B2B Sales Funnel (Updated 2022)

You have probably heard the phrase “sales funnel” for years, and how you should and must funnel prospects through a series of stages to maximize the ultimate buyer purchasing your products or services. A business-to-business B2B sales funnel is similar but different in certain ways.

Here are the Top 5 B2B Sales Funnel Methods to Use in 2022:

1. Lead Generation

At the very top of your sales funnel, you have the complete stranger: someone who knows nothing about your brand or what you have to offer.

The goal for this stage of the sales funnel is to find out the best way to attract the attention of as many potential customers as possible, while also establishing your authority.

This B2B sales funnel method came from Copper.com’s “5 Essential Stages of Killer B2B Sales Funnels”.

2. Middle of the Sales Funnel: Researching Solutions

In this stage, you’re no longer dealing with nameless and faceless contacts. They have now named and defined their problem, and they are looking into all available solutions such as products and services.

At this point, your Leads become Qualified as you get to talk to them and ask them questions that help you decide whether your offer is the right fit for their problem.

This B2B sales funnel tip came from Pipedrive.com “Sales Funnel Definition, Process, Stages and Examples”.

3. Fill the Top of Your Funnel

When building brand awareness, think of it as maintaining the level of fullness at the top of your funnel.

The more awareness you can build, the more potential sales you’ll be able to make down the road.

RiverbedMarketing.com’s “50 Tips & Ideas to Improve your B2B Sales Funnel” will help you with your B2B sales funnel strategy.

4. Map Customer Journeys for an Optimized Funnel Experience

Customer journey and experience mapping doesn’t just begin from a purchase, a customer’s brand experience begins even when they are just a prospect. 

Customer journey mapping aims to predict customer engagement touch-points and plans an optimal experience.

This B2B sales funnel tip came from LanderApp.com’s “Top 5 B2B Sales Funnel Strategies for 2021”.

5. Action

The final stage of the sales funnel has prospects agreeing to purchase, or not purchase, the brand’s product or service.

You will need to reinforce your offer’s value as well as the downsides of not making a purchase.

These steps describe the general process all of us go through as well as some general actions you should take to keep their prospects moving further in the funnel.

This B2B sales funnel strategy came from SalesIntel.io’s “Detailed Guide to Modern-Day B2B Sales Funnel and How to Build One for Your Business”.

How Will You Use These Top 5 B2B Sales Funnel Methods in 2022


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