6 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas (Updated 2023)

Ideas will do no good unless you implement them. Focus on implementing at least one lead generation per week or per month.

Here are the 6 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas to Use in 2022

1. Automate Cold Emails and Focus on Things That Matter

Email is a powerful lead generation tool. It gets even better once you automate 20% of conversations that bring you 80% of the revenue.

One of the best ways to make sure you have fresh leads to work with is to automate your cold emails. 

And if you write them manually, it still makes sense to do it as a campaign because you will learn infinitely more about how to adjust your outreach than doing it by hand.

This idea came from Automizy.com’s “39+ B2B Lead Generation Ideas, Campaign Examples & Best Practices”.

2. Be Creative with Your Mediums

SlideShare is a community of visual presentations on almost any topic you can imagine. It can be one of the most effective lead generation ideas when used correctly and if properly optimized.

You’ve likely already produced content in the form of blog posts, case studies, whitepapers and webinars all of which can be repurposed into a SlideShare deck.

This idea came from Sproutsocial.com’s “From B2B to B2C These Lead Generation Ideas Are Proven to Work” article.

3. Offer a Free Trial Version of Your Product

Another great way to get your foot in the door is to let potential leads (prospects) use a trial version of your product. 

It’s like taking a car for a test drive where this gives leads a chance to check your product out, test out its capabilities, and see firsthand how it can help elevate their business.

This idea came from Sleeknote.com’s “8 B2B Lead Generation Ideas That Are Actually Useful (With Real-Life Examples)”.

At Swordfish, we apply this strategy by offering a free trial for 15 days.

4. Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to engage your customers as soon they get to your website. Starting up communication like this gives you the chance to guide them, answer questions, and understand their specific needs.

A recent study by Forrester shows that 44% of online customers consider live chat as one of the most important features a website can have. 

Today’s generation expects a quicker response, faster resolution, and exceptional customer service.

This idea came from Acquire.io’s “21 Lead Generation Ideas and Practices to Boost your Strategy”.

5. Start a Business Blog and Post Regularly

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to attract viewers and nurture lead generation is by blogging consistently. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible content marketing strategies available to you.

Your business blog provides your company with a bump in search engine optimization, sure. But consistently showing that you “know your stuff” as you blog about industry trends, challenges, and even industry basics will also provide a bump in lead generation.

This idea came from Duboseweb.com’s “9 Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Attract and Convert”.

6. Promote a Limited Time Offer

Did you know that you can leverage countdown timers in your lead generation strategy by offering limited time promotions?

A countdown timer is a lead generation idea that creates a sense of urgency and encourages prospects to take action immediately before the time is up. 

And you can use it on your own website in a popup, slide-in or even a floating bar at the top of your site. Simply include a timer,  your offer, and a strong call-to-action (CTA).

This idea came from Rafflepress.com’s “15 Lead Generation Ideas to Explode Your Business Growth in 2021”.

How to Use the 6 Best B2B Lead Generation Ideas in 2022?

Don’t forget, before you start an effective B2B lead generation campaign, you need to be sure you have the correct email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell/mobile phone numbers for the decision makers you are targeting.

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