B2B information that’s both broad and accurate, you can move forward confidently. This helps you in knowing your choices are well informed.

Personalized Buyer Journeys and Improved Customer Experience

Today, personal touches make all the difference. MarketingOS lets you customize how you interact with potential buyers, making your company feel more like a helpful guide than a faceless seller. 

This approach not only draws people in but also leaves them feeling good about your brand.

Getting Started With ZoomInfo MaketingOS: 3-Step Guide 

Here’s a straightforward three-step guide to kickstart your experience with this powerful tool.

Getting Started With ZoomInfo MaketingOS

STEP 1: Activate Your Account 

Activate your admin account through the automated email sent by ZoomInfo. If you haven’t received it, check your spam folder or request a reset from the ZoomInfo login page. Next, add your team members to the platform to start leveraging MarketingOS’s capabilities. 

STEP 2: Add Your Integrations

Integrating your existing tools with MarketingOS is easy, thanks to their plug-and-play setup. If you’ve opted for integrations, configure them early to maximize the platform’s benefits. For any setup challenges, their onboarding team assists through a chatbot. 

STEP 3: Time Your Training 

The final step involves familiarizing your team with MarketingOS through the training sessions. Choose a session that fits your team’s schedule and ensure everyone is registered. This training is important for getting the full potential out of MarketingOS for your marketing efforts.

Implementing ZoomInfo MarketingOS: How to Use It 

So, how do you use ZoomInfo MarketingOS? This step-by-step guide will walk you through implementing MarketingOS. You can use its full potential to target, engage, and convert your ideal customers more effectively.

Implementing ZoomInfo MarketingOS

Step 1: Discover Who is in the Market

Objective: Identify and target the right accounts with predictive discovery.


Step into ZoomInfo’s advanced analytics to uncover data on potential accounts actively looking for your solutions. Use the predictive discovery tool to find businesses showing interest in what you offer and focus your marketing efforts on these accounts.

Step 2: Create and Manage Audiences

Objective: Build targeted audiences for digital marketing across various channels.


In the ‘Audiences’ section of MarketingOS, use tools to segment your discovered accounts and leads. Select criteria like industry, company size, and buying signals to create your audiences. Update and manage them based on new insights or campaign adjustments.

Step 3: Build and Manage Campaigns

Objective: Launch and oversee marketing campaigns across digital platforms.


Go to the ‘Campaigns’ section and start planning your campaign. Choose your digital channel, set the campaign parameters (budget, duration, goals), and launch. Keep track of campaign performance and make necessary adjustments for optimization.

Step 4: Report Progress

Objective: Evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.


Use MarketingOS’s reporting tools to evaluate your campaigns’ success. Review detailed reports on campaign performance and audience engagement to understand what’s working. Use these insights to enhance your future marketing strategies.

ZoomInfo MarketingOS on Reddit

To understand the real impression of MarketingOs, you need to dig into what people are saying on the internet.  For the right ZoomInfo reviews, we did some research, too. 

Here are a few of the important discussions that Reddit users have mentioned – 

  • Practical Experience: Users have shared positive feedback about using ZoomInfo for sourcing industry-specific contacts and integrating it with other marketing tools for targeted campaigns. This underscores ZoomInfo’s value in enhancing marketing precision.
  • GDPR Considerations: According to user discussions, they’re satisfied with MarketingOS when it comes to GDPR laws, particularly in England. They mentioned how ZoomInfo collects business data, which, under GDPR guidelines, does not require opt-in consent.
  • Legitimate Interest Clause: In one of the reviews, a notable point is the mention of the “legitimate interest” policy under GDPR. This allows companies to contact individuals who have shown interest in a product or service without explicit opt-in, provided they haven’t opted out. 
  • Concerns on Effectiveness: Some skepticism exists regarding the effectiveness of marketing to users who haven’t explicitly opted in. This reflects a broader conversation on finding the right balance between proactive marketing strategies and respecting user consent.
  • Legal and Ethical Warnings: A cautionary note by certain users on Reddit raised about the legality of importing personal email addresses without consent, highlighting the importance of ethical practices in marketing.

ZoomInfo Marketing OS Pricing 

As you’ve seen, ZoomInfo MarketingOS is designed to enrich your omnichannel marketing strategy with relevant company insights and contact data. 

While ZoomInfo doesn’t openly disclose specific pricing details on its website, a bit of research reveals some insights into what businesses might expect when considering their services. 

