Cold Email Examples (Updated 2022)

Here are 4 Best Cold Email Examples to Use in 2022:

1. The “Congrats on the New Role” Email That Got a Prospect to Ask for a Meeting

To connect with a prospect who had just started in their role, reaching out immediately to offer congratulations and build rapport.

The result? 
The prospect ended up asking for a meeting.

Here’s the email used:
“Hi ***,

Just left a quick message at the office for you. I chuckled a little bit when I got an automated email this morning from your predecessor, *** who we worked with briefly, and before him, *** who we worked with as well.

First and foremost, congrats on coming into this new role!  I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on – so this conversation might be timely or not. If you’re stressed, this is my go-to 🙂

My role here is working with businesses (in the area) on how they can effectively and efficiently drive more traffic to their website, increase conversion, and nurture leads into customers.

How was your first month kicked so far?

– Caroline”

This cold email example came from’s “The 6 Best Cold Emails Ever Sent – And Why They Worked,” by contributor Caroline Ostrander, Manager, Freemium Services at HubSpot.

2. Knowing Someone’s Connections and Past Companies is Useful

Sometimes mutual connections on LinkedIn and past companies can be enough personalized context to relate to someone with cold prospecting.

In this example, this prospect worked with someone who was kind of cool and interesting, so I thought I’d ask if he knew him as the thing that made him special to me.

Again notice you understand the whole story by simply reading the email.

Here’s the email that I sent:
“Subject: Matt and your old company

Hey *****,

I noticed before you worked at ***** you worked at *****. Did you work with Matthew Epstein? Guy is sharp as a whip. I remember 10 years ago he made this video to try and get a job at Google. I guess it didn’t work, but it helped him get a job. Anyways, I wanted to see if you’d be up for talking?

We help make life way easier for sales teams when they are prospecting…so they can spend more time doing things that a bit more thoughtful like Matt did. Things like adding prospects from LI to Salesforce with full enriched contact data are only one click.

Does this seem like something that could help *****? What are your thoughts on talking more?

Ryan” shared “8 Great Cold Email Examples That We Actually Sent to Prospects.”

3. “But You Are Free” Email Persuasion

You’re looking at one of the most effective persuasion techniques out there. 

Make a request and then tell your prospect “but you are free” to do whatever they’d like.

Why it works?
If you give someone a way out, it will double the chance that they say yes. This practical persuasion tactic is supported by 42 psychological studies on over 22,000 people.

Hi, Yesware,

First off, thanks for the epic product – you’ve made the internet a better place!

I’ll be brief – I’m sure you’re busy. We are an early-stage tech startup, and we are trying to build our blog. We’ve been working hard on the articles to make it awesome for fellow entrepreneurs and people who love productivity.

In the article “10 crucial guest blogging tips: our story…” we referenced your company. Without such a great service our advice to our readers would not be as useful as it is. I was more than happy to endorse it in my article, and also recommend it to anyone I know looking for such a solution!

My request: tweet our article to your community. It would make a world of difference to us if you helped us get off the ground.

Here’s a quick tweet link, ready to go: *****

If you’d rather not, I understand. I appreciate you reading this far!

With gratitude, *** “

This cold email example came from’s “10 Cold Email Examples & Why They Work [2021].”

4. The Friendly Pitch with Social Proof

“Hello team ***!

My name is Alex and I wanted to review and feature [BRAND] on my blog. I’ve been using your [PRODUCT]  for a while now and would love to connect with you to see you would be interested in working with me.

My blog is about health, yoga and living an active lifestyle. You can check it out here I get over 46,000 visits to my blog each month so it’s a great opportunity to drive traffic to your store.

Would this be something you’re interested in?  I would love to work with you! I have included a link to my media kit for your review.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. Talk to you soon!

Best, “

Who sent it?
Alex Tran, Wellness and Lifestyle Blogger at Schimiggy Reviews.

The results
According to Alex, this email almost always gets a positive response from the brands and businesses she contacts. “I usually get a YES. I’ve only been turned down 8 times in the 7 years I’ve been blogging.”

Why it works
The message is brief, focused, and friendly. Furthermore, it offers clear value upfront to the recipient. By highlighting the reach of her blog (46,000 visitors/month), Alex sells leads on the promise of driving more traffic to their online store. 

Emily Bauer shared this cold email example on’s “Does Cold Email Really Work? 20 Real Cold Email Examples that Actually Get Responses.”

How Will You Use These Cold Email Examples in 2022?

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