Cold Calling: 16 Eye-Opening Facts (Updated 2023)

Starting a new year is always upbeat, positive, and something to look forward to.

Except maybe, just maybe, if you are a Sales Development Rep (SDR) or Business Development Rep (BDR) and you have to make dozens of cold calls each day as part of your sales prospecting activities.

Back in 2016, created a comprehensive infographic for their article titled The Death Of Cold Calling: 16 Stats That Prove It. The infographic was readily named The Demise of Cold Calling, 16 Bone Chilling Stats

These 16 eye-opening cold calling facts are as relevant today in 2022 as they were over five years ago.

Top 16 Cold Calling Facts for 2022

  1. Poor Conversion
  2. Conversation Engagement
  3. Sales Archetypes
  4. Jobs Obsolete
  5. Adding Value to the Buying Process
  6. Buying Decision
  7. No Responses
  8. Social Media Impacts Decision-Making Process
  9. First to Add Value
  10. Greater Engagement with Buyers
  11. Referrals Lead to Sales
  12. Personal Connections
  13. Unprepared to Answer Questions
  14. The Need for Case Studies
  15. Account-Based Marketing
  16. Multiple Touchpoints

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How Can You Turn Sales Prospecting Cold Calls Into Warm Calls?


By using Swordfish AI to target and find a prospect’s contact information, such as their email address, direct dial phone number, or cell phone number.

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