According to discussions among Reddit users, the entry-level price for ZoomInfo is reported to be around $15,000 for three seats on a 2-year contract. 

However, it’s important to note that this cost can vary significantly based on several key factors:

  • Credit Usage: The amount of data or number of contacts you plan to access can affect the overall cost, but our research suggests they offer 5,000 -10,000 bulk credits per year with an additional 36,000 credits.
  • Features and Capabilities: Depending on the specific tools and functionalities you need, prices can adjust accordingly. With automation, website chat, or lead enrichment, the costs are higher. 
  • Number of Licenses: The more team members that need access, the higher the pricing tier you might fall into. From the least to most expensive plans, you can get a limitation of 3 to 10 users. 

Given these variables, here’s a simplified breakdown of what each MarketingOS plan could potentially offer, keeping in mind the core components of ZoomInfo – 




  • Access to in-depth B2B data 
  • Industry-leading account & persona data
  • Ability to identify accounts visiting your website 
  • Demand generation focused reporting dashboard


  • Industry-leading account & persona data
  • Access to ZoomInfo’s in-house display network 
  •  Social network audience activation


  • Comprehensive B2B intelligence data
  • Cross-channel audience & campaign management 
  • Insights driven next best follow-up action

Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Tools to generate and analyze customer interactions across sales calls, email, phone outreach, and website 
  •  Conversation intelligence with Chorus 
  •  Data-powered website chat 
  • Insight-driven phone and email automation

User Reviews and Feedback

MarketingOS is often praised for its easy-to-use interface, making tasks quicker and less of a hassle. Users appreciate the platform’s accurate data and detailed profiles of companies and contacts, which are great for deep market dives. 

The sales automation features get a nod for helping users focus on strategy over manual tasks, and the real-time updates are a hit for staying on top of market trends. 

Plus, the customer support team at ZoomInfo is known for being quick and helpful, so the overall user experience is on a positive note. 

  • G2: 4.4/5 (88 reviews) 

What do you like best about ZoomInfo MarketingOS?

The best thing about Marketing OS is its simplicity and it’s ease of use, Sales and marketing go hand in hand, and we need to have a solid Marketing platform that can filter leads and also give the right context to the sales rep who needs to do a good job out there and ZoomInfo Marketing does that. It can create multiple segmented lists with various categories into consideration and give a curated segment that can enhance your demand generation.

What do you dislike about ZoomInfo MarketingOS?

Using ZoomInfo for the first time can seem like a tough task, it can come across as way too many options and overwhelming at the first go. But, with time and a lot of exploring one can figure out their way around the marketing platform.”

Madhumitha A.

  • Gartner: 4.3 · ‎ 71 reviews

What do you like most about the product or service?

Insightful, more conversion rate and keeps us informed better. Also, features which include data driven actions are helping our team to focus on result oriented actions swiftly.

What do you dislike most about the product or service?

Expensive integrations with different platforms and turnaround time for issues raised.” – Gartner 

  • Capterra: 4.3( 4 reviews) 

“ZoomInfo helps to enrich the data with the most accurate info and this really helps to minimize the number of fields on websiteThe ZoomInfo UI although is fine but can improve to make it more useful as an Iframe on CRM” – Farhan T

Best ZoomInfo MarketingOS Competitors and Alternatives 

Among the top ZoomInfo competitors that give Marketing OS a run for its money are Swordfish AI, Demandbase, and 6Sense. 

We’ve chosen these as the top 3 based on their data analytics, comprehensive B2B data, and innovative sales automation features that rival ZoomInfo MarketingOS’s offerings in the market.

Let’s see how each compares with ZoomInfo MarketingOS. 

1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Swordfish stands out as a top choice for sales and recruitment professionals, offering a direct path to key decision-makers. It goes beyond what ZoomInfo Marketing OS provides by analyzing billions of intent signals and monitoring millions of IP addresses for deeper insights.

Our database, featuring over 3.5 billion data points, is what sets us apart, making Swordfish a reliable partner for a range of sectors, from defense to recruitment, especially when compared to ZoomInfo’s database of 260 million profiles. 

Swordfish’s proprietary algorithm ensures the data is not only vast but also precise and actionable. With over 50,000 professionals relying on Swordfish for their contact needs, we’re the go-to for those looking to streamline their outreach efforts and build significant connections. 

