Sales Lead Generation (Updated 2023)

Generating new sales leads is definitely a time-consuming process. Done right, you can strategically set in motion a flood of new and consistent quality leads to your business.

Here are 5 Ways to Supercharge Sales Lead Generation in 2022:

1. SEO

Improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website so that you appear on the first page of Google for keywords that describe your product or service. 

This will help drive natural organic traffic to your website and increase your inbound sales leads.

This sales lead generation tip came from’s “10 Top Tips on How to Generate Sales Leads”.

2. Ask Current Customers for Referrals

Your current customers can be your best source of sales because they’ve already purchased from you, so they know your products and services work.

Therefore, they should be an integral part of your strategy to attract new sales leads.

Simple but effective. shared “10 Ways to Generate More Sales Leads for Your Business”.

3. Send Customized Cold Emails

Email is still a relevant part of lead generation. 

In fact, 59% of marketers consider email their most effective channel for generating B2B leads. When you send cold emails, make sure to personalize them.

Research shows that personalized emails are 75% more likely to be clicked on by their recipients. They are also more likely to elicit a response than emails that are not personalized.

Sumeet Anand shared “Top 30 Proven Techniques To Generate B2B Sales Leads In 2021” on

4.  Live Chat

Live chat is a feature you can add to your website that will allow visitors to instantly connect to a customer service representative. 

They can use it to get answers to their questions, address a complaint, or even to get help completing a purchase. 

Live chat is great for improving customer service, but it’s also good for generating leads.

This sales lead generation strategy came from’s “How to Generate More Sales Leads [Proven Ways]”.

5. Advertising

Sometimes, the best way to get leads is to pay for them, and that’s where advertising comes in.

You have to be careful here. 

While you can get great leads if you do it right, it’s super easy to waste a lot of money on the wrong kind of advertising. And, waste a lot of time on the bad leads it brings in.

This sales lead generation advice came from’s “How You Can Generate Sales Leads for Your Small Business”.

How Will You Use These 5 Ways to Sales Lead Generation in 2022:

Pro Tip: Before you start your sales generation campaign, be sure you have the correct B2B lead generating and sales prospecting tools to find email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and even cell or mobile phone numbers for the Decision Makers you are targeting for your outreach.

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  1. You have outlines some great channels for effective sales lead generation. I use LinkedIn as the main channel and I am also using LinkedCamp for successful lead generation.

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