Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales (Updated 2023)

Things have definitely shifted over the past year. Both inside and outside sales have been disrupted in big ways, with more shift to inside sales and selling. Do not ignore outside sales, it will be rebounding in 2022.

Here are 5 Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales Tips for 2022:

1. Inside and Outside Sales Activities

The sales profession is hard work. But who does it better, inside or outside sellers?

Sales organizations primarily made up of inside sales reps made 42.5% more dials, left 10.2% more voicemails and sent 8.8% more emails than organizations with primarily outside sales reps. 

They also focused more on social media, with 49% more social touches than outside sales reps. (18.1% vs 12.1%).

Overall, companies with sales teams dominated by inside sales reps have a 9.8% higher quota attainment than companies dominated by outside sales reps.

This sales tip from’s “Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: How to Structure a Sales Team”.

2. Should You Use Inside or Outside Sales?

Traditionally, companies have focused primarily on outside sales, but the industry is changing.

Inside sales is growing at a massive rate. 15x faster than outside sales.

Data from 2019 showed it was likely to be about four years before inside selling became the majority, but it’s likely that this trend sped up in 2020.

Most organizations are now trending toward 50/50 for their teams. 

This is largely to do with the internet changing the way most people buy things. Fewer people than ever before want to be sold to in person. shared “Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Which Is Best for You?

3. Sales Cycles

Sales cycles are naturally shorter for inside salespeople because of the lesser likelihood of face-to-face interaction. 

But since the focus of field representatives is on volume, their cycles tend to be longer and more complicated. Inevitably, outside salespeople are likely to foster stronger and longer-lasting relationships with their clients.

Outside sales can be intense. 

Reps often have a lot of preparatory work to do. For example, selling in retail locations means outside reps have to visit the store, set up product displays, and ensure they have a constant supply of products in stock. 

However, research shows that field reps are able to convert prospects into clients 40% of the time compared to inside reps who only convert prospects 18% of the time.

Matt Goldman shared this tip on’s “What Is the Difference Between Outside Sales and Inside Sales?”.

4. Different Scaling Capabilities

An inside salesperson can establish and nurture relationships with people all over the world from their computer. 

They can do it with hundreds of prospects at once through email automation and great technology like Close which lets you manage multiple relationships at once.

An outside sales professional pitching clients in person can only pitch one client at a time. 

While the outside salesperson is winning and dining their prospect or spending hours on a golf course to close one deal, an effective inside sales pro could be closing multiple deals.

This tip came from’s “Inside sales vs. outside sales: What’s the actual difference?”.

5. Technology: Inside Sales Vs Outside Sales

Sales software is sales software, right? Incorrect. The vast majority of tools, applications, and software were developed around the inside sales process. Namely, the CRM. The subpar mobile functionality makes them a bear to deal with.

Due to this lack of user friendliness, reps are then required to spend extra hours once their day is done in order to update prospecting and client information from their day out in the field.

Inside Sales, on the other hand, are blessed with an abundance of resources and technology all designed to streamline their day, maximize their output, and foster more sales.

This tip came from’s “Inside Sales vs Outside Sales”.

How Will You Use Inside Sales and/or Outside Sales in 2022?

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