ZoomInfo Marketing OS Vs Swordfish AI Comparison Table

ZoomInfo Marketing OS Vs Swordfish AI

Here’s a table to see how Swordfish and MarketingOs compare when pitted against each other 



ZoomInfo MarketingOS

Data Volume and Composition

3.5 billion data points and uses proprietary algorithms to compose data.Access 260M+ Contact profiles across firmographics, technographics, psychographics, and intent data.
Core OfferingSpecializes in providing direct cell phone contact and email data.

Comprehensive B2B data platform offering a wide range of insights.

Unique Selling Point

Highest accuracy and match rates for cell phone numbers, with real-time line connectivity validation.Offers a deep database for B2B contacts and company profiles
Data Accuracy33%+ more cell phone numbers and 45%+ more accurate cell phone numbers than leading providers.

Known for its reliable and accurate B2B data, constantly updated for freshness and relevance.

Intent Data

Offers Bombora® Intent Data to discover businesses ready to buy your product.Provides insights into which accounts are actively researching products or services.
Integration CapabilitiesIntegrates with leading platforms like Drift, Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Integration with CRM and marketing automation tools Like Pipedrive, Marketo, CloudTalk, etc.

Target Audience

Sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals looking for direct access to decision-makers via cell phone data.Businesses looking to target and get B2B leads
Customer FeedbackHighly praised for its cell phone number accuracy and impact on recruitment and sales efficiency.

Trusted by a wide range of industries for its depth of data and ability to drive targeted marketing campaigns.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai


If you’re concerned about ZoomInfo’s pricing, Swordfish offers a more affordable solution. Swordfish AI presents a range of pricing plans designed to meet the varied needs of businesses across sales, recruitment, marketing, and API integration. 

Each plan guarantees access to accurate email addresses, and direct cell phone numbers, alongside frequent updates on job roles and company details.

For those interested in finding the perfect plan to match their business requirements, Swordfish AI encourages reaching out to obtain comprehensive pricing information.


arrowTry Swordfish Ai

2. Demandbase


Demandbase distinguishes itself from ZoomInfo Marketing OS by offering a holistic account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based experience (ABX) platform. Their focus lies on giving you better visibility and engagement throughout the B2B marketing and sales funnel. 

While ZoomInfo excels in providing detailed contact data, Demandbase integrates account intelligence across the buyer’s journey, addressing the challenge of fragmented insights due to disconnected systems. 

This integration allows businesses to quickly identify and progress in-market opportunities, moving beyond generic messaging through a unified customer view. 

Demandbase’s approach emphasizes personalized engagement and smarter investment in high-intent accounts. 

By focusing on realistic data and account intelligence, Demandbase presents a strategy-oriented solution for achieving Smarter GTM™.

ZoomInfo Vs Demandbase Comparison Table

ZoomInfo Vs Demandbase

Here’s a table to compare the main aspects of ZoomInfo MarketingOS and Demandbase – 


ZoomInfo MarketingOS


Core Offering

AI-driven platform with extensive B2B data for sales and marketing.AI-driven platform for ABM and B2B solutions.
ABM & ABXTools for account engagement and personalization.

ABM and ABX solutions for improved customer journeys.

Sales Intelligence

Actionable insights on target accounts for sales.Insights and tools for effective target account engagement.
Buying IntentIdentifies interested accounts for timely engagement.

Insights into accounts researching related products/services.

Predictive Analytics

AI and machine learning predict buying readiness.AI for prioritizing accounts likely to convert.
AdvertisingTargeted digital display campaigns.

B2B advertising on network and social media.

Data Foundation

Vast B2B contact and account database.First-party data, Demandbase data, and AI for intelligence.
Market FocusSuitable for all business sizes for lead gen and sales.

For enterprises and mid-sized businesses with a focus on ABM and sales.


Demandbase sorts its plans into Professional, Enterprise, and Elite, each tailored to different levels of go-to-market sophistication. While exact pricing isn’t listed, user feedback suggests contracts start at $80k+ annually. 

These plans offer features like account-based experience platforms, sales intelligence, and advertising support. 

Remember, Demandbase can be costly, with costs varying by your operation’s size. For example, managing a million contacts with significant data storage needs could cost about $2,500 monthly. 

Additionally, there are add-on options for personalization, orchestration, and data integrity, allowing for more customized solutions.


