5 Best Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate (Updated 2022)

Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Brokers utilize cold calls to generate new listings. With having a great script, you can engage in quality conversations with buyers and sellers to uncover new business.

Here are the 5 Best Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate to Use in 2022:

1. Cold Call Script For Real Estate Agents

“Hi! My name is X and it’s so good to finally reach you! I’m a real estate expert for X community. Is this a good time to talk?”

Let the client respond. They may be driving, in the middle of a task, or managing a crisis. Showing this courtesy will set a good tone for the conversation.

At this point, your prospect will either raise an objection or give their permission. Regardless of their answer (even a rude one), your answer should always be the same.

In the case of an objection lead with EMPATHY:
• “I totally get it, you’re busy and, can’t talk right now, Diane, right?”
• “Sure, I can feel your frustration, and I’d feel the same, Angela!”
• “Yeah, I had the same problem myself, so I can absolutely relate, John.”
• “Yes, I completely understand so I’ll get to the point, Jim”

If your prospect has no objection, proceed to your elevator pitch!

This cold calling script for real estate came from BecomeALocalLeader.com’s “A Cold Call Script For Real Estate Agents Who Hate Cold Calling”.

2. The Script That Gauges Interest

This script gauge’s a prospect’s interest in the market. Let’s look at this one as dangling a carrot in front of them.

This script is good for: Getting a more in-depth look into a homeowner and if they’ve considered putting their property on the market. 

“Hi, I’m John with Big Wins Real Estate. Is this the homeowner?”

Wait for their confirmation. 

“Ok, great! The reason for my call is that I have some buyers that are looking for homes in your neighborhood at the moment. Would you consider selling your home if you had someone lined up to buy it?”

Then, wait and listen. 

The overall goal of this script is to plant the seed of selling a property in the prospect’s mind. 

But planting a seed isn’t enough, which is why you need to create a sense of urgency in the call as well. If you tell the prospect you have buyers who are looking in the area, this does just that.

Pipedrive.com shared “10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts to Increase Lead Generation”.

3. It’s a Tough Market, But Not Impossible to Crack

Use this one when your prospect has had a “For Sale” sign up for too long or their listing expired.

“Hi there, my name is [Name] and I’m a real estate agent with [Company]. Am I speaking to [Prospect’s Name]?”

Assuming they say “yes”…

“I’m glad we were able to connect today. I was [driving through your neighborhood/reviewing local listings] and noticed that [your “For Sale” sign has been up for x length of time / your listing just expired]. Can I ask what’s going on?”

Whether their current agent isn’t being much help, their efforts to sell on their own are failing, or the listing just isn’t getting traction, respond with:

“I’m really sorry to hear that. I know it can be a tough market to crack, but I’ve been able to help a number of clients in your area sell their homes at or above their asking prices.”

If they say something like “I don’t need help,” ask how long they can afford to keep their property on the market? Then, provide stats on what that does to depreciate the value of the sale.

If they show interest, provide details on which homes you sold and for what prices.

“It only took [time length] to get [neighbor’s name or address] off the market. Why don’t we set up a time this week to review your listing and formulate a plan for getting your property sold?”

Book the appointment if they’re ready. 

If not, follow up by email in a month, just long enough for them to think about what you said and realize they do need your help.

Suzanne Scacca shared this cold calling script for real estate on Copper.com’s “6 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Capturing Leads”.

4. Mutual Interest Cold Calling Script

Hi (contact name), this is (name).

We know each other from (child’s party, neighborhood events, religious organizations, and so on). How have you been? (Engage with questions and information about what you’ve been doing.)

I was calling because, as you might know, I’m a real estate agent for (brokerage), and I’m just touching base with friends and family to see if they’ve thought about upgrading, downsizing, or selling their home. 

Have you considered it, given the market right now? Buyers are really hungry for places like yours! (wait and listen)”

This script gives you a way of connecting with someone you know through association and offering them a service.

Statistics show that if an individual is going to sell their home, they are more likely to list it with an agent they know personally or are referred to by friends or family. 

By calling this contact, you are ensuring you are top-of-mind if they need a trusted agent to handle the sale of their home.

Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts” shared by FitSmallBusiness.com.

5. Script For Leaving a Voicemail on the First Call With a Buyer

“Hi, [contact name], this is [your name] from [brokerage name]. 

Thank you so much for contacting me. 

I would love to show you the house/condo/apartment at [address] as well as other similar properties in the area. 

Please give me a call back or text me at [your number]. I’ll also follow up with an email. Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you!”

This cold calling script for real estate came from Zillow.com’s “Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts and Tips”.

How Will You Implement These 5 Top Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate in 2022?

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