How to Get in Front of Decision Makers (Updated 2023)

Getting in front of key decision makers is a time consuming process for business-to-business (B2B) marketers.

Here are the Top 7 Strategies to Get in Front of Decision Makers in 2022:

1. Know Your Audience

First things first, you need to know your audience. 

In order to fully benefit from your marketing strategy, every aspect of the B2B buyer’s journey must be precisely aligned with the key decision-makers’ motivations and pain points.

You need to know them on a few levels. Basic demographics of the key decision-makers, expectations throughout the buyer’s journey, and also their core motivations.

This tip for how to get in front of decision makers came from’s “Get In Front Of Your Target Market”.

2. Tap Into the Power of Referrals

If you’re not already actively soliciting and getting referrals from your existing client base, you really, really should.


Because they are the most effective, productive and powerful way for getting in touch with decision makers and potential clients inside organizations.

This strategy on how to get in front of decision makers came from’s “3 Proven Ways To Get In Front Of Decision Makers”.

3. Focus More on Benefits than Details

While reaching out to a decision maker, focus on the benefits that will let them get back to you. 

Focusing on details of your products won’t take you far.

Don’t try to push things when finalizing your sales messages. Simply outline the benefits you can offer to the prospect that can arouse interest in them and won’t let them delete the message.

This best practices tip to get in front of decision makers came from’s “8 Sales Tips to Reach Decision Makers”.

4. Be Honest

We already know you have integrity, so why sacrifice that by putting too much spin on a sales call?

Gatekeepers are exhausted by the constant barrage of annoying and generic phone conversations. They have a job to do so don’t waste their time. Communicate with them in a manner they’ll both appreciate and respect.

If you want to cut straight to the decision maker, give them the real reason you’re calling (in a sentence or two) and be as candid as possible. 

Are you trying to sell the decision maker something? Say what it is and why you think they will benefit from it. It really can be that simple.

This technique to get in front of decision makers came from’s “6 Tips to Cut Straight to the Decision Maker”.

5. Multiple Touches are Better Than One

It’s better to have ten touches to one prospect than one touch to ten different prospects. It’s also better to reach out to ten different prospects ten times each than to 100 different prospects one time each.

The takeaway? 

Don’t just reach out once and be done with it. You may need to try someone multiple times – and in multiple ways – before you’ll get through.

This follow-up strategy to get in front of decision makers came from’s “Getting in Front of Decision-Makers”.

6. Offer Real Value Upfront

Here is the truth: Everybody you meet has an invisible sign around their necks that read, “What’s in it for me?”

So, if messaging comes across as trying to offer your service to someone without providing any real value or benefits upfront, your efforts will get ignored, if not deleted or erased completely.

This technique to get in front of decision makers came from’s “How to Reach Business Decision Makers: 5 Proven Steps That Work!”.

7. Always Follow Up After Your Conversation

Finish the conversation with a clear follow-up plan and then make sure to actually follow-up! 

Always remember to send an email, or even better, a thank you note after the meeting.

This tip to get in front of decision makers came from’s “6 Tips for Communicating with Decision-Makers”.

How to Get in Front of Decision Makers in 2022?

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