B2B Sales Strategies (Updated 2022)

Most business to business commerce seems to be booming for many industries in 2022, despite COVID.

Here are the Top 5 B2B Sales Strategies to Use in 2022:

1. Getting to Know Your Customer

The first phase of this B2B sales strategy starts with gaining a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s business.

As you begin to invest more time and effort into the discovery process, the stronger the relationship becomes, and the higher your credibility stands. 

This first business to business sales strategy came from ForceManager.com’s “The Best B2B Sales Strategy Explained Step by Step”.

2. Give Before You Take

What sort of things can you give to your prospect?

You could start by offering a demonstration of your service that has been personalised for their business and the specific industry they are in. Your prospect will appreciate the effort you have gone to and naturally will feel as though they should give back to you by making a purchase.

Not only that, the demo might help them to actually see what your service can do and how they could benefit from it, capitalising on approaches they’ve been missing without even realising it. 

This B2B sales tip came from MeetHugo.com’s “4 Selling Strategies That Will Guarantee More Sales”.

3. Equip Sales Reps with Product and Industry Knowledge

Your sales reps should also have thorough knowledge about your company’s product and your industry as a whole.

They should be well-versed in your product’s features and functions, as well as the ways your product benefits companies in the relevant industry. 

Product research, combined with research about prospective customers, lets sales reps tailor their conversations for each customer and adapt their sales pitch to fit that customer’s unique needs.

Pepperi.com’s “6 Tips for a Successful B2B Sales Strategy” shared this B2B sales tip.

4. Create a Follow-Up Plan

Creating a follow-up plan might sound like another simple selling tactic, but after the first touch, half of all salespeople don’t follow-up with the lead. 

As a result, you might miss a good opportunity to close a deal.

Now consider the amount of revenue that is lost in this way. Nearly 80% of companies need a sales rep to make at least 5 follow-ups. Not only that, many sales reps believe it takes about eight follow-ups to connect with a prospect.

This B2B sales strategy came from SalesIntel.io’s “10 B2B Sales Strategies for Building a Better Sales Pipeline”.

5. Social Media

Social media plays a crucial role in the B2B sales process.

If you’re not engaging your prospect and customers on social platforms, you are basically giving away your target audience to your competition, who can participate and steer the conversations, answer questions, and position themselves as the best solution.

This B2B sales strategy came from Albacross.com’s “B2B Sales: The Best Strategies for 2021”.

How Will You Use the Top 5 B2B Sales Strategies in 2022?

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