3. 6Sense Revenue AI 

6Sense Revenue AI 

6sense positions itself as an excellent ABM platform powered by Revenue AI™, setting itself apart from ZoomInfo Marketing OS with its focus on eliminating the guesswork in identifying and engaging with potential buyers. 

Unlike ZoomInfo, which excels in providing a larger database of B2B contacts, 6sense makes the most of AI to drive predictable revenue growth. They do this by uncovering anonymous buyers and understanding their behavior. 

This lets businesses engage with the most likely buyers at the right time, significantly reducing go-to-market waste.

6sense’s unique approach to tapping into the “Dark Funnel™” allows it to interpret the digital “breadcrumb trails” left by buyers conducting online research, a capability that traditional marketing technologies lack. 

By curating the most relevant B2B dataset and delivering world-class intent data and accurate predictions of buying stages, 6sense aids revenue teams in targeting the right accounts with the right messages more effectively than ZoomInfo MarketingOs. 

ZoomInfo Vs 6Sense Comparison Table

Here’s how they stack up against each other in key areas:

ZoomInfo Vs 6Sense


ZoomInfo MarketingOS


Core Offering

Data platform with vast B2B contacts and profiles.AI platform specializing in anonymous buying behavior and predictive analytics.
ABM and ABXTools for personalized marketing campaigns using extensive data.

Identifies “Dark Funnel™” accounts with actionable ABM intelligence.

Sales Intelligence

Actionable insights on target accounts.Detailed intelligence, including intent data and buying stage predictions.
Buying IntentIdentifies interested accounts for engagement.

Uncovers hidden buying signals for a deep understanding of intent.

Predictive Analytics

AI predicts buying readiness for prioritization.Advanced AI predicts buying stages and recommends actions.
AdvertisingTargeted digital campaigns using B2B data.

Intent-driven display, video, retargeting, and social ads.

Integration & Automation

Enhances CRM and marketing tools with data insights.Integrates with tech stacks for centralized audience creation.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)Comprehensive B2B database for detailed insights.

Dark Funnel™ insights into unprecedented buyer behavior.


6sense doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing details on its website, opting instead for a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of each business. 

However, we’ve done our fair share of research and found that it costs $120k for the first year with a two-year commitment, and it doesn’t offer any free trial. 

Their premium plans include access to a proprietary intent network, company graph, third-party profile data, dynamic segmentation, and more. They encourage potential clients to book a demo to explore the platform’s capabilities and discuss how it can be customized to their requirements.

6Sense Revenue AI Pricing 


ZoomInfo MarketingOS is transforming account-based marketing through its data insights and hassle-free integrations. By aligning your sales and marketing plans to buyer signals, this one of a kind platform makes it easy for you to more effective targeting and higher conversion rates. 

As we’ve seen, MarketingOS offers great accuracy and coverage to help you identify and engage your best-fit accounts across channels. 

With capabilities to enrich customer experiences and optimize ROI, it’s a valuable solution for upgrading your ABM strategy. But it can certainly be overwhelming and pricey for many. 

For alternative platforms providing accurate buyer intent data, you can consider exploring Swordfish AI. With predictive recommendations on high-value prospects, Swordfish AI gives you impactful account-based approaches for sales and marketing teams of all sizes.

arrowTry Swordfish Ai


What makes ZoomInfo MarketingOS different from other ABM platforms?

ZoomInfo MarketingOS stands out for its unparalleled access to dynamic, real-time B2B data, predictive analytics, and comprehensive integration capabilities, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies than other platforms offer.

How does ZoomInfo ensure data accuracy and completeness?

ZoomInfo employs advanced data collection and verification techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside a dedicated research team, ensuring the data’s accuracy, relevance, and completeness.

Can ZoomInfo MarketingOS integrate with existing CRM and marketing automation tools?

Yes, ZoomInfo MarketingOS seamlessly integrates with a wide range of CRM and marketing automation tools, enhancing their functionality with rich data insights and enabling more efficient workflows.

What types of businesses can benefit most from ZoomInfo MarketingOS?

Businesses of all sizes across various sectors can benefit from ZoomInfo MarketingOS, especially those in B2B markets looking to refine their ABM strategies, improve lead generation, and boost sales efficiency.

How does ZoomInfo MarketingOS handle privacy and compliance issues?

ZoomInfo MarketingOS prioritizes user privacy and compliance with global data protection regulations, employing strict data governance practices and providing users with control over their data to ensure compliance.

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