Top 6 Best Inbound vs Outbound Prospecting Tips to use in 2021

If you are trying to figure out which Inbound or Outbound Prospecting strategy is best for your business, it may be best to choose a blend of both to maximize your business development and sales strategies.

Inbound and Outbound are complementary.

Here are the 6 Best Inbound vs Outbound Prospecting Tips to Use in 2021

1. Identifying

The first step is finding out who your ideal customers are and looking at the types of problems they may be struggling with.

For example, if you sell a WordPress plugin that makes uploading compressed files on a blog easy and effortless, it’s important to think about what kind of content, tools, and resources you could create to bring your dream customers into your ecosystem.

This Inbound Prospecting tip came from’s “Inbound or outbound sales—which one should you focus on?”.

2. Prioritize

Prioritizing your prospects saves time and allows you to dedicate your strongest efforts to prospects that are most likely to become customers.

Levels of prioritization will vary between each type of sales organization and each individual salesperson, but the main idea is to create a few buckets of prospects based on their likelihood to buy, and focus on one bucket at a time.

This Outbound tip came from’s “Inbound and Outbound Sales Prospecting in 5 Steps”.

3. Social Selling

Many successful salespeople have become skilled at using social selling as an inbound prospecting tactic.

This involves salespeople using social media (e.g., LinkedIn Messaging) to connect directly with their prospects through a medium that in many cases yields better open rates than email.

Similar to warm emails, the salesperson can introduce themselves in the context of the prospect’s interests, learn more about their potential pain points, provide them with additional relevant content and position themselves as someone who has taken the time to connect with them as a helpful resource.

This Inbound tip came from’s “Traditional Prospecting vs. Inbound Prospecting”.

4. Direct Contact

Make a cold, or sometimes warm, phone call, email, or another form of direct message to assess customer fit and interest in your product or service.

If it sounds like a good fit, the conversation moves into the sales pipeline. It takes excellent technique to create cold conversions. 

The big advantage?  You can reach out to people who may have never come into contact with your company otherwise.

This Outbound tip came from’s “Inbound Sales vs. Outbound Sales: How to Bridge the Gap and Fill the Pipeline”.

5. Recycle Inbound Marketing Content for Outbound Strategies

Inbound marketing is based on drawing prospects in by creating and sharing useful and engaging content.

Use this content as a second avenue of lead generating by repackaging it into a newsletter your outbound reps can send to prospects.

This tip came from “Why Inbound and Outbound Work Together

6. Create a Schedule and Stick to it

Once you’ve determined the cocktail of prospecting strategies that work best for your business, establish a regular cadence for how often you reach out to prospects.

You’re toeing a fine line here between contacting them enough that they don’t forget about the great product or service you’re selling and giving them enough space and time between touchpoints that they don’t feel smothered.

This tip came from’s “Outbound Prospecting: Your Guide to Success in 2021”.

How to Use the 6 Best Inbound vs Outbound Prospecting Tips in 2021?

Implement some of the best Inbound vs Outbound prospecting tips above, and test to see what works best for you. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget, before you start an effective Inbound vs Outbound prospecting campaign, you need to be sure you have the correct email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell/mobile phone numbers for the decision makers you are targeting for your Inbound vs Outbound outreach.

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