5 Cold Calling Examples to Use in 2021

There are great cold calling masters and examples we can learn from. Let’s dive in and see how to do it right and improve on cold call campaigns.

Here are 5 Cold Calling Examples to Use in 2021:

1. Jordan Belfort Makes a Convincing Argument for Hard Selling

The Wolf of Wall Street is not “model behavior” for sales professionals. 

But, in this scene, Leo Dicaprio gives us one of the best cold calling examples in film. And he makes the “hard sell” look easy.

The take aways:
• Pitch your product like it’s a brand-new opportunity. People listen to newsworthy pitches. They catch attention and stir interest.
• Give them a sense of scarcity. Limited-time offers make the prospect want to buy before it’s too late and the opportunity passes.
• Ask for sixty seconds. People are more willing to listen if they know the conversation won’t last forever.

This cold calling example came from CallLogic.com’s “The 5 Greatest Cold Calling Examples Used In Movies”.

2. The Cold Social Media Pitch

Dan is pitching his social media services to a jewelry business in his area. His calm, natural tone keeps the conversation casual and personal.

How to model your cold calls after this?

Clearly state the reason for your call at the beginning, and sell them on the meeting, not the offering.

How To Do Cold Calls: 9 Sales Pitch Examples Over The Phone” shared by Close.com.

3. Develop Proper Phone Calling Etiquette

It’s important to keep in mind that sales professionals make several cold calls during their workday. 

Going through a multitude of customer objections can be a frustrating endeavor as each call is different with its own rhythm and objections. While this hilarious cold calling scene from The Office should not be taken at face value, the message here is that it pays to be respectful with customers during sales calls regardless of how frustrating it may become.

Practice introducing yourself in a calm and collected manner. 

Deliver your pitch with clarity and speak loudly but at an appropriate volume. Take a cue from Dwight (played by Rainn Wilson) and ensure you don’t lose your cool during difficult sections of the call.

This cold calling example came from SalesCoach.us’s “4 Cold Calling Scenes From Movies That Will Inspire You To Make The Sale”.

4. Here’s an Example of an Effective Cold Call Opening

“Heather, I’m Kyle Johnston with Personnel Solutions. I saw your Twitter posting mentioning how many unqualified applications you had to go through the other day. 

We specialize in reaching high-level managers in your industry who otherwise might not be looking for positions. Recruiters who use our career postings tell us that the candidates they attract are better qualified, which saves them hours per week by not having to deal with applicants who would never be considered. 

I’d like to ask a couple of questions to see if we should have a conversation.”

This cold calling opening example was shared by Art Sobczak on SalesGravy.com’s “7 Steps For Opening Cold Calls That Engage Prospects”.

5. Tommy Boy

Ok, this sales pitch didn’t exactly result in a new customer, but from an objective viewpoint, it actually has a lot going for it. 

Say what you will about the content and delivery, there’s not the slightest possibility that the customer will ever forget that pitch.

Seriously, though, using three-dimensional props is a great way to make a presentation memorable. 

After all, decision-makers see thousands of PowerPoint slides each year. As long as you don’t go overboard, why not show them something they haven’t seen before?

This cold calling sales pitch example  from Inc.com’s “5 Best Cinematic Sales Pitches”.

How Will You Implement These 5 Cold Calling Examples in 2021?

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